The filming location is used in an episode, where otherwise a show is California Doubling.

Genre featuring a lot of fight scenes

Bob does Project "A" to get the money and creative freedom to do Project "B".

Star Wars remade not just as a fan film, but as a bunch of fan films.

A massage-as-Ship Tease

A Might Makes Right character thinks that defeating him is cheating.

Destroying an item because it's soiled, be it from a real disease or not.

A badass normal who uses an encyclopedic knowledge of magic to indirectly make use of it.

Evil people use their noses.

Phlebotinum in the form of a tool, item or device.

This villain is mean, hateful, filthy, gross, vulgar, mocking, and always makes their attacks very personal.

A monster's mouth opens up like a disturbing flower in bloom.


When an tough issue is brought up but rather than address it, the events of the story deem it moot.

The Speechless never talk, but they do sing in musicals.

A group demands a certain kind of freedom, legalizes it in some form, but does not take into account that everyone else has that same privilege.

Weddings with a wacky theme! :D

The school principal is an understanding authority figure that's popular with the kids.

In a videogame with custom playable character, one of it's custom designs will be based on an already existing character

Characters with eyes bigger than normal that aren't from Japanese Media.

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