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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Doug S Machina: I remember happy times zipping through the Green Hill Zone and all that on the Megadrive (Sega Genesis), so when I read this... distract Robotnik, Sonic dresses in drag as the crush and weds him. Still, it doesn't excuse his kissing Robotnik five times, not to mention licking him after splattering him with cake...

I have to ask. WHAT. THE...?

fleb: Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog was just a bad Looney Tunes-themed acid trip. Like The Nostalgia Critic said. Fuck this show It's a gateway to madness.

fleb: Ooh, we have an Edit War over Kim and Shego now. "" seems to have started it, but now it's "" who's hard at work re-deleting the example.

SlickNickShady The reason It is being deleted is the artwork is not relevant. If that is fixed I would have no issue with it. The fan created artwork has nothing to do with the page. If you left it at what it was before you added the artwork then that would be fine. Those other people must have the same issues with it. Acting like i'm in the wrong? I'm not the only one who has a problem with it, it seems.

fleb: Not buying it, since you were the one who deleted the original example listing, which read:

...Not a single mention of fanart. Doug S. Machina added the new, warred-over example that just mentioned the fanart off-handedly, as part and parcel of the "reading too much into it" fan thing. Deleting the whole example (or lobotomizing, like just now—we at least need Shego's name), when removing the last sentence would remove what you're claiming to be objecting to is just gratuitous.

SlickNickShady We will have to agree to disagree on some of that but i have no problem with what you put in. The only reason I deleted the whole example was because i didnt really know what you would have it be. It's taken care of now untill somebody else adds irrelevant info from it. looks like my first Edit War has ended. lol.

fleb: Uh, not that it matters now, but...then why did you delete it the first time? That one was really short and to the point.
Anony-mouse do you have any reason for deleting the part of the example that actually describes anything? (Later...) You too, Nick? There's no way mentioning "witty banter and fashion snark" is extraneous. It's the entire point.

(Reverting again) ...Okay, this is just getting petty.

Unknown Troper: You know, as I recall the Full Metal Panic manga (haven't seen the anime), my spin on the Foe Yay entry is that while Gauron might have thought of their relationship as Foe Yay, Souske definitely didn't, and in fact, told him so to his face before blowing him up.

Unknown troper: Well, it's pretty much the same in the anime, too. Sousuke is split between fear and hate when it comes to Gauron. Gauron is definitely obsessed, but in the end, it seems he genuinely cared for Sousuke - in his own twisted way, of course. For example, he definitely dislikes it when Sousuke humiliates himself in front of Gauron to get information out of him, thinking that it would please him. It didn't, and it shocked Sousuke. The sudden realization that the only one who could truly understand him, not just as a soldier (since the rest of his companions in Mithril were also soldiers, and they still didn't get him) but as a human being, was his arch-nemesis didn't help either. In the novels, in time, after Gauron's final death, Sousuke is beginning to understand and even empathise (just a little) with Gauron. I mean, he can think and speak about him without hate clouding his mind, he is probably the only one who believes Gauron told him the truth about Amalgam (there was more to their chat in the novels than it was shown in the anime - especially a very important clue) and he still uses Kashim - his "killer personality" - as a weapon to get the job done (namely, getting Chidori back). In the last novel, Sousuke even comes to admit (to Leonard) that he and Gauron were indeed the same in pretty much everything except the fact that Gauron enjoyed killing and he didn't. Leonard is amused about the fact that two enemies can think and be so much alike. Sousuke, on the other hand, found it perfectly normal, and seemed completely unfazed by it. So, even though it wasn't really Foe Yay in the beginning, and it still isn't now, if Chidori would suddenly turn against Sousuke (which she is currently beginning to do) ... and if Gauron would suddenly come back to life (which he just might, if Leonard's plan will work)... well, let's just say that the future sure is looking interesting in the world of Full Metal Panic...

Ununnilium: Damn. I remember a comic where Luthor remarked to Joker (on Batman), "You know he'll never ask you to the dance." But I can't remember which it was. (Possibly Superman/Batman?)

Captain Thunder: I'm pretty sure it was Outsiders #3.

Ununnilium: Googling, it looks like that's what it was. Thanks!

Lale: What do people have against that "never much for subtlety" comment?

Ununnilium: It just seems like a random Take That!.

Later: I mean, it doesn't seem especially unsubtle. `.`

Maureen Mac Donald: Does Foe Yay necessarily have to be Ho Yay as well? Or can it be a non-canon but implied Dating Catwoman?

Ununnilium: It can be either straight or gay.

Skaza: On the Batman front, would Batman Begins toastershipping count for anything? To quote the community itself... "It is not too late to read the holy smut of Wayne/Crane, people! Your libidos lie in the balance!" God. This is literally all I've been discussing here.

Puck: I edited out the "I gave my uncle a foot massage" comment from the Death Note discussion for being TMI in response to a rhetorical question.
Your Obedient Serpent would like to apologize for the following.

He'd like to, but he can't; it would be insincere.

Skazka: I think I'm in love with this. And you. But mostly just the poster. If you ever feel an urge to look at a LOT of Wayne/Crane fanart, come on over to my place. I'll make tea.

Twin Bird: Okay, I'll bite. Are Yuki and Ryoko really a couple in the Alternate Universe?

Taelor: Not really. The fandom just has an overactive imagination.

About Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, this is their official theme song:

Komanda: I wonder, does the Naruto-Sasuke thing count as Foe-Yay these days, or is it Stalking with a Vengeance? And does does the Itachi-Sasuke axis go Half-Bro Yay territory, like Harry Dresden and his brother, Thomas?

Dalantia: Pulled this line:

I loved that picture, but your link redirects.

fleb: The link's on tinypic now. (For everything else: Link to the image index. )

Have to get this out somehow, and am putting it here rather than in the main entry. Best part? Adam Baldwin actually said that there was going to be some planned Simon and Jayne subtext in future Firefly episodes before the series got canceled


  • whew* I feel better now. :P

fleb: Cutting this, because the broken Yahoo News link (all links to Them break, it's always a matter of time) makes it lose a lot of its coolness points. If I find the original not-Yahoo source, I'll put it back.
** One reviewer noticed, saying the Joker delivers that particular line "like a bride to a groom".

...Oh hey, it's the Hollywood Reporter.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: The image and caption on this page never fails to crack me up.

Jack Cain: Where is the caption from?

fleb: The pic and caption are from the Transformers faux Motivational Poster in the Western Animation section. Clicky.

Flyairth: Out of interest, what does the caption mean? I don't really get it, and now it's annoying me! *puppy dog eyes*

fleb: ...What does the Hate Circuit have to do with hate-as-sublimated-lust?
"Kyerumption" or "Kyrumption" (apparently the correct spelling according to google/buffy-fans) isn't a real word. Doesn't this mean the "definition" at the top of the page should be put in the form of a quote from Angel rather than some attempt at a pseudo dictionary definition b.s.? Here is the relevant text from "buffyverse" . Note that the "definition" at the top of the trope would be a billion times better with the archaic form tacked on!

  • FRED: Kye-rumption. It's the one nice word I remember from the Pylean hell dimension.
  • ANGEL: What's it mean?
  • FRED: It's when two great heroes meet on the field of battle and recognize their mutual fate. It's also a kind of grog made out of the ox dung but that's archaic.


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