Social Punk

Putting characters in easy to point out contrasting pairs, so that the group as a whole stands out when seen together.

a typically young, blithe, lighthearted thief archtype. Common in Rpgs and the Fantasy genre

The character won't tell you their name. (Hats?)

Healing Factor Meets Dented Iron or Game Breaking Injury

Police hunt down a Cop Killer

The sound of body parts being severely injured.

The Medic is The Determinator

You, a rebellious youth, vow never to be like your parents, yet you do just that later in life when you have kids. You may or may not realize it.

Character doesn't have a True Name because they've never been given one.

When a TV channel ceases to exist entirely

Waking up half asleep and not realizing right away something changed, the realization is a shock.

Back then, a woman's bare ankle was hard-core pornography.

Earth is not to become dependent on alien races.

When generic henchmen invoke the Hero Killer effect.

An antagonist whose only goal is getting food to eat

An episode where characters learn certain words are unacceptable

Homages to those famous fight scenes from King Kong

A kid's attempt at a simple business runs afoul of local law.

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