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  • aching
  • Comment by Nani
Comment by Kilyle
  • Cliffhanger... NOOOO!
  • Very very VERY Good by similar levels of dead
Comment by MPEFF
Comment by {{Tropers/disablaze}}
Andyzero's review
Comment by Sirkku Jää Keiju
op's review
  • By @/SirRandomUser
  • By miragecoordinator
Best Tak game!
Scar Stories are always interesting
  • An 80s plot with 21st Century cynicism
  • Escapist fiction at its best.
Comment by chibiaries
  • Sneebs' review
  • Worth the time
Tall Tales
Sounds interesting...
Comment by {{Tropers/Orihime}}
  • By @/TGGeko
  • By @/{{banjo2E}}
  • By @/{{Lanceavalon}}
  • By @/{{Rogue 7}}
A fanfic series so well written, it makes me sad that this isn't official
By Keltena
  • A Deeply Underrated Film
  • Avoidance
Comment by Elora
Moved comments
Definitely Worth Checking Out
The happiest JRPG I've ever played.
  • Honey and Vinegar
  • RPG Storytelling at its Finest
  • The game that nearly killed my Tales fandom...
  • Well, it's certainly not the best, but it's still worth one playthough
Profound and Unpretentious
  • One Of The Best RPGs I've Ever Played
  • Somewhat Dated but Still Worth Playing
  • A derivative, downgraded disgrace.
  • Disappointed
  • Enjoyable, with a few flaws
  • God Damn This Game Is Awfull
  • Good, but Not Great
  • Much Better Sequel
  • This Should Never Have Existed
  • What happened to the story?
Great Tales Of Game, But With Flaws
It's a funny game. But is it good?
Tales Of The Oppressed
Fae Arc is Best Arc
  • My First Tales game
  • They Got it Half Right
  • Good Tales, Bad Anniversary
  • Great gameplay, story a little rushed.
  • Ultimately Good
  • A sequel that does a lot of things right, but some wrong.
  • The Debt System Really Hurts The Pacing
  • Amazing
  • Bittersweet musings
Review originally posted by @/TheOtakuNinja
Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
  • Disappointment
  • Utterly horrible.
  • You WILL get sucked in. You will NOT regret it.
Too cynical to force upon a 12-year old
Comment by North Bay 180
  • A New Era Of Disney...And a Good One
  • A Wonderful Addition To The DisneyAnimatedCanon
  • Believe the hype.
  • Pretty good film.
  • Rapunzel The Child of Science: A Frozen Comparison
  • Sub-par
  • Tangled
  • Tangled
  • What Can I Say?
  • Wonderful Film
Not bad...until the last 5 seconds
Corny, bad, and worth a rental only for a laugh
short and consise
Not Your Usual Power Rangers Rip-Off
  • A Personal Favorite
  • So ridiculously sweet it hurts
  • The Special Snowflake of Female Purity
OP's review
By @/{{T-bone61}}
  • Short, but good
  • So Good!
Great writing and characterization
I feel dirty...
Black Charizard's review
Outstanding Art, Unremarkable Plot
Good, but DARK
  • A very representative story
  • It's not the best
  • Mixed feelings
  • What are these other jokers talking about?
Is this really part of the 10%?
  • Chapters 1-24
  • For the love of God...
  • Not That Great
  • Well written fanfic, but not without flaws
What You Would Expect From Try And Matt...
Review by Trivialato
Annoymous review from the comments section
  • Definitely worth a try.
  • How are people unaware of the comics?
  • The Ideal Shooter
  • The shooter with personality
  • Thoughts and Feelings - In Which Team Fortress 2 is Reviewed
Anoymous review from the comments section
What Highschool AU Wants to Be
Great characterization that leaves you guessing
From comments
  • Disappointing
  • Shameless
  • What happens when you write fix fic a bad one at that.
Review by Shay Guy
If this was a "real" FE, I'd call it one of the better ones.
An attempt at Epic Story that Succeeded
  • Can't Blame Ya, Antiguo...
  • Confusing.
Technoba-Buy This
  • Disappointment
  • Funniest Damn Movie I've Seen In A While
TMNT (2003): Quite Possibly the Best American Action 'Toon You've Never Watched
  • A three season retrospective.
  • Adorkable, and promising
  • Finally found a way to explain it.
  • Great, Good ~ Borderline Meh
  • I have some problems with it, but overall, a decent show.
  • I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman
  • It Came from the Depths
  • Karai's Vendetta: April's big Change
  • Metalhead
  • Monkey Brains
  • Mousers Attack
  • My favorite incarnation
  • My favorite of the two incarnations I've seen
  • New Friend Old Enemy
  • Rise Of The Turtles -or- For The Love Of God Michaelangelo Shut The Hell Up
  • The Gauntlet
  • The Pilot
  • Time for a positive review
  • Time for another positive review
  • TMNT season 1&2
  • Turtle Temper
  • Yet Another Positive review
  • Amazing movie & a worth of money!!
  • If you're disappointed, you deserve to be.
  • Megan Fox And Some Turtle Dudes
  • Teenage Megan Ninja Fox
  • [[NarmCharm Knock Knock]], [[EarWorm you about to get shell-shocked]].
  • The Return of Savanti
  • TMNT Volume 1
  • TMNT Volume 2
  • TMNT Volume 3
  • TMNT Volume 4
  • DAVE GREEN'S Turtles - 3rd best Turtles movie
  • One of the worst games this year.....
  • ''Teen Titans''
  • Inconsistent quality.
  • Teen Titans from a Feminist Perspective
  • The Test of Time
  • Things Change
  • Titans: Standing Strong
  • "Let's Get Serious" Analysis. May contain spoilers.
  • A disgrace with few good qualities.
  • A Show Most Definitely Not For Everyone...
  • A true kids show in every sense of the word
  • ActuallyPrettyFunny
  • Awesome Reboot
  • Being silly is OK. Condemning an entire medium is not.
  • Does not belong in the current Cartoon Network lineup
  • I want to dislike it, but...
  • It's just flat out annoying
  • Johnny Test's New Replacement
  • Never tries to be anything but funny
  • Not bad..
  • Pretty Good, but some does make me cringe
  • Really funny sometimes, but repetitive and boring at other times.
  • Teen Titans Go, a series by idiots, for idiots!
  • Teen Titans Go: A Series that tries too hard
  • The biggest problem, I find, is that this show probably has no staying power
  • The Jersey Shore of animated TV
  • TTG/PPG Crossover Review
  • Used to like it, but now - not so much
  • Very Underwelming But Incredibly Overpromoted
  • "Chaos Rising" pros and cons
  • A Lackluster Second Season
  • Cons, Cons, and More Cons (with a Few Pros) of "Currents"
  • First season
  • I Watched It With The Intention To Mock...
  • Pros and Cons of "Alpha Pact"
  • Pros and Cons of "Fireflies"
  • Pros and Cons of "Frayed"
  • Pros and Cons of "Lunar Eclipse"
  • Pros and Cons of "Motel California"
  • Pros and Cons of "Tattoo"
  • Pros and Cons of "The Girl Who Knew Too Much"
  • Pros and Cons of "The Overlooked"
  • Pros and cons of "Unleashed"
  • Pros and Cons of "Visionary"
  • Season three B - an in depth analysis
  • Season two
  • Thoughts on Season 3A
Tekken 5: An Exceptional Installment
  • 3/5, Worth a try, but not TG's best
  • Season 1 - Okay
  • The Ending DOES Change Everything
from comments
Universalperson's review
  • Comment by Burstkiller
  • Seconded
Lustheron's review
A fantastic story.
Not terrible, but decidedly weak
Tenchi's OVA 3
  • Could have been done a lot better but is watchable
  • In many ways more entertaining than the original.
One of the grandaddies of harem anime still does it the best
  • ''Tenchi Forever'': Strong story and character growth provides a good coda for the franchise
  • Overall, a fun and enjoyable series.
Shadow Assassins-- Tenchu In Name Only
@/{{Pata Hikari}}'s review
  • Review
  • [=ether75=]'s review
  • A Massive Homage to Everything Mecha
  • A riveting tribute to mecha history
  • A Super Robot Epic Powered by Badass
  • Actually not a good show.
  • blatantly unrealistic, overhyped... and really, really fun.
  • I don’t know who the hell you are, and after a while I [[EightDeadlyWords kinda stopped caring]].
  • Makes NO sense, but that's why it's beyond epic.
  • Not just epic
  • One of the mott uplifting works of fiction to ever exist, and one of the best anime i've ever seen
  • Overrated.
  • Pure fun
  • Something About It...
  • Tengen Toppa did it work?
  • The Brain Beneath The Bluster.
  • The Compilation Movies - worth it?
  • The Crimson Lotus Chapter: How does the movie stand up?
  • The Super Robot series to end all Super Robot series.
  • This show... is MY SOUL! (That means it's really good)
  • This, I only need a few sentences to describe it.
  • Very fun, though lacking in the plot department.
Anoymous review from the comments section
Americanized ''SailorMoon'', with Triple the Magic Sparkles
Recommended, but with reservations
  • Comment by Nat Fre
  • Comment by Polaris
  • Comment by Rain Krystal
  • Review
Comment by SAMAS
Still holds up.
  • A Joyful Celebration of the Franchise
  • He's back!
  • The 'Complilation Album' of Terminator Films - Possible spoilers...
  • What did I just see?
  • Don't judge a book by it's cover.
  • Undeniably worth your money
op's review
First time...
Review by Tropers/BlueHedgehogJunkie
Anoymous review from the comments section
Good start for a good series
An Alternate Keitaro Urashima
Edich's Review
From comments
peppermintflame's review
"Who is the FBI informant? The cat is the FBI informant! How can this be?"
Is it any wonder people wanted him back?
  • Critic vs. The Chick?
  • the Deutscher Reviewer's Review of reviewers
  • The spark is lost
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
An enjoyable series from a much enjoyable time
Brilliantly written 'feel-bad' fic.
  • CaellachTigerEye's Review
  • Tropers/WildKnight 's Review
  • {{Tropers/hnd03}}'s Review
An interesting, if unlikely, possibility...
Ninajsquirl's review
On How Meiling Became Hong Meiling
  • antvasima's review
  • Freezer's review
  • LadyTifa Review
  • LooneyToons review
  • Objectively well written, an awful Ranma ½ fanfic
  • Sackett's review
Fucked up, in a good way
from comments
Another Success
Sneebs's review
Electroninja's review
Candelabra's review
Lekonar's review
  • LooneyToons' review
  • Why care?
  • Willbyr's review
  • Eliezer Yudkowsky's review
  • The Coin
One of My Favorite Fanfics
Willbyr's review
  • antvasima's review
  • Nanya's review
  • Well...
Holy Character Bashing, Batman
Awesomely Awesome
It's 2013, and still, No Ponies on Earth...
More than just memory loss
Interesting concept derailed
From comments
from comments
from comments
Regarding All of Junko's Bleach works
Magical Girls, Superheroes, BRUTAL Deconstruction
A grating, unsatisfying journey ten steps back
If you have some spare time...
Megan Returns
By @/{{GabrielosP}}
Great, despite tense issues
  • Fantastic.
