A musical cover that is much noisier and more aggressive than the original

Sentimental ballad about unrequited love

A strong guy who doesn't look strong somehow.

In which a brief moment of inner conflict spells doom.

The original Big Bad loses his role.

The residue left over from activating the phlebotinum or casting a magic spell. Allows tracking things in space.

Consumption/digestion of souls.

Characters are not affected by the change of altitude.

An advertising campaign, with a new slogan, works an old slogan into its advertisements.

A character displays a different personality when not in public or face-to-face.

When a late-arriving character comically misjudges the tone of the scene

The characters celebrate a big event... with something like getting pizza.

A character has an impossibly boring voice.

Bad people don't get a proper burial

Stealing cutlery to aid in an escape

Fusion of multiple disparate genres into a work. (TRS of Genre Busting)

A bug that doesn't break the game itself but might make you break the controller.

Something torments a hapless victim but hides from everyone else.

When Casting A Shadow and Gravity Master overlap.

I'm Hardly Innocent, But You Haven't Quite Proven Me Guilty

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