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Ace of Scarabs's review
The little witch
  • Perhaps you mean 'Letters From The Northern Continent'?
  • Uhhhh...what?
Good thing the only one is a good one.
The first time I actually liked a Hunger Games AU
An Intriguing Read
  • A Wizard's Dark Destiny
  • Classic RPG with great gameplay, but poor story
  • The Game Most Deserving of a Remake
A tale of truth and sadness
Comment by Roo
  • Be still my heart
  • Brass Fantasy
  • Comparing anime and manga
  • First Season; Early charm to later convolution
  • For The Manga
  • Sailor Moon: Jumped the Shark too soon.
  • Shallow, pandering, and ultimately boring
  • The anime was better.
  • There's something about Sailor Moon...
  • Beyond the Crystal Millennium
  • Comment by da fox22
  • Comment by Looney Toons
  • Comment by Roo
  • Being loud and random doesn't necessarily make you funny
  • Good or Bad? The answer is... well, both.
  • I Like It...
  • Ignore the other two reviewers they don't have any clue what their talking about
  • Okay,love it but
  • Revenge of the Dub Oppresed! Or; It's a Comedy, Think Riffing for Bad Dubs
  • Rewards watching the whole thing
  • Season 1
Very confusing.
  • Disappointing
  • Mary Sue Power, Make Up!
  • Sailor Moon is Pretty...and thats about it.
  • Third Arc is Completed
  • Comment by Dune
  • Comment by Fusionmix
  • No idea why this does not have its own page yet.
  • Comment by Endless D
  • Comment by Ms. Byrd
Comment by Miss Tanglewood
  • Comment by Dune
  • Comment by Raekuul
  • Comment by Roo
  • Actually Quite Good
  • Its Kind Of Silly.
  • Not bad at all
  • Not perfect, but still very good
  • Not too bad, not too good either.
Comment by dnzrx
Confusing, yet oddly addicting
Saint Georgius is awesome!
  • Disappointing to say the least
  • Gonna need an Athena Exclamation for this film.
Saint Seiya: Animated Fanfiction Edition!
Grand Theft Auto raises the bar. Saints Row 2 holds that bar to it's crotch and pretends it's a cock.
  • Finally, a good game.
  • Marginally Better Than 3
Blasphemy Has Never Been Funnier
Gross, disturbing, entertaining, and short-lived
  • An unlikely concept done well, but not perfectly
  • Great, Underrated Anime
  • Mahjong... Interesting...
Improving on the Original
A good story with an awkward execution
  • First episode review
  • The super-gay lovechild of AzumangaDaioh and MinamiKe
  • Cherry Blossoms Falling
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by dr_schreaber
  • Not a Bunch of Random Things
  • Not as 'horrifying' as it sounds./Or perhaps it is.
Comment by Looney Toons
  • @/GosuroriOtaku's review
  • Average, No More, No Less.
  • Chihuahua0's Review
  • Marlee Cross' review
A triumph of emulation
  • First Spin-Off Series of two of my favorite shows
  • Horrible in almost every aspect of the word
  • Pilot Review - Schneider Is Wronger Than Ever.
  • So what do I think thus far?
The Devil's Playhouse Review
Obscure, a little odd, and rather good
  • Comment by Weird Kev 27
  • One Little Problem...
Not really sure what to make of it.
  • A work of visual brilliance, Tartakosvky style
  • Season 5 - Decent, but could have been better.
  • Season 5 Review
Freakazoid has a new room mate.
Fun with a small caveat
  • ItGetsBetter [[GrowingTheBeard Every Time!]]
  • Not bad..
  • people need to give this a second chance
A mess, but I sort of like it.
Sar-go away
Moved comments
Absolutely hilarious
Somehow, adding youkai actually made Pokémon more realistic
  • A waste.
  • Disgusting and Mind-Numbing
  • If you have issues with swearing, sex, or stereotypes, you will hate it. Otherwise, you will probably like it.
  • So egregiously foul, the respective levels of stupid and hate are actually wrestling with each other for the number one spot.
Comment by [=BabyPink=]
Amazingly Well Done
Had meta potential, but ruins it by being pretentious
The fic that was waiting to happen
  • This "classic" is a real SNAFU
  • Whether in potrayal, tone, or message, Saving Private Ryan is a true masterpiece.
  • "The Dual Perspectives of Saya no Uta" by Eternal
  • I Shall Call this Review "Flesh Light"
  • Nice story, but not perfect.
  • Brilliant concept, bad execution.
  • Deliciously dark humour
  • Funny, but...
  • It is exactly how it seems
  • Sly, dark, subversive, original
  • Sure not to leave you in Despair!
As the "orngjce223" mentioned in the series...
  • Season 1 is really promising
  • The pilot - an idiot's idea of clever
  • Worth It
Fascinating, Terrifying, and Really Cool
  • I Can't Recommend This...
  • So-so...good in some ways, iffy in others
  • UltraSonic007's review
Exceed to Excess
  • CaellachTigerEye's review
  • Very Good
From comments
LittleSerge's review
New Editions Are [[BetterThanItSounds Better Than They Sound]]
Willbyr's review
Comment by [=ZeldaQueen=]
  • A review that is actually somewhat positive.
  • Ended up praying for a SchoolDays ending
  • School Days (Or How I Learned Even I Have Limits)
  • School Days - Better Than It Sounds
  • School Days HQ - Play it, forget the Anime
  • The true benefit of "No"
  • Well. Haters gonna hate.
  • What the Hell, Man?
  • Yeah, It Is As Bad As Everyone Says It Is
An old idea done well.
An Educational Show In The Best Way
  • Good Short Story
  • Mildly Disturbing But Awesome Ending
Schwarzenegger month was overall great, and did redeem the "Santa Christ" joke.
An Underrated Psychological Drama
  • Eeeeeh
  • It's good, but falls short of great.
  • Love It or Hate It
  • Mystery Inc. Magnum Opus of the Scooby Doo Franchise
  • Seriously Too Good To Last
  • The franchise finally embraces itself
  • The Scooby-Doo People Should Want
Has no business being as good as it is.
Pretty heartwarming, but stumbles over itself occasionally.
  • Enjoyable "Lower Decks" Story
  • Red Cedar's review
Comment by Sackett
>From comments
Comment by Bryalba
  • (game review) Fun Retraux brawler, but seriously needs tweaking
  • Austenesque
  • Depending on how much you look into it
  • Great art with subpar storytelling.
  • Love is a Battlefield
  • Meh.
  • The Fourth Wall has been blown up and raped. You'll probably like it.
  • "She has the capacity to geek..."
  • A movie for the Peter Pan, gaming, digital generation. Who might be broke and going nowhere.
  • A Unique Style elevates a formulaic story
  • Characterization sacrificed for plot
  • Genuinely Hilarious, With Genuinely Underdeveloped Characters
  • How Adaptations Should Be Done
  • I Love it But That's Just Me
  • It was good
  • Should have been awesome, but tears itself apart.
