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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Fanfic Recommendations (split) launched as Fan Fic Recommendations: From YKTTW

Fanfics Of Note launched as Fan Fic Recommendations: From YKTTW

Working Title: Fanfics Of Note: From YKTTW

This is the third time I've seen it asked, so maybe if the answer's at the top, people will see it.

Q: How can I create a new fanfic recommendations page for [name of the series]?

A: Go to the folder of the media your series belongs to, and add a link there to [name of the series](something like FanficRecs/{{Name of the series}} or FanficRecs/NameOfTheSeries will do). It will be a red link, because the page doesn't exist, and if you click it, it'll show you a blank page. Click on edit, and copy this text (with all the blanks properly filled). When you send the changes you'll have created a new recommendations page for [name of the Series].  *

Battypichugirl2: Not sure if I'm supposed to put this at the top or bottom, but are you allowed to plug your own fanfics here if you think they're good? XD

Donomni: Normally it's at the bottom in discussion, and nice try, but fics really should be recommended by other people. It's too easy for the author to be biased. Anyways, tropers are everywhere: if it's good enough, it'll get there.

Kizor: A question, please - what advantage does making this into a page here have over starting a thread at the forums?

Micah: It stops people from saying we should in YKTTW. Also, it makes it easier to find things that have been recommended by multiple people.

Fast Eddie: Did a thing there to give a hint that we want things in alphabetic by title order. Also jumped with both feet on an invitation to natter. ;-)

anowack: While right now it doesn't really matter, if this page takes off at all it would probably help a lot to have it organized by media first, and then by title. (So, all the stories based on each show/comic/whatever would be together.)

Donomni: Wow, so we are go! Gonna keep an eye on this page, fer sure, because, well, heavy moderation, right? As such, even this discussion is on the watchlist. Ooh, I'd better add that to the actual page.

Semi-Known Troper:It probably defeats the point, but how about ruling against any Shipping fics unless they're of really exceptional quality? A lot of the hate the fanfic medium gets is because of Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls, so it might stop people dismissing the page out of hand.

Etrangere: So you only want to include fanfics done by guys and that fits manly tastes? I'm... going to assume you haven't thought this over and urge you to do so. The fact that female taste get a lot of dissmissing doesn't mean that they are of an objective lesser quality. Just that things which fit female tastes tend to get more criticized and are more easily dissmissed in our societies.

Semi-Known Troper: I'm refering to the trope under Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls, which is that 90% of fanfiction is or has the reputation of being bad homoerotic porn (the page title Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls seems to have annoyed alot of people), it's not a jab at women authors, rather at the whole Shipping phenomenon.

Also:Don't list Sailor Nothing here. It's no more a Sailor Moon fanfic than Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Gundam fanfic.

Etrangere: I actually think Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls is a valid trope and trope title, but my point is that every fanfics full of homoerotic porn can be good. After all even if Most Writers Are Male there's a lot of decent quality things in what they write despite all the naked female Fanservice. Same logic applies. However I admit a lot of males who don't like Slash Fic won't like it. But if we dismiss it simply because it mainly appeals to women rather than to male, then we're being quite sexist.

Donomni: Let's just put a reminder to warn for fics with Ho-or-Les Yay, ok? All fics are created equal: We just want the enjoyable ones.

Etrangere: That works for me. Every fic should be warned for fandom, pairings and characters, and specific warnings for potential squick anyway IMO.

Cosmic Osmo: Etrangere, while that sounds like a good idea in theory, it's really easy to imagine all those warnings cluttering up the page—which already has the potential to be enormous from people adding so many fics.

Octal: Not really. If you're going to have a short paragraph of summary anyway, you might as well use a line or half a line to say, "A/B and C/D, explicit sex, warning for [potential squick]". I mean, in archives and such, that's pretty standard. (And warning/"warning" for specific pairings is more useful than just saying it has gay in it, anyway.)

Etrangere: That's why I don't understand why we haven't divided this per shows already...

anowack: @Etrangere, ditto. If no one objects and I have time, I'll go through and divide it up later. (All still on one page at this point, of course.)

