A story with little or no humans.

A robot misunderstands a command.

A character whose sole function is to clean up the problems or enemies of their powerful boss.

A type of Alternate Timeline that was Not Supposed To Happen, and inevitably withers or collapses or causes everything in it to die.

Tinseltown is all star-studded glitz, all the time.

The setting is in the future. A consequence of this is a huge population.

The title of a work is represented by something shown on screen

For one reason or another, Word Of God conflicts with what is shown in the story.

If a character eats a frozen dinner, they're utterly alone.

A real species that resembles a fictional one is discovered later on.

An episode in which the characters go to see a movie in theaters. Often, Hilarity Ensues.

A teacher has a relationship with a parent of one of their students

Characters splitting their pants

The use of scales (either literal or as a image) in a court case.

A bald character who is self conscious about their baldness.

The magnetic poles of the Earth get reversed.

A music video that contains only the song and the lyrics

Overpopulation causes societal problems.

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