  • From comments
from comments
Major Tom's review
NateTheGreat's review
  • Disappointed
  • DragonQuestZ's review
The First Guardian
  • Arcvalons's review
  • msqm's review
curious, but still in its initial stages
Reality Ensues
Tacitus's review
Candelabra's review
Quick review
  • Dark
  • Dark, sinister, and extremely good
from comments
Timeskipper's review
LooneyToons' review
Good although a bit inconsistent.
Lorthos's review
  • Tristraim's review
  • Tsukishijin's review
  • feral's review
  • sauronlulz's review
Rain Normally's review
from comments
  • By @/CaellachTigerEye:
  • By @/{{Comartemis}}
  • By @/{{Tsukishijin}}:
  • By Tropers/ElvenQueen:
from comments
  • A fun character piece
  • The Humanity of Ryoko Asakura
  • LavanyaSix's review
  • XShouldveDied's review
Andyzero's review
  • Cokerpilot and Acer's review
  • Person With Many Aliases's review
  • Sagus's review
  • Timeskipper's review
Most Promising I've Read in a While
  • Echo13's review
  • jgkitarel's review
Great read
  • Extraintrovert's review
  • MAI's review
YuushaFan's review
from comments
from comments
Brilliant story
Eh. .. Couldn't even finish.
  • @/CrypticMirror's review
  • @/LooneyToons' review
  • @/MythicFox's review
  • @/NateTheGreat's review
  • @/{{antvasima}}'s review
  • @/{{Thrythlind}}'s review
LooneyToons' review
from comments
The Neverworld
Delicious! (WARNING spoilers)
  • jaimeastorga2000's review
  • Willbyr's review
  • Comartemis' review
  • Don't waste your time with it, SPECIALLY if you have read ''Fanfic/ThousandShinji''
  • Nolrai's review
  • Good One-shot
  • Not perfect, but still a good read
Wolfram And Hart's Review
Willbyr's review
from comments
From comments
Jity's review
The Prince of Sues
The quintessential "good prevails" anime
Storvik's review
All Time Favorite
Strange, strange stuff
From comments
From the original reccer
[=foxmccloud4387=]'s review
Tropers/DarkGidora's Review
A good if cynical read
Cast's review
comment by Numbersixfan
Seriously, guys.
A Journey much further than just the destination
Will leave you wishing that everything would be okay.
My Two Cents.
[=NotJMKeynes=]' review
UltraSonic007's review
from comments
Willbyr's review
  • Comartemis' review
  • CrypticMirror's review
NoSuchMethodError's review
Abandoned, but complete enough
"You are unwilling, Virginia." Er, Ginevra
A compelling look at the Winchesters
Jiven's review
Willbyr's review
From comments
Nolrai's review
  • @/InkkiBookman's review
  • @/{{Comartemis}}' review
  • If you can stomach the character bashing, it's pretty good.
  • Unknown reviews
  • Unknown's review
  • When the best of writing meets the worst (Spoilers)
from comments
By Elf
A truly heartwarming tale
Comment by Oracle Seven
The Cahills Have Conquered the World
  • Dudes. Chill.
  • Interesting
  • Kinda sucks
Great Wrapping for a Decent Present
Creative and clever
Just No
An autistic assassin with a personal code of ethics!?! Why, yes
  • Heroes Whine (Spoilers Ahead)
  • The best fiction money can buy
  • Enjoyable film
  • Kept its head above water until the last scene
  • Romantic Comedy or Sci-Fi Thriller?
  • Something missing from the equation?
Comment by Gaston1991
SliceOfLife meets suburban adventure... and unintended hilarity
  • Refuge in Audacity Indeed.
  • Very easy to get caught in the mess
  • Weird Weird Weird
  • You would like Doctor McNinja if you like the following (spoilers)
Season 2 - Mixed feelings
  • Genuine quality on the whole, if occasionally shaky.
  • Not just a kids show
  • The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
A decent game that could have been a lot better.
Moved comments
  • Hey Sandy!
  • Season 3 (or Why I'm Glad the Nick Rewind [=DVDs=] ended)
  • A Good Film (to me at least)
  • Cheesily fun movie
Great fun
Random. Childish. Cruel. Adult. Meandering. Boring. Stupid. Disturbing. Bland. (see inside for details)
Comment by Comartemis
  • Fairly consistently engaging fanfic
  • I hated it. It's not as bad as any of Matt Ward's stuff, but still.
Candelabra's review
Comment by Tropers/{{Pepper-Jak}}
A very fun show
The Amazing Screw-On Head
  • Amazing Spiderman, flawed but overall good
  • Bad blocks make a good wall.
  • Definitely worth watching
  • Good but lacking
  • Great Film
  • Had potential but ended up lacking
  • I can't go back to the old ones now
  • Not amazing, but still a good time
  • Reconstructing Spider-Man
  • The Start of Something Good.
  • Unnecessary Reboot of Spidey's origin
  • Exactly what Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse fans have been fearing
  • Not only my new favorite superhero movie, but my new favorite movie, period. ***Major Spoilers***
  • Respectfully disagree with the other guy
  • Sigh
  • Spider-Man, the lone ranger
  • Spoiler: Peter Parker's parents are agents of HYDRA!!
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: The Movie (Spoilers)
  • The Game: In case you ever need a reason NOT to be a superhero
  • The Spider-Man film I've been waiting for my whole life!!
  • There is exactly one point of criticism....
  • Too Much Tacked On
  • Worse Than Formulaic
  • A Great Show for both Adults and Kids
  • A great show, well animated and extremely entertaining. In my opinion, at least.
  • Big example of cartoons done right
  • Deeply Hilarious and Creative
  • Not too bad, for a new show.
  • Potential Gold Mine
  • Started off good, but became...brilliant!
  • Weird, But Enjoyable.
Comment by [=ClandestineClear=]
  • Actually helpful
  • Amusing but not the most trustworthy reviewer
  • Great
  • Meh, he could be good, but not as good as the AVGN...
  • Not bad.
  • The People's Reviewer
  • AVGN
  • Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
  • What I see in AVGN
  • Fun game, but it comes too close to falling into traps
  • This game is ASS...uming that it's great, BUT(t)...
  • I don't usually write a review for something I recommended, but considering the heroes, an explanation is in order
  • Moving comments to reviews
Animals of Farthing Wood review by Generaallucas
  • Stupid but I love it anyway
  • This show annoys me!
It's feels a bit fix-it-fic-ey at the start...
Comment by chibiaries
  • A Love Letter to Silent Film
  • Meh
  • Silence is Golden (oh, give me a break)
  • Stunning
  • The Silence is Overbearing
  • A fantastic read
  • cliche but enjoyable
  • just finished it, toying with the idea of a reread
The Assassins' Archives: Ginevra
A good series for the casual viewer
Musically Good, but the Story Has a Few Issues
  • I love it when a plan comes together.
  • Movie worthy of the franchise.
HP Fanfic measure for measure
Comment by Nani
The Authority: Worst For Business.
Issue #1 - An Intriguing Introduction
  • A Missed Opportunity
  • Amusing series, horrible film
  • A timeless formula.
  • Absolutelly Amazing
  • Does well with its premise, but they really should've chosen a different premise
  • Doomed before it even came out.
  • Fantastic!
  • Full of Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing.
  • Great Heroes, Bad Villain
  • Loki's Unnecessary Villain Decay
  • Marvel vs. DC
  • Not Impressed
  • Of course it's formulaic
  • Officially the Coolest Movie I've Ever Seen
  • On the tip of greatness
  • Same Movie, Different Packaging
  • The Avengers...
  • Visually stunning, but...
  • Well, I loved it.
  • Earth's Mightiest Cartoon
  • Emperor Stark: The Best Filler Eva!
  • Its good, and you should check it out, but there are few problems
  • Masters of Evil: breakdown and highlights
  • Overall good stuff
Less than Awesome
Not so much a scary film but definitely a sad and moving one.
BSC #32: Kristy and the Secret of Susan
Great series overall, but the 3rd book is kind of a letdown
Comment by alexdelarge
  • From comments
  • Perfect and Funny
Is a bad Fanfic.
Charming, funny, thoughtful, innocent
It's not as good as Harry Potter...
  • Season Five, Or: What wasn't necessary
  • Season Four, Or: Who to Introduce, and Where
  • Season One, Or: Why Batman is Defined by his Villains
  • Season Three, Or: When not to Appeal to the Younger Audience
  • Season Two, Or: How to Properly Address Writing Problems
  • vs Dracula: High point of the series.
Moved comments
Comment by Tropers/LittleMissSophie
The beach is a place where a man can feel he's the only soul in the world that's real.
Powerful, Contradictory (Maybe), Fascinating
  • A Biased Review
  • An Excellent Fantasy
  • Fans are going to hate me for this.
  • Generic but Awesome fantasy.
  • Strong Series
  • Ugh. Not aged well.
The Television Show
  • Comment by @/RBMIfan
  • Comment by @/{{Sekahyyh}}
One of the Funniest Site Ever
  • Good but not without flaws
  • Good writing, but too saccharine for my taste.
  • Lovely
  • ridiculously optimistic but worth it
  • Exactly what it promised
  • Sweet and simple.
  • A moderately entertaining adventure story, with extremely high praise.
  • Agreed up to a point - but YYMV
  • An Extremely Difficult But Rewarding Read
  • Can this book be reviewed (or read) without bias?
  • Important to know; A pain to read - a non-religious review
  • Interesting Storytelling Techniques, Schizophrenic Fanbase
  • Long Book, Broken Base
  • The Bible
  • Wouldn´t be published today
  • You should read it, but equally you will get nothing out of it
  • Hideously close to docudrama
  • How am I supposed to like these characters when they don't like themselves?
  • It's...okay!
  • Maybe if The Leads Weren't so Insufferable...
  • Milked to death
  • Needs new blood
  • Pilot
Great Show!
...I don't get it.
Deceptively well-written and completely hilarious.
  • Attractive and Awesome: Deserved at Least Five Seasons
  • Stylish, but ultimately not compelling
  • The Super Robot Genre Wishes It Was This Classy
  • Comment by Comartemis
  • Comment by Dune
  • Just One More Run, One More Floor, One More Reroll
  • Rebirth: Dark, Depraved and Addictive.
  • Weird and (mostly) wonderful
Clever casefic with strong character voices
  • A bastardization of the Chronicles of Prydain
  • All hail the king.
  • Almost works, but it has glaring flaws that sadly bring it down
  • An underrated classic
  • Daring, bold and oddly different..
  • Probably the most generic, forgettable Disney cartoon ever
  • Subpar Film, Terrible Adaptation
  • The Greatest Film Ever from Disney!!!
A Pioneer in Fantasy, but a Terrible Book Series.
Moved comments
No. Just... NO.
Before there were vlogs, there was this
  • Christmas Special/First Episode Review
  • Why isn't this awesome?
  • A Decent Show to Pass the Time
  • Eh, has his moments
  • Irredeemable
  • Lacks presentation.
  • Not for me
  • One of My Favourite Reviewers
  • Servicable
  • The Main Series... meh. Everything else...
  • you kind of have to admire someone who puts so much effort to bring an episode every week that's SO mediocre
I should not like this.
Anoymous review from the comments section
Halfway there.
A worthwhile, darker fantasy novel.
