When a song commonly associated with the work doesn't appear in the first installment

When the sky is treated as the realm of the divine.

An ill child grows up to be very strong or heroic

Index of visual novels of that decade

Quick and simple massively multiplayer online Web Games

A suspect in exonerated due to not being physically capable of committing the crime.

The school principal is an understanding authority figure that's popular with the kids.

Action RPG with unforgiving difficulty, deadly mooks, and a brutal punishment system that follows in the footsteps of Dark Souls

A character's hobby is a front for their criminal activities.

An index for online video games that are no longer officially supported

An Ancient Artifact releases its power if damaged or destroyed.

The suckiness is so potent that people think that it was meant to be a high work of art instead of simple, conventional entertainment.

The main characters spend the episode trying to catch a pest.

Looking for something? Check under that giant X over there.

An average or unattractive character leaves for a while, but has become suddenly attractive over the course of their absence.

A family adopts someone not as their child but as a servant

The moral of this Trope is that it is probably best to stay off porn

Stereotype of Canadian cops.

Interspecies Romances produce children of either species, but no hybrids. Supertrope of Gender Equals Breed.

Wonder and adventure begins with a girl falling from high above

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