Online content that the creators of a Video Game add for a while and then withdraw. Cannot be recovered by Save Scumming or starting the game over.

Drugs with names which clearly indicate what they do.

The moral inversion of the Big Bad Wannabe

Fatal bludgeoning with fists or blunt object.

Characters use superpowers to play sports/other mundane physical activities.

A speculative fictional character loses all their memory, but still know that <Insert Phlebotinum Here> is not real.

Two people who know each other well on some forum are surprised to discover they know each other in real life

A character wears a hangman's noose as a fashion accessory.

Tropes involving break-ups.

Knees Knocking In Fear

Tropes involving meat.

Tropes about baked products and baking,

Tropes involving sweet foods.

Where mythical characters get unorthodox depictions.

Critical Research Failure when it comes to how animals work or act

Something that comes in two parts.

The teens that die in a horror flick follow these standard roles.

Changing the time on the clock to suit your own needs.

A wild animal raised by humans is released into the wild

A fusion which does not go as planned at all.

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