The foil to the Stock Shonen Hero.

Z is chased by Y, and they encounter A as obstacles (hats, please)

Addressing people by a name that no longer applies.

The next evolution of mankind, Twenty Minutes Into The Future

A copy of something includes some dangerous component of the original for no apparent reason

Injuring a teammate to protect them.

When artificial intelligences get stoned

A character is filling something. Something big happens. The person stares in awe as whatever s/he\'s filling overflows.

Antics while at a fast-food restaurant's window.

A zoo is portrayed in a much more negative way than in real life.

There is Human Sacrifice... and there is this.

A sequel/remake/whatnot nerfs something, sort of, by not having it at all.

Two characters fight (usually without intending to really hurt each other) while exchanging romantic quips.

When a video game seamlessly obfuscates its Story Branching in one of several ways.

A character mistakes (or pretends to mistake) an emotional symptom for a purely physical one, or vice versa.

A gag where somebody is counting something (often money) but loses count and starts over again.

The boss takes a beating and falls down... Lol, no, Healing Factor

A cultural norm where a couple, once mated/married, cannot break up.

Getting some heat of your chest when you think it's curtains for you.

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