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Jesus Christ Gameplay launched as Platform Hell Discussion: From YKTTW

Working Title: Platform Hell: From YKTTW

Ronfar: I played Heart of Darkness, and mechanically, it's definitely as much Platform Hell as Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, even if its difficulty isn't played for irony. If it's not ironic difficulty but deadly serious difficulty, does that make it just Nintendo Hard?

Incidentally, Mighty Jill Off (which I haven't played) was written by the woman who wrote the "masocore" blog post.

  • Hey, why isn't that Cat Mario game on this list? I'd add it, but I don't have the real name of it, or a link to anything. but that's the first thing i thought of!
    • You're probably thinking of Syobon Action... it's already there.

Sean Tucker: No, N+ does NOT play fair and straight. The original N did, but N+ is well into I Wanna Be The Guy territory due to horrible level design and lots of bugs.

L: Hey, I played the DS version, and I couldn't see any meaningful difference in difficulty. And "horrible level design" isn't the same as "deliberately malicious level design".

Pikawil: Just gonna drop my two cents: We all know for a fact that they are two different versions of N+ (XBLA and DS/PSP) Having only a DS (with a flashcart) out of the three, I can safely say that the DS version is tons more easier than the original N and from what I could gather out of my cousin's hacked PSP, that one is slighty harder. So that means: how unfair is the Live Arcade version?

  • This is older than they think; Rick Dangerous and its sequel delighted in hard-to-see spikes, sadistically placed guns and traps and limited ammo.
    • Mike Rosoft: I object to the inclusion of Rick Dangerous in Platform Hell - having finished the first game of the series (granted, on an emulator and with a liberal use of the load/save function), I think it would be better included in Nintendo Hard at worst.
      • Great Pikmin Fan: Seriously? I played the flash version (which, as I found out later, is the same as the real game), and it was ugly. Yes, there was some Nintendo Hard portions, but some of it was just mean (loads and loads of traps you can't see comming).
And again:
I removed this part:

  • Not being able to read Japanese, a Something Awful user decided to call it "dongs.exe", and then attempted a Let's Play. You can watch some of it here..

because the Game played in that "Let's play" obiously is NOT Syobon Action. Maybe someone got confused because the music in played the background is the same as in the first level of Syobon Action. This seems to be some other Mario-inspired platform hell game, perhaps a ROM hack or something, since the filename isn't dongs.exe but dongs.kexp !?

Prfnoff: You got the wrong video, probably this one. This is more like it.

CAD: Hey, stop removing Jumper from the examples! Have you played the game? It fits perfectly in this category.

L: Well, Platform Hell isn't "Nintendo Hard: The Same But More". Lots of tricky/complicated jumps in a row does not a Platform Hell make. If it had something outright deceitful, like Super Mario Forever's invisible blocks or IWBTG's antigravity apples, I'd consider it.

Cromage: Titlewise, I think Maso Core says more as a deliberate genre choice, which makes this section nice contrast to the subjective mire of Nintendo Hard (c'mon people, GUITAR HERO 3? Really?)

Cheat-master30: Would the secret levels of Yoshi's Island DS stray into this territory? I know for sure Yoshi's Island Easter Eggs is basically a Kaizo type level by design, and it does seem to be designed to annoy players deliberately with sadistic challenges (light switches that go off in three seconds! Super fast moving platforms! Switches that make platforms appear and disappear every half a second!) It's probably even more deliberately Platform Hell than Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels.

It's not just that it's easy to make this game Unwinnable. This game starts off Unwinnable and must be forced out of it.

Cheat-master30: About this Kaizo quote:

Kaizo Mario World 2 goes one step further into Platform Hell within the first few seconds of the game by attempting to kill you in the opening cutscene. (The first one does this, too, but not successfully.)

That's not a rare thing in Platform Hell ROM hacks of Super Mario World. Many, many of them try to kill Mario in the intro scene, or even make it a fully playable level that has to be completed. As well as Kaizo, Tabarnak and Kusottare World also use this, to the infuriation of many.

Chad M : I want to thank the person that incorrectly added Eversion to this page or I never would have heard of it. That said, it does not belong on this page. Read the article: Platform Hell games are defined by extreme difficulty, and by using that difficulty as a form of entertainment. Eversion is not nearly as hard as any other game on this page, nor is difficulty the thing that makes it special. I beat eversion over the course of maybe 4 hours combined including 100% Completion, yet over the course of months I have failed to beat even one boss in I Wanna Be The Guy. The game is hard enough to fairly call it Nintendo Hard but it's not in the same league as Platform Hell games. I guess if you want to be Literal-Minded, it is a platformer and there are levels that take place in what could be Hell, but that's not what qualifies an example for this page.

Furi Kuri: Out of pure curiosity, what's an example where Hitchhiker's Guide lies to you? Not that I'm going to dispute it, I just don't feel like playing it again to find out.

Ronfar: While playing the game, I decided "to hell with it" and stopped playing after a particularly frustrating Wall Banger. After Arthur Dent woke up in a dark room on the Heart of Gold spaceship, the room description included "an exit to the south" or some such. Trying to go south resulted in "you can't go that way". Eventually, out of frustration, I randomly tried going in other directions, and got the message, and I quote, "(We lied. The exit was to the east.)" The Babel Fish puzzle, as ridiculous as it was, still had a solution that made in-game sense, but this just went too far.

Cheat-master30: Does anyone have a link to Jinsei Owata no Daibouken? The one on the page is broken, I can't search in japanese for my life and a working link would be really good for the usefulness of the page as a whole.

Fluid: Would a link to the Bullet Hell article be fitting on this page? Seems like they're pretty comparable, even if Bullet Hell isn't really aiming to be explicitly unfair.

Great Pikmin Fan: I thought platform hell was just "traps, lots and lots of traps". Most bullet hells don't fit there.

Sabre Justice: It could be said that Bullet Hell is to shmups, as Platform Hell is to platformers.

Nate The Great: Since this trope seems to only apply to real games, serious or not, would an entry on the fictitious Sharp Pointy Object Land of the webcomic Kid Radd be inappropriate?

Big T: Not really. Shows Within A Show are often cited.

Great Pikmin Fan: One thing that worries me is that syobon action, which I like it's multiple random levels from pressing 0 at the title screen, is on a site that will soon close (geocities). Does anyone know of another link?

SpiriTsunami: Even games that aren't explicitly trying to do it can end up doing this. I just had an experience in New Super Mario Bros Wii where an invisible block ended up redirecting me into the Goomba I was trying to stomp. And I immediately thought of this page.


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