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Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Yes, this trope is racist. It is, however, a racist trope that is referred to constantly - the dark side of Half Human, more or less. It's even Truth in Television - there really used to be, and on occasion is, stigma for being of mixed race. So, if the choice is Needs A Better Description or Cut List, I'll take the description.... The description is a good picture of this trope from the inside, by the way - that's how it works when it's played straight.

Charred Knight: Isn't this just Charlie Dog done really racist wise, I mean I have seen Hildago, and his parentage is never important.

DomaDoma: Yes, but the racists are the other characters. Definitely a trope.

Charred Knight: Some of the examples has the fact that the person is a mixed race not that important like Hidalgo, or Lady Shiva.

DomaDoma: Then delete those examples.

Cassy: I don't mean that referencing the trope is by itself racist -I mean, this is a trope and I could certainly add examples. The problem is the way it's phrased. The person who wrote this probably didn't mean it to sound racist, but it's stock full of nasty ignorant prejudice. Also, the title is just wrong -some mixed-race people may use the word "half-breed" in a subversive way (kind of in the same way gay people may use "fag" and "dyke," meaning something like "yes I'm one and I'm proud of it, you narrow-minded bastard"), but it's pretty much on a par with the n-word in terms of level of racism. The less problematic word is "mixed-race" or "mixed-blood" (yes well, in anti-racist scholarship you realize there's no word devoid of racist connotations... you have to make do with the least offensive ones and a word of caution). This isn't Political Correctness Gone Wrong, there's a limit to what you can say. "Half-breed" sounds like and was originally meant to mean "less than human" or "only half human" -and guess which "half" is human most of the time. I actually don't think it should be cut, but it definitely needs another title and writeup, plus a cleanup of examples (almost easier to start from scratch). I could've started a YKTTW thread on that but, well, I wanted to first test it here because I think it's likely to erupt into a nasty fight. So, should I launch a YKTTW about it and volunteer for rewriting it?

Gemmifer:The offensive title is very appropiate because an important part this trope is how unpleasant All of the Other Reindeer act towards the character of mixed heritage. They make them feel like a mongrel dog.

yertul Fine so lets rename ever single article with gay in it to fag to refelct all the discrimination gay people have faced. Also lets change black to nigger to reflect their discrimination, also white to peckerwood cracker.


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