Moving comments to reviews
  • A feel good film and a future family favourite
  • A Flawed Masterpiece
  • A Gorgeous film on its way to becoming a classic
  • Good but some things hold it back
  • Great but not perfect
  • Not The Great Movie I Expected...At All
  • Wasted opportunities on this movie
The Broadway Musical from the ears of a Mormon
Very Deep
(first book review) At first glance a Coraline ripoff, but comes into its own
  • Chihuahua0's Review
  • Expect a thriller, and you'll be disappointed....
  • It was good
  • Like Ciaphas Cain...only less...well...good...
  • Steal it if you have to...
  • Stilted prose. Lotsa narm.
  • A Great Show & Comic
  • A hilarious satire.
  • A surprisingly entertaining show
  • Excellent show, but...
Funny and clever
Very fun, yet intelligently-written thrillers
an actual movie for kids
  • Alyeris' review
  • Pata Hikari's review
  • "Chosen Ones" run in the family, it seems...
  • Turns out a long time ago isn't as long as we thought.
There Is Fun To Be Had; You Just Have To Wait For It.
OP's review
  • Brave Little toaster Goes to Mars-So Bad it's great
  • Simply beutifull
  • Will always have a special place in my heart.
Arguaby the best martial arts series currently running
  • Not Perfect, but Surprisingly on Target
  • Takes some getting used to, but worth it
  • The Bridge: More than meets the eye
(pilot episode review) Sonya Cross is my reason to watch this show
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Tropers/KiriAme
So glad someone remembered this
The best of all the Magic: the Gathering books
Moved comments
  • Had potential, but it's abandoned
  • You're My Butterfly, Sugar Baby
  • I'm going to have to go right ahead and call this the best movie ever.
  • This film did not age well.
Really touching fic with great characterization
Moved comments
Comment by MEWtiful
op's review
  • (first book review) Charming little adventure
  • (second book review - Battle for the Castle) More conventional story, but also more exciting and fun
  • Decidedly not magical... what's the problem with that?
  • Everyone has crud lives
  • Melodrama oozes from every pore.
Oh Dear Man Jesus!
Simple story, good character development
Funny British sketch comedy!
  • I wouldn't watch it here or there, I wouldn't watch it anywhere.
  • One Review, Two Review, Good Review, Bad Review
  • Review originally posted by Dreamy_Hunter
  • Unusual cast combination
A Refreshing Take On An Uncomfortable Topic
Character driven, wonderfully spun tale
Comment by Dellanotte
Ryan Lohner's review
Not so bad as I thought
LavanyaSix's review
You always win when you are good.
  • Best Book Series Ever!
  • Better then you think, pick them up!
  • Probably TWTG's Best Reviewer
  • TGWTG's Best In Terms Of Talent
  • The Cinema Snob- a Richierua Review
Shallow film, bland characters, uninvested plot.
Appreciation of Oliver Postgate, etc
  • Decent show, but not quite up to the standards of Family Guy and American Dad
  • Doesn't Deserve The Hate it Gets
  • It's just an unfunny FamilyGuy
  • Say what you will about AmericanDad...
  • The Weightism
  • Why???
Comment by Ruin Takada
  • Awful.
  • Selective Memory
''The Colours of the World'' by {{Mai Kusakabe}}
More of the same
A True Great
Family fluff
  • Alright, Let's Un-bias This ****
  • An evil twin of a beloved show
  • Don't bother.
  • Humans Are Bastards: The 'Verse
  • Sweet Mother of Davros...[JDR's fics]
  • The Conversion Bureau
  • The Conversion Bureau: AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!!
  • There is one main problem with most Conversion Bureau fics
  • Unappreciated fanfic
  • Wasted Potential
Thank you- finally!
  • Behold the deconstructor fleet! (Armed with 16In guns)
  • Doesn't matter if it's not finished, there is no redeeming this fic.
  • Too soon to say
The Counselor
A classic novel with lots of meat, but some filler.
Good simple fun for kids.
Good ideas, so-so execution.
Better than it should be!
A Worthwhile Marathon
One of the few shows that did film parodies right
Another DreamWorks favorite for me.
Which Culture-Books Should I Read?
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Boring
  • Why was this nominated for an Oscar?
  • I wanted to like this...
  • Not Autism
Anoymous review from the comments section
It's far from perfect, but this is an interesting and atmospheric game
Some of the best books I ever read
Good Idea, Poor Execution
  • (Dark Knight - second film - review) Intelligent and realistic while simultaneously exaggerated and unrealistic
  • I Finally Got What Bugged Me
  • Lives up to the hype
  • Sacrifices Character for Ideas...Too Bad They're Ideas I Find Abhorrent
  • The Dark Knight
  • The Joker Begins (and Ends): Featuring Batman
  • The knight is darkest just before dawn...
Holy Bat crap, the best superhero animated movie bar none
  • Actually needed to be longer
  • An Excellent Conclusion
  • Flawed, but ultimately thrilling when the action picks up
  • Great movie; very predictable
  • Great Piece of Cinema, But The Dark Knight was the Superior Film
  • Loved it Despite Getting the Best Spoilers Early on.
  • One of the few great superhero threequels
  • So close
  • The Dark Knight gets tricked and so do we.
  • The epic (albeit, not perfect) conclusion the trilogy deserved -
  • Total Disaster
  • Wholly unsatisfying conclusion, Batman!
The Dark Knight Saga - A great trilogy, perhaps the ideal progression of a superhero movie.
  • Laugh, or Cry
  • Manure
Three Great Films, Featuring a Man Dressed Like A Bat
Moving comments to reviews
  • Intolerable levels of bashing.
  • Not really enjoyable.
  • Nothing Can Compare
  • Odd, Esoteric, Worth It.
  • Another Stephen King movie, another foot in the door.
  • Good if you've read the books
Comment by {{Tropers/Parable}}
  • Fascinating alternate history taken too seriously
  • Horrid Aftertaste
  • Truly entertaining movie!
Enjoyable hokum
Tropers/Galadriel1010's Review
Implausible but has its moments
  • Excellent
  • Good, but...
  • Review of the dead of Winter.
Its not great but . . .
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Insanely Funny
Even more than the sum of its parts
  • feral's review
  • Marlee Cross' review
feral's review
  • Reaches at times, but portays the majority of the cast very well
  • The Death of Haruhi Suzumiya
Comment by {{Tropers/RainKrystal}}
  • A thrilling superhero crossover
op's review
  • I wasn't supposed to like this!!
  • Well then.
A wild ride
Not my review, just Kazeto's comments on it being put in the right place.
  • A wonderful fanfic
  • Review
Really good stuff
A great concept ruined by painful cliches and misplaced writing focus.
Comment by @/TwoGunAngel
the Devil Rides Out
Who's the Real Devil Here?
  • So Sad
  • The human face of The Holocaust
Sadly Dead
Supremely wrong.
Comment by [=SteamGoth=]
  • Heavenly
  • Not big on laughs
  • On the Inferno
  • Not worth your time
  • Tom Clancy's Rolling
  • A [[SoBadItsGood So Bad It's Good]] masterpiece
  • Tries too hard.
  • Character Bashing Sucks.
  • Character Bashing Sucks.
  • Even the Dragon King's Temple Floods
  • My Only Complaint Is the Lack of a Sequel
  • Quite possibly the perfect fanfic.
  • Review - The Dragon Kings Temple!
  • Great Stuff!
  • Worth of a film/tv adaption
One of the worst stories I've ever read
Worth the read
Very entertaining
  • Hilarious Cartoon Slapstick Mixed With Saccharine Drivel
  • This NEEDS a reboot!
  • A 15 book (with spinoffs and additional material) journey from Average to Awesome
  • Afhasujfgudfgaouigfouisdgfdydfy
  • Dresden Files books 1-15 (Particularly ''Cold Days'' and ''Skin Game'')
  • Dresden Series (Storm Front through Changes/Side Jobs)
  • Dresdenthirst!
  • Interesting Package.
  • Storm Front: A typical potboiler.
  • The Pilot: SoOkayItsAverage
Calculated coolness
A Personal Favorite
The Easy Breather is hard to swallow.
  • One EvenBetterSequel after another
  • Surprisingly Great Fit
  • A beautiful, if frustrating early on, piece
  • Needlessly Frustrating game.
  • The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind - My Favorite Game of All Time
Very good as a hack'n'slash, very shallow as an RPG
  • Amazing
  • An incredible game with largely unnoticed design improvements
  • Atypical Gaming Experience
  • Could have been so much better
  • Dawnguard
  • Late to the Parade
  • Not the best, not the worst.
  • Oblivion 2.0: Starts promising, but doesn't deliver except only 5.5 years late
  • Part of me fears for the next game...
  • Simultaneously Fun and Dull...
  • Six Hundred Hours Logged
  • Solid, entertaining game that needs polishing
  • The Game that reconciled me with video RPG
  • Wild Snowberries - Gaming Goes Moody
Fantastic stuff.
  • Influencial and important but pretentious and not that good
  • Whining+gloom and doom+evil swords=overrated series
  • An incompetent waste
  • Meh.
Cheesy goodness
THE GOOD, The Bad, the ugly
feral's review
Anonymous review from the Comments section
  • Kill it with fire!!!
  • Super Paper Mario: Mykanized
Comment by Da Games Elite
  • One of the few 'Must-Reads'
  • The end of the beginning
  • Amazing
  • Amazing
  • Big fan
  • Well done… with one reserve
The Evil Within - Not Mikami's Best, But Still Great
  • Amazing what you can do with 438 words
  • Review originally posted by @/TheOtakuNinja
Court Room Drama Good, Horror Bad
The power of {{narm}} compels you!
Sci-fi That's Not too Hard, Not too Soft, Just Right
  • A successful coup against the meagre and hateful savantes
  • Completely overrated
  • Exactly what it promised to be
  • Expendables 2 - now THAT'S more like it
  • Expendables II: Best Laugh I've Had This Year
  • Hysterically awesome, at first
  • Not much to say really.
  • An older fan's look at FOP
  • Fairly Oddparents
  • Season 10 premiere review. (Spoilers inbound)
  • Season 10 Review (slight spoilers)
  • Seasons 1-2, golden.
  • The bad message of more recent episodes of FOP
  • The Fairly Odd Parents Wishology
  • The Fairly Oddparents
  • wow...this show has gone doooownhill.
Ryan Lohner's review
  • Anime first season: Pandering to the extreme
  • Bland, boring, uninteresting characters, nothing but fanservice.
  • FridgeHorror.
  • Thank god there's CharacterDevelopment
Entertaining stuff!
  • An honest review...
  • Great show but gets boring at times
I loved this show. Shame she closed her account
  • Fast and Furious 6
  • Fast and Furious 7 or How Mr. Cieloazul reconciled with some things
  • The Fate of the Furious
  • Too Fast or Too Furious?
Comment by Dark Insanity 14
  • Shamelessly manipulative but heart-wrenchingly genuine simultaneously.
  • The ymmv page tells you all you need to know.
  • Yes, good book.
The Newest Michael Crichton novel by Robert Harris
Severely underwhelming, for all the buildup
I absolutely love this fic
Comment by {{Tropers/BlackSun}}
OP'S Comment
op's review
Not for everyone, but definently good
Finding a Good Series
  • 6edgy9me
  • Deconstruction at it's finest
Anoymous review from the comments section
Comment by [=JuiceBoxHero=]
The Epitome of Elegance
  • Season 3 is rather mediocre
  • The Flash: While Season 1 was amazing, Season 2 has been bad.
