There are two sides in dispute, and the characters must choose one of them.

A stereotypical image depicting women from Eastern Europe (Slavic/Russian/Belarussian,...) as ugly.

A pure, motherly, or religious character whose name is "Mary", or some variant of it

A non-interactive work gets an interactive adaptation that lets you change the course of the plot.

A moment the viewer has been expecting finally comes to fruition.

A carnival game where you hit a device with a hammer to send up a weight to try to ring a bell

Player Characters are Glass Cannons, Bosses are Stone Walls.

A character says something that is unambiguously true, but intended to be misunderstood.

Dad is away adventuring

Breaking the rules of the medium.

In an ensemble cast, the otherwise coolest character will have least impressive powers.

One character feels isolated in their pain.

Allowing an enemy to attack oneself to gain some type of opportunity.

A work of fiction where humans scarcely or never directly partake in the action, instead using Non Human Sidekicks, robots, or Mons to do the work for them.

A character with a disability is bullied because of it

A gun that shoots a net

Politics in fiction often works far differently and more cleanly than in real life.

Opening one doors reveals another behind it.

Also called "Uber Punk" (the Uber taxi-alternative service); doesn't have punks so much as a disillusioned, burned-out middle class, however it has prompted the redefinition of Punk Punk as "authors in the genre already call it that".

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