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  • If that wasn't weird enough, Luna is the lover of Gaia, who is very female. Make of this what you will.
nolraiHikari: Bisexuality is weirder then magical instant sex-changes?
Susan Davis: Futaba-kun CHANGE is a manga series, not a TV show.

Ununnilium: Wasn't there an anime series at one point?

Susan Davis: I wish....

Looney Toons: I, too, seem to remember an anime...

Kendra Kirai: I'm not sure about the image with the caption. Feel free to remove the caption and/or move the image to a jump. I didn't think the caption would take up that much space. The picture alone looks good, but with the caption it looks much too large.

Susan Davis: I cut out the caption — it was just too much. I love the image (I have a t-shirt of it), but it could stand to have some of the blank space at the top cropped, and possibly be sized a little smaller.

Kendra Kirai: If you know how to resize and crop an animated gif, you're welcome to it. That's exactly how I got it, so...

Ununnilium: I'm not sure if straight-up transsexuals should go here. This seems more phlebotinum-y.

Kizor: Read my mind. (Stop that.) Removing feasibles.

Ununnilium: You left the keys in your coat pocket again, BTW.

Kizor: Yes. Yes I did.

Medinoc: I'm moving the pic to Man, I Feel Like a Woman, where it belongs.

Susan Davis: "This may be Truth in Television; the majority of real-life transsexuals are male-to-female." No, that's not true. The balance is pretty even; it's just that until very recently, FTM's have been a lot less visible.

Ununnilium: Huh, really? Wikipedia says FTM's about one-third as common: "The most reliable population based estimate of the incidence occurrence is from the Amsterdam Gender Dysphoria Clinic[4] The data, spanning more than four decades in which the clinic has treated roughly 95% of Dutch transsexuals, gives figures of 1:10,000 assigned males and 1:30,000 assigned females." Of course, you can say that it's just less likely for them to seek it, but where are you getting your data? `.`

Later: Also, I think we need an entry for actual transsexuals on TV. >>

BT The P: Something's Different About You Now. It's basically the only situation they ever show up in, apart from Chandler's dad. Okay, so that's not quite true. Let's split it, but I don't feel qualified to write it.

Ununnilium: Saving examples here until we get one:

  • The Education Of Max Bickford had a reasonably realistic transsexual character for its first season or so, who was an old school chum of Max's.
  • Coronation Street has a realistic and extremely sympathetic transsexual woman, whose marriage to another long-time regular character was one of the highlights of recent seasons.
  • All My Children is reportedly introducing a transsexual character in the process of transitioning.
  • The L Word has had a drag king as a recurring character, and a transsexual man as a member of the main cast.
  • In the South Park episode "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina", Mr. Garrison underwent sex-change surgery, and thereafter became Mrs. Garrison.

Later: And look what we have now, Transsexual. Thus!

Edited the Order of the Stick note. The Girdle was as cursed in the comic as it is in the game.

Medinoc: I'm not sure: According to wikipedia, the girdle is supposed to permanently transform then lose all power, meaning that:

  1. A simple dispel curse is not supposed to undo the spell
  2. The belt would not have worked on Roy anyway, since it has been used on a monster first.

Stm177: I vaguely remember an 80s Hollywood comedy movie where a man gets turned into a woman. He has the option to change back, but decides not to. Anyone remember this?
That Other 1 Dude: Removed:

This troper has recently found out about the fan project 'The Gender-Bending of Haruhi Suzumiya', where all the main characters are gender swapped... Yes. There will be more male-to-female changes than the other way around... it boggles the mind.

That actually falls under a different trope: Gender Flip, as it's not about all of the characters changing gender, it's an AU rewrite of the story where the characters were all born the opposite sex as in the normal story.

Twin Bird: What th...? Is that Courier? Would someone who knows pothole at least pothole the image or something?

Oh...wait...image says "Caroline Cossey." I'll see if I can't find something more suitable.

Twin Bird: Okay, I was going to change it to Courier, but I can't remember my fucking password, so I'm just going to delete it.

Snipped the third quote from the top of the page. Three is too many, and this was probably the weakest of the three...
Robin: transgender schoolgirls, huh? I think I've been sent this spam.
-Joyce and Walky

High Five: Anyone mind if I put up a picture of girl!Tails from AoStH?
Heroic Jay: Removed natter concerning Azurill changing gender when it evolves. That ABSOLUTELY DOES happen (1/4 Azurills, anyway, and 1/3 female Azurills). Yeah, it was probably a mistake on the part of the game designers, but don't try to "justify" it with "Oh, they keep their gender, but Azurills just show up as females more often." No. They swap gender. Really. Evidence, BTW:
  • Little Jimmy : Just put in a different picture, I think it works a lot better. Whaddyall think?
  • KiTA: It's perfect.
Twin Bird: The problem is that it's not really a typical example, since robots' genders work differently, and the way it's presented is closer to Easy Sex Change. A different form used to be the picture, but it was changed.
  • Little Jimmy : But dude the picture's perfect because: a) He has Gender Bender written on his shirt, b) The characters name is Bender, c) His middle name is Bending, d) He's a bending Robot designed for bending girders, e) He goes on alcoholic benders, f) He's wearing girls clothes, g) He is playing a wresteler named "The Gender Bender" h) He does get a sex change later in the show, I) Just look at him! He's halarious! There are so many jokes in one picture, I can't think of how it could be improved!

Twin Bird: I'm sorry, but I'm really sick of people adding non-examples because they fit the name (the word "literal" in italics sets me seething). This trope is people who totally change sex, via magic or Phlebotinum, to a degree not possible via real-world medical treatment. I'm willing to let guevedoche slide because of the suddenness and totality of it, but a robot crossing a fairly arbitrary sex barrier via simple surgeries is where I draw the line.


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