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Working Title: Environmental Symbolism: From YKTTW

Earnest: Anyone know the auditive equivalent of this trope for cross linky goodness?

Nornagest: Not sure about this —

Fast-food restaurants use bright colors like yellow and bright green so that patrons will eat and leave quickly, while real restaurants use warm colors like red and brown to make people feel comfortable.

It has an urban-legend kind of aura about it, but I suppose marketing flaks aren't immune to group psychology any more than the rest of us are. Either way, it'd be nice if whoever added that could dig up some documentation.

Sackett: Still pretty sure this is Empathic Environment, or at least very closely related.

KJMackley: Empathic Environment seems to be about supposed actual Elemental Powers, the clouds part and the sun shines down when the Big Bad is defeated, flowers bloom, Dramatic Wind, etc. This trope is more about a unique and deliberate setting. I think there is some individual examples from that trope that would fit this trope better.

Maso Tey: Yeah, Empathic Environment is about changes occurring (often with an implied in-universe reason), while Environmental Symbolism is more about static environments whose emotional significance is influenced by the story's medium. Or something.


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