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  • addng to it
  • Horribly cliched
  • Meh?
This needs to be added into canon.
  • A Masterpiece of Summer Fun
  • A sterling effort, but not flawless.
  • Classic Case of Just Here For Godzilla
  • Disappointing, but still fun.
  • Exactly What I Expected
  • For the Most Part, Worth Seeing
  • Nothing more than it needs to be, and none the worse for it.
  • Pacific Rim: A big budget modern monster movie with heart
  • (Spoiler-free) A decent mecha film, but not a great sequel
  • Bad as a movie and as a sequel
  • Enjoyable, but not a patch on the original.
  • Nice film and satisfying sequel
  • Spoiler-free review
  • Utterly repugnant
  • A review someone made for this series that fit
  • Pretty good
  • A decent guilty pleasure to say the least.
  • Absolute Crap
  • Decent, but not amazing
  • Disturbing and uncomfortable, but actually kind of decent
  • It's been years since I've seen such a stupid show
Mario Party and MONOPOLY, does it work?
Purely charming and enjoyable.
Deliciously Different AU
Painis polite
Fun for 15 minutes, followed by boredom.
Dhomochevsky's review
  • Meh
  • So-so
op's review
Palomita (and Eduardo) will be missed
Works best if you pretend it has nothing to do with Peter Pan
An utter gem of a series
op's review
Total Win
  • A Good Movie with a very enlightening and inspiring twist...
  • Pandora + Pandemonium = Pandorum
  • Should have been B-rate, but it's not
A Great Juxtaposition
  • One of the best fantasy films ever.
  • This film is gross and confusing
Volume 1 Review
  • Can't Wait For Season 2.
  • Definitely worth a look.
  • Good Clean Fun ;)
  • Up to episode 9: TTGL Reversed
  • Well.....ooookay.
  • What Happens When Japan Pretends to be America?
  • Worth a look, but DEFINITELY not for everyone. (Dub)
  • In The Shadow
  • Time does wonders
  • The kind of beauty that the world needs more of.
  • What much is there to say, it's pure Disney Magic.
  • Brings back the upbeat, silly spirit of Super Mario RPG, as I see it
  • Splash, or trash? (Or [[{{TakeAThirdOption}} stache]]?)
  • "Paper Mario: Sticker Star"? More like Metal Gear Mario.
  • A Mario Game That Made Me Miserable
  • It's Better Once You Forget it's a Paper Mario Game.
  • Not even good on its own merits
  • One of the worst games in the Mario series
  • Why did IGN give ''this'' of all things an 8.3/10?!
  • Worst Paper Mario
  • An epic adventure of papery proportians
  • In my opinion, the best Mario RPG
  • One of the best RPG's, period.
  • Showing other [=RPGs=] how it's done
  • A new experience, and a well-made one at that
  • Papers, Please Review
  • The Most Fun You'll Ever Have Simulating Utter Futility and Mind-Numbing Hopelessness
An Excellent and rather mind-bending movie
The Best Musical of the 1990s.
ShayGuy's review
Nerdorama's review
Comment by Looney Toons
A Thoroughly Bizarre Experience
  • A B+ Effort, but needs work
  • Sliders: The Next Generation
  • Underperformance
  • This shit be tight yo!
  • Excellent, but Limited by the Format
  • Proper character development was sorely missing.
  • Abnormal Stupidity
  • Boring.
  • Good, but not totally original
  • Its all about the journey
  • Long on atmosphere, short on believability.
  • PA4: Bad things happen - the end.
  • Paranormal Asstivity
  • Review of the sequel
  • Review of the Trilogy
  • Review on both
  • Loving the Paranormals - the 'Anti-Twilight'
  • Paranormalcy-Not That Bad, I Guess.
  • Loved this so much!
  • One of the Best Films of 2012. A Perfect 10.
  • The entire movie, summarized in one sentence.
A Good Game With Great Potential
  • Has some rough edges, but still good overall
  • I'm So Confused
  • Not bad for the most part. But the age shows
Parenthood: The Movie
Memories pt. 1 & 2
Ryan Lohner's review
Part 2 Breaks the "Suicidal Gays" Stereotype (except it doesn't)
  • A More Measured Review Than My Previous One
  • Boring and Stupid
  • Flawed, but worth reading
  • PKH 101
  • The Sugar of the Fanfiction Food Pyramid
Comment by Looney Toons
A wonderful story with no glaring problems
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by {{Tropers/SanaMae}}
Completely Missing The Point
  • 90% there. Removing 10% of the movie and sticking with the main theme could have made it great.