Truly deserving of the description CultClassic
Most Surprising Comic Of The Year
Fantastic indie platformer set in a sproingy and jiggly world
  • A fantastic show
  • Pilot Review
  • Starts very effectively, but...
Time for a High Flying Adventure!
Not what it says on the tin...
  • (Spoiler Free) A Competent Pastiche of the Original Trilogy
  • A disappointing rehash
  • A Great Launching Point
  • A New Hope 2.0 (warning: spoilers ahead)
  • A Promising Awakening (Spoiler Free)
  • A Return To Form For Star Wars
  • A Return to the Force Awakens: Second Opinions
  • A triumphant new film, with some minor problems.
  • An overly respectful remake that takes no risk
  • As Spoiler Free as Possible
  • Best. Movie. EVAH! (Written from Biased Perspective)
  • Better than the prequels but doesn't (yet) hold up to the originals
  • Competent, but underwhelming
  • Delivers what it needs to
  • Disappointingly mediocre.
  • Excellent This Movie Is!
  • Expectedly uncompromised
  • Has one main flaw... that might not be so bad after all.
  • I liked this movie better when it was called Star Wars (or Episode IV, or A New Hope)
  • It ain't perfect, but I like it. (Some spoilers)
  • It was great, but I wouldn't call it a masterpiece.
  • It's a reboot, not a sequel - spoilers ahead
  • It's damn good, and that's more than we could have hoped for.
  • Just rewatch A New Hope instead (spoilers)
  • Nothing New Under the Suns
  • So Okay It's Just Below Average
  • So scared of trying anything new, they made something perfectly forgettable
  • Star Wars: Faster and more Intense
  • Star Wars: The Force Shrivels; OR, A Tired Omen
  • The Force "Awakens". Truly a fitting title.
  • The Force Awakens is a Giant Love Letter to, and Development Gag of, The Original Trilogy... And That's a Good Thing.
  • The Force is strrrrroooonnnng with you... a powerful trilogy you will become. Henceforth, you shall be known as Awesome.
  • The good's calling to you. Just let it in. (Slight Spoilers)
  • This is the Star Wars we were looking for
  • Well made, but not original
  • A (mostly) noble effort.
  • My review of Force Unleashed 2
  • Prepare the rifles...
  • Wait what? This book was awesome
Romantic plot tumor, ahoy!
comments from Dellanotte
  • ''Waaay'' better than Atlas Shrugged
  • Kind Of A Roadblock...
  • Loathsome Literature
  • Whether you love it or hate it, it will make you think!
Only Aware Of Half The Philosophy
My review on page
Moved comments
From comments
A manifesto masquerading as a thriller masquerading as fantasy story
A great underrated Disney movie
A Darker Direction for Downton Abbey
  • Comment by Strategemini
  • Unattributed comment
The Frollo Show
SquealingSandry's review
  • Aerodactylus' review
  • It tries to hard. And it just fails.
  • Kalaong's review
Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
  • feral's review
  • Wasted Opportunity
Moved comments
Has Some Pretty Glaring Flaws
Worth a watch, but just the one.
A bad movie, but not the worst ever.
  • Grand Prince Paul II's review
  • LavanyaSix's review
  • "Good."
  • What he said.
  • Favorite Fanfiction of All Time
  • Go read it
Criticisms and other comments.
Great performances holding up nothing much
  • Nearly cried
  • The Girl Who Got A Running Start, Leapt Big, Then Wiped Out
A 9-year-old gets lost in the woods and everything that can happen, happens
One of my favorite fics
  • For the film: not the worst adaptation, but...
  • The Giver
Comment by Davner
Worth the time
Breathtaking, but miserable and mean-spirited
One of the best period pieces in YEARS
  • All that glitters...
  • Hateful, ranty and OOC
  • Wish Fulfillment for the Slytherfen Soul
Excellent reading
  • A beautiful movie hampered by a scattershot theme
  • Better than it's given credit for, but it's no Inside Out
  • It's okay
A Bland, Slow Classic
Why was this cancelled?
From comments
An intelligent, self-aware show that the TV world needs.
It all started here folks.
An beautiful tragedy about the lone individual's place in society masquerading as a comedy
Terrapin Station is an awesome song!
Get it on audiobook.
Amusing, but Ambitious
Goddamn it.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by {{Tropers/Ardis}}
  • Review for The Great Elevator Massacre of 2010
Moving comments to reviews
  • Awesome book.
  • Hmm...
  • Horrid book.
  • I don't get it, old sport...
  • Really good! Read it, especially if you like the 20s!
The Great Mouse Detective, or the last classical Disney
op's review
  • A complete and utter wasted opportunity
  • A deconstruction? Perhaps. A comedy? Definitely. A parody? Not in the slightest.
  • Fun, cheerful and realistic
Moved comments
  • I'll do it myself...
  • The Grey
Glorious 80's Cheese
  • Dystopian Edict: The Novel
  • Probably a Viciously Effective Piece of Satire... When It First Came Out
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
Hand that Rocks the Cradle
WTF is Happening
The Only Tarantino Movie I Would Watch Once
Nostalgic, despite being fairly new
There's only one good thing about this movie...
Moved comments
Moved comments
The Greatest Disney Crossover Ever!
  • A worthy successor.
  • Good, but not as good as the original
  • Heroes of Olympus
  • House of Hades: Professional Fanfiction
  • I like where this is going.
  • Liking The Lost Hero
  • Not Riordan's best, but getting there.
  • one thumb up.
  • Optimus Maximus!
  • Rick Riordan has an incredible imagination, but he's just plain bitten off more than he can chew.
  • So Much Content And Too Few Books To Squeeze It In
  • Comment by @/ClipboardFox22
  • SO GOOD!!!!!
  • Definitely Worth Reading
  • Hoooo boy
  • Just a copy of the original story
  • Terrible, Terrible Ending.
  • Film: A very American adaptation of a very British story
  • Starts hilarious, turns into something wholly different
  • The film: Succeeds at everything other versions failed at and fails where they succeeded.
  • The first five books
  • A Review on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  • An ok start...
  • An Unexpected Journey Review
  • Hobbit 2: Better, Much Better
  • I loved it
  • Perfect On Its Own
  • Solid Film, but there are issues.
  • Someone Is Trying Too Hard
  • The Hobbit: A Completely Expected Review
  • Good adaptation diminished by Jackson's alterations.
  • Take back Erebor!
  • I Hope Thorin and his Merry Band of Assholes Rot
  • One last time.
  • The Battle of Five Narmies
  • Well . . . I enjoyed it
  • In time, all foul things come forth.
  • Okay, Look
  • On Tauriel and Thranduil
  • The Desolation of Smaug
  • The Desolation Of Smaug review
This was excellent!
  • Amazingly Decent
  • Better But Still Bad
  • Excellent Book, Dud of a Movie
  • Interesting and full of potential
  • Surprisingly Good (to the best of my recollection)
  • Surprisingly Good Sci-Fi!
  • A potentially interesting plot wasted on vapid characters and romances
  • First Book: It is NOT YA!!!
  • No just... Please no...
  • So Okay it's Average: The BOOK!
  • Worse Then Bad....Then Worse Again
Comment by Tropers/{{Pepper-Jak}}
A Witty Little Film
  • Comment by Fazed343
  • Five stars!
  • Don't bother
  • It is what it is.
  • It would twist your mind as well as your stomach.
  • Wowsers
A Towering Epic
Strannik's review
  • Dark and Moving
  • Revisited
  • What it could have been...
And this is why I will defend the Disney Version forever!
  • ... Dare I say... perfect? (not a gush review)
  • Almost Perfect Adaptation
  • Bad.
  • Bland
  • Book 1: Battle Royale with Children
  • Book 2
  • Book 3: Rereview
  • Flawed, but interesting
  • Good job!
  • Good, But Not Great
  • Gushy review ahead.
  • hamburgers
  • Hunger Games Left Me Starving For Better Fare
  • I really enjoyed it
  • I really like it
  • I wish this WAS a Battle Royale rip-off
  • Liked it better than the book
  • Much better than expected.
  • Phenomenal. Simply phenomenal.
  • Pretty Good Series, better than most I've read
  • Societal Commentary.
  • Surprisingly Decent
  • Suzanne Collins' exceedingly fine sci-fi
  • The first is decent...the rest is Romantic Plot Tumor personified
  • The only series I've ever read that's left me wanting another sequel.
  • The Trilogy
  • Tragic and Heartbreaking, But Suspenseful
  • Good production, questionable plot [spoilers]
  • Not once did I encounter a dull moment in this mix of action, dark satire, dystopia and character building
  • They don't make films like this
  • Fantastic but Flawed
  • Mockingjay Part 1: Feels like half a movie
  • Part 1 is full of padding
RabidRainbow's review
The book sucks
  • Research Failure: The Movie.
  • Worst war movie ever
  • 100 Shorts and Still Strong
  • I can't stop laughing
  • Somebody Beat Me
The Ice Dragon
Misses The Point Of Zexal
Great Fanbase, Great Story.
  • How Not To Do Magic vs Mundane
  • Your Mileage May Vary
Well Acted, but why do they screw with History?
Comment by @/{{Sekahyyh}}
  • Quick Read. Check it out.
  • Review originally posted by Dreamy_Hunter
Comment by chibiaries
The Definitive Live-Action Hulk
  • AccidentalAesop, The Movie?
  • I don't really get why so many people love it
  • Not Pixar's best due to one element.
  • One of my personal favourites.
  • Anonymous review from the Comments section
  • Review by {{Tropers/Quanyails}}
  • I love it!
  • Indiana Jones - R Rated At Last!
  • Two Episodes In...Where's The Beef?
  • Even Unspeakables miss a trick or two
  • It's the little things that kill you
A Critical Analysis of the "Insane Quest" Social Phenomenon
op's review
THE INTERVIEW: My film review
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by chibiaries
op's review
Its just...bad
A Tremendously Annoying Thing to Read
  • Comment
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by [=GintaxAlvissForever=]
  • How to be a failure. (Take a tip from Bores.)
  • One of the greatest, unintentional comedians the Youtube generation has ever spawned
  • So Bad It's Adorable
  • The Weird Warrior takes a...umm..."Weird" Stance!
  • Understand the hate, but don't share it.
  • removed
  • removed.
  • Could have been better
  • I liked it
Seeds of Bay's downfall
  • Alastor Moody as depicted by R Lee Ermey
  • Jolly Good Show!
This fanfic really shouldn't be on this list
John's old friend is a writer with writer's block.
Impossible Premise
A Book You'll Read Over and Over Again Without Tiring of it
Purely pleasant
feral's review
Original Danish VS Norwegian remake!
  • A wonderfully welcomed remake
  • Beautifully Nostalgic
  • Good - but more of an update than a full reboot
  • Lacks That Vital Bit of Nostalgia
  • To quote Keanu Reeves: Whoa.
  • Engaging!
  • It's Passable
Karate Kid 3: Hilarious in it's execution.
Somewhat well-written, but...
... Ouch...
GrimDark and Worse Than Cupcakes
  • An unforgivable masterpiece... but a masterpiece nonetheless.