Nerdorama: Doujinshi count for this, right? And are R-rated recommendations cool if I note them as such?

Donomni: Explicit material? No, not a problem, I would think. I'm not entirely sure doujins count, however.

Nerdorama: I figure they're really just fan comics that managed to find a printer. Then again, they are culturally very different, but certainly fit into the literal definition of fanfic. If someone thinks it doesn't belong, they can go ahead and cut it. Leave the Nadesico fic I cheated into my entry, though.

Fast Eddie: removed natter ...
... in a fit of jealousy.

Seanette: [laughing] You KNOW I adore you, Eddie. No need for jealousy, there's plenty of affection to go around. ;-)

Fast Eddie: pulled anonymous recco... Gargoyles

//later: Cut some natter

Looney Toons: I hope you don't mind, Crazael, but Neon Exodus Evangelion is really a megacrossover, so I moved it up to the Crossover section, and edited your text slightly to reflect the split. Also, your comment on Shinji and Warhammer 40K just kind of died in the middle of a sentence without going anywhere, so I added a conclusion to it.

Philweasel: Oh my god, someone's included my Kudzu Plot ridden mess of a fanfic based on a goddamn webcomic! In honour of Fred Gallagher I will now proceed to claim I suck in an increasingly annoying and whiny fashion!

I am not a registered user, but there's a particular work of fanfiction that I found profoundly moving when I read it in 2004, enough so that I occasionally re-read it. Yes, I probably need to get a life. Am I allowed to bring it up here, and ask whether others have read it and think it worthy to be included on the List of Good Stuff?

It is an anime fanfiction based on Neon Genesis Evangelion, written by the well-regarded Random1377. It is called "Lifespan of a Love Affair" and can be found here, ttp:// , or by Googling for it.

It's very dark AU. It may squick you with its premise of a romantic and eventually sexual relationship between a fourteen-year-old boy and a twenty-nine-year-old woman. Yes, the two that sprang immediately to mind if you've seen the series, those two. It is sometimes beautiful and sometimes ugly, and things do not go altogether well between them. Every significant character in this series is, in psychological terms, somewhere between "walking wounded" and "basket case." She's not altogether right in the head, as you might expect of a woman who'd do such a thing. He's too consumed by depression and self-loathing and self-doubt to put his full attention into enjoying any portion of it. But what exists between them is sometimes, just sometimes, shining and marvelous and beautiful, just for a moment, just for a scene, and one gets the sense that she is what he's needed all his life, and he is what she's always needed without ever realizing, and there is likewise something sadly beautiful about these two lost souls clinging to one another, trying to take some small comfort together on the eve of Ragnarok.

I don't want to ruin it for you by going into too much detail, but it is my firmly held opinion that if you enjoyed NGE and found the characters interesting, and if you enjoy fanfiction, you owe it to yourself to seek this story out and read it. The "week fourteen" chapter is the official end though I am told that at the request of readers he wrote a "week nineteen" coda that can be found here, ttp://

It is on my recommended reading list for fans of NGE. Possibly I'm a weirdo, possibly I'm sick in the head, possibly I need help, but, as I said, I was very impressed with it and think that those who aren't horrified by the premise will enjoy it a great deal.

Donomni: If you really want it up there, you should put it up yourself. Get known, give a name and add the recco. If someone doesn't like it, they can dispute it here. All there is to it.

Donomni: Another no-name:

  • Diplomatic Relations. Known as the Bible of Lee/Gaara amongst the fans, this is written by Maldoror. Post-Time Skip, and the only major canon change is Gaara getting the Shukaku back. Both of them are IC, and it actually has several realistic consequences of Cross-Village Shinobi love. Contains yaoi, obviously, and several still-IC sex scenes. Lee's POV. The sequel, Kindred, is in Gaara's POV and has possibly the BEST OC children ever created with NO MPREG WHATSOEVER. Check it out. You'll love it, I swear. **She also has equally brilliant One Piece fanfics on her Livejournal account: Maldoror_gw.

Again, people, reccos need a name. Creating emphasis.

