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''First Class'': A Brilliant Tragedy
It's not actually a game
Violent Seinen seen by Women
  • Bug hunt. But what a bug hunt!
  • Jesus Christ, it's a Chrysalid! Get in the Skyranger!
  • You Will Be Challenged: Enemy Unknown, Terror From The Deep, Apocalypse
An object lesson in listening too hard to the loudest fans.
  • Completely Irredeemable
  • Must-have for strategy fans
  • Gabrielle and Xena, sitting in a tree.
  • Season 3 Episode 12: "The Bitter Suite"... Aptly named.
  • Twilight of the Gods
  • An excellent reconstruction of the JRPG
  • Best JRPG since... ever?
  • The Pinnacle of Tedium and Banality
  • This game. Oh boy, this game.
  • This is the game I always wished existed
  • Xenoblade Chronicles: It just keeps being good
A good game, but probably my least favorite Xenoblade game
At times, it feels like one game with two different stories.
Try Tube Shot
Great, at least at first...
Rather more than it seems at first glance (also, bias is fun!)
Comment by Soojinyeh
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Xerosis by Batsutousai
My favourite show from my childhood
  • Basically, the ultimate tautology.
  • Decent comic riddled with power fantasy
  • Elitist? Count me unimpressed
  • Favorite Webcomic
  • In three words: Hit and Miss.
  • Intelligent, Witty, and Disappointingly Crude.
  • It is fine.
  • Most elitist humour ever.
A game with repetitive gameplay and zero challenge can be fun as long as it's multiplayer
A 2012 Perspective
  • 6/107/10 as a one-watch flick
  • Apocalyptic Fun (7.5/10)
  • Overall a good movie, but I was left disappointed by its direction
  • Overstuffed, Unfulfilling
  • Pretty good, considering it seems to have been put through the shredder.
  • A sequel-prequel-reboot mish mash
  • Excellent Movie! Bleak but Full of Hope!
  • Good, But.....(Spoilers)
  • Overrated & Overhyped
  • The interbetweenquel
  • The movie that made me love X-Men even more
  • Too Good To Care
  • X-men Days of Future Retcon
  • A Good Idea...With Bad Writing
  • It's actually pretty good
  • Had potential but failed
  • Not as good of DOFP, but it's fine
Has Good Qualities
Ahh Childhood Memories
  • XxxHOLiC Rei, nothing but a disappointment, through and through
  • xxxHolic season 1 review
Dumb but fun.
xXx. State of disunion.