  • So let's talk about Passengers
[=WhatMeme=]'s review
  • LooneyToons' review
  • Sacket's review
  • Sadly, never finished -- but still worth reading
op's review
Moerin's review
Loss, Hope, and Moving On
It's alright I guess
  • Awesome in a Can
  • By @/CaellachTigerEye
  • Well worth reading
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Fenro
  • Harry meets the Endless
A Good Read, but Beware the End.
Comment by Sackett
Patient Zero
  • Fair for its day.
  • Patlabor 2
  • Patlabor 2: The Movie
  • Patlabor: The Mobile Police
  • Patlabor: The Movie
I really wanted to like this film....
Decent enough...
Paw Patrol
  • Does for heist movies what Left4Dead did for zombie movies... almost
  • Left 4 Dead 2 Meets Cops vs. Robbers
  • Payday 2 review: A massive evolution, changing a wave shooter into its own unique concept
The Book Was Better
  • Entertaining Without 'Needing' To Yell
  • Funny, Creative and PG-13 rated
  • PBG is Awesome! :D
Do Not Recommend
This series will make you fall in love with this pair
Rebelling against DarkerAndEdgier in the form of a stupidly addictive puzzler
not readable
Wonderful Show, Seriously Underrated
  • another opinion
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Purplequeen15
A clever modern fairy tale with lots of complexity and maturity.
  • Excellent movie, extremely underrated
  • You Get What You Expect
  • A teen dramedy that transcends the genre
  • Pretty good comic with some major flaws
  • The definitive webcomic about teenagers
Season 1 Review
  • I Honestly Don't Know What To Think
  • Incredibly Underrated
Pentatonix: ACappella done '''cool.'''
Ibiki - Probably not father figure of the year
Sexy and Unique
  • By Mini Nepthys
  • By T-bone 61
  • A good series
  • Sea of Monsters (film):This is what it should have been
Percy Weasley Vampire Hunter
Feels Central: Fanfic Edition
The scariest film I’ve ever seen.
Culture Shock
  • Culture clash, authority clash, and one epic life story told in simple lineart
  • Persepolis 2 (Graphic Novel)
  • Unusual Animation Complements Unique Structure
Be Your True Mind
  • A Pale Companion
  • Not truly great yet
  • A great JRPG
  • P3:P: A Great Game With the Great Misfortune of Being Surpassed By Its Successor In Every Reasonable Way
  • Persona 3: Portable - The Gameplay
  • So this is the only Persona i've played so far.....
  • The Answer (A.K.A. How to ruin what was once a great game)
  • Spring of Birth
  • Spring of Birth & Midsummer Knight's Dream Comparison
  • ''Do'' Believe The Hype - a refreshing twist on a traditional concept
  • A solid RPG, with flaws
  • A Superior Experience: P4 The Golden
  • Amazing plot. Wonderful characters. Mind-blowing JRPG.
  • Don't believe the hype
  • Falls short of greatness (Story review)
  • Only good if you are a patient otaku
  • Persona 4 Golden - Social Links
  • Persona 4 Golden: A Deep And Enjoyable JRPG
  • The Golden: Sometime's Less Really is More
Story Review
  • A Dance Game Whose Problems All Flow From Dance
  • Good story, hit-or-miss gameplay
  • An Adaptation That Does Everything Wrong
  • One of the best "Anime of the Game"s out there.
  • Starts strong, but quickly looses steam. (Story review)
  • This Game Stole My Heart
  • 60-100 Hours Of Character Exploration, Spiced Up With Dungeon Crawling Fun
  • A beginner's entry to Etrian Odyssey and Persona gameplay.
  • An enjoyable, albeit frustrating, Persona crossover
  • Great Everything Else. Shame About the Combat.
2 out of 5 stars
  • Change We Can Believe In.
  • It's okay
  • Suspenseful and classy.
