Windmills as a landscape feature

Characters communicating via earpiece will feel the need to touch it frequently.

A supernatural beverage best described as concentrated health.

Blatant design flaws in everyday items

A trope in which a character feels electricity upon touching a love interest or crush.

A cute way for an illustrator to show their audience a cute female character is annoyed

A significant character in a horror work wears a raincoat

A character loses a limb as a means of rendering them helpless.

An item is secretly replaced with something similar, but useless.

A pirate adventure on the Warhammer high seas!

A person chooses a job because they were saved by a person from the same job area.

A works page for the comedian Sky Williams's YouTube channel, where he posts Lets Plays, comedy skits, and advice & reaction videos.

An event in the background that annoys nearby characters.

Men not used to luxury find it hard to sleep in a soft bed.

A suit that protects bystanders from the wearer's powers.

Mothers often die from an unknown disease

Work Ethic trumps Intelligence

When a supposed clothing item on a character is actually an attached appendage.

Someone who used to bully another pulls a complete 180 and becomes their closest friend.

When levitating characters pose into various non-lotus, non-meditating positions.

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