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Tabletop Game / Unstable Unicorns

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Build a unicorn army. Betray your friends. Unicorns are your friends now.

Unstable Unicorns is a card game where the players compete in creating an army of Unicorns (speak: seven unicorns) in their stable while at the same time trying to stop each other from completing the army.

There are three types of unicorns:

  • Baby unicorns do nothing, but they cannot be destroyed or sacrificed or even be returned to the hand of the player, instead they go back into the nursery when one of those things would happen.
  • Basic unicorns also don't have special effects, but Flavor Text instead
  • Magic unicorns do have individual effects that affect the player and their enemies.

Other card types include:

  • Upgrades: Positive effects that affect the stable they are played in.
  • Downgrades: Negative effects that affect the stable they are played in.
  • Magic: Cards that affect one or more players and are discarded after using
  • Instants: The only cards that can be played outside the player's turn to stop other players from playing a card.

     Expansions include: 
  • Dragons Expansion Pack: adds dragon-themed Upgrade, Downgrade, and Magic cards, along with all-new Unicorns to battle.
  • NSFW Expansion Pack: adds adult-themed cards and comes with optional drinking and stripping rules.
  • Apocalypse Pack: adds apocalypse-themed cards
  • Rainbow Sprinkles Pack: adds Tastes Like Diabetes-themed cards
  • Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion Pack: contains the Rainbow Sprinkles and Apocalypse Pack.

This card game provides examples of: