Instances where the audience is directly welcomed/invited to the show or a music album.

Someone measures time by referencing a past National Leader or historical event / era.

A character makes themself a Dead Guy Junior

A fight between the Big Good and the Big Bad.

Female nudity in a work is used for sexual purposes, while male nudity in the same work is used for humorous purposes. In children's works, this means the female sex rarely gets naked.

Most desired actor doesn't get the part.

Character chooses to live in a false reality instead of actual reality

Protagonist's car is T-boned by bad guys while driving through intersection.

A story that starts as a detective/mystery tale, and then takes a drastically different turn

While someone is watching you, you can\'t move at all.

Error where a variable goes over the limits of binary.

The big number spotlighting the bass player.

Stories taking place across deep space and obeying all the well established laws of physics.

A scam in the form of education or training

A character mistakes (or pretends to mistake) an emotional symptom for a purely physical one, or vice versa.

The only one in the cast not subjected to the Cluster F Bomb

Someone with innate talent must train and work hard anyway to keep it.

An extremely generous time limit which exists solely to prevent a player from taking forever.

Bob tries to get Alice a prize but can't seem to do it on the first try.

The show's opening doesn't last long.

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