The colors used for characters change often, either due to Art Evolution or not.

Keep inputting codes until it works!

The foil and parallel to the Stock Shonen Hero. Often The Stoic or at least an unemotional grump.

When the appearance of an animal in a media leads to a growing demand for it.

A belief that all ladies should behave properly befitting their station.

Major characters have designs that heavily contrast to minor characters and extras.

Flames that come to life, walk around, and try to burn everything.

A characters use of certain titles to refer to their parents shows their relationship to them.

Mexican Food

A game system with three main skill sets: physical perfection, magical abilities, and technological gadgets.

A character that triggers a positive Character Development in others in their social circle.

A display jar serving as a prop containing something strange or interesting.

Knocking doesn't mean they're gonna wait for an answer.

Holy fire imbued with special properties.

Two closely related family members are separated at a young age, meet again years later, and feel attraction

A montage of images made when taking a perp's mugshot.

A character is rendered unable to reproduce.

People who like ponies don't like being reminded what a pony actually looks like.

Releasing a work before its official debut.

A love interest of the show who used to date the Alpha Bitch.

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