When a family has three children: one being one gender and the other two being the other gender.

A media work's attempt to lure an LGBT fanbase with either false hints of representation or stereotyped, non-essential LGBT characters

Substitute teachers don't get respected by their students

Collecting examples of the Gothic Horror genre from non-literary media for the existing page.

Parents, or other relatives, want a baby to be the opposite sex of what it turns out to be

A book that can inflict harm on or even kill the reader, or in some cases the writer.

Dinosaurs or a love for dinosaurs is associated with younger audiences

A character whose house is ridden with technology to help assist in daily tasks.

A friend leaves his group of friends... only to fall prey to a cult.

Rules As Written versus Rules As Intended

A character has extra large under-eye-bags to emphasize their evil nature.

Not suited for peace.

Works—gone and bad—done to fulfill a contract

A creator and their creation are treated like family

The evil and/or doomed counterpart to Heroic Vow

A sentient sun or sun-like entity is evil.

Better to lie than look incompetent

A purebred animal is used to play a mixed breed.

A Japanese youkai that takes the form of a woman who lives in a snowy area.

The big badass war ends suddenly and the soldiers now struggle to survive and/or find a purpose.

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