  • Takes some getting used to
  • The film is overrated, and the book less so.
  • Very Spirited, But Ultimately Heartless
  • Anonymous review from the Comments section
  • Neato
Annoymous review from the comments section
  • Anonymous review from the Comments section
  • Anonymous review from the Comments section
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Minimalism
  • Woah... does everyone read this?
  • apocalypse princess: a review of scrapped princess
  • Charming and optimistic (anime review)
Appropriately Creepy, Despite Its Age
Liked it
Its held back by Its times but same can be said about the movies.
Picking apart television, brick by brick
  • Actually, the drama is what makes it great
  • Save yourself the mood whiplash and just watch the funny clips on youtube.
  • The very definition of nimble
  • There is too much drama in my comedy.
Doesn't do justice to the heavy subject matter.
CaellachTigerEye's Review
Highly Enjoyable . . . with the right attitude
  • "Something so ridiculous have no business being so good"
  • It sounds like crackfic, but it's so much more.
  • Marlee Cross' review
  • YMMV
Tropers/TroperAnon's Review
  • Highly recommend
  • Pretty good, improving with each chapter
Second Chances
  • Comment by Dune
  • Comment by Roo
A Great Crossover That Solves a Difficult Problem
Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
It's the best fanfic I've ever read.
for secret girlfriend
  • "Secret Mountain Fort Awesome" is NOT awesome.
  • Cartoon Network, I am ashamed of you
  • Its a great show!!!
  • Secret Mountain Fort Awsome is a nice show, but not great.
The Definitive All-American RPG (beware spoilers)
  • A Different Jack-centric
  • Worth the read, but needs some editing.
  • Your Mileage May Vary
Comment by TheDopplerEffect
Silly attempt as a fangirl visual novel
Comment by Catelyn
Promising first half, letdown second
Comment by Akatsuki Daybreak
I like it.
  • A series held back by glaring flaws
  • Three games, none of them of them exceptional
A series that might scare some people off at first glance
  • In-depth review just because this is good and still ongoing
  • More Ikuhara than Ikuhara
  • Seinen Kakumei Utena: A Must-Read!
Great Show
Trying To Hard To Be Funny
One of the Most Realistic Yaoi Series Out There
right hand from behind: a review of sekien no inganock
Well Done Surprise
I Wish You Don't Cry (Infected and Spread review)
  • Epic Movie
  • Even my Computer hated it....
  • ItsNotSupposedToWinOscars: The Creators
  • James Cameron, please take notes.
  • op's review
  • Semper Victoria
  • Brickman's review
  • Mirrinus's review
Sengoku Basara > Samurai Warriors?
Feebly Connected through Song
OP's Review
  • 2/5, Great concept, questionable directing
  • I like the cocks!
  • Season 2
  • The ''Literature/StrangerInAStrangeLand'' of our generation
  • What works, /works/.
Sentai School. Awesome series.
Interesting, to say the least
  • Amour Eternal
  • Death Vulcan no Fuuin
  • Kaguya Shima Densetsu
  • Kakyuu-Ouhi Kourin
  • Le Mouvement Final
  • Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth
  • Sailor Moon S - Usagi - Ai no Senshi e no Michi
  • Shin - Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi - Last Dracul Jokyoku
  • Shin Densetsu Kourin
  • Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu
  • Starlights - Ryuusei Densetsu
  • Transylvania no Mori
  • Un Nouveau Voyage
Highly recommended!! Very beautiful and amazing!
  • Gave it a chance, major ValuesDissonance. Not recommended for franchise newcomers.
  • Not all that impressed.
  • The Film Serenity Only.
  • A show good enough to seduce bored housewives with...
  • Pretty overrated, quite frankly.
  • Yep, it is weird, and not easy to catch
At least they got a series finale out of it.
  • Excellent
  • Marlee Cross' review
op's review
Nostalgia for ALL
  • Excellent story
  • Not Sure What They Were Going For
  • Alacron's review
  • Horngeek's review
General torture fic
Hard SF, shame about the plot
feral's review
Angsty Yet Uplifting
A vile, reprehensible film.
  • History and Fiction combine for a useful bit of education
  • It was good over all
  • Who knew 1776 was such an amusing year?
Voldemort level powers+insanity+all seven years of Harry Potter
7th Heaven
A brilliant read
  • Joysweeper's review
  • LavanyaSix's review
  • Kari's review
  • Unsigned review
My Favorite Online Critic
A Recommended Classic
An Admittedly Harsh, Yet Semi-Loving Review of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Tropers/StudiousJones's Review
Funny that it calls itself a Metroidvania.
The Many Deaths of You: The game
  • Koudelka
  • Shadow Hearts
  • Shadow Hearts: Covenant
  • Shadow Hearts: From the New World
  • An Aesthetic Accomplishment with Good Gameplay - I'd like to see more games like this
  • How far would you go?
  • It's worth getting for the novelty and aesthetics, but actual gameplay is a matter of taste
Creepy rather than scary horror adventure
@/{{Stratagemini}}'s review
A great mix of politics and character development
  • feral's review
  • Suspenceful story
  • Dragonfall (Director's Cut)- a Blast from the Past
  • Know What You're Getting Into
  • A playable shooter with a fun satire
  • Almost Unplayable
  • An Enjoyable Game
  • It's good to see I'm not alone in enjoying this.
  • Please don't kill me for writing this. Please?
  • So why does everyone hate this game?
  • Wait A Minute... People Actullay Hate this Game? (Please be Kind)
  • Would this game still be so poorly reviewed if it weren't a Sonic game?
Shaggy And Scooby Doo Get A Clue
  • An Apologist for ''Final''
  • Quite honestly the worst anime I've ever seen.
  • Well that was... weird. -.-
Review for Shall We Dance
  • Review for Shall We Dance
  • So cute!
Shaman King- A below-average story
  • antvasima's review
  • Pata Hikari's review
Great Classic
Better That I Thought It Would Be
Remember When You Still Liked Fairy Tales? (Mainly A Review Of The Bayern Books)
(Shantae and the Pirate's Curse review) A good game held back by uneven difficulty and some other flaws
By Ramona122003
Comment by Elenor
Shards To a Whole
Disapointing, but not without merit.
Artistic License Everything
Surprisingly Good
What Happens When Dreamworks Gets Arrogant
  • Not That Bad
  • What did you expect?
Okay, who let Arkanoid have Havok Physics?