Micah: Reorganized to deal with the tl;dr nature of the Crossovers section. Two-fandom crossovers are listed under both fandoms (with a couple exceptions ("Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness" and "Mercury's World") which seemed clearly aimed at people who read one fandom in particular); multi-fandom crossovers have their own section.

Solandra: I don't know whether to be pleased or embarrassed that I've singlehandedly made the Good Omens section one of the longest ones. Most of it slash (but good and in-character slash, honest!). And it isn't even one of the larger fandoms! <hides under rock>

Donomni: Probably because people are lazy. I've got about 10 different Naru/Hina fics I could add, but I keep delaying it...

Solandra: Also because I'm currently on a Good Omens fanfic binge (I wonder if that's a trope? Oh wait, it is!). If this article had existed at the time of my similar Gravitation binge, the Gravitation section would be even longer. In fact, there are plenty of great Gravi fics that I haven't recced yet... <twitches>

Tabby: I know making requests isn't exactly the norm here, but if y'all would indulge me? Has anyone found any good Chuck fic? I've been combing the internet ever since I found the show a couple weeks ago and I'm getting desperate. I'm not picky about pairing or lack thereof.
FLCNPNCH: I would like to advocate the addition of an original fiction version of this page. There's a lot of really good webfiction out there (particularly on Fiction Press) that isn't getting any loving from this site. I'd love to see that rectified.
Micah: Yet another noname:
  • Madness Personified's Heart of the Warrior. series (seven is currently in progress) is a delightful crossover between Harry Potter and the Ninja Turtles. Definitely worth reading, even if ou hate the turtles.

Shay Guy: Pulling...
  • Shay Guy: Given that it seems to have the second-most reviews of any Naruto fic on FF.Net after Team 8, I'm surprised nobody's posted Chunin Exam Day yet. I've only read ten of the fifty or so chapters, but I'm highly enjoying it so far. A Groundhog Day scenario for Naruto, slightly modified so that whenever Team 7 fails the exam (that's what the condition seems to be so far), the next day resets to the day of the written test. Excellent writing, only mildly hampered by the bad case of Burly Detective syndrome. And if you're reading fanfic, you're probably used to that anyway.
    • Clendy82: Concurred. Very funny and quite well written. There are only two flaws that strike me as far as the story goes. One involved Naruto's unsealing of the Nine-Tailed Fox which turned him into a furry, though that got mostly handwaved a chapter or so later. Secondly, the author loves taking potshots at the other members of Team 7 waaaaaaay too much. Even with no real continuity to speak of, it's still jarring to see 98% of the characters treating him well once they give him a chance, only to have the last 2% be on his team and treat him horribly. And be treated horribly in return.
    • Shay Guy: Okay, as of chapter 39, I'm adding the following qualifier to my recommendation: only start reading if you're sure you'll be able to stop in the middle, around chapter 25 or so. My reasons can be found here.
      • Clendy82: Very true. The excellent quality of the writing never really ceases, but the plot just begins to grow stagnant. I skipped ahead to the last couple of chapters and the Groundhog Day plot is still going on. After wading through the first 20-25 chapters waiting for the mysterious perpetrator of this event (who must surely be using some kind of space-time jutsu in accordance with his obvious Big Bad status!) to show himself, it just got to be too much. Sigh. What a waste of a perfectly good plot.

...out of regret for having posted it in the first place.

Solandra: Out of curiosity, I clicked on the "Journey Roads" link (in the American Idol section), and it didn't work. Maybe an incorrect link?

Clendy82: Recommend deleting the below entry...:

Sean Tucker: Immortality In Fickle Affection. I know it's in the So Bad Its Horrible page, but it manages to be utterly hilarious due to how ridiculously over-the-top it is. Be warned, graphic Gorn, slash, and penis kooshballs. (I couldn't possibly make this shit up.)

...yes, I know it's a Subjective trope, but does endorsing a fic by saying it's So Bad, It's Good really count as a recommendation? Not to mention the fic really is horrible.

Clendy82: Deleted the below entry...:

* Extraintrovert: Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness. Even if your knowledge of The Colbert Report is non-existent, it is basically impossible to read this without laughing.

...for redundancy with an identical entry in the same category.

Rinny: I must admit I am laughing over people having to warn about canonical same-sex relationships, i.e. Willow and Tara. I think warnings for graphic sexual content and for non-canonical relationships would suffice.

TeChameleon: So... question... what, exactly, is the policy on recommending one's own fics? I'm currently in the process of rewriting an old one of mine, and I'd like to hallucinate that it might actually be worth reading (HunterXHunter, for those that care)

Robert: Don't do it here yourself. Put a link on your contributor page instead. However, if someone else decides to recommend it, then adding a bit extra should be fine.

Joysweeper: Damn it, people! I've been trying not to read fanfiction on account of most of it being crap, and now I've lost that excuse and have to go through alternately The Tetris Effect and raging at irregular updates and sudden death. And now I'm starting to think back on some Avengers Steve/Tony h/c... You people are ruining my life. ;)

Kilyle: Given the hacking, now aren't you glad we didn't just keep this on the forums? "Take it to the forums" indeed.

Also, following your comment there, Joysweeper, I would like to recommend that this page get split into recommendations for fanfics that are completed, and recommendations for fanfics that are ongoing, preferably on two separate pages. I hate getting hooked on a fanfic only to find out it's never going to get completed, and it would be nice to avoid that altogether.

Second also, I didn't look through the recco's much to see if there were a lot of recco's for very short pieces, but if it's like really short, it would be nice to have those stuck to the side as well... so if you're after something you can read in twenty minutes or less, you can find it easily, and if you only want to invest your time in something weightier (following that new YKTTW It's Short So It Sucks... it's nice to bury yourself in a fic with plenty of fleshing-out of the characters and plotline)... well, then you can stick to those too, and not end up over after three chapters. We could set a line somewhere, or have basic warnings "SHORT" and "LONG" or what.

Donomni: Hmm... How about Dead Fics, ongoing fics, and completed fics, and separate all those by long and short formats? If we do it, it might take awhile. As expected, our list is XBox Huge.

Kilyle: Oh, and if someone could find this fic for me, I'd be extremely grateful. That's even assuming it's still online. It's a fic of The Slayers, multiple chapters. Lina gets her hands on some artifact (no lead-up, she's pretty much got the artifact at the start... they're like sitting in a museum or something) and ends up setting it off, which alters the universe to one in which Lina couldn't control the Giga Slave and turned herself and Gourry into mind-mad villains who took over the demon realms and subjugated everything, and destroyed the land. Zelgadis somehow was saved from being changed, so he remembers how it's supposed to be. He finds Xelloss, who is now human (Lina got mad at him... at one point cut out his tongue, back when he was demon enough to regenerate, because he said "That is a secret" once too often). Xelloss says that Lina has Zellas and keeps her on a chain. Zelgadis finds that Amelia is in charge of the only kingdom still resisting the demons (I forget if Naga had a cameo), and Amelia gets him a little help in the way of info. Zel and Xel end up sneaking into Lina's fortress; Xel gets captured, and tortured (I remember this scene vividly: Lina sticks a knife in his gut and Xel watches his own guts falling out, while the text indicates that Lina found the torture as good as getting laid). Shilfiel heals him on Lina's command, and later Xel tricks her into releasing him and kills her to escape, reasoning that if all goes well this version of events will be erased anyway. Zelgadis, meanwhile, finds his way to the artifact and manages to set everything right. Anyway, I have never been able to lay my hands on this fanfic again... it's been like a decade. I loved it so much. Any clues?

  • Clendy82: Completely rearranged all fics under the Naruto heading by subcategory, as the sheer number of entries was making it break down under its own complexity. If the idea catches on, I'll let someone more interested in the genres revamp the Harry Potter and other mass entries.

  • Fish Called Waldo: While this seems like a pretty good idea - I think you got 'em all, I can't see any accidentally deleted in the mix - I'm kind of wondering how we'll break up the other large groups. HP, I'm looking at you.
    • Clendy82: It should be fairly simple. All that would really need to be done is paint in broad strokes. Your crack fics, your crossovers, your original flavors, your continuations, and so on. Even two or three really wide categories would help immensely.

