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Working Title: Fetish In Fiction: From YKTTW

Cassy: Soooo... in what way does it add anything to Fetish Fuel, Rule 34 and Rule Thirty Six?

Ace Of Scarabs: Fetish Fuel is effectively Troper Tales for this page in a way. Rules 34 and 36 describe... well, 34 says there is porn of everything while 36 says everything turns someone somewhere on.

Dragon Quest Z: Troper tales of this? Yes, and no.

Umm, that quote from Terry Pratchett... I could have sworn it was "The difference between erotic and kinky", not "The difference between a kink and a fetish"...

Vree: Fixed. x3 Also, I could've sworn that Pratchett just stole it from someone like many of his quotes - I'm definite that this is Older Than They Think. The tone of the article sounds somewhat guily though. X3 It could bve put more simply: anything not directly related to sex that turns you on. It's only called a Fetish and not a kink where you cannot even have proper sex without your turn-on. (In other words when it overtakes as a sexual drive.) Otherwise, it's just called a kink.

Dragon Quest Z: You can add a point that this is what the term really means, it's just that we normally associate the term more generally.


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