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Johnny E: What do people think the best way to display these is?

  • X/Y/Z, eg: "That's the second Xest Y I've ever seen!"
  • Blanks, eg: "That's the second __est ___ I've ever seen!"
  • Parts of speech, Mad Libs style: "That's the second [adjective]est [noun] I've ever seen!"
  • 2/3 examples of each catchphrase.
My vote would be for blanks, I think. Looks a bit more professional than X's, but doesn't rely on people getting parts of speech right (dear God do you not want to open that can of worms), when they're usually fairly clear from the context anyway.

Johnny E: I knew this would happen: I'm assuming this should say "noun" but I'm not familiar with any use other than "sappin' my sentry".


Spy's sapping my [Verb]!


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