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Cynicallad - Kind of a busted trope, as people in Los Angeles are absurdly fond of their bullshit neighborhoods - Venice in Baywatch, Mar Vista in New Adventures of Old Christine, Valley Village in Sarah Silverman. Also, a lot of Los Angeles doesn't look like anything, so it just blips by, like in Pulp Fiction.

HeartBurn Kid: Took out: " Oddly, this is the one place that major American movies ever get 100% right.", because they really don't, and I'm speaking from first-hand experience. They tend to treat LA and Hollywood as if it was one giant studio backlot, and it just isn't. Especially once you get to downtown LA, which has more of a resemblance to Mexico City than the glitz and glamor of "Hollywood". Even real-life Hollywood, once you get away from studios and Mann's Chinese Theater, is really, really sleazy.

Aerin Pegadrak: "If California is the California of America, then Florida is the California of California." Wait, what? What does that even mean?

Fast Eddie: Yeah, that line got cut. Too Dada-esque even for us.

Suneagle: all of the links in the article points to /M Ain/Articlename. It's not a big deal, I suppose, but it is mildly annoying, and I can't figure out how to correct it.

Fast Eddie: You followed a link in that had two cap's in MAin]. We usually don't bother with the "Main" part of the article name, or type it like this: "Main". Just correct the link in your browser address bar and all will be cromulent.

Unknown Troper: Maybe the Hollywood section of this trope should be moved into a sub-trope - called, you've guessed it, Hollywood Hollywood. Admittedly, a Rule of Cool idea.

Getty Le Fou: I had to add the Central Valley - my home. I think I've seen a total of one depiction of it in fiction, or two if you count a character mentioning Fresno in Airplane. Almost all the other places mentioned were along the coast - and there's a bit more to California than that.


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