An urban area undergoing apocalyptic conditions.

Using magnetism to steal things. (Description coming soon!)

Releasing a work before its official debut.

Failing neon signs to set an eerie atmosphere

A supertrope to the ways a person can be forced to kill themselves.

Scene of the villain being in a situation in which his defeat is inevitable.

Converting weapons of war into peaceful use.

Every animal makes a sound. So what sound does (insert animal here) make?

Major characters have designs that heavily contrast to minor characters and extras.

A publicised appearance doesn\'t happen or is barely there

Character doesn't have a True Name because they've never been given one.

A video game demo that isn't a portion of the final game

A blonde character with a bubbly personality.

Two people marry in their teens or early twenties but it doesn't work out.

A twist trope wherein there is a fake out regarding backstory of a present character

A Butt Monkey who deserves everything they get

A type of protagonist that appears in shoujo manga and anime

People born of inbreeding are evil.

Modest female character unexpectedly supplies fanservice

A mortal decides to take the role of God into their hands. Super Trope of Creating Life Is Bad, Reality Warping Is Not A Toy among others.

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