  • By @/{{Comartemis}}
  • By @/{{Rivenscryr}}
GM_Ace's review
Comment by NoSuchMethodError
An emotionally-charged, DarkerAndEdgier ragefic/fanfic aimed at provocation and gutless shock factor
  • A good story with flaws
  • The story that changed everything I thought about Yaoi
(Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil miniseries review) A great start, but too bad it was just that - a start
from comments
25 Snapshots in the Life of Xena
  • Children Of The Lamistas
  • Children Of The Lamistas
  • Children Of The Lamistas
A Piece of Gaming History
Comment by LittleMissSophie
  • Bitter medicine
  • Don't knock it until you try it
  • Genius of the evil kind
  • My intro to the world of T.V tropes and internet. a rare 5 out of 5
  • One of the Most Surprising Shows I've Ever Seen.
  • Season 4: Pointless Dithering
  • The Best Adaptation....So Far
  • This is the Sherlock You've Been Looking For
  • Brilliant
  • Can't shake this old familiar feeling...
  • Game of Shadows
  • Game of Shadows: Much Better Than The First
  • Game of Shadows: slick, dumb, incongruous cash-grab
  • Pretty damn cool
  • S'alright.
  • To keep it brief, from a Holmes fan... the movie.
  • Two (great) stupid movies about smart people
Comment by Roach Patrol
  • In the name of all creative works, SOMEBODY STOP THE PUNS!
  • Pretty Good
Short But Sweet
A Solid Yet Misunderstood Story
don't call me kitty!: a review of shikkoku no sharnoth
Comment by Sharp8394
F*ck YEAH!!
Very Well Done
  • Amazing
  • An eerily intricate gem.
  • Brilliant and Addictive
  • I can't believe this crap.
  • Simply not for me.
Shining Force vs Fire Emblem
Comartemis' review
Amusing. Worthwhile.
  • Hanz's review
  • LooneyToons' review
  • Nightraid's review
  • Sneebs' review
Willbyr's review
  • Byakugan01's Review
  • Sneebs' review
  • Tacitus's review
  • What happens when you take a horrible, Pretentious Series and proceed to make it awesome Via Warhammer
  • Willbyr's review
  • A More Critical Look at the Mainline Series
  • One of the greatest and most thought provoking RPG series today
  • Shallow, Pretentious Stories, Archaic Gameplay
  • Shin Megami Tensei
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Why it's amazing
Shin Megami Tensei 1: A Hidden Gem, weathered by time.
  • A Simple Strength
  • A very substantial JRPG that sucks you in and doesnt let go
  • An Unpopular Opinion
  • The Best JRPG on the Planet, bar none.
Something we find.
  • A diamond and a pile of garbage all in one package.
  • Actually really good, but you'll need to play the one before for it to make sense
  • Persona filling, but SMT at the bone
*Click* Per-So-Na! *BANG*
Definitely Strange!
  • Comment by Darth Lord
  • Not Sure if Want? 5/10
  • A good read once you hit the Grand Line
  • Naruto Stuzumaki Sails the High Seas
  • YMMV, quite heavy on the Gary Stu
Extraintrover's review
An odd one
  • Ditzy Doo, shipper on deck!
  • Funny, sweet, and involving
Moved comments
A challenging, but ultimately conquerable roguelike.
I didn't cry...Because I held the tears back.
An Unlikely Hit
Shit My Dad Says; Proof that CBS recycles its other sitcoms
  • Comments
  • Seconded
Actually Pretty Good On Its Own Terms
A good cooking manga that gets by with cliched characters (up to the end of the Fall Classic)
My Number One Favorite Anime Ever: Shounen Onmyouji!
So Yeah...
Comment by Vitruvius
Short and amusing
A robot flipped me off
  • Maxi1234's review
  • Yuite's review
Comment by Looney Toons
Moved comments
  • Plague of Shadows (3DS version)
  • Retro done (mostly) right
  • Fairy Tales just got better
  • Good, Great, Meh, Good
  • It's like an hour and a half long headache
  • Okay... Awesome... Okay.
  • Shrek the Musical: Actually really good
What an awful movie.
  • slain's review
  • totlmsr's review
Black Charizard's review
  • Formulaic But Not Bad
  • Okay Start, Good Ending
A fun show for those who don't have anything better to do.
  • Krogzilla - A Work-Com with {{Kaiju}}
  • Pubertina -a diamond in the rough
  • A good story, all in all.
  • unsigned review
  • Comment by Archangelunmei
  • Review
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by [=GintaxAlvissforever=]
Silenced By The Lamb
  • CaellachTigerEye's review
  • speed writing
  • (movie review) Not scary, but interesting, and enjoyable
  • Shaky plot, a let down for fans, but great visual effects
  • One of the greatest games out there
  • [=ThEre WaS a HoLe HeRe=]
  • Functional, but disappointing
  • It's worthy!
  • Worst Silent Hill game so far.
  • Worthy of the name 'Silent Hill.'
Fantastically Creative
  • A completely different take on Silent Hill, that's not even in the same genre
  • A very heavy case of YMMV
Nothing more I can say. (And perhaps some clarification?)
  • Episodes 1-5, Series 1 and 2: Drink is the Barristers Defence
  • The Finales: What the Frig Were They Thinking?
As brilliant as the first
Chicken Little - Extremely funny and awesome
White Hats, Black Hats, lighthearted adventure
Comment by fas
The AnimatedAdaptation - Better than the books?
Is it a small world after all?
we were all maidens once: a review of simoun
H/C at its best
  • Painfully Obvious Wish Fulfillment
  • Sorry. [[YourMileageMayVary My mileage varied]].
Simply Rarity?
Simply one of the best fanfics I've seen for this show yet.
loracarol's review
A Dame To Kill For - 8 years too late.
Comment by Zadia
  • Incredible storytelling, horrible politics.
  • Patchwork
  • Self-righteous in all the wrong places.
  • Sinfest Review
A fun movie, even if not original whatsoever
Classic-style musical
  • Comment by Fuzzles
  • Review
The Scariest Movie I've Ever Seen
A PSA: Read it from the beginning
@/LadyLucy's review
Comment by District12Trib
False Advertising... IN SPACE!
Sonic the Hedgehog the Porcupine the Guinea Pig
Worth The Wait
  • A Definite Must-Read
  • Excellence Achieved
  • Home run through and through
  • hits a primal fear all too well, chilling
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Good, but uneven
  • Without a Doubt, the King of Complexity
  • Inexcusable Garbage
  • Would have been better if they didnt use teen stereotypes
Start out okay but still have its ups and downs.
Mood swings galore. Hilarious to shocking.
Enjoyable fluff, but lacking substance
Comment by Musicrox4ever
  • boomslangvenom's review
  • OP's review
The best Toshiro Hitsugaya origin story by far
A Welcome Return
"Love Me"? Gladly.
Doesn't live up to "Worst Music EVER" Reputation
Books 1-3
  • For the Elite
  • One of the most accessible fighters
  • Very fun fighter
Good Game, No (game breaking) Technical Issues
  • Best Bond Ever?
  • Half bad
  • I hate Casino Royale less, now it pathed the way for Skyfall
  • Incredible.
