When a subordinate expresses disagreement with an order, then follows it.

When internal organs can be taken out of the body without cutting them out

When a man and woman are introduced, the man will address the woman as "Missus," and she'll correct him with "Miss."

When everyday happenings are portrayed as being more complex than they appear.

the question "are you okay" (meaning are you alive) recieves a snarky reply that misses the point.

Read it free -- or buy it and get exclusive treats.

A master sneaks up on their student when they are asleep to see if they can respond in time to save themselves.

Hero runs through a group of enemies, usually to either side of a straight path, and hits all of them.

A state in which someone has small or non-existent eyes, and muscles the size of pontoons.

Change in appearance that reflects character development

When a character very obviously SHOULD be in charge but just...isn't.

Remakes and Adaptations make surface changes to bring new meanings to the work

Characters marry, plot solved.

People with "-ington" names tend to be high class.

A new company gets the home video version

Characters that wear awesome dress suits or sports jackets.

An show will receive a new opening that is more Hot Blooded than the first.

Plot-killing information is provided right away, but is immediately lost or misplaced.

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