  • Perhaps the most strangely human Batman story
  • The story of One Bad Day
Comment by Nausicca Of The Spirits
Review by Vren55
A very, very, VERY special series
The King of Pigs is King in my book
  • Decent show
  • Don't bother
  • Everyone feels so-so about Doug?
Quite Literally a "Web Original"
A Kid's Speech
Moved comments
  • ''Comments'':
  • ''Comments'':
Memories Will Remain
We Try not to set Patients on Fire
A colossal achievement for a remarkable band
  • Fantastic, but Dark
  • The Land Before Time (The Original)
Compelling and scary
  • "I don't deserve their praise." No, you don't.
  • A childhood love gone wrong 2 out of 5 stars (nostalgia=bias)
  • A disappointing failure to live up to the potential
  • A fucking disgrace to the franchise
  • A Poorly Done Adaptation
  • A Prime Example of Adaptation Decay.
  • A Spectacular Failure, On Every Level.
  • All Style, No Substance
  • An Analogy to Explain My Disappointment
  • Avatar Evolution
  • Come, let us reason together.
  • Definitely Recommended.
  • even worse than you've heard.
  • Everything that could have gone wrong, did.
  • Great Music, Good Effects, Nothing Else To Enjoy
  • Great, not Awesome
  • He has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone.
  • Hilarious beyond belief
  • I forgive you, and applogize Michael Bay. I was wrong.
  • Is it really that hard to get a character arc right?
  • It was, in fact, good
  • It's a bad movie
  • Not as bad as everyone says. Still unfortunate.
  • Not as bad as I'd heard. Not as good as it could be.
  • Not even the effects were decent. Sorry, Sokka.
  • Not Terrible, But Disappointing.
  • Not that bad.
  • Not Worth It
  • Poor Adaptation, but Narmtastic Acting makes it worth a Viewing!
  • Review By an Avatar Fan for Avatar Fans
  • Shoot me down, I didn't hate it like it was Satan.
  • So many poor decisions.
  • So much awesome, yet so much fail
  • So Okay It's Average
  • Starts out better than I expected, but degenerates into an incoherent mess
  • The Last Airbender?
  • This is what happens when you take one of the greatest achievements in Western Animation...
  • Truly hideous
  • Well...this is thoroughly disappointing.
  • What Would You Be Paying Money To See?
  • Why I liked The Last Airbender.
  • Why The Last Airbender Is One Of The Worst Films I Have Ever Seen
  • Worst. Movie. Ever
  • You understand why this has 5 million bad reviews when you see it.
Excellent Read
Rincewind returns again!
  • Delicious madness
  • Hilarious and Works Completely Straight
A well-crafted and unusual game
Absolutely wonderful
This could be a novel
  • A complete waste of time (spoilers)
  • A decent plot ruined by poor, and pointless, characterization
  • An Overhyped Train Wreck of a Film (spoilers)
  • Anti-Climax: The Movie
  • Far better than Force Awakens
  • Great movie.
  • I liked it. **spoilers**
  • I look forward to the opinions in a few years.
  • I would recomend seeing but would also recomend giving yourself a lot of time before a rewatch. (spoilers)
  • Inevitably disjointed but still surprisingly good
  • It has an important lesson to teach, and teaches it badly. (spoilers)
  • It's Complicated
  • It's Really Not About Jedi
  • It`s Fine. (no spoilers)
  • Not As Bad As You'd Think
  • Not the sequel that ''The Force Awakens'' needs, nor the one that it deserves.
  • Star Wars fans don't know how movies work.
  • Star Wars: The IdiotPlot
  • The Last Jedi
  • The Last Jedi kicked the franchise in the balls and it deserved it
  • The Lost Jedi (spoilers)
  • The most politically progressive ''Star Wars'' yet, in an age where we desperately need it
  • Your cup runneth over with pathos and bathos
The Soul-Crushing Despair of the Apocaly-SEX!..
  • A Thrilling Conclusion to Naruto and a Solid Beginning for Naruto and Hinata's Relationship
  • Here at the end, we find our salvation...
  • Isn't Hinata supposed to be the hero of prophecy?
  • Not bad, but could have been better
  • A culmination of the good things to make a good thing
  • A good game, but not an exceptional one
  • Amazing story, at the expense of gameplay
  • Barely rose above my low expectations
  • Character Interaction Is Where It's At
  • Definitely rent, DON'T BUY
  • Incredible (some minor spoilers)
  • Naughty Dog had a story to tell, and they told it... well.
  • One of best games ever
  • Probably the most overhyped game in recent memory.
  • Texture and Characters
  • Words to the effect of not impressed.
A good period Drama
  • An epic work, although some complaints.
  • Decent
  • Good, but flawed
  • The Last Son
Unexpected gem
One of the better Halo/Mass Effect crossovers, but still isn't the greatest.
  • A wonderful piece of animated film
  • Great ideas, iffy execution
I laughed until I couldn't breathe
  • Bad characters, bad plot, amazing battles
  • Weirdly addictive
Harry potter fanfic moving comment to reviews
  • League of His Own...
  • Sigh... I have to confess something to you, tropers: I don't like this.
  • Volume I:
op's review
A Hidden Gem - watch it now.
the Review.
One of the best JRPG Gems of Recent Years
One of the greatest underappreciated masterpieces of the fantasy genre.
  • "The Spirit of Competition"--How to do Love Trianlges Right
  • (first season review) Raised expectations causes disappointment
  • (first two episodes review) A very different direction than the first cartoon
  • A Different Taste
  • A fantastic show despite its flaws.
  • A Few Points Short of Greatness
  • A Great, though flawed, show.
  • A worthy sequel that ultimately surpasses its predecessor
  • Almost as good......
  • An inferior dragging sequel
  • An Outside Perspective for Outside Perspectives
  • An overall review of The Legend of Korra....
  • Beginnings
  • Book 1, so far, so good!
  • Book 1: Air - Off and running to a truly excellent start.
  • Book 1: Part Even Better Sequel, Part Decent
  • Book 2 - Spirits: The Avatar-verse season to end all others. ***Spoilers!***
  • Book 3 overall review
  • Book 4 Episode 1 review
  • Brilliant, Inconsistent
  • Digging deeper
  • Disappointment
  • Fascinating, Because it Won't Pull Punches
  • First impressions from someone who didn't watch the first series
  • Flawed fun for the family
  • Frustrating
  • Good, close to great at times, but never groundbreaking.
  • Great and Well Made but YMMV
  • Great start to the new series!
  • I think it's pretty great.
  • I want more
  • In defense of Korrasami
  • Interesting but Stunted: Spoilers
  • It all comes down to the characters
  • Just a Few Words: This is awesome!
  • Legend of Korra-Good, not great.
  • Legend of Korra: Needs more filling!
  • Liked it
  • Living in the shadow.
  • Mediocre.
  • Mini Season Reviews
  • More focused on defying stereotypes than storytelling
  • New Edit: They should have just owned it
  • One Hell of a Roller Coaster Ride.
  • PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS: itty bitty personal character
  • Screwed by the Network the Series
  • Season 1 Retrospective
  • Season 1: A Delight to Watch
  • Season 1: Everything you could ask for and more
  • Season 2- The Dark Knight Rises of the Avatar series
  • Season 3 review (up to episode 10)
  • Season 4 finale: Good, but trips on the finish line
  • So far, it's pretty good.
  • Spirits Season Finale: What???
  • The giant shadow
  • The Legend of Korra episodes 1 and 2 season 3 review
  • The legend of Korra season 4 review
  • Too Many Flaws
  • Unsatisfying, Unfocused, and Utterly Broken
  • Vastly Superior to ATLA
  • Way to Short, but Theres Something
From comments
A wonderful little romp.
  • A great film, but definitely far from magnificent (Spoilers)
  • Decent... but far from Legendary.
Enjoyable fantasy romp
  • Akira Himekawa's A Link to the Past: A fan fiction made manga
  • The Living Legend
  • The Unending Transition
  • A Link to the New Fans
  • If You Loved A Link to the Past, You Will Love This
  • Sequel, remake, or both?
  • Stands on its own
  • A Link to The Past? A Link to Love!
  • Back when Zelda was Metroidvania
  • I SEE why it's great, but just don't feel it
  • Not my cup of tea
  • The graphic novel - AMAZING!
  • A world like no other
  • Freedom of all kinds makes the game
  • Not Perfect, But Almost
  • Requiem for a Legend
  • The Hype Leads To Disappointment
  • Link's jump to the small screen thrills as much today as it did in '93.
  • Perchance to dream...
  • Playing Ages first ruined it for me...
  • A Great Game Let Down by its Own Conceit
  • Alice in Wonderland Gone High-Octane Nightmare Fuel
  • Best. Game. Ever!!
  • Different, and really good.
  • Gotta get that mask
  • I... Could Not Like It...
  • Its novelities no longer hold up for me.
  • Majora's Mask 3D: Daunting, Obtuse, Enraging, Heartrending
  • The Weakest 3D Zelda Game
  • Whimsical and Heartwarming
  • 15 Years and still got the magic!
  • Classic, but there have been better since
  • I seem to be missing something
  • My favorite Zelda game
  • Not as good as everyone says.
  • Still the best? Not really. Still great? Absolutely.
  • Still the Gold Standard
  • Time withers all things, stripping away sepia-toned veneer.
  • Great game overall, but disappointing in a few aspects.
  • One of the best Zelda games. And that's saying something.
  • 9.999 Out of 10
  • Gotta Save Zelda
  • Its like Silent Hill 4, you either love or hate it, or both.
  • Not nearly worth the hate.
  • Not perfect, but not nearly as polarizing as they'd have you believe.
  • Skyward Screaming!
  • Skyward Sword: A Flawed Masterpiece
An Enjoyable Game that Pays Off in the End
A very rewarding film, if you give it a chance
  • A victim of circumstance
  • High Highs Low Lows
  • I Coveted The Wind...
  • It's a good balancing act.
  • Most underrated Zelda game ever.
  • Second Best Zelda Game
  • The first Zelda game I completed
  • A Day in the Life
  • A Series that Ages Like Fine Wine
  • Brilliant.
  • Greatest Hits...
  • One of my favorites.
  • One of the most boring games I've ever had the misfortune of playing
  • Solid Game, but too formulaic.
  • Tolkein Princess
  • Nananananana... BATMAN!!
  • Pure fun ( Possible spoilers )
  • The Batman Movie We Need
  • This Is the Batman We Deserve
  • Amusing with marvellous animation... but there's not much else to love.
  • Hilarious, heart-warming, and beautiful
  • Please no Sequel
  • Possibly My New Favorite Movie
  • Startlingly Good
  • The Theme Song Describes The Movie
  • This is not A Lego Movie, but THE Lego Movie.
It's a LEGO Movie. Of course it's fantastic.
  • An example of why JBern is a professional writer.
  • Good read overall, but flaws emphasized.
  • It takes a good author...
  • What if Harry James Potter was more than he seemed?
  • It is not perfect, but it is very good.
  • The Life
Running out of steam, but I'm here to watch it crash.
  • Decent, albeit unoriginal, mindless entertainment.
  • My Lord, this show is bad. Very bad.
Ailia Sparrowhawk's review
Pretty Enjoyable Overall!
