The title screen is randomly selected from a set of options.

Magic and Psychic Powers are treated as two separate things.

When an offspring was a "mistake".

A work is created (at least in part) by a young child.

Hero versus villain dynamic of a trickster/unscrupulous hero and an honorable/morally rigid villain

Freedom of Speech in The United States

A fictional addition to a nation's Constitution.

Heroic wolf character is white.

A member of an (Always) evil group being raised by good people

The phenomenon where characters, usually animated ones, lose teeth without any consequence.

Metal songs about natural themes such as animals or the planet.

A waterfall that flows continuously inwards, yet does not fill the basin beneath it.

A character falls into water and comes out with some sort of aquatic animal or plant on them.

Characters using their popularity to get away with anything.

Fourth stage to Superhero Prevalence Stages where supers "go away".

A ShowWithinAShow entirley based off one joke.

Killing someone by sabotaging their parachute.

Aliens try to heal an injured character, but end up disfiguring them through ignorance of what they're meant to look like.

Footwear which doesn't cover the full sole

Finding the corpse of an unfortunate adventurer in a cave

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