Animals worshiping human religions

A fashion savvy character inspired by Coco Chanel or other popular fashion designers

A socially inept white male has a black woman as wife or girlfriend

Just like X but s/he's not a human

A planet, often depicted as of the Single Biome Variety, dedicated to agriculture.

When you must bring Bare Fisted Monks up to level with dual-wielding barbarians, give them these.

Enhance that sword, give it an engine!

A 'normal' person is revealed as Badass when they display incredible reflexes or awareness.

A voice actor plays the character repeatedly

When a character very obviously SHOULD be in charge but just...isn't.

When one character states a quantity, and is quickly corrected by another.

A malevolent, usually sentient influence in a person's mind.

One who has created, mastered, or other wise is completely responsible for a Mac Guffins existence

When enlisted (non-commissioned) officers takes pride on being enlisted rather than commissioned

When the sides of sharp objects can still kill you.

Character or family constantly moves to different places.

The limitations of a (usually older) game's graphics make it difficult to tell what things are, which makes gameplay worse.

Referring to an adult female character as "girl" is not a good idea

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