People who regain their sanity after a battle

When a protagonist is unable to destroy the antagonist when fully capable of doing so.

Animals have different age ratios than humans.

Destruction and violence are awesome.

A person is accused of something that they inisist they didn't do. They laster confess that they did.

An Index of pilot related tropes

The last person you ever want to see taunts you, unseen, in that elongated, mocking voice.

Writing something ominous over a normal sign

Villain forces the Hero to do their bidding because of some leverage they hold

an album made entirely of remixes, either of another album or a compilation thereof.

The Hero is invincible. Unless it's the climax.

Artists are not seen as having real jobs

Religious fanatics organize a surprisingly effective and dangerous force After The Fall

A socially inept nerd starts acquiring social skills late in life.

A character with a radical ideology introduced as red herring in a mystery story

Two people hide the true nature of their relationship by claming to play sports together.

Character freezes visibly when something shocking happens

Hero gets advice from ghost of important dead teacher

A character muses on the culinary failures of a loved one

A joke that's only funny if you're familiar with a certain subject

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