A Useful Notes page on the night of April 30 and the holiday that follows it. "The night before May Day, adapted by modern Pagans as a major holiday, present in media featuring the occult."

Tropes involving break-ups.

Where mythical characters get unorthodox depictions

The very real threat of imminent death is a constant source of emotional despondency.

When a person combines two weapons, spells, abilities, or other, to produce new effects.

That picture of family or friends cracks to show that a close one has died.

A pet animal, usually a dog or cat, escapes their home and lives on their own.

When a work from another country or region is released and takes a long time to reach other shores.

A character of a specific ethnic or cultural background doesn't understand traits associated with it

When the good old days went bad

Something happening in the background has bearing on the plot.

Tropes about baked products and baking,

Heavy breathing to signify a tense or stressful situation is resolved.

Dragons that can take on a human form and humans that can take dragon form.

Main. Funny. Nightmare fuel. Tearjerker. Awesome.

Main, Funny, Fanfiction, Nightmare Fuel, Tear Jerker.

Lightning/electricity is associated with high speed

They are anything but normal, but they still get by with their skill and wits

An utterly useless talent.

An owl who is humanoid

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