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Recap / Would I Lie To You Series 12

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     Episode 1 

Episode 1 (Aired 12 October 2018)

David's Team: Lucy Porter and Dion Dublin

Lee's Team: Debbie McGee and Bob Mortimer

Home Truths

Debbie: "The police once surrounded my house after I set of an alarm in my bikini bottoms."
David's Team: True
Answer: True

Dion: "I once sneezed so hard in my car, I set off the airbag."
Lee's Team: Lie
Answer: Lie

This Is My...

Debbie: "This is Jonathan, and when he was a baby, I used to pull him out of a top hat."
Bob: "This is my friend Jonathan, and I have brewed three award-winning beers with him."
Lee: "This is Jonathan. One Sunday, the two of us spent three hours trapped in an automatic car wash."
David's Team: Bob
Answer: Bob

Quick-Fire Lies

Bob: "Following advice from Chris Rea, I always crack an egg into my bath."
David's Team: True
Answer: Lie

Winners: Draw (2-2)

     Episode 2 

Episode 2 (To Be Aired 19 October 2018)

David's Team: Rylan Clark-Neal and Mary Portas

Lee's Team: Sara Pascoe and Paul Sinha