Donomni: It appears we're going by series for this. Took the Naruto examples, put them in the page, and got them all 'purdy-like. Took about an hour, ugh. Solandra better be paying attention, Good Omens kinda is almost entirely her work. ;D

  • Fish Called Waldo: And if anyone wants to do a personalized intro like Naruto's one - Hilarious Donomni, by the way - I think it would make it a lot nicer then the usual opening

  • Fish Called Waldo: I'm attempting to Copypaste as many of the 'smaller' recommendations over, but I'm leaving them up for someone else to delete. I really don't know if I captured the proper feeling behind it.

  • Fish Called Waldo: Just becasue I don't really have anything else to do, a general but meaningless complaint - It is now gonna take forever to double check to see if there have been any new updates in recommended fanfiction.
  • Black Charizard: Or you can just put in you watchlist your favorite fandoms, instead of this page. That way, you won't be distracted by updates in fandoms you aren't in!]
  • Robert: Soon enough, the fanfic recs namespace will be added to the filtering options on recent changes, making it even easier to spot changes.

  • Fish Called Waldo: Second Generic complaint - Why aren't we just copy and pasting the recommendations into the new sorting system and leaving it at that?
  • Robert: Because that wasn't what was suggested. This has been discussed on YKTTW, and we came to a consensus.

Black Charizard: Well, I've redone some of the subpages, and applied the Gen/Shipping split I suggested on YKTTW. I've also rewritten the intros.

  • Fish Called Waldo: Ok, before we get to it, how are we gonna handle Original Fiction?

Robert: It could go under Original Fiction though if it's original, it's not exactly fanfic. A bigger problem are cases where the series isn't in the main namespace, such as Heroes.

Black Charizard: There's a list of stories under Web Original. Do you mean those? I was planning to file them under "Other".

Robert: They're the ones. Filing them under 'other' on this page is fine, but it's not a good name for a page.

The other problem is Series/Heroes, and similar. The plan is that every fanfic rec page gets a link icon at the top of the corresponding main page, which is fine for most of them. However, if we use FanficRecs/Heroes, that means the linking icon will also appear on Main/Heroes, where it's not really appropriate.

Clendy82: What...what have I done...? I just wanted to organize examples by subcategory for easier browsing. Not break down genres into separate pages. But now tropers will have to click on dozens of subpages to find interesting stories and it's all my fault. My name will be cursed in the halls of frustrated clicking fan fiction-loving tropers until the end of days.

Black Charizard: You know, maybe I should have proposed here my suggestion in addition to proposing it on YKTTW. It seems some of you missed it. In any case, I think a split really was necessary, because of how big the page had grown. It was the second longest page of the wiki before we started splitting.

Nolrai Hikari: What should the format be for when someone recommends a site or author, and then picks a few particulars to particulary recommend? (see the sailor moon recommendation of the "The Sailor Moon Expanded" for example)

  • Fish Called Waldo: This is kind of why I'm worried about the formatting. It seems to kill the natural humor, make it really confusing, and doesn't really do much that isn't being done by people recommending fanfiction

  • Robert: The formatting makes it easier to read, especially when there are a lot of entries. Since the format only indents one deep, for cases like 'Sailor Moon Expanded' and some prolific authors we can just indent the specific recommendations an extra step.

Fast Eddie: Pulled the bit about not pimping your own stories. There isn't any way to enforce that, nor is there any real problem with it. Except in the case where it is clearly a feedback request. Then it gets zapped. There are plenty of other places to get feedback.
  • Fish Called Waldo: Ok, I've Copypasted most-if-not-all the recommendations into their respective sections so all that requires is the formatting to be put into them.

Fish Called Waldo: Sorry about the comment spam, but what do people think about dividing up sections that only have one fanfic in them already?

Clendy82: Hmmm. Ideally, at least to me, I would have divided up the recommendations the same way we've divided up the Discontinuity and Crowning Moments of Awesome: By Anime, Film, Westerm Animation, Literature, etc. But I can see that not being the way to go with about 90% of all recommendations falling under anime. If dividing things up is the way the Troper Lords want to go, then it's probably best to get it over with all at once like ripping off a bandaid.

