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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Working Title: Naked Invisible Stealth Mission: From YKTTW

KiTA: In the short story Hershey's Kisses a young man in trouble with his (young, hot, female) boss runs into a wizard. He ends up trying to save his career by doing this, breaking & entering, and kissing the magic tattoo on her butt as she sleeps. It wears off prematurely: turns out she'd hired the wizard in a gambit to get him to her apartment, naked. They find out about the other gambit when the camera crew bursts out of the closet. <— any source information on this one?

This troper would like to suggest a reversion to the old form of the page, the "fanfic" one. The old one had charm and explained the trope. This version is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it pothole-heavy explanation with absolutely no charm to it whatsoever. We're not Wikipedia, people, we don't need to have sticks up our asses.

KiTA: I wasn't even aware it got removed. Wow. Yeah, if you can find it, feel free to put it back in. The edit log doesn't go back far enough.

Trismegustis: Fantastic! Good to see it back. Yeah, it was removed by an IP address user, not a known one, and to be frank, the description is a lot more vivid and enjoyable now. Many thanks to Ki TA!


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