  • Everything wrong with "The Lion King" in 400 words or less (Spoilers) (duh)
  • The Lion King (and a bit of Kimba)
  • Great for all the wrong reasons
  • The Ruler of Animated Films is Now the King of All Fanfics
  • When your work pays off
  • Actually fares better than most DTV Disney sequels
  • Just another bad Disney sequel
The Lions of Gryffindor - Comments
A well-made, faithful adaptation of Andersen's fairy tale
A few good ideas do not a good story make.
Absolutely beautiful and a Must See
Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
  • A nice go at it
  • Great at the start, good towards the end.
The Smart Man's Dystopia
  • AkatsukiDaybreak's review
  • Comartemis' review
  • Kitsu's review
  • Rogue 7's review
Good Feels and Vibes
  • A Jumbled Mess
  • An enjoyable and underrated film
  • Fails at one of its stated goals
  • Good movie. Not OMGAWESOME but good.
  • A breath of fresh air.
  • Imagine infinite worlds, only a step away
Would've rocked ass with another writer
Proof that sometimes you need an extra decade of learning
Style over substance
Loving it so far (21 of 52 chapters in)
  • A new take, and a good read
  • I've seen adult movies with more character depth and developement than this book.
  • So bad it's horrible
  • Actually Fairly Entertaining
  • CartoonBrew called it, it sucks.
  • Decent, but not Outstanding
  • Definitely "Grew The Beard"...
  • Give it a shot. What have you got to lose?
  • I actually like it
  • It's just really boring, okay?
  • It's Mostly Pretty Good
  • It's not that bad, people!
  • My Favorite Show!
  • Pretty Good
  • Review of Series Redo
  • Well...I like it.
  • What a lot of wasted potential (season 1)
  • Disastrous Revision of a Classic Dr. Seuss Story
  • Downgrade As A Whole, But Has Very Good Moments
  • Film-Too much of a good thing
  • Hollywood dumbs down a children's Book
  • How Ba-ah-ah-ah-ad Can It Be?
  • Insultingly Bad
  • Mostly Awesome
  • Not so bad, but could've been much better
  • Surprisingly good/the largest case of your mileage may vary ever.
  • The 1972 Cartoon: Powerful and Memorable
  • Utter garbage
  • A Good Story Burdened By Three Problems
  • A mixed bag
  • The bedrock of the modern fantasy genre
  • Thumbs up
If You Like MMORPGS, You'll Like LOTRO
My Favourite Game of all Time!
The Lost Art of Filmmaking
  • An all around amazing cartoon
  • Fun and cute show
  • More subtle than it seems
  • Nicely Subversive
  • Comment by Comartemis
  • Comment by Tropers/HalfDemonCali
From comments
Comment by Looney Toons
Comment by Skadi
Pandering, Pandering, Pandering and... not much else.
Hauntingly beautiful
Awesome Urban Fantasy AU that will make you want to read new canons
The Mafia King
An amazing children's series and movie, as well as one of my first TV shows
The Maladjusted Seven
GenreSavvy vs. GenreSavvy is very entertaining!
  • op's review
  • Powerful
The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare, G.K. Chesterton
  • Absolutely Brilliant
  • If R. Davies wrote a Firefly episode
I can be very quick about this..
op's review
Comment by [=LionDancer17=]
  • An Ad for the Age of Technology
  • I approve
The Many Secret Origins Of Scootaloo
Great story for fans of Zootopia and Star Trek
  • Awesome book.
  • Simply Amazing
  • The Martian
  • The Martian book/movie
  • An odd mix of things that somehow works.
  • Retrospective, 20 Years On
The mating frenzy
  • A pretentious sub-par action movie
  • Hindsight has made me more objective
  • Obssesions, wishes, and lots of shipping talk
  • The trilogy nobody wanted
Awesome, Except For Giant Ants
Lost and out of breath
Moved comments
Classic 70's Charles Bronson
But what is it ABOUT?
Excellent on their own merits and as a tribute to their subject matter
Quick, take Her Pulse. And the Handbag Too.
Moved comments
After 4+ Seasons, Still a Blast, Still a Lot of Fun
  • An Amazing Fic - except for the end
  • God Awful, Holier Than Thou human exaltation piece.
  • Good ideas ruined by an overly dark final arc.
  • Interesting Concept, Ultimately Flawed Execution
  • M for mature,murder but not mediocre
  • FireBlogger should probably pick a target he's funnier than, which I'm not sure exists, to be frank.
  • Funny, Relatable and Heart-Warming
  • huh
  • Lots and lots of fun.
  • Malcolm In The Middle Lite: Less Edgy, Less Original, And Less Funny, Part 1
  • Malcolm In The Middle Lite: Less Edgy, Less Original, And Less Funny, Part 2
NPC's got stories
  • Good Idea, Bad Execution
  • Incredibly Annoying
Proof That You Need a Hook
A most recommended fic
Creepy and awesome, if you don't mind the ending
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Your Average Snape Lily Fic
  • Great fun
  • One of the best books ever
Comment by Dellanotte
  • Boring Clichés and Obnoxious Characters
  • City of Fallen Angels: Quite the disappointment [mild spoilers]
  • Funniest YA series out there
  • It tries, but... (Books 1-3)
  • One of the most undeservedly hated series there are
  • the pages drip with snark
op's review
  • Fifth-ed?
  • I Broke The Iambic Pentimeter
Niven/Pournelle: An Imbalanced Partnership
Detailed, Good, Not for Everyone
The Worst Thing Based on a Hasbro Product
Review by Tropers/TheWildWestPyro
's Okay, Yeah.
  • A good B+ movie
  • An Enjoyable Film
  • One of Us: the movie
  • Overrated - A human movie with Muppets
One of the most fun shows you'll ever watch
Moved comments
This is insane( in a good way)
Average fic, bad presentation
Is Season Two really that bad?
  • A genuinely good and unbiased reviewer.
  • A Good Reviewer
  • A Man I Deeply Respect
  • A Pretty Decent Reviewer
  • Bad. Very bad.
  • Best low-budget video series on youtube.
  • Both Great and Woeful
  • Divided and Conflicted
  • Enter Review
  • Enter the Crusader
  • Further outlines the flaws of internet critics, only worse
  • Good Reviews Do Not Make A Good Reviewer
  • Good, not great
  • Great Concept ; Needs improvement,
  • He was good once...
  • Hilarious.
  • I think he's a good critic
  • It's like the Nostalgia Critic... except not funny, mature, or entertaining.
  • Just unpleasant.
  • Love the reviews, have mixed feelings on the reviewer
  • Mr.Enter is rude and unfunny
  • Mysteriously Average
  • No matter what, I can at least respect him.
  • Not a good reviewer, at all
  • One of my favorite Internet critics
  • One of my least favourite reviewers
  • Polarizing, huh?
  • Something for Everyone
  • The Linkara of Animation.
  • The Objectivity Sticks in the Throat
  • The Pauline Kael of Nerd Rants
  • Very opinion based as a whole
  • Well, I like him
I'm with Roger Ebert on this one
Sixthing it!
  • Character Development, ahoy!
  • Derivative and predictable, and yet...
  • Interesting concept, great style
  • Lost potential--a boring story.
  • Love/hate protagonist, painful editing and worldbuilding
  • Okay Story, Godawful Sue
  • Polished 'til it Shines, or How to Save a Mary Sue
  • Review of Wise Man's Fear - Now with 50% less Denna
  • Surprisingly realistic fantasy
  • Tantalising and Worse
  • The Name of the Wind: It kinds of works.
  • Why you will probably love The Name Of The Wind, Unless you hate it.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
Review by Tropers/ObsidianFire
Tommy Wiseau Tries Too Hard To Be Tommy Wiseau
(third movie review) Defiling the corpse of the franchise in every way possible
Good...for Naruto fans
  • It will take all of your time
  • The reboot makes what was good even better
Detailed, Deep, and Damn Good!
  • @/{{Nadrixam}}'s review
  • A long running epic that is worth every second of your life you will spend reading it!
  • Tamer's review
  • Absolutely hilarious and worth your while.
  • The Big Lebowski 2.0
Very good series but may be too dark for some
  • Everything but the Love Story (And the Second-Person POV) Works
  • Great Idea for Wedding? Yeah! Good Novel? Nooooooo!
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Absolutely amazing.
  • Great in design, but has some problems
  • It's no masterpiece, but it's a true classic.
  • Mishandled and not well thought out
  • One of this troper's favorites
  • Too Bad This Is Getting Hype Backlash . . .
  • A nice, fun read.
  • from comments
  • Gripping and hard-hitting in more ways than one
  • looks pretty.
From comments
Anonymous review from the Comments section
  • A great fanfic, but not "a fitting end" to this series at all
  • A Nice Work
  • A worthy finale for A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Might as well be Martin himself
  • My words can't do this fic justice.
  • Wow
  • In Defense
  • Lord of the Rings-or "We must do Research"
  • Okay.
  • One of the most relevant analysis of pop culture ever made
  • Typical, Misguided 'Nostalgia' Humor
  • Usual Attempt At 'Nostalgia' Humor
  • A good series with funny humor.
  • A Lovable Nerd
  • A More General Review
  • A shame to online reviewers
  • An Inspiration
  • Definitely better over time
  • Do we really need someone to remember for us anymore?
  • Funny, but inevitably grating
  • Great Character, Wrong Direction
  • He and his Fellow Reviewers
  • He just isn't funny anymore
  • How to make your own Doug Walker video
  • I Can't Decide
  • Legitimately talented, misplaced at times.
  • New Review
  • Not a fan
  • Not Bad, But...
  • Not Entertaining Anymore
  • Osmosis Jones- Get on with it!
  • Star Wars Holiday Special ends with a cop out.
  • The Good and the Bad
  • The Odd Life of Timothy Green
  • The Review Must Go On: A Review
  • Why does TV tropes hate him so much
I am in love
A Fantastic Adaption
  • The Nut Job Review
  • From comments
  • From comments
The Odds Were Never In My Favour
inner circle
The finale: A reflection of the fandom (edited review)
After reading White's retelling of the Arthurian legend, I can see how some call this the greatest fantasy novel of all time.
What is this I don't even...
It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's an overused plot!
Don't waste your time with it, ESPECIALLY if you have read ''Fanfic/ThousandShinji''
Wasted Story Potential
  • Comment by Dune
  • Comment by Generallyawesome
  • Comment by Roo
  • Unattributed comment
Great presentation, lackluster gameplay
  • Good webcomic
  • OOTS - THE Webcomic
  • OotS, Arc 1: Dungeon Crawlin' Fools (1-120)
  • OotS, Arc 2: No Cure for the Paladin Blues (121-300)
  • Simply Incredible
The Oregon Files: Corsair
Wow, I Never Knew this Game was Supposed to be so Hard!
  • First season review: bad may outweight the good
  • Season 1 Review: Excellent
  • Star Trek with a rude sense of humor
  • Star Trek... if it had a bigger budget and Roddenberry played the main character.
Comment by Sithking Zero
  • .
  • Comment by anya1594
The Best Jimmy Neutron Fic I've read
I suppose I should find this offensive, but it's just too hilarious in its ineptitude
Comment by Tropers/{{Sporkaganza}}
This comic could really use a comeback
  • Fair For Its Day And Audience
  • Hilarious
Credible Asian martial-arts fantasy by a white woman from Oklahoma. In 1988. Who'd have thought?
