A character has to solve a problem nonviolently, because violence won't work.

Two people who know each other well on some forum are surprised to discover they know each other in real life

Whatever sorts of dangerous situations you could be in when driving a car, the danger will increase when driving along the edge of a cliff.

People with high amounts of power like being submissive in bed

A piece of headwear with a mind of its own.

Dismembering a corpse before disposing of it, often by dispersing the bits.

Someone with a vendetta against someone else gets his revenge kill denied because of outside factors.

Sweeping everything from a table or desk to create work space for more important things.

Specific or unusual use of a certain pronoun to underline a character's personality or a dynamic between two characters.

When a team of mecha lack the ability to combine with each other, yet compensate for it by other means.

A moment or a statement made by a character in some works is made even awesome later on when it actually happens

A work that is no longer as kid friendly as it used to be still has lots of merchandise marketed to kids, often even more than before.

A non-romantic relationship and a romantic one conflict.

An enemy in a video game that is completely incapable of directly damaging the player.

Sometimes, spiders can be nice and friendly.

when an LGBT character comes out of the closet/finally acts on their gender or sexuality and gets killed or harmed because of it

For massive damage, hit your enemy where they've already been injured.

Politics in fiction often works far differently and more cleanly than in real life.

A famous actor works on a low budget movie for reduced pay.

Characters worship a word/phrase from their beliefs every time it's mentioned.

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