Bars are named The <Adjective> <Noun>

Finding the corpse of a previously introduced adventurer in a cave

A moment is repeated specifically to show a character's fall.

Characters have buck teeth to show that they're unattractive or at least average.

An apartment whose window overlooks elevated train tracks.

When asked a single question, multiple answers are given that don't line up

An elegant character carries around a fan.

Most characters have Dub Name Changes, however the protagonist does not

When a kid has their parent or other relative as a teacher at school.

Children encountering corpses. Up For Grabs

When an abusive boyfriend is treated as not the horrible person he is, but a misunderstood person who just needs love and is forgiven for all his transgressions, no matter how bad they are.

Portraying the Petrine Cross as a Satanic symbol.

A group demands a certain kind of freedom, legalizes it in some form, but does not take into account that everyone else has that same privilege.

Pet acts strange or goes missing, turns out to have a mate and babies.

Using one Functional Magic system to enhance another.

Walk in place behind a door to imply walking away.

To avoid being tracked by cellphone GPS, a character breaks the phone by stepping on it.

How like Real Life Earth is it?

Many cellphones ringing signals something terrible or very important has happened

A slap to the face meant to humiliate or assert one's dominance over one's opponent.

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