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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

adam850: I'd like to add this image to the top: GAU-8 Avenger. That's a BFG.

SAMAS: Considering that the trope is specifically for a weapon held by a person, I don't think it fits.

Also, I thought that big thing on Vulcan Raven's back was an ammo drum, not a battery.

Citizen: Needs a picture of the titular BFG, will consider looking for one later.

Tyr_God_Of_War: In halo 3 you can rip a machine gun of a truck and use it as a BFG.

Meta4: How about this for the picture? I realize the current picture is of the Trope Namer, but it's not at a good angle to really see how friggin' big it is.

Amake: Elisabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End pulls out a massive gun from somewhere in her neither regions; does it count as a BFG? Marty the Dwarf I believe flies away from the recoil when he fires it.

Large Blunt Object: How massive is massive? Also, if it's a pistol, those come under Really Big Gun

Evilest_Tim: Much as the trope is about handheld weapons, I don't think the Clonetrooper image really gets the 'ludicrously huge' idea over. Hence, replaced it perhaps the most ridiculous image of compensatory silliness. And before anyone complains it's NSFW or similar, it's a real piece of equipment used by the German military.

Dragon Quest Z: When the trope is specific, the picture should be as well, or it's inviting misuse. I reverted the picture, especially since those guns are the same size as the Trope Namer.

HeartBurn Kid: Cut this from the Hellboy 2 example:

  • He was carrying a baby around, you idiot!

Because it's 1) Natter, 2) a flame, and 3) completely ignorant of the fact that the line in question was meant to have a double meaning (referring to both the actual baby and the Big Baby). In fact, the trailer pretty much shows the Big Baby meaning exclusively (I know, we should Never Trust a Trailer, but...)

Vampire Buddha: Took out some natter and bad examples:


Sinister Teddybear: The mention of TNA in the opening paragraph is mine. If someone feels it doesn't belong it can be removed, but for a certain subset that's what comes to mind when you hear the letters BFG. Just thought I'd let you know I wasn't a spambot.

Major Tom: Is the new pic that of the 14.5x144mm KPV heavy machine gun with a scope?

Evilest_Tim: Naw, it's a 12.7, either an NSV or a Kord.


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