It's like her actual voice, but in beep form!

I see all of your vital areas, but none are as good as attacking your foot.

A sympathetic character who's wreched, funless life is fleshed out, then they die.

When an angry person suddenly gets super strength, fueled by their anger.

When someone makes a last call to their loved ones

A story starring a once-in-a-lifetime genius

When a monster eats a smaller and/or weaker monster

Sometimes one character is just too clever, or sexy, or high-class to get his hands dirty.

Guy normally has good days. Today, he has a bad day.

"I'm your uncle's father's grandson's cousin's spouse." "My brother-in-law?"

The other rule of first system adopters.

Using a pitchfork as a weapon.

A measure of character development (or lack thereof)

Subtitle is put before the main title.

Coherent speech in spite of incredible anger.

Emotional and/vs physical attraction - Omnipresent Tropes or index

During a timestop, a waiter who tripped will be seen mid-fall.

  • Long pause* "Are you going to come in?" "Oh...yeah, sure."

Kidnapped From Behind

Looking for a discussion you thought was here? One of two things could have happened.
  1. It could have been launched or "discarded". Check here. Discarded just means that someone thought it had come to a resolution not needing a launch. It can be restored. Just push the "restore" button on the Launches list.
  2. You thought you had written it up or read it here, but it was all just a dream or an elaborate daylight fantasy. Don't feel bad. It happens to us all.