Character gets hit/poked/branded etc. in their rear.

A trapped character hides/escapes offscreen at the last second before discovery

A number of important enemy leadership figures are taken out in one fell swoop.

Horror character assumes a noise is their friends pranking them instead of the killer stalking them.

Self-healing is a major part of a character's fighting technique.

A character makes themself a Dead Guy Junior

In a fight, going after an existing injury

A work or sequence dedicated to emphasizing the struggles of an invading force.

Animal cruelty Played For Laughs.

An apartment whose window overlooks elevated train tracks.

Something happens a lot in a series, but then it suddenly changes.

No matter the part of the world you are, Everyone Loves Blondes, and so the Advertising.

The boss takes a beating and falls down, but then there's the Healing Factor

A character commits an extremely virtuous act that puts them beyond any chance of corruption.

Saving the Earth with their guns and bombs.

A kiss that does not involve the use of mouths.

A setting in which Russia is an inalienable part of the Western world.

Breaking down social issues into scientific formulas

A Jerkass becomes nicer in an adaptation.

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