To resolve the plot's overall conflict, a twist ending reveals that the events of the plot must be erased such that it might as well have been All Just A Dream

The appeal of watching hypercapable characters do their thing

The setting is Earth but it looks different.

Inverse of The Team Normal. The only member of a Super Team or Badass Crew who has powers. (To be launched soon)

Character doesn't have a True Name because they've never been given one.

Fanworks that revolve around soulmates meeting.

Same-gender couples that consist of one very masculine individual and one very feminine individual.

Game features to stop an immediate attack on the enemy base.

Unintended consequences associated with doing a thing or getting a thing

All the cast remember a new character as if they were always there, but they genuinely weren't there in-universe

Taking someone's name away from them.

Demon summoning rituals for fun and entertainment.

Attack requires user to anchor oneself beforehand

The roleplay where you (as the human) suddenly become one of the pokemon, imfamous for their mass deaths and confusion.

A work that is no longer as kid friendly as it used to be still has lots of merchandise marketed to kids, often even more than before.

The tendency of post-1917 Western fiction to portray Russian emigres in a sympathetic light in contrast to "evil" Soviet Russians

Musicians who can't resist playing against each other

A series is cancelled because the tie-ins didn't sell

A gay character is popular with the opposite gender

A luxurious cruise ship whose luxury provides a contrast for the shady goings-on

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