A fictional addition to the United States constitution.

A media work's attempt to lure an LGBT fanbase with either false hints of representation or stereotyped, non-essential LGBT characters

A creature is omniscient in a Dream Land is considerably weaker in reality.

Aliens try to heal an injured character, but end up disfiguring them through ignorance of what they're meant to look like.

A waterfall that flows continuously inwards, yet does not fill the basin beneath it.

A Mon that looks like a human.

Killing someone by sabotaging their parachute.

A work is created (at least in part) by a young child.

Police hunt down a Cop Killer

Vengeful spirits with serious programming skills

When an offspring was a "mistake".

Anime and manga commonly emphasise the eyes by drawing them unrealisticly large.

Characters using their popularity to get away with anything.

Being voiced by two people in the same work.

Metal songs about natural themes such as animals or the planet.

Heroic wolf character is white.

I want to recreate the Moshi Monsters page because it was cut due to no tropes and I know how to trope it.

Blaming your spouse's bastard child for the infidelity they were born of.

What offended people then, bores people now.

A character\'s birthday is forgotten in the story

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