When a work from another country or region is released and takes a long time to reach other shores.

An utterly useless talent.

The rivalry that is between enlisted troops and commissioned officers.

When a person combines two weapons, spells, abilities, or other, to produce new effects.

A single-player game where other players can show up unexpectedly.

That picture of family or friends cracks to show that a close one has died.

Main, Funny, Fanfiction, Nightmare Fuel, Tear Jerker.

Action revolves around the search for something initially hastily hidden in some innocuous object.

Flouting procedure and ethics, a missing persons investigator promises the parents that they *will* find their child.

A character's presence is revealed by someone's attempt to contact them

Her husband just died and all she can do is scream and cry.

A character poses with their sword held up over their shoulder, indicate badassery and training

A character keeps their voice actor even in flashbacks, or younger characters keep their voices in flash-forwards.

Index for tropes about inspiring

Destroying the values, traditions, languages, and everything else that makes a certain group unique.

Taking a few deep breaths reveals how stressed a seemingly calm character actually is.

Index of tropes pertaining to the look on character's faces.

Historical Villain Upgrade applyed to myths

Portraying the Petrine Cross as a Satanic symbol.

An actor is replaced by an Other Darrin, but later returns to the role

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