A feminist My Little Pony artist.

Common meaning for several flowers.

Something that contradicts itself, torturing logic in the process

When a woman older than 50 gives birth to a child.

A single mother who struggles to support her kid.

A trope in which a character feels electricity upon touching a love interest or crush.

Someone tells people fighting (or about to fight) to leave the area, or the fighters decide to do so themselves.

Fire as a metaphor or motif of the strength, passion or longevity of a romantic relationship or desire. Formerly known as Burning Passion.

Musical Cue That Equals Party

Being at full health provides a gameplay benefit.

I'll Huff and I'll Puff

A person is grouped in group A but hates others in that group because they're not similar enough.

A character realizes they're queer after seeing something or being put in a certain situation.

A parent tries to ship their child with their best friend's child

Tropes that don't allow examples that are played straight

Child deaths are always offscreen.

Played With trope examples are exempt from these pages, due to fears of controversy.

An index for a genre of family films about pets.

If He's Over There, Then Who's Over Here?

A overly strict parent makes their child good at keeping secrets.

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