A parent who usually doesn't get along with their child discovers their death and breaks down.

These are the most common tactics suggested in many strategy-guides, walkthroughs, and FA Qs.

Song/music is attributed to an inanimate object.

Dead character is brought back in spirit and gets a whole new look

Character Speeds up when an enemy is pursuing them.

Exactly What It Says On The Tin

A single, oftentimes a very big one, overflowing with enemies

Two characters had a romantic past before the audience meets them for the first time.

While pretending not to be upset, a character slams a door and its glass panel shatters.

Wanna finish an enemy off? Make him a pinata and surrond him with bat-wielding pinata contestants.

Videogames have a boss that turns out to be the previous installment main character.

Someone runs from a murder that they would have been easily aquitted from.

A character demands to know whose job it is to do something, then remembers that it's obviously his.


The Praised to his face, The Dissed behind his back

Men grilling in the backyard, complete with

When the combatant has had enough of combat

The protagonists become invested in a conflict that doesn't necessarily concern them.

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