An episode in which the characters go to see a movie in theaters. Often, Hilarity Ensues.

A teacher has a relationship with a parent of one of their students

Characters splitting their pants

A bald character who is self conscious about their baldness.

The magnetic poles of the Earth get reversed.

A (usually tomboyish) female character dislikes dresses and skirts

Annoying clingy kid

Robots with disportionately large forearms and/or lower legs.

A series is cancelled because the tie-ins didn't sell

Like defends unlike against like.

People tend to mention the ability to bake bread when listing the things that mark out civilisation.

A song does not fit in the standard of the genre it's stated to belong to.

An overweight character who is involved with food preparation or the food industry

A Tone Shift away from sexiness.

A character realizes they're LGBT after seeing something or being put in a certain situation.

A description of eternity involving a bird sharpening its beak on a mountain.

A character who wears a uniform as part of their job adds a religious or cultural item to it

A dead character competes for a chance to return to life.

Ground that reflects the sky in anime openings.

A character has to use a comically small vehicle, often a kid's bicycle

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