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Working Title: Nubile Savage: From YKTTW

" The titular character from Inuyasha. Also, Sango (along with all of the other females from the feudal era) never seems to have her period. "

guh, WHAT THE HELL is this supposed to mean!?

Vampire Buddha: Removed this natter:

** To be fair, some men have very thin facial hair, and some lack it entirely.
*** Well, yeah, but very few of those men are highly athletic adults of Anglo-Saxon or Celtic descent. In part because for centuries a Western European man without a beard would have had absolutely zero chance of A) being taken seriously by other men and B) getting laid.
*** Njal from Njal's Saga (greatest of all Icelandic sagas) cannot grow a beard, but is highly respected and has lots of (ferocious) sons. It does excite comment though (ultimately contributing to bloodshed ... well ... Vikings?)
*** In the novels, Tarzan does works out how to shave using his father's knife (and cut his hair).


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