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Working Title: Aztecs: From YKTTW

Camacan: Big thanks to everyone who contributed.

ccoa: Don't forget to link the pages that are in the examples back to this article.

Camacan: Yes ccoa, I was hoping for some help with that :)

Camacan: Removed anonymous "why o why don't we have Indiana Jones" on the grounds that we do have.

arromdee: Shouldn't it be Mayincaztec?

Camacan: Nope :)

Camacan: Mayincatec is shorter and a bit more fluent in pronunciation. And once you've got Maya and Inca out of the name the rest is obvious. Plus YKTTW is the time to catch such issues: it got the requisite 3 (4?) votes with the given spelling.

Anon: I cut 'Unusually, they're Lawful Good, which is bizarre for both reptiles and the Mayincatec and, well, anyone and anything in a Warhammer product.' from the description of Warhammer Lizardmen. Lizardmen are Lawful Neutral (lest we forget that they've committed genocide against an intelligent race at least once in order to ensure a prophecy's fulfilment). In any case, their alignment isn't so clear that we can say that uncontested.

they kinda chilled out and stopped what they were doing due to droughts. and kinda tell a good story. Mind you, "kinda chilled out" is a good way to put it, if slightly innaccurate

Vulpy: It'd never make it as an example, but my signature City of Heroes character is actually descended from the old Aztecs. The short story is that he's from a tribe that feels horribly about the Gods Need Sacrifice Badly misunderstanding (since the world obviously continued after the sacrifices ended), but he wants his people to be remembered as more than bloodthirsty primitives. So...he's taken the masculine Aztec ideal into the modern world.

And yes, I tried to do as much research as possible. ;)


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