A media work's attempt to lure an LGBT fanbase with either false hints of representation or stereotyped, non-essential LGBT characters

Fantastic character has a very unstereotypic attribute.

The Breadwinner arrives home and is immediately offered comfort of 3 things: food, bath or sex

Character doesn't have a True Name because they've never been given one.

A love triangle where someone has admirers of two different genders.

A male fighter whose style focuses mainly on kicking.

An adaptation is altered to put it up to date with either social convention or current science.

Attention-grabbing, sensationalistic content designed to elicit page views.

Useful Notes on Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

A love interest wants the hero because they're the first person they meet.

Politics in fiction often works far differently and more cleanly than in real life.

The writers' attempt to convey a villain's warped worldview (typically through a monologue) ends up being a bit more eloquent and convincing than intended. A frequent cause of Rooting For The Empire.

A clueless character allows a fire to burn, or can't handle fire.

A jerkass character or lesser villain is met with more disdain from fans than the main villain.

A person who insistently harasses people with unwanted sexual advances.

Someone who used to bully another pulls a complete 180 and becomes their closest friend.

All or most female characters are drawn with no breast development

A character realizes they're queer after seeing something or being put in a certain situation.

If it's from my country it's no good.

A character, who may have many monsters, has one that is associated with them the most.

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