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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Looney Toons: Fark!

Gus: Okay, who's Nerdlinger? Fess up!

Looney Toons: Was it here first, then? I didn't check timestamps.

Gus Uh, no. I added it shortly after the time stamp on the Fark thing. Weird synchronizing. Really weird.

Robert: This index is getting rather shapeless, and only loosely linked to its title. Some of the entries would probablky fit better in the writer-speak part of Script Speak, or maybe on a Writer Speak page.

I'm also thinking about a Derivative Works page (but I need a better name) -- an index covering adaptations, translations, prequels, sequels, and spin-offs. They're all cases where one work is based on another, too often leading to some form of Adaptation Decay

Ununnilium: Derivative Works seems perfect to me. Expanded Universe and the various fan-works would go on that page, too.

Fast Eddie: It seems these are still commentary terms, to me, rather than a top-level category, so I put it back in Fan-Speak.

Robert: Practically all our tropes are commentary terms, so that can't be the sole criteria for putting them on this page. Let's keep Fan-speak for, as its preamble suggests, fan comments on tropes, and maybe also tropes about fandom. Terms like 'Stage Names' and 'Prequel' aren't fan-speak; they're conventional terms, used by everyone.

Fast Eddie: Well, I see your point about the titles of all the tropes being essentially commentary terms. Hmm. I'm reacting to the fact that few people navigate the wiki from the start-point of the catalouge, so it won't be found from there. OK, Let's leave it on the cat and pull it from Fan-Speak. I'll then add it to the Categories menu in the side bar under Meta. That should do the trick. Work for you?

Robert: That works. I'm also going to go over this page and see if there are any other entries that would be better in a different index, making it less of a miscellany. Stage Names, for example, can probably go under Characters and Casting.

Looney Toons: Osh, your fic type entries have been good, so far as I've had a chance to read them, but shouldn't you list/index them on Fan Fic instead of this page?
Citizen: I have to wonder whether a title I just made up (Author Existence Failure) belongs here, and if it does, just what standards this index really has...


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