When clergy always come from a specific demographic

Cooks at restaurants and establishments are cranky and ill-tempered.

Like Superman, but not.

A real species that resembles a fictional one is discovered later on.

The protagonist is a self-centered jerk who undergoes some trial and learns a lesson in humility and kindness.

A love interest wants the hero because they're the first person they meet.

Somebody wins at checkers by unexpectedly jumping multiple pieces in one turn

Protesting something by attaching yourself to it

A character in a science fiction or fantasy work is disabled in a way that doesn't exist in Real Life

Characters and moments designed after the Sumo Wrestling sport

The songs in the movie are from a different era than its setting.

An episode where a character has fleas. Itchiness ensues.

The basic problems of economics have been solved.

A child who is still young enough to be in diapers does things normally suited for older children or adults.

The key to strength and power is not giving a crap.

A shot showing a child crying while a massacre occurs

Moral alignment reflects on your Artificial Limbs.

Someone references the running time of the show they\'re on.

When there's alliteration in speech.

100 percent loyalty, 0 percent brain function

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