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Looney Toons: Grixit, I removed your entry

  • In one episode of Diagnosis Murder, Dick Van Dyke as Doctor Sloane is walking through the corridors of the hospital. As he turns a corner, he passes an internal window through which we see, not a medical procedure in progress, but a broadcast booth in black and white. It's a clip from his mostly forgotten show Good Morning World. He walks on without seeming to notice.

because that's not a continuity nod — that's The Alkazar.

grixit: ok, i'll put it there.

Uriel-238: The following is in error, which I corrected (assuming I recall the movie correctly).

  • Film examples from the Batman franchise: In Batman Forever, Bruce Wayne comments to Alfred on Dick Grayson's stealing one of his motorcycles, saying "He's probably halfway to Metropolis by now"; while in Batman and Robin, Batman says during an argument with Robin, "This is why Superman works alone." In return, Superman Returns mentions Gotham in a news report.

Daibhid C: I think all the examples of Superman films and series casting actors from previous versions, and Michael Rosenbaum voicing Lex in Justice League, are actually Mythology Gags, aren't they?

Ununnilium: I'd say yes.

Daibhid C: Finally remembered about that and moved them all. (They'd grown since I first noticed this). Also moved the Honor Blackman gag in The Avengers to The Alkazar.

Ajardoor: I added that quote at the top, everyone okay with it?

Fire Walk: Cut the following, as it's actually a Mythology Gag:
  • The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy movie included the Marvin from the TV series as somebody standing in a queue when the men try to rescue Trillian from the Vogons. And the hologram who gives the warning at Magrathea is played by the series-Arthur Dent.

Also, the examples in Kyoto Animations seem to be more Shout Outs than Continuity Nods: unless there's signs they're definitely in the same world. I've only seen one of them, so I couldn't really say. —- KJMackley: Removed all of this because it is again, Mythology Gag.

  • Smallville must do this every time another DC Universe hero makes a showing. The subtle part is the day to day wear of all the Super heroes referencing their Costumes in standard continuity. Bart (Flash) has a Red Hoodie, a red backpack, and lightningbolts on his belt Buckle, backpack, and shoes. Aquaman wears a pair of green swimtrunks and an orange shirt. Cyborg wears all white/silver colors. Even Clark Kent is wearing a Red jacket and blue shirt (and Bizarro Clark wearing a blue jacket and red shirt). More direct nods include:
    • Flash has a collection of fake IDs, including the names of other incarnations of Flash. He also suggests they start a club or a league at the end of his first appearance.
    • Aquaman suggests that Clark join the Junior Lifeguards of America, Clark's responce is "I don't think I'm ready to join the JLA just yet."

Haven: Woof, this page needed some cleaning. In addition to all the mythology gags that crept back in? Fire Emblem was in western animation somehow. Also, a bit of natter under Serenity; may or may not merit inclusion. I opted for not, obviously.
  • The much larger scar he should have had in the center of his chest from the torture device in "War Stories" is conspicuously absent, though.
    • To be fair, that was some kind of weird futuretech torture device, and it looked like most of the damage was internal, not external.


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