When the kids are out of the house, adults tend to notice and have sex in their absence.

When a boss demands to be fought in a certain way and punishes diversion with One Hit Kill attacks.

Actors in the role of someone who'd hate their race/religion/sexuality/whatever

My boyfriend won't fight a woman but I will

Female pulls a Sweet Polly Oliver online

A dying character's hand goes limp in another character's hand, signifying death.

It's like an Earth game, only it's not.

The protagonist of a flashback

When something ends up becoming offensive

A female character will always worry about her weight.

Germans being portrayed as inherently hammy.

Someone acts oddly and is immediately declared insane

"I picked you because you were the best, that was my mistake."

You VS your subconscious

The Hero knocks a bunch of mooks unconscious. In order to show he didn't kill any of them, they all groan in pain.

Characters die, not because of cause-and-effect or morality of the story, but that the plot no longer requires them.

Depressed anime character falls into darkness (metaphorically).

Blonde (usually) Pop Starlet

A character warps reality through a dream.

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