As for formatting, I'll throw in my two coppers. I'd recommend having it like this:

  • Title by Author, suggested by Troper.
    • General Description, highlights, noteworthy CMO As, etc.
    • Any disclaimers, Ho Yay, Shipping, or any critiques.

I'd like to eliminate that extra line with the troper recommendation and merge it with the title line. Everything about the description of the story itself should be able to fit into a single paragraph, and everything that may cause people to not want to read it should go into the paragraph below.

Robert: No. Putting the recommending troper on their own makes them stand out more, so it's easier to tell who recommended what, which we want people to know.

Tabby: Seconding the "no" for the opposite reason: I want the author to be recognizably distinct from the troper.

Robert: Actually, that's the same reason. Making the troper recognisably distinct from the author is exactly equivalent to making the author recognisably distinct from the troper. Either way, it needs doing.

Consider, there are nearly 400,000 Harry Potter fics on, and rising fast. If, per Sturgeon's Law, only 10% are readable, 10% of those are any good, 10% of those are worth reading twice, and 10% of those worth recommending, that's still 400 fics. Without structure, a list even one-tenth that long would be an unreadable wall of text. Using the format proposed, and subdividing the page by genre, we can comfortably handle pages with lots of recs - which there will inevitably be. These pages have a way of snowballing.

  • Fish Called Waldo: Note: This doesn't even come near answering my question. What I mean is there are sections now that, like Dresden Files, that only have one recommendation or, like HPL's section, that has about six. Do we really need to divide these into 'Romantic' and 'General' or do they sand on their own, until they near Naruto, Harry Potter or Good Omens perportion?

{{Robert}: You don't need to divide them until the pages approach that kind of length, though it'll be easier to start earlier. Use your judgement.

FLCNPNCH: How about adding a 'top five fanfics' thing at the top of the page? Not sure how that'd, maybe? (In any case, Shinji and 40k would be number 1. Definitely)

Fish Called Waldo: That's a Nay from my side. I mean, we don't vote for the top CMOA, do we? Unless we do, in which I am going to be very sad and vaguely annoyed. But, anyway, this is just a listing of good fanfiction and all. Not a voting thingy.

Robert: Certainly no. That's just asking for trouble.

Clendy82: Seconded (thirded? Fourthed?). There's such thing as too subjective for a subjective trope. There would be as many different fics voted for as there are votes. There are just too many different genres and styles that people prefer to really substantially choose one, or even five, above all others.

Clendy82: Question. Since we're going to be dividing up the recommendations by specific titles, does that mean we're going to add a top-of-page fanfic link at the title's main page? In the same manner as CMO As, It Just Bugs Me, character sheets, wild mass guessing, etc.?

Wascally Wabbit: It's already done for some of them, the icon's a little scroll with a yellow pencil.

Clendy82: Neat.

Fish Called Waldo: Just a note, but it seems that the inclusion of the 'Summary' and 'Comments' tags - at least as I'm editing current recommendations - doesn't seem to flow quite so well, particularly when there are extra comments on it. I'm not sure how to fix it, could someone take a look at it?

Black Charizard: Hm. Yes, some of them cannot be neatly divided into Synopsis and Comments, and in order to do so a rewrite of the description would be needed. Which requires at least reading the fanfic. My idea was that we could leave some of the descriptions as they are, and put a note at the top of the page saying that the descriptions were being reworked so please help to format them, but few people have done that.

Maybe it's just a lack of interest. If so, I don't think many people will complain if some reccos don't follow the Synopsis/Comments format. Just expand on the fanfics you've read and Wiki Magic should do the rest. And maybe put a reminder somewhere on the wiki of the rehashing of Fanfic Recommendations, to gather more people to help with it.

As for the extra comments made by other tropers, I think it could be left as it was: the name of the troper indented one level deeper, and the comments after that.

Robert: Old descriptions can be grandfathered in. They'll get reworked in time. New recommmendations should be in the suggested format though.

