A person is taking way too much on-screen time to die.

A person with psychic powers of revelation

A video game powerup to increase your firing rate

Impressive feats in a game, that are easy to pull off by accident

You know an important message coming when you see the close-up of the messenger's feet running down a long hallway.

A music or dance number that acts as a climax to the plot.

An illness or injury means that the characters have to rush off to the hospital.

Skill in one mundane ability leads togreat magical skill in an alternate universe

A moment of uncharacteristic nastiness/pettiness/callousness...

Cool, I get to play as the bad guy, now to kill more bad guys!

It's an even fight: Good is better, but Good fights soft or evil cheats

The stages of a technology\'s popularity

Tall, imaculate structure that tends to be lit by either Monochromatic neon lights, or moonlight

He was just doing his job, then the monster got him

Any scene that involves someone falling through a vortex

Rare superpowers limited to specific bloodlines

Writer characters are frequently depicted as maniacs when it comes to sex and relationships

When the Hero realizes the Villain has a connection to his Dark And Troubled Past

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