  • Meh.
  • Newcomer's Review
  • Spoilers--ye be warned
  • The End of an Era
  • An entertaining way to spend an hour and a half
  • Sky high review
Lots of potential, but crippled by its devotion to the Status Quo
It's fine I guess, but I kinda hoped more...
A bit expensive. (3DS Version)
  • Probably one of the worst films I've ever seen
  • Skyline is a bad movie
I didn't enjoy it
Thank goodness TheEighties are over, and this awful thing too.
Not Magnificent, but Maleficent
Mew24Ever's review
Absolutely brilliant for people who've been to Hong Kong. For others... not so much.
4/5 Stars
Comment by Anonymous
Teen Cliche Storm? No thanks.
  • Awesome Pilot
  • Compelling, but distractingly bad writing.
  • Pilot Review - Epic and Awesome.
  • Sleepy Hollow Season 1 - My Head Doesn't Roll, It's Blown
Comment by @/HotHeadedAstronomer
  • Comment by [=AddieC=]
  • The term 'one-trick pony' comes to mind.
Spoiler heavy: A different style of horror
And the plot thickens
  • guessmyname's review
  • Lee's review
Review of the 0.3.6 version
A Perfect Series
Entertaining to some people, just not to me
not that bad actually
  • FatRat's review
  • kiapet's review
  • Ronka87's review
  • TheEvilOboist's review
  • An amazing epic of a singular life
  • Why would someone decide to sit through this?
A True Masterpiece
  • A Perfect Return to Sly Cooper...Mostly.
  • Love it and hate it.
Comment by Kaza999
  • A different twist to the Mythos
  • A few more "whines"
  • A truly inspiring journey of a hero
  • Absolute tripe
  • My Impressions So Far- Smallville Seasons 1-3: Haha very funny Smallville, now where's the real show?
  • Pilot Review
  • Not Perfect, But Damn Close
  • Possibly the Best Machinima Out There
An Epic Win for Anonymous Lulz Pedobear Chan
My favorite MOBA.
  • Sackett's review
  • ShayGuy's review
The Tale of Smoke Wisps
Yet another case of misadvertising
  • Not funny at all, but at least entertaining
  • Smosh Review
Snakeskins will rip your heart
  • Exactly what you'd expect
  • I liked it
  • A movie you'll want, and need, to watch multiple times.
  • An improved Lock Stock
  • Fetch the Diazepam
  • simple fun
Anonymous review from the Comments section
Anonymous review from the Comments section
Sad sad sad
A nice little animation, if in need of a bit of polish.
Moved comments
  • Beautiful, brutal and occasionally bizarre.
  • One of the best science fiction epics of all time!
  • Over-rated.
  • Good ideas ruined by poor execution
  • Hilarious
  • Not bad, but not great
  • Prince Caspian and the 13 Warriors
  • The only mouth open in the entire theater was Kristen Stewart's
  • Would be far better with a different lead actress
  • A good installment, but not up to Sir Terry's snuff
  • A mediocre book, by the series' standards
  • As good as Going Postal and Thud! Can praise be better than that?
  • Belisaurius' review
  • CaellachTigrEye's review
  • Fantastic
  • This. Fanfic.
  • Doc Astaroth's review
  • Timeskipper's review
great casefic
Quirky, campy, and fun to watch
Lord of the Rink
A film as slow as whoever greenlit it.
The only One Piece shipping fic I can get behind
  • Review by {{Tropers/Maniette}}
  • Review by {{Tropers/Tabs}}
  • Comment by Zefire
  • Comment by [=DontQuestionIt=]
Comment by Statuess
Soma or: How I Learned to Stop Comparing It To Amnesia and Love the Plot
Some Jokes, but there's a reason for Hatedom
One of my favorite reviewers.
As personal as trains and drumbeats
Comment by Anonymous
The definitive Jacqueline/Siroc fanfic
OP's Review
Not bad, Etna is somewhat Sue-ish
My Favourite Webcomic
  • JBlaze's review
  • lettergirl's review
Review by Green Goblin
@/CrypticMirror's review
from comments
Really beautiful game!
Apparently this is what used to pass for "feminism"
  • Not racist, just not good.
  • See This Movie, If You Can Find It
Comment by Roach Patrol
  • Michael Bay does Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Where's The Fun?
The peak of the series and a triumph
  • Awesome for its time, fairly decent now
  • Great play mechanics, ambitious design, broken execution, but still fun
  • Sonic Adventure DX
  • This game is good, and it's faults are more acceptable for the time than the 2003-2009 games.
  • 3D Sonic that plays closer to the Genesis games, but not quite there yet
  • Classic (No Pun Intended)
  • Good, but overrated
  • Nostalgia doesn't apply here
  • One of the most overrated games I've ever played.
  • One-third Great
  • Sonic Adventure 2
  • The High Point of the Sonic Series
  • Very fun but I prefer the first one
Has its faults, but a lot of fun at its core.
Sonic After The Sequel
  • Best Sonic cartoon to date
  • By Us, For Us
  • Color me impressed...and maybe blue.
  • It Takes A Village To Defeat a Hedgehog
  • Lots of Potential but Lacking Polish
  • One of the worst shows i've ever seen
  • Pretty Funny So Far. Could Use Some Work Though.
  • Season 2- Improvement!
  • Shattered Crystal, not what I was expecting...
  • Slapstick Sonic Is Best Sonic
  • Terrible
  • The Demo Itself Was Horrible
  • This isn't a Sonic cartoon, it's a sitcom with Sonic in it!
  • A decent RPG
  • Leave it to BioWare to save the sonic franchise!
  • A Superb Addition to the Sonic Series
  • An adventure of colorful proportions! (Wii Version)
  • Bought this used. Who'd be dumb or picky enough to sell it so soon?
  • Good Game; overhyped
  • Like a controllable rollercoaster ride with many alternate paths
  • Meh
  • Overrated
  • Sonic Colors
  • Sonic Team has finally gotten their shit together
  • The Good and the Bad
  • The Real Rebound
  • The Real Sonic 4?
  • [Wii] Amazing looking, fun game with a lovely OST. Forget the Sonic Cycle!
  • Great satirical Art from people that are obviously Sonic fans
  • Many. Many horrors.
  • Scarier than most Sonic creepypastas.
  • Enjoyable, yet Disappointing
  • What happened?
  • A fitting birthday gift for the blue blur
  • A fun but underwhelming anniversary (3DS version review)
  • A step backwards from Sonic Colors
  • Great nostalgic blend of past and present, but could have been more
  • A great installment to the Sonic Series.
  • A mediocre, half-baked experience.
  • Not horrible, but disappointing nonetheless.
  • One Of The Worst
  • Underrated Gem
Oh Dear God No.
  • A good modern Sonic game, not quite great.
  • Fun Game and Beautiful Music
  • Mario: Lost World
  • Nice Game....Then What?
