Instantly deducing the truth when told a lie.

A hyper-critical or mean-spirited parody.

If a character eats a frozen dinner, they're utterly alone.

Adaptive work becomes its own creature.

When you kill enemies they explode into a shower of coins

Members of the undead who are also Nazis

Pretending to be sick to get the drop on your captors.

Usage of limericks in works for humor or other reasons.

An episode where the characters go to a grocery store.

A character with a Hook Hand plays the piano in spite of all logic as a form of visual humor.

Single rotor helicopters should rotate the vehicle in the opposite direction, but it doesn't

When Greek letters such as 'alpha' or 'beta' are used as titles, not in a literary or naturalist sense.

A character is given the name "Nobody" (or a tranlsation thereof) to make them seem more stranger and/or mysterious.

Nowhere is a place, No One is a person

Someone with an advantage in a contest, entering and winning that contest, is seen as unethical.

As goes the light, so goes the hope for the heroes in the scene.

These robots don't absorb energy or plug into a socket, they eat raw materials!

Using the entourage of action/pulp adventure to tell an entirely different story, often darker and more adult/serious in nature

When scientists have loads and loads of lab glassware even when they don't need it.

Tabletop Games that could be played with just 1 player.

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