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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

The Analyzer: May I have permission to replace the photo on the main Pretty Cure page with this photo, with a caption that either a) lists all the pretty cure, with maybe some remark about Michiru, Kaoru, and Setsuna's absence or b) put in some punny caption like "Needs more inexplicable background explosions" to reference the Power Rangers teamups?

notreallyatroper: or maybe someone could find this one without all the words and stuff, and just the snark about Michiru and Kaoru

Kite Lanford: Hey wait a minute, not all the actors that was in Gundam became Precure villains. Forgetting one Domon Kasshu or something, became a Non-Human Sidekick and all?

Gyrobot: Still most of the Gundam cast were of the villainous ilk, Garrod Ran and Jamitov Hymen being the most infamous. Actually most Mecha Anime characters went off to antagonize the Precure girls, and unfortunately, not many of the Cures have much Mecha related roles on their belt.

notreallyatroper: from the characters page:

  • Red Headed Heroine (The first official one in 7 years!)
Inori Yamabuki, Cure Rouge, Michiru, and Nagisa/Cure Black would like a word with you...

CaitsMeow: I believe it's referring to the first central Precure heroine with red hair, unless that trope can count for all heroes, not just the main character. And would Nagisa really count? I thought she had dirty blond/light brown hair like Saki and Love.

notreallyatroper: It's a reddish brown, like Nanoha. Seriously, go compare.

CaitsMeow: Alright, I'm seeing it a bit more. (Damn Hair Color Dissonance). I'll go cut out that blurb then.


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