Surprisingly dark and twisted
The best feature of this series is, I can certainly say...
  • *insert clever review title here*
  • A Much-Needed Rereview
  • Addendum
  • Needs to Rev Up His Game
  • Not terrible, not godlike.
  • Opinions are fragments of facts.
  • PewDiePie is not that bad!
  • Seen better, seen worse
  • The problem when the game is more interesting than the player
  • The problems with PewDiePie.
(SNES version review) One of my favorite shoot-em-ups, but not without its flaws
Free-to-play done well!
  • By @/SirRandomUser
  • By iridium248
  • By Quiksilver
feral's review
  • If Andy Kaufman reviewed movies...
  • Not for everyone
  • The problem with Phelous' work in 4 points
last good disney show
  • ...
  • A Colorful Summer of Carpe Diem
  • A re-review
  • Actually pretty good
  • Aren't I little old to be obsessing over this show?
  • Awesome Show
  • Goes beyond what I expected.
  • Hate it
  • Highly entertaining, even for those older then the target audience
  • I Don’t get the Hype
  • I know what we're gonna do today!
  • Mission Marvel
  • More than I expected
  • Only good thing on Disney Channel
  • Overrated as hell
  • Perfect Cartoon.
  • Really funny, espesially later seasons
  • The Best going on right now
  • The Best Thing Since Sliced Television
  • This could possibly be the best show ever
  • Used to hate it
  • What happens when you set a plot in stone and slap some lampshade hanging and running gags.
  • Why Phineas and Ferb is the best show on Disney Channel
From a fan of both
  • Excellent
  • Extremely Good
  • Fulfilled all my expectations
  • Anyone who's a fan of both Calvin and Hobbes and Friendship is Magic needs to check this strip out
  • It's like Calvin and Hobbes except for girls
Nothing Short of Excellent
A Weclome Return to Form
  • An emotional rollercoaster
  • Back to the DorkAge of the Law
Comment by Keltena
op's review
Comment by Jek Windu
An Underrated [=YouTuber=]
(Pikmin 3 review) Distilled to the basics of what made the first game great, and improved
  • A Very Solid and Fun Game
  • The Second Worst Obsidian Game (But Most Fun)
Almost a stoner flick for straight edges
Truly great anime
Say his name aloud and remember him always.
Disney's greatest animated film
Hilariously Bad
Comment by Nani
  • Amazing, But Not a Feel-Good Musical
  • Pippin: His Life and Times, or "130 Minutes of Pointless Audience Down Talking" (also known as "Creepy Vareity Show!"
  • The thing about Pippin is...
Moved comments
Amazingly fun
  • Review by YYZ
  • Review by {{Tropers/Maniette}}
  • On Stranger Tides: Not that bad.
  • On Stranger Tides: The Blockbuster You'd Expect
The Least Bad sequel
From comments
A Retrospective
  • Nah.
  • Pitch Perfect 2
  • Two Keys To Staying in Tune
These...people changed my life...somehow.
  • Actually really good
  • Just As Bad As You Heard It Was
  • More fun than I thought, but ''Disney/WreckItRalph'' did it better
  • More Happy Madison trash
  • Not the best video game film, but also not the worst
  • This movie has about two funny moments. Otherwise, it's trash.
  • Electroninja's review
  • [=ChaoticNovelist=]'s review
A fantastically well-written post-canon FanFic
  • Plague Inc. World Epidemic Simulator
  • The Story Of A Man Who Ended The World
Oh my
Plane Crazy review
Easy to swallow, competently made, but cliche and forgettable
Really Fun, Despite Some Serious Flaws
  • A well-worthy contender for greatest game of all time.
  • Fantastic, but play for the story, not the action.
  • One of the greatest stories ever told
  • The most well written game in the history of gaming
  • Decently enjoyable family film
  • Eh...
Exactly What You Were Probably Expecting
Book 1: Lots of style, very little substance
Enjoyable, but could've been a lot better with a bit more work.
Predecessor of Walking With Dinosaurs.
Planet of the Apes (2001): Not as bad as one would think.
  • Not a good follow up to a great show.
  • Planet Sheen: A Scrapper Of A Series(In all the wrong ways)
  • Really Just Not That Good
Planetside 1: A Deeply Flawed Gem
Philosophical, Heartwarming, Simply Awesome
Comment by Shadsie
  • Just... One... More... Wave...
