Two characters constantly discuss philosophy with one another.

Flamethrower operators love their tobacco

duelling characters end up one-shotting a spectator

People for whom neutrality is the most profitable option.

A sniper with unknown intentions scopes the hero, but shoots someone else.

I bought a 50-liter tub of ice cream. Now what do I do with it?

A basis in a media's problems that is laughed at because of its parallelism to the real world

Horror monsters that can't be fought or killed, only escaped from.

Regular clothes that are never damaged

Lost item reappears with no explanation.

Suceed an event the first time, but fail it when you have to do it again.

A video game runs on a newer system, but not all of it.

A reshuffling of the major world powers to imply an alternate universe.

Someone attends a Class Reunion that isn't theirs and poses as an old classmate of the attendees

Clones can be produced in no time flat.

A show incorporates needlessly expensive things just to piss off the executives.


When a gratuitous sex scene is rudely interrupted by the protagonist's attempt to capture/beat up the villain.

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