Throwing a gun at an opponent in desperation.

A character lives somewhere not intended as a residence.

A child learns the story of how their parents met, usually from the perspective of one of the parents.

Spas and/or beauty parlors as a den of espionage. Mind-reading optional but welcomed.

An unborn child was expected to be one sex, but ends up being the other.

The Hero has the protagonism, The Lancer has the power

Family members have different accents when they logically shouldn't.

Flaws isn't really a bad thing, no matter how severe they are, they just make you special.

There are multiple, equally-probable futures (as those that can see the future know).

The Distaff Counterpart to the Sissy Villain - a queer-coded (but not explicitly lesbian/bisexual) villain who menaces other women

Training under less-than-ideal circumstances.

A piece of fabric is shown with pieces cut out of it to make clothing- the shapes and the way they're cut are completely unrealistic.

A character who we see, over the course of in-universe media, going from infancy to old age and death.

Being sent to the front lines of a battle as punishment

A menu represented as objects in a room or scene.

Young and small characters have bodily features indicating how big they will one day grow to be.

A blonde character with a bubbly personality.

A character who can't hide their emotions.

A list of tropes about paths

When a male character is forced to crossdress as a little kid by relatives

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