Someone who's obsessed with speed, either on moving quickly or rushing things

A pet animal, usually a dog or cat, escapes their home and lives on their own.

Cases where something would be climatic, but the viewer expects it.

Overpopulation causes societal problems.

The setting is in the future. A consequence of this is a huge population.

A fictional bully can't take a single retaliation

A series gets away with mature or dark topics because the characters are animals

As a form of Art Evolution, an Art Shift, or some other means a character gains coloured irises.

Animals give each other non-human names.

For one reason or another, Word Of God conflicts with what is shown in the story.

A show that doesn't mesh in with the rest of the channel.

References, shout-outs, and parodies of the musical West Side Story.

A plot where the goal is to find a way around ImmuneToBullets.

A moral relativist civil war and a moral absolutist apocalypse.

Two people enter an interracial relationship, without race-related drama.

A character is resistant or immune to a type of attack.

A character who is graceful and light on their feet.

When a male character is forced to crossdress as a little kid by relatives

Stories about domestic animals who lack owners

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