Amazing and realistic to the show
There are many things in the forest...
Historical Revenge Porn...
  • A Strong A Plot with an average B Plot
  • Blue Sky's Magnum Opus and a Labour of Love
  • It's...Good?
  • You're a good movie, The Peanuts Movie!
  • Comment by Elenor
  • The Pearl, John Steinbeck
  • A decent series... Except for the damn 10th book.
  • And so we... wait, what?
  • Flawed?
  • My Guilty Pleasure
  • Penguins of Madagascar
Recommender's obligatory review
  • gotta love it
  • My take on the fish.
Comment by Anonymous
Some Tropes are Overdone
  • A layman reviews...
  • All can be forgiven, except for one thing
  • George Lucas proves he needs a leash, and a firm hand.
  • Not Deserved of the Reputation It Has Received
  • Rwatching This Make Me Happy, Flaws and All!
  • The Phantom Menace - My First Star Wars Film
One of the most wonderful completed webcomics
Genre savy on par with Pratchett
ArcVaranus' review
  • Good, but not on Academy Award level
  • One of the Most Enjoyable Films Ever Made.
  • A treasure from the 90's
  • Fond memories
It sucks.
Ethereal and awe inspiring.
  • I disagree.
  • Refreshing Read
  • Completely illogical
  • Uneven but unsettling and worthwhile.
Raven's Gate
  • Dance Pantsed: Mediocre and unnecessary
  • First two series are excellent by my standards. I want to see more.
  • I See A Funny Cartoon in Your Future
  • Now that I got my DMoS for the Powerpuff Girls out of the way...
  • See Me, Feel Me Gnomey: They tried...
  • The Powerpuff Girls' Big Damn Movie: Spoilers Ahoy!
  • A disappointingly mild version of the original.
  • A rocky start but its not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
  • Horn Sweet Horn
  • Not Bad
  • The Power Of Four Review (spoilers)
  • Are you watching closely?
  • Perhaps Nolan's most underrated work
Admittedly a guilty pleasure
Moved comments
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Fillede Marius
  • Comment by Genmano Ou
  • Comment by Lightninging
Comment by klepto
feral's review
Good but...
feral's review
  • Great
  • Simply amazing
  • Superlatively awesome
Prince of Tennis: Greatest Sports Manga?
  • 2/5, can't recommend in good faith
  • Prince of Thorns
  • A Worthy Addition to the DAC
  • should get more credit
  • The Return of 2-D Animation from Disney
A must-watch
I Could No Longer Tolerate The Books
Love it. Love everything about it.
  • A very compelling read
  • A very dumb story
  • Half-Solved Problem
  • Not all that bad
  • One Hell of a Niche Show
  • Problem Solverz so far... a huge problem.
  • The colors burn my eyes, man.
  • The Problem Solverz is amazing
  • What kind of crap was this?
Comment by Looney Toons
  • Aryashi's review
  • Cinna the Poet's Review
Character and emotion are what keep it from being too trashy
  • Comment by Tsubasafan
  • Well Written
  • Good for the Soul
  • The Prophecy Of The Stones
  • This Book Made Me Want to Throw Up
  • Act II; Falls short of greatness
  • Godlike
  • The Protomen: Depressing, Addicting, Thought-Provoking
Pure bliss!
The Goddamn Punisher
  • An exciting and brutal thriller
  • Some Nice Surprises
  • An affront to the entire superhero genre.
  • Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing
  • Your typical Garth Ennis crap
Repetitive and boring
  • The Purge Would Never Be Allowed To Happen
  • This. Film. Blows.
The Pyrates
The Queen's Return
The most political dragonrider!Harry fanfic ever
Terrific Series
OHHH EMMM GEEE . All hail Gareth
Destined to become a classic...Just not the way they wanted
Comment by {{Tropers/CJCroen1393}}
Kind of Funny
Comment by Marlee Cross
If you have read ''Fanfic/NobodyDies'', don’t bother with this. If you have not read ''Fanfic/NobodyDies'', read that instead.
It's a good Introduction to Fantasy, like ABC
The Redemption Of Gideon Grey
Comment by Sithking Zero
Prince of Fools: The Adventures of Prince Poopie Pants
The Red Tape War - As Reviewed by its EntryPimp
Refreshing break from the saccharine usual
There Is No Review
I Remember This...
Not for someone looking for happy endings, but a worthy read
There May Be Some Collateral Damage
  • A cultural milestone, in more ways than one
  • One of the best shows
op's review
Shining Amaterasu's review
Pretty Entertaining.
  • As a Disney fan, it's not one of my favourite.
  • The only Disney sequel that matters
  • Which one is better? Your Mileage May Very indeed
  • And there you have it
  • I recommend it!
  • Watch it for the animation
Keltena's review
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Pavlovas
Here's what I think
  • The Modern Epic? I think it might well be.
  • The worst of the 2015 Oscar Race...
There Will Be Boredom
  • ''Socii... qui olim viri fortes...''
  • Absolutely Superb!
  • This is series is genius.
Darth's review
from comments
One of the earliest SpaceWhaleAesops, though not completely without merit
Not very good
…Pretty good
Moved comments
Comment by somebody else
  • Bleak and gritty
  • Original and atmospheric; yet overlong and overhyped
  • Terrible, terrible book.
  • The Road review
Sheliak's review
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Tailypo
Pretty Much the Greatest Thing Ever
  • A Hilarious Train Wreck Of A Film
  • A Modern Camp Classic
  • Epic Narm Charm
  • I thought it was alright.
  • Mind-Blowing For the Wrong Reasons
  • So bad its good
The Room Flash Game is pretty good.
kph2pt0's review
Utter, awfully researched, poorly written dreck
A very solid read with minor pacing issues
  • Amazing
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl
What's to dislike?
  • Controversial Review of a fan favourite
  • overhyped, but enjoyable
  • Comment on ''Refugees'' by Clendy82
  • Comment on ''The Windwalker Chronicles'' by Clendy82
  • Comment on ''Thy Kingdom Come'' by Clendy82
  • Documentaries are hard to show when you can only tell.
  • Excellent, For What It Is
  • Meh
  • Some parts are good, others are not.
  • Wasted Potential
  • review of the sandman comic
  • True Myth
An Experienced Writer, and it Shows
The Science of Discworld:Four (Judgement Day)
Annoymous reviews from the comments section
OP's review
I was not impressed
From Comments
What a Girl Reads
  • An animated movie by the numbers
  • I really tried to be positive.
  • I Liked It
  • Uneven, but its heart is in the right place.
  • Utterly Squanders Its Potential
  • ...[[EitherOrTitle or]]: [[Film/DrStrangelove How I Stopped Fawning and Learned to Hate]] the SpaceWhaleAesop
  • Bluth²
Watch Four Episodes Before You Judge It...
Childish? Yes. A Great Read? Yes.
  • Disgusting.
  • No Hugging, No Kissing Proudly Defied
Comment by Snoof
The Little Mermaid, Backwards
  • After ''years'' of HypeAversion....
  • Superbly Polished
  • The most satisfying movie Ive ever seen
Extremely Uncomfortable
  • And the Turtle Moves On...
  • Saying goodbye
  • The Epilogue
Brilliantly filmed, but lacking substance.
Very unique concept, while it lasted
  • Eh...
  • The Shocker: Legit
  • Fai-Mommy's review
  • The Short Life and Death of Ishida Hubert: Review
  • Ryan Lohner's review
  • SalFishFin's review
Good, but the bad shows
  • (arcade game review) What happens when Konami attempts to make an arcade game out of an American animated sitcom?
  • A FranchiseZombie scarier than any Treehouse of Horror.
  • A Great Show
  • Bart the Mother: Great Episode in a Troubled Season
  • End already.
  • Great show but terrible morals
  • Nearing 30 years, ''TheSimpsons'' is still one of the funniest animated series on prime time television
  • Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"
  • Season 2 in retrospect
  • See Homer Run
  • The MMORPG Episode
  • The Simpsons: THE Cultural touchstone
  • Weirdest. Episode. Ever.
  • When it finally ends, it won't be missed
  • Mediocre at best, but funny as hell.
  • Neither Fun Nor Funny
The Simpsons: Hit & Run
  • At least ten years too late.
  • Awesome movie is awesome
  • Nonstop laughter
  • Chihuahua0's Review
  • Ruling the world ... damn it's awesome!
Play With Life -- But is it Worth it?
Comment by sauronlulz
I see a perfectly okay movie.
How those dead men danced!
Just plain boring
His prey are the cold and the dead
"I still hated it. Just not as much."
Smurfy enough, but PLEASE get rid of Patrick Winslow!
Comment by @/KorenSteen
Thanks for shattering my dreams, Mr. Snowman.
Better Than It Looked
  • Betrayal and autophobia have never felt so bland
  • Booooooring
  • Destined to become a Cult Classic: Part I
  • Great movie let down by reality and it's own greatness
  • Man in the Net(work)
  • Much BetterThanItSounds
  • Sad Bee Dad is the best dad
  • Sweet feels
Comment by bubbletea
Moved comments
  • Quite a fun film.
  • Surprisingly Good
  • A Satisfying Read, if one takes a few things with a whole lump of salt
  • Out of the Silent Planet
  • One of finest comic book adaptations
  • The best Spider-Man cartoon, period.
Unforgettable Characters
  • Arrogantemu has much to be arrogant about
  • Spilintered Light Three, Four, and Five
  • A Bad Movie
  • A flawed, but enjoyable experience.
  • Not as strong as the first, but entertaining nonetheless.
  • SpongeBob is GOOD again.
  • SpongeBob reveiw
A review of the SpongeBob movie
  • A damn funny man
  • Cautionary tale
  • Has Spoony burnt out? Yes, and it's pretty sad.
  • How the mighty have fallen...
  • I didn't even know that Spoony even bothered anymore
  • I'm Torn
  • Inconsistent in more ways than one
  • Inspection
  • Just Too Rude To Viewers
  • Long Live The Spoony One
  • Not Worth Anybody's Time
  • Recovering
  • Spoony the "Tyrant"
  • Spoony's Ultima Underworld II review is dishonest
  • Very funny and clever, if maybe a little, well...
  • Well let's see...
  • Where's the Content?
  • Will Spoony Burn Out? Probably. Should He? Maybe.
  • Good Writing, Hamstrung by Contradicting Intentions
  • Story is Good, Style Less So
  • The Stalking Series
  • An American Epic
  • Didn't live up to the Hype
  • I Love this Book
  • Book 1, The Headless Cupid - fun SliceOfLife story about... the occult?
  • Book 2, The Famous Stanley Kidnapping Case - five kids locked in a room, chaos ensues
  • Book 3, Blair's Nightmare - A boy and his enormous dog
  • Book 4, Janie's Private Eyes - fun character makes for fun storytelling
  • A Review....OR IS IT?!
  • Rebelling against narrative brings true freedom (review of original version)
  • The HD Remix: Worth the Money
One of my favorite Silm fics- and I don't even like slash!
First half is good
  • So bad it's incredible, an essential cultural artifact everyone should see.
  • The true Revenge of the Sith!
  • Why?. Just WHY?
