Character is informed that their recent actions have doomed themselves and everyone nearby.

Two (or more) separate and distinct tropes are played simultaneously.

A character stops using an immature sounding nickname or shortened version of their name as a sign of maturity

Where in a game your score is dependent on how fast you finish.

A character's actions do not conform to the physics of their world

In a group of identical super persistent predators, one has a deformity to prove it is the most super persistent.

A character's life is saved by making them immortal.

Characters from other planets look just as strange as the regular humans because of the art style.

Achievements awarded for doing something exceptionally stupid or for playing poorly.

Protagonist's car is T-boned by bad guys while driving through intersection.

A villain that officially enters the plot in the third act.

The dead aren't gone, as long as we remember them.

The Hero has the protagonism, The Lancer has the power

Matters of inheritance, marriage, alliances, rivalries, within a family/house.

When a monster daddy and a monster mom love each other really much...

A situation calls for someone in the police/military to hide his/her affiliation with them

Index for tropes pertaining to the manner of a characters death.

Wide-eyed and staring upward means something is pretty amazing or enrapturing.

An arcade-style shooter that involves two joysticks.

Sand castles that are actually big enough to go inside.

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