Clendy82: I'm still in favor of combining the Synopsis and Comments tags into one section. As it is, people are simply cut-and-pasting portions of old reviews so that the slightly resemble the new format, and in the process absolutely butchering the flow of the review narratives. I can't imagine that many people will come back to their reviews and rewrite them to fit in with the new format, and editors will obviously be loathe to try and rewrite someone else's review, putting words in their mouth. So what we end up with is a plethora of choppy reviews. Not to mention that I think it's just easier to write a review mixing a story outline and commentary for certain points.

Robert: Many of the old reviews are pure comment, and can be labelled as such. The new reviews should be following the template. Splitting summary and comments helps avoid walls of text as well as making it easier for the reader to tell what the stor is about, very useful for deciding when to follow the link (and making things easier for people reading the page always comes first; for editors, a very distant second, since we're writing to be read.)

Fish Called Waldo: Well, I have officially finished converting almost everything to the standard format. There are a few places I need to fix what's been done wrong, but it shouldn't take too long now. If someone with a steady hand and good sense could look at the Crossover section, however, it would be appreciated. I tried to divide the crossovers logically, but I'm not sure if it worked out properly.

  • Fish Called Waldo: As an addendum, can someone please tell me why we have the 'Other Video Game' section, and what it's being used for?
  • Black Charizard: There were some fanfics classified as Other Videogames, so the section was respected when doing the split. But now that I look at it, three of the four recommendations are about specific videogames (and thusly can be filed under their specific sections), and the other one is an author recommendation. I imagined that the section was for some sort of videogame-related fanfics that couldn't be classified under specific series, but we have the Mega Crossover section for that. So... I have no authority for this, but I think we could move the fanfics to their respective series and nuke the Other Videogames section.
    • Fish Called Waldo: Actually, when it was one long list, there were still the Worldof Warcraft reference there, so I assume that it was people to lazy, or nervous, to make their own listing. But everything has been shifted, no nuking yet - I'll wait for people who can actually do that do that. If people in charge want to ax the Other section, wonderful, or if they want to knife the three ones I just made, also cool. And note: Actually, I think the Unclassified section is for authors that do multipul fandoms well, while Crossover are for people that do crossovers well.
    • Fish Called Waldo: Addendum - This Troper made the Metal Gear Solid Fanfiction under that name, while the main page is named Metal Gear... should I attempt to change, or leave it be? And by 'I' I mean someone that has some idea of how to name change and such and such.

Mike: There's a story I want to recommend, but I've got a few problems. 1: its for Exalted, and I'm not sure where to put it. I don't think there's enough Exalted fic to warrant its own subpage, but that leaves me without a place that really fits the story. Second, it isn't entirely a fanfic, as it also happens to be a senior thesis. Shataina's Story can be found here ("The Draft"), if you need to take a look at it to see where it would fit.
  • Fish Called Waldo: Don't worry about creating a new sub-page. We have sub-pages for almost everything, so don't worry, and there is always great fanfiction enough to support it's inclusion. Made the Exalted page, so just include a warning in the comments or where ever seems best that it's a thesis, and post it.

Lua: Question. How are you guys with real person fic? There's no page or anything, and the whole concept seems to be rather divisive, but there's some great stuff out there. I just have no clue if it's a collective squick around here or anything. ^^;

Wascally Wabbit: Go for it, just don't post anything that's objectively squicky.

Black Charizard: Make a section under "Other". Real-Person Fic does count as a squick, though, so I'd put plenty of warnings in the writeup of the section.

Lee: Code Geass needs a Fanfics rec page. This Troper doesn't know how to create pages from scratch, so he can't do it himself, but he is willing to sign off a couple of fics and one author. Lelouch of Britannia and Slices of C.C. at least should be put up.

Black Charizard: Made it for you. Next time, you can make a page from scratch by typing on your URL bar the name of the article you're creating. It'll show you a blank page, with only "Describe [name of the article] here." You click on edit, and when you send the changes you'll have created a new page. If you want it to show on an index properly, you have to add a link in the index itself.

Gokerz: Do so called Story Hours or Actual Plays belong into the Fan Fiction Section? They are retellings of RPG campaigns that were actually played, often even using voice recordings from the sessions to get precise retellings. There are some very good ones out there that I'd like to recommend.

