Fantastic character has a very unstereotypic attribute.

A love triangle where someone has admirers of two different genders.

The Breadwinner arrives home and is immediately offered comfort of 3 things: food, bath or sex

A character is driven beyond the breaking point and snaps.

Character doesn't have a "real name" because their parents never gave them one.

Generation Y

A page on Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

To the surprise of the viewer, a modest female character provides fanservice.

The writers' attempt to convey a villain's warped worldview (typically through a monologue) ends up being a bit more eloquent and convincing than intended. A frequent cause of Rooting For The Empire.

A work that is no longer as kid friendly as it used to be still has lots of merchandise marketed to kids, often even more than before.

A jerkass character or lesser villain is met with more disdain from fans than the main villain.

A character realizes they're queer after seeing something or being put in a certain situation.

Politics in fiction often works far differently and more cleanly than in real life.

A group of religious people against magical powers (or something equivalent.).

A sequel that avoid Sequelitis and manages to be good in its own right.

An Overly Long Gag involving a stupid or confused character saying "uhhhhhhhhhhhh..." for a really long time.

In fiction, beaches almost always have a few stock traits.

An adaptation is altered to put it up to date with either social convention or current science.

A character has an impossibly boring voice.

A love interest wants the hero because they're the first person they meet.

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