If you look closely, you can see enemies in videogames signal the attack they\'ll use.

A wife suspects her husband is out to get her. She could be correct or it could be her imagination.

Conventional explosives used to scatter radioactive materials over a large area

Italians are loud, talkative, tough, and very expressive.

Rich Person A suddenly loses all their money and the extravagant lifestyle that goes with it, so less wealthy Friend B gives them a place to stay.

A removed arm's hand seems to make hand gestures when it's waved about by the user

A translation or dub changes a character's personality

A thriller aimed at a younger audience.

Character in an adaptation has a different job than the original source.

A blank white background, or a lack of one.

LCD digits look like letters when turned upside-down.

A person loses weight, and things go horribly wrong

Characters worship a word/phrase from their beliefs every time it's mentioned.

Mexican skeletons decorated as art pieces, particularly for Day of the Dead. Often living beings in their own Spirit World.

Politics in fiction often works far differently and more cleanly than in real life.

An individual offers to take the brunt of someone's Horror Hunger

A character uses the chimney to enter a building

Trapped in a collapsed cave, when all hope is lost, the characters see a wild animal appear from seemingly nowhere - it must know a way out !

Fictional overweight people can't stop eating, or thinking about food.

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