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• The clash between the writers and producers right before your eyes
• The pros and cons of the series
• 133.33% more dimensions than leading games
• Not The Best Game It Can Be
• Original and charming, worth the 15 bucks
• Bond meets Bourne. It's not that bad.
• Not particularly impressed..
• Too Much Action, Not Enough Plot
• Did I mention I have zombie phobia?
• Truly a gem of animation
• A step in the right direction for Fantasy Ecchi
• Your milage may vary
• Mediocre, yet alluring
• Simple, clearly unfinished, but distinctive
• My god, what a piece of crap
• How adventure games should be
• The Brightest Jewel in the Sierra Crown
• My favorite webcomic...
• Questions
• Very Funny Quick Watch
• Very Good. ('Chapters 1-11)
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