Very Good but with some scratches
Great Movie
Easy to admire, hard to love
Not bad but
Cheesiness, Pointless Drama, and Evil Dad, oh my!
  • Mixed feelings
  • Wasted Potential
So awful
A bland, half-assed cash-in with no personality
Bad, but not in a good way.
Fundamentally Uncomfortable
Disney's Sword in the Stone: the beauties and odds of simplicity
Yeah, because we all expect our kids to be better with strangers with riches, right?s
  • flamewolf's review
  • LavanyaSix's review
  • Road to Gehenna DLC review
  • The Talos Principle base game review
  • Very good, but with a few problems...
My Favorite of the Bard's Plays and I'm Not Ashamed
Funny, Silly, and Original
  • Anonymous review from the Comments section\
  • Review by Tropers/DominusTemporis
  • A scary piece of dark fic, but don't read it if you ever want to play the original game again.
  • Amazing Horror Story
  • Excellent
  • great disturbing read!!
  • Awful Chore
  • What a slog
The '90s called, they want their game back.
Anonymous review from the Comments section
great at Horror/Suspense
  • Beautiful but Hollow
  • The Recobbled Cut
Lupin has nothing on Harry Potter
  • A poorly-made prequel to a cult-classic
  • Actionized Prequel
Nearly Perfect
Comment by Mellow T
The Most Emotional Fanfiction I've Ever Read
Sick and Tired
From comments
The Three Musketeers Book: Queer
Comment by {{Tropers/GawkishGirl}}
The Mindbogglingly Complete and Distractingly Long Series of Footnotes with a Comic Attached
Bouncey and Stripedy and Heartachingly Sweet-ed-y
Not bad as Dark Fics go, but still a Dark Fic
So okay it's average
The Traitor's Child
Dated and formulaic, but still enjoyable.
strong silent type with gentle side
Season 1 review
op's review
Meet it is, that the Trigans should be so reviewed herein.
  • 2/10
  • Awesome
Comment by Anonymous
Dark and ugly, not in a good way
From comments
  • Comment by Akatsuki Daybreak
  • Hilarious
Mediocre and uninspired, with one decent plot twist
Ill-thought out and an atrocious message
The flattest of flat characters
A decent concept...
  • A deeply moving tale of one's struggles with accidental mass genocide
  • An amazing tale of drama and sadness.
  • Controversial Opinion: I think it helped
  • Didn't help at all
  • Doesn't Live Up To Hype, But Still Worth the Read
  • Everyone is a single person
  • God, I Love This Story
  • Okay guys, seriously what the hell?
  • Putting Things in Perspective
  • Review
  • Such a beautiful story
  • The Darkest Tale Ever Written
  • They call this a story?
  • Too many people miss the point
Moved comments
  • The first volume
  • Ultimate Avengers Volume 1
From comments
  • A Horribly Broken Umbrella
  • Darkly Enjoyable
  • Revised My Opinion
  • Dragonbored: Good, but not great
  • Some thoughts on The Uncanny Valley
Comment by @/MarleeCross
  • So good, someone even got a prize for copying it
  • The best Rochu fanfic I've ever read
  • A Sick Man's Fantasy
  • Absolutely terrible, in every way imaginable.
  • Pretty good if you don't look for comedy
Team America : the foxnew director's cut
  • Book 1 and beginning of Book 2: Interesting Ideas offset by Canon Defilement
  • Books 1 and 2: An Epic Story, as told by pro wrestling bookers.
The Ursine
  • Jader's review
  • Joysweeper's review
  • lettergirl's review
  • tenoreyequetis's review
  • TheEvilOboist's review
  • Actually pretty good
  • Humanity is a Light Switch
  • Overrated. I know, right?
  • Pretty, but the story is only okay and the gameplay is very minimal
  • Short, Surreal and Spectacular
The finale: What was the point?
Comment by Tikigod784
Plot and characters not up to the drawings
  • One of [Adult Swims] finest animated shows.
  • The best written show (animated or otherwise) on TV
Moved comments
  • A chilling take on one of the series' most terrifying (and untouched) aspects.
  • Canonic and Scary as Hell
Okay, but the book did it better
Just get in a goofy mood and enjoy the live action Looney Tunes antics
  • Season 2 needs a dub
  • Validation!!
The best written novel to have left me unmoved
Little Better Than A Beast Indeed
A masterpiece
  • Sea. The Final Frontier.
  • Streamlining the Dawn Treader
  • The New Movie: Lost Its Charm in the Polishing
  • A Middling Soap Opera for Dudes.
  • Decisions instead of Choices - A look at the mechanics
  • Good story, but think before you buy the game at full price.
  • One of the best storytelling experience ever... If you only play it once
  • Season 2 - Soulless, Vacant and Ugly; Duck Won't Remember This
  • Season 2: Utter Shit (spoilers)
  • Serious Contender for GOTY
  • This is One of The Best Adaptations in Years
  • Better than they say it is.
  • Not worth the current price of $50.
Isn't this where... We came in?
A Floundering Concept that Goes Nowhere
Shaping up to be a Great Fanfic
Shaping Up to be a Great Fanfic
The Warded Man
War of the Ancients
SalFishFin's review
It's taken down! By the author.
Bølgen (2015) review.
Simply Amazing
  • I give up
  • Not at all
Read It
Eon: a Massive Success
  • Amazing, original movie!
  • The Best Movie EVER!!
Comment by Marlee Cross
Weird Al?! Not Funny!? Say It Ain't SO!
Good at the start but it drops off.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by emmaliza
  • A curate's egg
  • Good overall, with some flaws.
  • The Dragon Reborn
  • What can I say? I love this series
  • Wonderful Despite Flaws
The Whiteboard
try it, you won't be disappointed
Comment by Tropers/PunkReader
Pound for 500 ENGLISH POUNDS, the greatest instrumental rock band of all time.
A different sort of horror
Tropers/StudiousJones's Review
  • A Beautiful Swan Song for Hayao
  • An Imperfect Beauty
  • Ghibli's Frankenstein Monster
  • Heartful.
A ludicrously perfect film.
Anoymous review from the comments section
  • 'cuz this is FILLER! Filler Niiight...
  • Entirely too much of fairy dalliances and european tai chi.
  • The Art of Travelling Without Actually Going Anywhere
  • The Wise Man Better Stop Farting Around
One Of My Favorites
I couldn't sleep over the noise of my neighbor beating his wife last night
Masterwork of fantasy role-plays.
An Awkward Juggling Act
Review of The Witch in Winter
A game only for the very patient and very intelligent people.
Great story.
By @/TheEnmityOfAges1994
Too Much of a Good Thing
A good and well-written fanfic about Tails and the Wolf Pack
  • Absolutely phenomenal (SPOILERS)
  • An Absolute Classic (Warning: Spoilers)
  • Great Wolverine Movie, Bad Everything Else
  • Pretty stereotypical movie
  • Strangely dated
Well, at least they tried
Fun, frustrating, and very creative
A Very Odd Little Thing
A timeless rumination on growing up.
  • This Ain't Your Grandpa's JRPG...
  • Welcome to Shibuya...
  • A Clever New Look at the Harem Genre
  • A fun manga series with a sudden, premature, ending
  • Anime Review: {{Cerberus Syndrome}} Strikes Again
Sturgeon's Law: The Playing
amazing multiple realities/parallel worlds fic
  • A bit up and the it went tumbling down
  • Kalaong's review
  • shaun's review
Captures the universe's spirit well.
  • Anne is a parasite and this series is her riverside
  • Anne Onymous is obviously writing wishfulfillment.
  • El Goonish Shive for sociopaths
  • It got good only too late.
One of the best dark MLP stories there is
Genuinely hilarious and incredibly witty.
  • "The X Files" series
  • The Truth is out there...
Loss and What Remains
Good story
Interesting, but Only Just
OP's Review
The Mystery Of Conan Edogawa
The marriage of punk and slapstick: Anger is an energy!
Young Stag with a Bright Future
  • Better than Fox, but not by much
  • Decent Show for News.
  • Fox News for the liberals
  • We need more shows that will do this!
  • Eight Deadly Words
  • Passes, But There's a Low Standard
  • Worth a read, but nothing special.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by bradpara
Couple minor problems
A fantastic read from start to end
shaun's review
  • Depends on how much you love the other Thief games
  • Dishonored Thief: Solid Creed
  • Not Worth the Wait
  • So Ok it's Average
[=T2X=]: THE Superlative Fan Project
One of the Best
Review by Shadow AI
Absolutely hilarious.
  • Jetfire's review
  • melloncollie's review
feral's review
Title goes here
Original Comments
  • Didn't they even test this series before they released it?
  • One of the best Irate Gamer parodies.
Undead? More Like Brain-Dead
  • A Compelling, Emotional Tragedy
  • Like An Inspector Calls, Only 11 Hours Longer
  • Black Charizard's review
  • TheEvilOboist's review
  • A triumph
  • Glorious
Overrated slightly
  • Everything you could ever want in a fanfic
  • The Self-Insert Premise done RIGHT
  • Thoughts on
  • @/{{Yoyoddd}}'s review
  • feral's review
The Thin Blue Line
  • A Galleon with two sides
  • A Mixed Bag
  • Unsure...
  • Interesting.
  • Pavlovas' review
  • I like it
  • Some good parts but they never come together
"I will kill you for firewood"
Well-written fusion with good character plot
Too Many Characters, Poorly Developed Setting,
  • A fun flick, even if not for the reasons you'd think
  • An entertaining movie
  • Cliche, but in a Positive Way
  • Good but Far from Perfect
  • It is what it is, and a little bit more.
  • Kenneth Branaugh returns to Scanadanavia and fails
  • Let's talk about Loki
  • My kind of movie
  • Stupid, But Awesome
  • The Lion King but Average-er
  • Thor is an absolutely atrocious movie.
  • A ''Thor'' Film For People Who Don't Like ''Thor'' Flims, or why this is the best movie I've ever hated.
  • A good movie, and definitely fun, but it doesn't live up to its potential.
  • A great slapstick parody of Thor
  • Disappointing, Part One
  • It's fun as hell and that's... that's fine. That's fine. Totally fine. Fine.
  • Better than other Marvel animated projects, but still lacking.
  • Marvel's Best Animated Feature...which isn't Saying Much
  • A good film the first time around.
  • As different as Asgard and Earth
  • Enjoyable, depending on how much you mind the flaws
  • Good but a little lacking
  • Succeeds on Snarkery
Got me to ship Bellartix with Hermione
  • Ace of Scarabs's review
  • Blank Mage's review
Good case fic
  • Comartemis' review
  • EarthScorpion's review
  • GentlemensDame883's review
  • The End of All Your Fun
  • Religion theme is rapidly drowned out
  • Thou Shalt Not Read This Fic
  • A Good Book, But Not as Good as the Originals
  • This is not the ''Thrawn'' you are looking for...
This is awesome.
Showing that Female OCs are okay!
Comment by R.G.
from comments
Review by Nerdman3000
Three Fugitives (1989)
  • 150% style, -50% substance.
  • Meh...
Whats a Grecian Earn, Anyway?
Surprisingly solid!
Good Idea, Imperfect Execution (New Danganronpa V3 Spoilers!)
Three Steps Back, Shuffle On
For Hardcore Masochists Only