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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Seth I cant remember the name of it but there was that trope for things that happen in the real world a lot. I myself have said and heard many people say I Always Wanted to Say That i think it qualifies.

Ah it was called Truth in Television

I recall hearing of a supposedly real world example, but I don't know if it's really true or not. It apparently took place in a Sheriff's Court in a small Scottish town. The sheriff, facing the town drunk for the umpteenth time, intoned "You will be taken from this courtroom to the place of execution, where you will be hung by the neck until you are dead. And may God have mercy on your soul." When the entire courtroom stared at him he shrugged "I always wanted to say that", before giving the real sentence (probably a fine).

Seth: I hope that is true, its frikkin hilarious.

Scifantasy: I see a need for a split. A few of these aren't really I Always Wanted to Say That, but "I was waiting to say that."

The difference is, "Always Wanted" is a Stock Phrase, and the humor derives from the cliche-ness of the phrase. "Waiting" is an original phrase, one which clearly the speaker came up with a while ago. The Sokka quotation on the page, "Long Feng is long gone," is a "Waiting."

I think this deserves splitting. Thoughts?

Seven Seals: I see the slight difference, but I don't see the need for a different trope. These things are so close that splitting them would do more harm than good. "I've been waiting to say that" maybe slightly less stock than "I've always wanted to say that", but not much less. And then there's all the non-stock variations ("I've been sitting on that one", "you were just dying to say that, weren't you?", "how long have you been thinking about that one?") that are still about the same thing.

Seth: I'd keep an eye on it though. If a few more examples pop up it might warrant a split.

Scifantasy: Seven Seals: Yes, those are exactly what I was thinking—"I've been sitting," "you were just dying," and "how long" are all examples of "Waiting" which aren't (or at least don't have to be) I Was Dying To Say That. Thanks for the advice, both.

Andyroid: Willy, I'm pretty sure the Titanic quote is "in a nickelodeon", not "on Nickelodeon". A nickelodeon is an old-timey coin-operated machine that shows you a little flip-book/slide show sorta movie, which is where the kid's television network got its name.
Tamfang: A friend named Pickens once asked me a question to which the honest answer was "slim" (as in chance). So I gratuitously appended a vocative.
Ophicius: Moved Troper examples to Troper Tales.
Trimeta: There's an exchange in some Discworld novel (possibly Soul Music?) where Nobby and Colon are discussing musical instruments; it goes something like "I think I just saw a harp." "Lyre." "I am long have you wanted to say that?" "Since I was a little kid." I don't want to put it on the main page without looking it up first, though.
Dante668: Would examples prefaced with, "I never thought I'd be saying this, but..." go here? I can think of two examples: In Snakes On A Plane, when one of the flight attendants asks if any of the passengers knows how to fly a plane, and in Shaun Of The Dead, when a news anchor is lampshading his instructions to kill the zombies by severing the head or destroying the brain.


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