  • A Diamond in the Rough
  • Does a lot of things really well, but has some trouble understanding why some things don't work well in 3D
  • Sonic 3D Done Right
  • A Refreshing Experience/Return to Form
  • Has More Depth than it appears to
  • Sonic Rush is Modern Sonic at its finest
  • Decent but very overhyped.
  • Fun but Flawed Take on the Franchise
  • My gateway back to animation
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis) Review
Worth its Price, at Least
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • The Best [[ChristmasRushed Christmas Rush]] Beta Ever Released
  • Actually Kind of Enjoyable (Kind of)
  • Glitches aside, how good is this game on its own merits?
  • Glitchy game, great cutscenes
  • Icarus the Hedgehog
  • It's so sad
  • Just as dreadful as I expected
  • Proof that even shit can have defenders
  • So Bad It's Memorable
  • The Definition of So Bad, It's Good
  • You can't polish shit.
an LP like no other
  • "mixed reviews" (an episode 2 review)
  • (ep 1 review) A good effort, but flaws hold it back
  • (ep 2 review) Like a long-lost Genesis classic
  • Sega, please do not make Episode 2 an iPhone game.
  • An often overlooked, very different Sonic game, but it didn't do it for me
  • The underrated Sonic CD gets a long awaited opportunity to shine with the Genesis titles
Excellent, even for newbies
A Step Down From ''Worlds Collide'', But Enjoyable Nonetheless
  • I Didn't Really Like This Movie. STRANGE, ISN'T IT?!
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie Review
The Premise was Promising, but the Outcome was Disappointing
  • An underrated gem
  • Definitely flawed, but I'm glad I gave this game a second chance
  • Endless Possibility
  • It's Another Swing and a Miss
  • Some good, some you have to try for yourself.
  • Sonic Unleashed
  • Unleashed... Badly.
  • Wii Version
  • An onslaught of mediocrity
  • Review of Episode the Last 2 Episodes
  • Sonic X Review (mostly S3)
  • Sonic X Season 3 Review
A decent fanfic ruined by dated humor and vulgarity
  • beautifully done animation, great story concept, piss poor pacing.....
  • Milking a dead Bat(man)
  • Overall Good, but needs improvement
  • pretty good overall.
(Anata to Koibito Tsunagi OVA) A taste of what's to come.
Redwood Originals
An amazing philosophy course, and an okay book
A breath of fresh air
  • Its All That Lite
  • Why couldn't they just focus on the BACKSTAGE LIVES of the cast instead?!
A Quick Look Back on Sorcerer Hunters
  • Lustheron's review
  • Rock2161's review
from comments
Enjoyable Game With Pointless Romance
Soulcaster I & II: The best indie-action-retraux-Tower Defenses you've never heard of
  • Cliched review no 1
  • Of Questionable Quality
  • Soul Chess=AWESOMENESS!
  • Why Did I Like This Again?
  • Great, but Losing quality - Contains SPOILER
  • If Tim Burton and Terry Pratchett ever collaberated and made a shonen manga/anime...
  • It's Good
  • Meh
  • Needs to get its facts straight. Episode 1&2
  • Soul Eater review (up to episode 24)
  • The story I wish I could have made
So Far So...Uneventful
  • A great, complicated fighting game.
  • Soul Calibur V: Good for multiplayer, but everything else...
The SoulTaker
  • Kgkemo's review
  • OP's review
  • Some Poor Sod's review
  • Zelenal's review
The story beneath all the high school brass band antics.
Willbyr's review
  • Comment by @/TinaBanina96
  • Comment by incomprehensiblesparks
  • First Impressions
  • So Ra No Wo To
  • Sound of forgiveness
This is GOOD.
Sourcery is my favorite Discworld book.
I'm the guy who wrote the book
  • (sobbing) This Movie Took Years Off My Life.
  • How Do I Explain This...
  • It's.. A Ride
  • Southland Tales
  • Asspen
  • Certainly it's own type of humor
  • Infinitely better than it looks.
  • It's lost it's touch.
  • Not For Everyone
  • Season 19 - Broadly on-point, but funny?
  • Should have ended a long time ago
One of ''South Park'''s Many Highest Points
  • Easily the best South Park game ever.
  • Likely the best South Park game we're ever gonna get
  • A Show that I Used to Know (A Review of the US Version)
  • Fun, because it's different
  • A really rare kind of fanfic
  • Persistence in the face of an unhappy ending
I like it, warts and all (but the original series is better)
Series 1 review: A groundbreaking anime....that unfortunately didn't age all that well
  • A great game, slightly marred by annoyances
  • Fake Chemistry, Brain-Breaking Puzzles... and Fishcakes...
  • If your idea of a puzzle game involves matching colors or dropping blocks, stay far away from SpaceChem.
  • Beautiful, but meh.
  • Fun, with a somewhat forgettable 2nd season.
  • Could been a better GuiltyPleasure
  • I was six when this movie came out.
  • It's...okay.
Decent standalone, abysmal interpretation
More than it appears
Being A Space Pirate
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by bluekitten
Anonymous review from the Comments section
Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale
  • A glorious series from start to finish
  • Guilty pleasures with an insane HSQ
  • Worth the Wait
Spawn of Possession - ''Incurso'' (2012)
  • It's still my favorite.
  • Really, really, amazing book
  • This book is terrible.
A truly wonderful FanFic!
  • A thinking gamers game 4 out of 5 stars
  • Admirable, but extremely flawed.
  • Crosses The Line...Of Subtlety
  • Go for the Story, Stay for the Guilt
  • It is only in our decisions that we are important.
  • It's all right
  • Not Pretentious Enough
  • The Pile Driver
  • There Are Truly No Words That Can Elucidate...
  • We didn't have a choice
  • A Good End to Craig's Run (Maybe)
  • A Return to Form for James Bond
  • Boring, Despite Having 100% More Tentacle Hentai Than Expected
  • Craig's Bond has come full circle
  • It's so dumb, but I can't tell you why without spoilers...
  • It's come a long way.
  • Review of Beyond The Portals
  • Brilliant execution of its premise
  • O what could have been
A great movie
  • Go Speed Racer Goooooo!
  • The best live-action cartoon
Ethan Views: Speed Racer Next Generation
It ain't that great
A very technical platformer challenge
I love it, even throughout all of the angry Shopkeeper deaths.
A Fun and Balanced Magic System
Awesome game
Different but good
The worst thing to come out of england since the war of 1812
  • Spider Man Three
  • Spider-Man 3: A good idea gone bad
A classic
Deserves more credit than it gets
Spider-Man 2
Is It Really That Bad?
  • A solid follow-up.
  • Not bad, just a step down from [[{{SpiderManShatteredDimensions}} Shattered Dimensions]].
  • This Game Holds Up a LOT Better than Shattered Dimensions
Fun enough, but there are plenty of better games.
