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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Seriously, how is this different from Kuudere?- Troper On A Stick V 2

Sackett: Kuudere is cold or cool (kuu-) towards someone, but really nice on the inside. Dandere is just shy. However, this has been shotdown in YKTTW so many times- what's the difference from a Shrinking Violet? Don't Shrinking Violets open up to the right person and have something inside their shy exterior? Isn't that the whole point of a Shrinking Violet character? Maybe it needs to be added to the description, and Dandere can be a redirect, but creating this without going through YKTTW...

Troper On A Stick V 2: I put it together after I first said that. And I agree with you on the Shrinking Violet point.

Terminus Est 13: A kuudere's "kuu" nature can be very much shyness or indifference, or perhaps a variety of other things. The point is they're still normally quiet and silent, possibly to the point of coming across as an Emotionless Girl at times. Hmmmmm. Wait a minute, this is sounding familiar. I say we either delete Dandere, or merge it with Kuudere/Shrinking Violet.

Madrugada: I thought that we were making example-less pages defining the Japanese terms that are common in anime fandom and linking them to the English page for the same type. If that's the case, this page should not be cut.

Ah, we did. here's the discussion that lead to it. Do not cut.


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