An Overly Long Gag involving someone saying "uhhhhhhhhhhhh..." for a really long time.

Characters splitting their pants

Bland Name Product as applied to vehicles.

Death by failed extra-dimensional transit

Meteors depicted as being feiry boulders

The mascot of a work, creator, or franchise is replaced with another character.

A seedy character who happens to be very influential outside of the underground.

If two characters share a surname, that can't be a coincidence

An index for video games that are primarily comic

Bladed weapons can manipulate space

Index of films of the titular half-decade (NEEDS HATS)

Waking up half asleep and not realizing right away something changed, the realization is a shock.

A character has no table manners.

Useful Notes on the classification of animals

Index of films of the titular half-decade (NEEDS ONE MORE HAT)

Using another reality as a source of energy.

A sickly or dying character has an off smell to them

A sext that was not meant to be sent to the intended recipient

These two characters look alike, often hang out together, and may even share the same last name; but are they truly kin? It's never clarified.

A character realizes they're queer after seeing something or being put in a certain situation.

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