  • .
  • Formula Breaker
A Surprisingly Great Female Protagonist
Terrible Reputation Preceeds Decent Story (Spoilers)
  • Definitely Underrated
  • My favorite super hero gets one great game.
Totally Worth it.
An Ambitious Project Falls Short
  • Does Whatever a Spider Can. And Then Some.
  • Good fun
The most unintentionally funny film I've ever seen.
  • Offensive shit
  • Review and response
TheEvilOboist's review
Weaksauce Weakness ruins the fun
  • AckSed's review
  • Potman's review
Envie's review
  • A truly beautiful film with a bland ending.
  • Best movie ever
  • I'm sorry.
  • Inspiring
  • Miyazaki's answer to ''Alice in Wonderland''
Comment by notreallyatroper
  • A refreshing change of pace in the world of multiplayer-based shooters
  • Exciting arcadey fun, but little in the way of content
  • To shooters what Mario Kart is to racers
Review for Splatterhouse
Moved comments
A great alternative to VideoGame/{{Roblox}}.
Comment by Mel
The Culmination of the Lets Play
Family-friendly Mind Screw
  • (Was) One of the best cartoons out there!
  • I love SpongeBob: both pre-movie and post movie and better yet also post-sequel.
  • In my opinion, best show ever
  • Lost in Bikini Bottom/Tutor Sauce - Spongebob's Return review
  • My View on SpongeBob
  • Oh, Paul Tibbitt....
  • Overstayed its Welcome
  • Season opinions
  • Seriously,how can you screw something so much?
  • Spongebob Squarepants - A Show That Went On For Too Long
  • Spongebob's decline
  • This show needs to be cancelled
  • Way past it's prime.
  • Whirly Brains - What the actual f...
  • A Great Game, but could be better.
  • Less Than Mediocre
  • Spore.
  • The Space Stage >:C
  • This is definitely the best game I have ever played.
Spring - a Linzin fanfic - review by {{Tropers/Agogobell}}
  • As [title of show]'s Hunter Bell once said: it makes me feel feelings
  • I should not be laughing at the graveside scene.
  • What was the point?!
  • A kaleidoscopic wonderland
  • Boring
  • Boringtrocious.
Emotional rollercoaster
Buddhist Master piece
  • Funny and amazing
  • If Pam From Archer Had Her Own Show
  • Pretty damn good, but not flawless.
  • Anonnomous reviews from the comments section
  • From the offical [=TF=]2 blog
  • from comments
  • Very Entertaining
  • Very funny
Review of the First Movie
An underrated mixed bag
A Quest in Varying Quality
  • Anonymous review from the Comments section
  • Do It
  • Awesome
  • Hit and Miss
  • Interesting Entertainment Daily
Comment by Marlee Cross
  • First Episode, First Impressions: "A Line In The Sandwich"
  • Terminally bland with a side of apathy
Excellent Game, and All Without Graphics.
Comment by Akira_Miyamoto
Love it
Definitely Worth Reading
Review for Stairway to Heaven
Overall good and thought provoking
  • How i stopped worrying and learned to love the game
  • Points of interest in S.T.A.L.K.E.R series
  • Rough, Unpolished, Clunky, and Absolutely Sublime
  • STALKER: Call of Pripyat, a short review
  • Zone of Alienation makes it glow (hopefully not from radiation)
Great story, pity it's deleted
Pleasant, charming, intriguing, disorganized
  • A well-done short game
  • You won't actually be doing much standing still. On the plus side, there's ice-cream.
Very orginal
What a WEIRD book. But very interesting, too.
Starchaser: The Legend of Orin
Truly Great Today, *Incredible* For Its Time
It's Sooooo Good... at Being Bad
  • Absolutely ''Fabulous''
  • Starts off promising, but....
  • Stardust (Novel) Extremely Disappointing 1/5
  • Weaver's review
SaraJaye's review
  • Star Fox Adventures
  • Star Fox Assault
A perfect game, in every way that matters
I liked it.
The movie that started it all
The Bad With The Good
  • A surprising read
  • Awesomeness for both
Not As Bad As People Make It Seem To Be
@/{{axelsonfire}}'s review
Stars by [=TMBrown=]
  • I liked it, but it has some problems.
  • Starship- Very Good, But Not Quite Perfect
  • Well worth your time
Wonderful so far
  • A Dark Satire That Requires a lot of Attention
  • Dark, but affectionate war movie satire
  • Movie vs Book
  • The movie may be satire, but it's BAD satire.
Silly, yet worthy of investment
Loved it.
Working from my memories here...
  • Please delete
  • Simple, but Limitless
  • 4 out of 5 stars
  • A Good Film to Bring in New Blood
  • A very good action film but a not-so-good Trek film
  • An exciting breakthrough in physics
  • Highly enjoyable for fans and non-fans
  • It's an origin movie, whaddaya want?
  • Old-Fashioned Zap-Gun Action in a Thin ''Star Trek'' Wrapper
  • Set Phasers to dumb
  • Star Trek divided by Star Wars.
  • Stupid, just stupid.
  • The Most Elaborate Fan Fiction Ever Made
  • This is a review
  • Why should I root for them?
  • A good addition to the new Star Trek film series
  • A good story, a decent film, but a rotten action movie.
  • Decent but flawed.
  • A Bell Curve of Quality
  • A lot of spinach before cake
  • Deep Space 9: So past the final frontier, it sometimes hurts.
  • Season 1: Learning to Stand Still
  • Season 2: Foundations and Whispers
  • First Two Episodes
  • Same crap as the rebooted movies
  • A Must-Read For Enterprise Fans
  • OP's Review
  • By far the worst Trek series.
  • Eeeeyyyyggh
  • Into Darkness? Pah! Let me show you how it's done...
  • The Sign of the Shark
  • What Star Trek is all about
A little worse every time you watch it
  • Slow
  • There is a reason why it's the best Trek movie, and my personal favorite.
The spirit of routine, not adventure
  • "Into Darkness" it goes, but there's always before it gets there
  • A Tough Call
  • Another misguided remake.
  • Better and Worse than the 2009 Film
  • Doomed from the start
  • Half of a Great Trek Movie, but still Enjoyable Enough
  • Ignore the Unpleasable Fanbase, it's great
  • Not bad by itself.
  • One Bad Decision After Another
  • Starship Troopers Into Darkness
  • Still trekkin' on, for better or worse.
  • Went in blind, loved it
Not just funny; Full of heart
Welfare for Trek actors
  • Good, not great.
  • Infinite Diversity through Infinite Combinations
  • Much better after two years.
  • Year 1 Retrospective: I have to admit, it's getting better. Getting better all the time.
  • Great Blend of Old and New!
  • It's like Enterprise as done by Roger Corman
  • Throwback to Old-School Sci-fi
  • I'd recommend skipping the first season and maybe the second
  • Seasons 1 and 2 episode recommendations.
