Infants are referred to in a gender neutral fashion

A weapon which was only intended to stun causes death

Something that you have inherited has some nasty surprise for you.

A visual aspect of a character model that gradually changes with the player's moral alignment.

Characters dancing awkwardly

A government that seeks to control every aspect of it's citizens lives

Plot-killing information is provided right away, but is immediately lost or misplaced.

A waterfall that flows continuously inwards, yet does not fill the basin beneath it.

A music video that contains only the song and the lyrics

LGBT heavy works are obscure or only interesting to LGBT people

A character has shorter hair as he becomes older.

Mention of one thing X is mistaken for a mention of the other thing X.

Having power makes enemies, even from your friends.

Humans from an advanced future are often bald.

The main cast takes office

A character compulsively hoarding heteroclite objects.

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