A game rewards you for being nice.

Someone who's obsessed with speed, either on moving quickly or rushing things

Any attack that is more effective than a normal attack, along with the circumstances which cause them to become more effective.

The title screen is randomly selected from a set of options.

The writers forget that time zones exist.

When the final season of a show is shorter than normal

The remixed version of a song is more popular than the original

What happens when a Time Skip causes a character to inexplicably change generations.

The lowest of the low wins in the end

What happens here can't happen there

Mature VS Immature, tentative trope.

Bob is rich but chooses to live well below his means.

When a character wins by accident

A character who is graceful and light on their feet.

Camera guy has a thing for hot reporter girl.

A minor obtains a fake ID to do something they are too young to do.

A flamboyant bisexual character.

Pretending to be sick to get the drop on your captors.

LGBT heavy works are obscure or only interesting to LGBT people

When a male character is forced to crossdress as a little kid by relatives

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