Once someone has ascended to a higher plane, they abandon their clothing.

When a judge cautiously allows a lawyer's questioning. Just to see where they're going.

Exaggerating your feelings of despair

The player's perspective switches between opposing sides within the same campaign.

Lipsynching...with Instruments

if you have a big collar in anime you must be a badass

Getting around a villain who analyzes attacks by not letting him take advantage of it.

When everybody wears seatbelts, even in cars that should not have them.

A predefined message to explain why pages are done a certain way.

Square, Middle-Aged Guy + Glasses = Pure Evil

Who needs to be nice when you're smart?

An echo that is actually being repeated by the one saying it.

A character...hits on a waitress.

For hundreds of years our family has protected their family. Now you are classmates!

Whenever a room or cave or tunnel is too dark, a character will always have a match or lighter handy.

Despite having the advantage in a fight and lying about not having it, the villain loses to the hero.

The picture is blurry or hard to see for some reason.

Protagonist(s) goes on vacation, only to discover that their ex is staying in the room next door.

A person who purposefully acts in a way that normal people would consider insane, but in their universe is completely logical.

Where two characters disagree at the start of the story, and each changes their mind by the end, so they still disagree.

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