A page on Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

A character is trapped in a burning chamber, most likely killing them

An unrealistically perfect and idyllic beach.

An old recipe from Grandma that never fails to satisfy.

In comedies umbrellas are doomed to be reversed and possibly destroyed

Singling someone out for cruelty

An tabletop roleplaying game system devised by Sanguine Games

A sequel or adaptation replaces a familiar character with an Expy who does something bad the original would not have done.

the 1990-present movement of new queer cinema

A young crew member aboard a ship, typically one who runs errands for the captain.

Men who are doctors attract more woman than the average man.

If a weapon doesn't work on the hero, test it on one of your mooks instead.

A purebred animal is used to play a mixed breed.

Robotic characters that look like they hit the gym daily.

A trope in which a character feels electricity upon touching a love interest or crush. Image Pickin' THREAD

Page for all the people inducted to the WWE hall of fame

Characters use whatever they can for camouflage.

Inducing vomiting by spinning quickly.

Someone tells people fighting (or about to fight) to leave the area, or the fighters decide to do so themselves.

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