  • Journey To Babel review
  • The Ultimate Computer review
  • What Are Little Girls Made Of review
  • Fantastic for what it is
  • Incompetence, Inc.: The Series. But not as bad as ENT!
  • Still lazy after all these years
Not as bad as they say, but bad nonetheless
An underrated classic
  • Between brilliance and mediocrity...
  • Mr Candle Cares review
  • Nothing spectacular, but it's enjoyable.
  • Potencial to be great but with issues that limit it.
  • Season 1
  • Season One Review (tl;dr 8/10)
  • Star Vs The Forces of Evil
All 6 are great, Lucas is a genius and it's better than Trek AND Middle Earth
  • Could have been much better, could have been much worse
  • I give it 49 out of 100
  • Fun for fans, iffy for everyone else.
  • Terrible
One of the Best
A Good Read
Another gem by Gendy Tartrovosky....
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome
  • A spark that catches fire
  • New dawn for StarWars TV
  • A surprisingly good series
  • An overall mixed bag, but worth a watch
  • Clone Wars Finale: Gusty, And True
  • One long meh
  • One of the best cartoons ever made!
  • Redeeing the Prequels
  • Review of S1E1 "Ambush"
  • Review of Season 3
  • Review of the first two and a half seasons
  • Star Wars: The Awesome Wars.
  • Unrealistic but nice 3 out of 5
  • A Look at the Agent and Operative Healer
  • A Star Wars Painted MMO
  • Actually a good game---but easy to see why it failed.
  • Bounty Hunter Story
  • Good, but could have been so much more
  • Great game with flaws
  • Review of the Trooper Arc
  • Sith Warrior Story Review (Spoilers)
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of SWTOR
Surprisingly Decent
  • Not that great...
  • Solid effort with some wasted potentional.
You'll feel stupider for reading this
  • Comment by reaperangelique
  • Comment by [=ClandestineClear=]
Steam, Steam Everywhere
By Cherry_Lover
Awesomely Realistic Disappoingly Limited
  • (Sub Wars review) Nintendo's first foray into free-to-play is very original
  • The type of experimentation Nintendo used to do
FWA HA HA HA: a review of steins;gate
  • A Resounding Anthem
  • A Worthy Swan Song? *UNMARKED SPOILERS*
  • Great game...hope for a sequel or spiritual successor
  • Pretty Fun Gameplay, But Infuriating Story
Selryam's review
  • Actually a Legit Film
  • Step Up 2 - Class Traitor
  • Step Up 3-4 - They Danced And Someone Had A Problem With That, So They Dance And Everything Is Fine
  • Step Up 5 - Twilight Zone
  • A nice, calm show. With some fighting of course.
  • A Rich World, Incredible Characters, and Great Writing: The Best Thing on Television
  • An Entertaining Series.
  • Beautiful and charming
  • First, expectations were low, then they were exceeded
  • Good and bad show
  • GREAT SHOW if you don't take it too seriously: There is an elephant in the room (socially conservative perspective) *spoilers*
  • I believe in Steven!
  • I really want to love this show, but...
  • I underestimated this show
  • It's all uphill from here
  • Like A Train
  • Mediocre at the beginning, gets better fast
  • Not a Masterpiece, but definitely worth a watch
  • One Of The Most Genuine And Real Animated Series I've Seen In A Long Time
  • Plays With Your Emotions
  • Pretty Cool
  • Yeah, it's alright
Stir of Echoes
Promising but dead
Best AU I've Read
Okay, if you like the Stitch series/movies
Discord is a troll... to a human
Anoymous review from the comments section
Vicioux's Stories ({{Bleach}} FanFicRecommendations Section)
  • Archetypal, not extraordinary.
  • beeftony's review
  • Jetfire's review
  • SaraJaye's review
  • An Entertaining Beginning
  • First Book Syndrome Incarnate
A very different take on the classic Peggy Sue
  • Constant Acceleration
  • Cookie Cutter
  • Slow Buildup
Anoymous review from the comments section
  • Absolutely Fun, But One Major Flaw
  • My thoughts
  • Excellent "coffee break" game with some minor flaws
  • Poor Apple Bloom (warning: no spoiler tags)
  • Actually pretty funny
  • Well done, CBBC
Cheesy but fun
Comment by Connichiha
  • Imperfect nostalgia bait, but succeeds wildly anyway through simply being good television.
  • Near perfect
  • We're Going to Need a Bigger Audience
Moving comments to reviews
By Daisy Chain
Pure Unadulterated Crack
  • An amazing parody if that's how you take it.
  • I love this show so much it scares me.
  • UDON Comic: Excellent Read. A Masterpiece in Storytelling.
  • Capcom's contempt for its player base shows again
  • Cinematic Story Mode Review (SPOILERS AHEAD)
  • Obvious Beta
  • The Next (Rough) Revolution
  • VideoGame/StreetFighterV, a year of strange enjoyment!?!
Awesome, just plain awesome !
  • Side: Justice review
  • Side: Strength review
(2014 game review) An action game with ninja Metroidvania trappings
An flawed but admirable creation
  • A very enjoyable cliche storm that doesn't quite go beyond the line
  • Moe anthropomorphism in the skies? You bet!
  • Unfortunately fails to live up to its promise, but still good.
Better than expected
A bizarre, but wholly interesting experience.
  • A deconstruction gone totally wrong.
  • From comments
  • Marty Stu Issues
One of the best internet game series period.
  • My opinion...
  • Passable
  • A mean review
  • A solid movie with a few very definite flaws.
  • Best anniversary special so far
  • Could be better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Epic...of epic.
  • Excellent, but could improve
  • Good Progression of Storytelling
  • You have to be a fan
Comment by Comartemis
Kill Tessa and the show improves so much
  • ...I liked it.
  • A gamer's bad trip
  • Confusing but Awesome
  • Good movie that could've been much more
  • Highly Enjoyable, But Hard Hitting
  • I didn't like it.
  • I was left wanting more...
  • Impressive, but Lacking
  • It Had Me At "Hello"
  • It's a good movie
  • It's... definitely a movie
  • Looking Good does not equal Good - Simple as That.
  • Love It Or Hate It
  • Not perfect, but I'd rewatch it
  • Polarising, but well worth the watch.
  • Requires DoubleThink
  • Shallow
  • Sucker Punch
  • The quircks of sexual attraction
  • Two positive reviews and no negatives?
  • Yes, sexy action girls can go horribly wrong
  • You Have To Look Deeper
Best Read all at Once, if at all
John Ostrander's Run: 1988-1992
  • Bloodless and No Balls
  • Complete and utter garbage
  • Delightfully Chaotic
  • Fun, but a bloody mess with critical problems.
  • I have to be blunt: this movie kinda sucks.
