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Valgaav: Is there any reason this trope doesn't have a pic with it?

Silent Hunter: Because no-one's added one? Plus, we might have a problem finding a suitable one.

(Later)- Anyone going to object to a picture of the Governor of Alaska?

t: Yes, I'll objcet to that one. There's no need to get political.

Tabby: Borderline case, placed here for the arguing: Anyone else think Jo from Eureka counts, at least in early episodes? By the end of the season she had her hair down in virtually every scene, but the first couple times she appeared looking "girly" the other characters were shocked and amazed. (I was thoroughly disappointed because I think the severe look is a million times hotter than the hot chick look on her, but that's beside the point.)

Darci: I'm surprised no one mentioned Barbara Gordon from DC Comics' Batman as an example of this archetype.

Ununnilium: Good one. *adds*

Fred from Angel?

Sci Vo: Hey, that's right! Fred even ended up in that demon world because of a book in a library. I think that she was actually a graduate student when that happened, she was also the Crazy Chick when she entered the cast, and eventually she became much more relaxed (as seen in her relationship with Gunn), but I'd say that she fit this for awhile.

Silent Hunter: Quick word on Rachel Weisz in The Mummy. When I was at school, I was a pupil librarian. I didn't really like her character, who I thought gave librarians a bad name.
Would Quistis Trepe in FFVIII count? Prim, Proper, Intelligent (supposedly), and the only major female character not to end up in a relationship by the closing credits...
fhan: I'm thinking Giles from Buffy, but that's probably just my odd perception.
The main character (whose name escapes me) from the movie "The Librarian." Male, but he still counts.
Silent Hunter: Yanked

  • Palin is something of a real life subversion of the Hot Librarian. Though with her up-do and cute glasses she certainly looks the part, during her tenure as the mayor of Wasilla she attempted to fire the actual town librarian, who refused to ban books.

Because it's not true.

What's your opinion of Baily Quarters from WKRP In Cincinnati? She was the shy reporter/office girl working at the station. (I.E. Not the one being played by Jan Smithers, not Loni Anderson). IMO She was attractive if not "hot", yet always was kind of shy and fairly prim and proper.
Spider (2002): About this line in the description —
"Possibly there's also a hope that she's deeply familiar with stuff in the 392 or 612 sections of the Dewey Decimal Classification System, Lampshaded Double Entendre."
392 is the class number for customs of life (i.e., a general book on customs around the world from birth to death), and 612 is the class number for human physiology (i.e., the workings of the lymphatic system). I'm going to change the numbers to 155.3 (Sex Psychology) and 613.9 (Sex Education), since that seems to be the vibe the description is going for. Understand that there is no specific class number for, say, BDSM — that's too narrow a category, and it would be up to the individual cataloger to determine where to class a book on that subject. Not to mention that with Dewey you can build class numbers specific to the book in hand, which wouldn't be useful in a general description here... /cataloging TMI

Silent Hunter: Hey, if it makes the joke better, I'm all for it.


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