The payoff for an action comes immediately after the action.

Yeah, I guess my real folks weren't as great as I imagined them.

Two characters engage in conversation before the final battle

A person who has ice/cold-based powers, and is quite the nasty piece of work.

Injured character thinks they have gone blind, but they just have something over their eyes.

An older male who is physically attractive but mentally and emotionally a mess.

You can\'t leave for awhile, but you can\'t fight either.

Changing the surrounding environment.

Trapped in a collapsed cave, when all hope is lost, the characters see a wild animal appear from seemingly nowhere - it must know a way out !

Because evil needs a United Nations too...

An older LGBTQ character who helps the newly out protagonist

A film index for films set around prison

A console/handheld can play games made for another system.

A work of fiction where humans scarcely or never directly partake in the action, instead using Non Human Sidekicks, robots, or Mons to do the work for them.

Character (often a villain) demands a kiss from hero/hero's love interest in return for a service.

One game, three gameplay styles

They just can\'t get a building\'s damn layout straight

A method for replicating potentially unlimited numbers of an item within a game

Modern day comforts corrupting outsiders.

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