A character predates the work he appears in

Large Object plus Gravity equals Progress.

Voices don't work that way!

The character(s) for whatever reason moves around the country a lot

When a character is confined in a mental institution, they automatically take a level in Artist

Real world, real buildings, real people... weird boxy cars, gleaming silver bombs

Attack names are misinterpreted as something else

Animals in fiction move faster than in real life.

A character falling from a rooftop can always catch a handy downspout

A challenge that is easy to get around or ignore

The tech geek/soldier/youth spouts a line of letters that make no sense to anyone but themselves.

Time-traveller meets punk, punk sneers.

Fax machines do not work like teleporters... in real life, anyways.

Mount running on Rule Of Cute

When the gun gets knocked out of the someone's hand and slides across the room.

A villain will tend to master new powers more quickly then a hero

Mounts that just stay where they are left requiring backtracking to retrieve

A person of great wealth who's down with the downtrodden.

Looking at another person in your party when you hear or see something amazingly stupid

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