Robot and mech battle games where the robot/mecha is toy - sized; Sub Trope to My Little Panzer.

A series is taken off the air to be retooled.

Character in an adaptation has a different job than the original source.

Pretending to offer many choices when there's really only one choice.

A fight between the Big Good and the Big Bad.

Some people's closest loved ones set a perfect example... of what *not* to do.

When even a less squeaky clean character wants to make sure there will be a hero

A disenfranchised group adopts a demeaning term as a mark of pride

A good or neutral person dies horrifically, and as a result comes back as a malevolent supernatural entity.

An abandoned cute baby animal in a box on the curbside.

An overweight character whose character is involved with food

When something runs quickly through the foreground.

Animals speak in an animal-esque manner

Characters have buck teeth to show that they're unattractive or at least average.

A character missing teeth, or having a gap between their teeth, to showcase them as either as being young or cute

Braces used to show a character as being in their (pre)teen years

Mammals are the only animals that are anthropomorphic in a World Of Funny Animals.

Characters names sound the same in dubs despite being changed

Animals are referred to as if they're married

Major differences between characters relationships in adaptations

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