Wearing or having things of this color assures you to be a violent (but not necessarily evil) character

Popular media depiction of the Netherlands.

An Episode Where the Characters Play Mini-Golf

A work or character gains a furry audience, whether intentional or not

A badass motorcycle rider always brake by sliding out his back tire, and usually stops at a 45 degrees angle.

A character who loves to puzzle others with secrets

Are they the good guys or the bad guys?

Hacker Inc

A weapon made of crystal.

An overweight character whose character is involved with food

A character slips into their natural accent in specific situations

A fat character pushes their fat up, giving them a barrel chest, but then it comically plops back down.

<not applicable>

A magical girl take on the Five-Man Band or Power Trio.

A trio of females that consists of the leader, the smartest, and the lancer.

The remixed version of a song is more popular than the original

A trio of females that consists of the leader, the smartest, and the lancer.

Bob orders an X, but calls it a Y. Alice corrects him, and Bob asks for "one of those too".

When a wrestler loses a match due to (usually) non-kayfabe events out of their control.

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