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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.


MatrixFrog: This reminds me of the time on Futurama when Haley's Comet runs out of ice, and right before the commercial, Bender cries out in agony, "This could be the end of the banana daiquiri as we know it!" Then, as an afterthought, "Also life." I don't think it really fits here though. Why isn't there a page for Burying the lead?

Triterope: After the YKTTW discussion, someone created a page called And Zoidberg at the same time I was making a page called Also Zoidberg. I edited this page to consolidate the two, and changed all my links to point here. You can delete Also Zoidberg.

Kayube: I don't know if the "Ladies and gentlemen and X" version can be put here... as usually it's being used to describe animals/objects that could by no means be ladies or gentlemen, and it's not being used to insult them either... Possiblly the only situation in which it could fit here is when it's being used to describe non-human sentient beings.

Mith: Right. The humor from this trope is explicitly stating that something isn't part of a group. Using the broadest possible interpretation: maybe it's an insult to do so, maybe the audience would expect otherwise, or maybe it's obvious but the speaker uses a figure of speech instinctively before realizing that doesn't cover every possibility. The article and examples right now seem to be a mishmash of lots of different stuff.

That Other 1 Dude: To the Unknown Troper with the IP Address (Sketch?). Quit erasing that line! If you think it shouldn't be a page quote, just put in examples, because it is at least that.

Large Blunt Object: Pulling

  • Used to comic effect in the recent Doctor Who episode Midnight: the stewardess addresses the passengers "Ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon..." To her credit, she keeps it up even when the situation is slowly becoming more and more batshit insane.

because it has absolutely nothing to do with this trope.

Shale: Pulled

  • That one doesn't really count, as Tom Paris wasn't really Starfleet or Maquis (he was a former member of both who was serving time in prison at the time of the pilot episode).
From the Voyager example, since that's completely not the point of the joke.

Skgoa: Pulled

  • The president of Germany in the '60s, Heinrich Lbke, was notorious for, er, misspeaking. At one point, he opened a speech in Africa with the following words: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear Negroes..." ("Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, liebe Neger ...")
Since its an urban legend.

~~~~Is there room for a classic joke? "Who was that lady I saw you with last night?" "That was no lady, that was my wife!"


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