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I'm not trying to be a wiseguy. But aren't tropes the things we notice because we've seen them a million times? It seems to me the original article is about overused tropes, but what's overused and what isn't tends to be rather subjective. I'm just sayin'.

Roihu: I can't believe that this wasn't a trope already... I'm sure I saw it somewhere on TV Tropes... And to the previous troper, this article would probably be more for a Troper Tale thing. As in, you think something you do is new and you find out it isn't... I think that's the article I've seen before...

Witty? I've got to agree with "not a wiseguy" in that this needs more definition or an example otherwise it's practically a definition of Trope itself!

  • I'd like to mention that this is rather a Trope Collection of sorts, as there are dozens of other tropes out there that can form these types of clichés. —Da Vince