Poodles portrayed as vicious or even evil, as a subversion of their usual Dog Stereotype.

We killed this animal. You (or your family) could be next.

Saying something you'll probably regret later on...

Passing on their elite knowledge to the next generation

Hypersexuality (Nymphomania for women, Satyriasis for men)

In a detective story with several suspects, the culprit is never the most obvious one.

Humanoids with insect/arachnid-like characteristics.

An index for tropes about elites.

The level of gender equality decreases the further down a group's ranks you go.

Even though the game is in third person, looking through a scope switches you into first person

Multiple endings where the player takes a stand on a tricky philosophical or ethical issue.

When beer is treated as a precious resource in a fantasy setting.

A physically handicapped character gains superpowers that negate their disability.

A character is officially declared sane.

People try out a magic spell as a joke or dare, but it turns out it's real

Supertrope: Someone has to agree for something to work, agreement could be implied or unintentional

Destroying a loved book to escape a dire situation

Invoked Informed Equipment to allow more Virtual Paper Doll customization

Someone dies, and we focus on a (damaged) object associated with them.

Conventional explosives used to scatter radioactive materials over a large area

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