When you absolutely can't find it, it's because it ended up here.

A character expects someone to be sexy because of their name.

Someone using a fake profile to lure someone else into an online relationship

How to never lose your phone.

The mascot of a work, creator, or franchise is replaced with another character.

Meteors depicted as being fiery boulders

The Blast Door sealing the lair of the Big Bad, the Top-Secret Facility, or the Elaborate Underground Base isn't simply one large door that slides closed, but many different doors nested behind each other that open one-by-one.

Bland Name Product as applied to vehicles.

The moment, often accompanied by a heartbeat where something just snaps. Usually proceeds an epic beatdown.

The colors used for characters change often, either due to Art Evolution or not.

Absurdly large bows for firing abnormally large projectiles.

A sext that was not meant to be sent to the intended recipient

Where hipsters stereotypically live.

An evildoer is distrusted by other evildoers for practical rather than moral reasons.

Your Cheating Heart leads to murder.

A suspect in exonerated due to not being physically capable of committing the crime.

Using another reality as a source of energy.

The writers' attempt to convey a villain's warped worldview (typically through a monologue) ends up being a bit more eloquent and convincing than intended. A frequent cause of Rooting For The Empire.

Death by failed extra-dimensional transit

Fiction that takes place in an RPG Mechanics Verse.

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