Fish Called Waldo: Seeing as we don't mind Real-Person Fic and we have a few 'novelizations' listed anyway, go for it. It's either put it under it's respective game listing, or maybe under 'other'. I'd favor putting it under the game, myself.

  • Fish Called Waldo: Just to point this out and retract my suggestion of putting it under 'other'. We already have a Actual Play-story under the Exalted section, so just make a new rec for the proper game or making a new page for a game that isn't inculded yet.

Wascally Wabbit: if we need to allow Actual Play reports to keep that exalted story, then do it.

Anonymous Apathy: What I have here is a vague idea (at best), but I've seen some other sites where you can "request" fics. Not request that fics be written according to your specifications (which is something else entirely), but a general "Have you seen any good (insert anime/movie/tv/comic here) fics?" I only mention this because going over the list, I see that while we do have lots of entries, many of them are just adding more recs to existing categories. There are several very popular fandoms not represented here, and perhaps we should have a section inquiring as to good stories in other categories to, uh... prompt the tropers? Or something?

It would help for people who want to read good fics but who aren't familiar enough with the fandoms to make their own recs yet...

...Or it could just open up the floodgates for a whole lot of natter. Anyway, just a suggestion.

Nightraid: IŽve tried to create a fanfic recommendations page for persona 4, but it doesnŽt seem to work no matter what I try. Am I missing something? If someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to correct my mistake, IŽd be very grateful.

Black Charizard: Done. Next time, you can make a page from scratch by typing on your URL bar the name of the article you're creating. It'll show you a blank page, with only "Describe [name of the article] here." You click on edit, and when you send the changes you'll have created a new page. If you want it to show on an index properly, you have to add a link in the index itself.

Midnight Man: Hey, this is a wiki about TV tropes. What about adding a section for the tropes in that particular fanfic to the template so it's legitimate to mention them?

CAD: We kinda already have that, the Fan Fic namespace. If a fanfic rec gets enough agreement, and is sufficiently significant, it's probably okay to give the fanfic its own page and list the tropes there.

Mandrke: I Have downloaded the fics that are on these lists and are on geocities. not uploaded yet. is someone else's Mirror of Elmer Studios.

Solitaire: I've got a general question. I've noticed that quite a chunk of recommendations especially in the anime section are nothing that ought to be recced if going by objective standards (because of containing bad spelling, grammar, plot progression and so on) and I've noticed some "anti recs" in reply - is that a valid way? In other words, can you "not second" a rec/warn people off/insert your phrasing here, or would this be considered contrary to the purpose of the rec page? Personally, I feel rather frustrated if I click a link for a recced fic and have to find that it's, frankly, a pile of poo, and I'd like the option to "anti rec" in such cases.

Black Charizard: I don't see why not. Comments are there to complete the description of the story, even if they aren't praising it. I'll add that criticism should be constructive, in my opinion.

Andie: I've got a suggestion and this is my first time using a discussion page, though I've read them before, so I apologize for any weirdness on my part that could be related to that. I'm thinking that it is not such a great idea to put homosexual content in the "warnings" section of summaries, since treating homosexuality as something strange that must be warned for can have unfortunate implications. The label could go in "pairings" quite easily or into the "synopsis" section without much trouble, and it would be better to distinguish between het, slash, and femslash than just heterosexual and homosexual. The change would make their labels serve their purpose better, wouldn't seem so awkward, and would better help people avoid what they don't want to read and find what they do want.

Black Charizard: Well, I believe warnings should go somewhere easily seen, and I originally put it there in the template because I thought it was a good place, but it's true that warnings about pairings would probably be better in the pairings section. Sure, edit it.

Andie: It's now been a month or so since I posted that... I posted over my winter break and then got swamped with schoolwork when college started up again. I'll do the edits over my spring break, which starts in about two weeks.

Marlee Cross: We should have a Hellsing page. Can someone please make one, or at least tell me how to do it myself?

Gucci Armani: Why is the format for writing examples at the bottom of the page? it should be at the bottom of the article, right above the examples so that everyone sees it.


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