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• ''First Class'': A Brilliant Tragedy
• It's not actually a game
• Fantastic
• Violent Seinen seen by Women
• Bug hunt. But what a bug hunt!
• Jesus Christ, it's a Chrysalid! Get in the Skyranger!
• You Will Be Challenged: Enemy Unknown, Terror From The Deep, Apocalypse
• Gabrielle and Xena, sitting in a tree.
• Season 3 Episode 12: "The Bitter Suite"... Aptly named.
• Twilight of the Gods
• An excellent reconstruction of the JRPG
• Best JRPG since... ever?
• The Pinnacle of Tedium and Banality
• This is the game I always wished existed
• Xenoblade Chronicles: It just keeps being good
• Try Tube Shot
• Rather more than it seems at first glance (also, bias is fun!)
• Comment by Soojinyeh
• Basically, the ultimate tautology.
• Elitist? Count me unimpressed
• Favorite Webcomic
• In three words: Hit and Miss.
• Intelligent, Witty, and Disappointingly Crude.
• Most elitist humour ever.
• A game with repetitive gameplay and zero challenge can be fun as long as it's multiplayer
• A 2012 Perspective
• A sequel-prequel-reboot mish mash
• Better than I expected, but still...........
• Excellent Movie! Bleak but Full of Hope!
• Good, But.....(Spoilers)
• The interbetweenquel
• Too Good To Care
• X-men Days of Future Retcon
• A Good Idea...With Bad Writing
• It's actually pretty good
• Had potential but failed
• Has Good Qualities
• xxxHolic season 1 review
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