  • It Has Issues, But Hey, It's Enjoyable (Spoiler Free)
  • Not as bad as the critics make it out to be, but it could have been a whole lot better.
  • Still has it's issues, but a step in the right direction
  • Suicide Squad... Is Really, REALLY Good
  • Well, it is an improvement
  • Well, it wasn't ''terrible''...
A good game, but not a great one.
It's Not as Bad as Everyone Thinks It Is!
Season One: Emotionally Dishonest
From comments
very dark
The Dresden Files Figures Out Its Place
  • A nice adventure.
  • Awesome!
  • Genre Wars
  • Just beautiful
  • Simply Amazing
  • Slice of Life
  • Summer Bores
  • Unexpected jewel
  • Summoner Wars
  • Well-Designed and Fun
From comments
Lin's father? Who says Toph Bei Fong needed, or even wanted a husband?
A Brand New AU in The Making
Hauntingly Poetic
  • A Good Film, With Quirks
  • Nice film.
  • A Descent into Glorious Insanity
  • A Disappointing Example of {{Sequelitis}}
  • Bigger and better, an ultimate sequel
  • Filled With SHSL Hope
  • Going to be a Divisive One
  • Rinse And Repeat The Last Game: On An Island!
  • Too big for its britches
Clever and Campy Fun
Pilot: The Devil Wears Kinky Boots
Angry, nihilistic techno-porn, confused as a story, thematically broken.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Rerieth
  • Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
A hexagon has six sides. Up to five sides of this one will kill you.
  • Good Execution: Terrible Idea
  • He's an Inferior Spider-Man, but that's not why I'm mad
  • Let's see how it goes
  • Subjectively Superior
  • The Darkest Chapter of Spider-Man since the Night Gwen Stacy Died
  • Why is this a thing?
  • God Mode Sue-perman
  • Superman: Greatest hero of all time, and inspiration to many
  • The how-to of origin movies
  • You Need A Superman
A Bright, Fresh Interpretation
  • Apocalypse: Time and Logic.
  • Better than Public Enemies
Plotless mess
The first and best of the DC Animated Movies
I liked the Lester version better.
If it only had better tone, and connectivity
Looking at this movie as classic Doctor Who Fan
As of 2013, the best origin for Superman
Deserves more credit than it gets
The second theatrical cartoon
Unique Achievement. (Spoilers)
Personification of everything wrong with New 52.
  • Could have been so much more
  • Deeply Flawed, wish I could write more
  • Good, Could be a lot more Subtle
  • Not the best DC animated feature.
  • The best Superman movie
  • Why I Love Superheroes Defined In One Single Film
  • An essential addition to a 3DS library
  • The true 3D successor to the 2D Mario games
  • A fantastic distillation of everything Mario should be about
  • It's Super Mario in 3D alright, but it's more Arcade than World
  • Perhaps the best game of all time?
  • A Classic
  • An overrated mess that is praised for no reason other than being a "classic"
  • Game design that can still be learned from
  • Blade Runner Meets Beetlejuice: The Ghostbusters of the '90s
  • Stupid, but charming
  • Super Mario Bro video game analysis review
  • The Greatest Video Game Series Ever.
''Super Mario Advance'', or How an Infamous SophomoreSlump Became, err, Less Slumpy
A game that stands up to the test of time
An excellent homage, welcome change of pace
  • Epic expectations and zero disappointment.
  • Mario's Finest Shindig Yet
  • The absolute highest point in the series
  • A good game, yet it's the same kind of good
  • A good game...just not like the first.
  • Good game, but more of a galaxy-sized level pack than a new experience.
  • Linear and repetitive
  • (3DS VERSION) Anyone can make it. Everyone can play it. Well, unless you own this version.
  • A flawed start of something beautiful
Super Mario 64 x vacation simulator
  • Best Thing About my Youth.
  • Reaches outside its genre to become the only RPG I really like
A Wonderful Game.
  • A bit uneven in presentation, but sets the standard for its genre in content
  • Deserving its status
  • Super Metroid; you won't even know it's linear
  • A great series
  • Not really worth the effort
  • A good underdog show with good potential
  • A good underdog show with good potential
  • A good game that could have been great with some more polish.
  • The Definition of Average
  • The flawed masterpiece (SRW Alpha 1)
  • The unnecessary sidestory (SRW Alpha Gaiden)
Disappointing and padded
Tropers/{{mandrke}}'s Review
If only more people could play this
  • Crippling Overspecialization: The Game
  • Ryochi's Super Smash Bros 4 review (Or: why smash 4 is the worst smash game I have ever played competitively)
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl: The Subspace Emissary
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl does not disappoint
  • Super smash flash 2 Version 9
  • Super Smash Flash 2 Version 9 (a redone review)
Light-hearted zombie apocalypse
  • A warning of sorts?
  • Starts with a wondrous conjuring trick, ends by nullifying the middle.
OP's Review
Several large problems
  • Disturbing, but...good.
  • Review by tetronix
Better than its predecessor
One of the best BR RP's on the internet.
Heroes vs. Villains and Executive Meddling
  • A notch above the rest
  • What went wrong with Midway Island?
  • Frostpeeble's review
  • Sikon's review
  • The Tamborine Man's review
  • [=templar627=]'s review
One of my favorite fanfics
  • A nice, but very disturbing change of pace
  • Creepy and squicky, but quite good.
"BADAZZ" EXTREEEEME 90s show.... Yeah?
Depends on why you like the musical
  • I Felt nothing..... absolutely nothing
  • No, Just, No...
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  • Loved it.
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A visionary product held back by the limitations of time
Joysweeper's review
  • Heartbreaking
  • Overall, Amazing
  • Fantasic and Funny
  • Glorious
  • Great
  • An Excellent Gateway Anime
  • Arc 1: "It's Okay."
  • Arc 2: "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate" (SPOILERS)
  • Episode 1-14: Building Worlds
  • Episodes 15-25: How does this exist?
  • Kirito should not have a girlfriend
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  • One of the worst animes I have ever seen that I feel does not deserve it's praise...
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  • Potentially Quite Enjoyable
  • So I binged the series on Netflix and...
  • Sword Art Online Anime: Not that bad, actually (Spoilers)
  • Virtual Reality is awesome.
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  • As of Episode 5- Pretty Good
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Sword of the Stranger Review: basic story, excellent visuals
  • From Bad to Worse: Review of the first four books.
  • Good story, bad themes
  • Starts off good, goes downhill
  • Wizard's First Rule: Good Ideas, Meh Writing, Crap Pacing
  • You will give it away just to keep from burning it.
  • A Great Work that will Never Lose Its Spark
  • Intriguing, but ultimately unsatisfying
  • Not Your Average Robot 'Toon
  • One Season Wonder?
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One of the best Deconstructions ever
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  • ThePowerOfLove Indeed
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Surprisingly Good
It Had Me, But It Lost Me