A group that doesn't make up much of the group, yet gets and has very little attention

A cat-drawn (or big-cat-drawn) cart, chariot, carriage or sleigh. Played for awesomeness or laughs.

Pre-customized characters made by developers are viewed as inferior to player-made ones.

Being romantically pursued by an unknowing blood relative.

A long time passes between two artistic works.

A wild animal raised by humans is released into the wild

A pet animal, usually a dog or cat, escapes their home and lives on their own.

TwelfthNightAdventure in a school - Alt-Titles crowner 3/28/12

Just like X but s/he's not a human

A character is made to remove their clothes by force, revealing their sex to someone

Death by failed extra-dimensional transit

A character lies that another person is unwell.

A character or species with an otherwise humanoid-ish head or skull has a bifurcated lower law

As the defeated villain is taken away by the authorities, they see the protagonist watching from the sidelines.

Tinted screen used as a shorthand for period.

Usage of limericks in works for humor or other reasons.

Need to get rid of someone? Get rid of the bridge they're standing on.

Characters who are the first of their gender/ethnicity/etc to achieve something

Not only can the Source Music be heard, it will be seen as well.

Bland Name Product as applied to vehicles.

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