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  • Interestingly enough, it does not come up at all in the Lunar Silver Star Story RPG despite the game's major hero and heroine living in the same house for years, since their childhood.
Seth Since this is a subtrope of Brother–Sister Incest i dont think exceptions belong here, that situation is covered by childhood friends.

Ununnilium: I'd need to know more details before I could really judge, but personally, it seems an entirely reasonable thing to put in here. `.`

osh: Luna is mysterious left on the doorstep of Alex's parents. They're raised together, in the same house, for years. Luna otherwise seems treated like your standard Childhood Friend, and the fact they live together is never brought up much. I just always found it odd,since they are never compared to being siblings something Brother–Sister Incest usually mentions at least once.

Seth: Removing the wikipedia link because... well there is no point in it. We link to our own Brother–Sister Incest page enough times, if you need to link to a wikipedia article link to their one on Genetic Sexual Atraction on the main Bro sis incest page.

>>Later: Removed the Onegai Twins bit since they were fraternal twins. Thats about as blood related as you get.

LO Rd: Ahahahaha, what is that picture from? Ah, the file name provided the answer - it's KissxSis. I've still got to verify whether it's a creative translation, or a creative photoshop. update: oh wow, it's apparently real, at least if the Manhua-Revolution scanlation of "chapter 0" is to be trusted.

fleb: Ohh, I was about to ask. It was such a Word Salad Title I wasn't sure I was reading it right. (


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