Metal subgenre with lyrics about the Norse and Norse Mythology.

A person acts in a way that makes them seem frail, but is actually super powerful when they turn on the heat

Stereotype of Canadian cops.

A song that contains references to various songs from the album/by the artist

A sheep and chicken... eat grass in the forest/become the prey of a hungry hiker.

Dad is away adventuring.

Protruding teeth signify the character is a loon/doofus/hick

A villain chasing a hero with a gun tries to shoot them, only for the gun to fail at the last moment.

A trapped character hides/escapes offscreen at the last second before discovery

Useful Notes on Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

It's neither good nor evil. It's hungry.

A series gets away with mature or dark topics because the characters are animals

People who are messy or unhealthy have teeth missing.

Cars, trucks, and other automobiles are presented as alien and nightmarish

Player Character lives in the middle of nowhere

A young child who is glued to their parent's cellphone or tablet

A self-centered character with speed as a defining feature.

The hero and villain's face-off is interrupted by cracks forming in the floor before both fall through and into the true arena.

Being trapped in another gender is NOT cool.

A tendency to forget the other victims of the Nazi regime in works about WWII

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