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No DVD For You launched as Keep Circulating the Tapes: From YKTTW

Working Title: Television Abandonware: From YKTTW

That Other 1 Dude: X-Men The Animated Series technically doesn't count, as reruns air on Toon Disney, they're just on really late/early.

Rob Mandeville: Would the infamous Star Wars Christmas Special count?

Bring The Noise: Is Hellzapoppin still unavailable (in the US, presumably) or has that been sorted? I've got a few DV Ds sitting in my shop in Aberdeen, Scotland (that is the shop I work for), which were legally purchased - albeit very expensive.


I cut this down, for several reasons:

  • I've never heard of this being a rights problem except in the very broad sense that 4Kids has the rights to it and won't release it. A "rights problem" usually means something like "nobody knows who has the rights" or "the rights are divided among different companies who can't agree", and I've never heard of that.
  • The brief uncut release we did get was, as far as I remember, licensed by 4Kids (although the disks themselves were from Funimation). So this statement implies that 4Kids cannot release the uncut version because they released the Macekre first. They might not want to do it, but there's no problem with doing so, as far as I know.

I could be wrong on all of this, but this just doesn't match anything I've seen anywhere else.

Kalle: This isn't the Suzumiya Haruhi manga the example was talking about. This is.


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