  • Plants versus zombies
Good Anime and You Should Give It A Chance
Comment by Tropers/MarySue911
Unbearable in Every Way
  • should have copied more from brawl
An awesome digital delivery service... OrIsIt?
Not nearly as good as the first
  • Aerodactylus' review
  • SalFishFin's review
Above average but no cult classic
  • Just awful enough to reccomend
  • Take your damn clothes off!
  • They had to have known it was bad
A must-play for Metroidvania fans
  • A great film, no matter what people say
  • Mediocre movie, great music
It's very good.
  • Comartemis' review
  • Willbyr's review
  • Not for everyone, but a good read nonetheless
  • Not to harsh on but...
  • ''Pokemon Black & White'': Could it actually be good?
  • A view point from a fan of the original series and the games.
  • An eternal childhood
  • An Old Fan's Review
  • Black and White season SUCKS!
  • Diamond and Pearl: Missed Opportunities
  • It's not bad, I like it, is that okay?
  • The degradation of Game Freak
  • The episode N Arc: A monumental disappointment. And don't expect Charizard to do anything.
  • The Pokémon anime
  • They've milked this cash cow dry
  • XY season, another BW? Or something better?
  • Yeah, they've still got it
A Pocket Masterpiece
Arc Varanus's review
An interesting and enjoyable read
  • Black and White: More color than ever before!
  • Fifth time's the charm, it seems
  • Generation V review
  • Pokemon White
  • The Very Best
  • Decent, but not the best
  • For fans of Pokemon and strategy
Nice concept, and clearly passionate and ambitious...but...
  • Generation IV review
  • Pokemon Platinum
  • Pokemon Platinum
  • Pokémon Platinum (Generation 4) (DS)
  • A Poorly Executed Missed Opportunity
  • It wasn't what I expected.
  • Pokémon: Garbage and the Fanbase Affronted
  • A Delicious Concoction, Spread too Damn Thin
  • A great game- if you ignore the one massive flaw
  • Generation II review
  • Heartgold and Soulsilver
  • Simple, straightforward fun
  • The Pokequivilent of a Godzilla vs King Kong Movie
An original story or nostalgic throwback? This film can't decide.
A Surprisingly Decent Movie
PFishing love this game!
  • Explorers of Time/Darkness
  • Gates to Infinity
  • It's the story, not the gameplay
  • Rather nice, actually.
  • Role-Playing with some Game in-between.
  • This is what happens when you try to make a Roguelike appeal to the masses.
Good, but left a lot to be desired.
  • A decent idea, without enough time to grow
  • Could have easily been it's own 13-26 episode series
  • It’s OK if you’re already a fan of the series.
  • Pokemon X & Y advertisement.
  • Reflections on Origins
  • So astonishingly bad it had me pining for the actual anime.
  • So close to being absolutely perfect
  • Too good, too short
A Misty and Togepi ripoff
Uh...where's the Pokemon?
  • An Unfortunate victim of progress
  • FirstInstallmentWins: The Series
  • Fond Memories
  • Fond Memories, but that's it.
  • Generation I review
  • Pokemon Leaf Green
  • The one that started it all
  • The problems with FRLG
  • A halfhearted remake that doesn't know what it wants to be.
  • Diversity is key
  • For A Remake, It Feels Woefully Like The Original
  • Generation III review
  • ORAS: Remakes that succeed in a new way.
  • Pokemon Emerald (NOT ORAS)
  • Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald (Generation 3) (GameBoy Advance)
  • The Problem with Ruby/Sapphire
  • Too wet.
Pokemon Rumble World: Is it WORTH it?
  • ... what?
  • Total Headspin
  • What a terrible night to play a crappy hack.
  • A fun ride!
  • Giving You A Story
  • It's sadly not that good
  • Worth checking into
  • Worth every bit of it
Pokemon Battle Revolution
  • Generation VII Review
  • One of the best generations in the series.
  • so so SO MUCH BETTER than the last round!
  • The best possible start to a new generation
  • Unskippable cutscene: The game
  • Worst Game in a While
Gates to Infinity 2.0 (Not In A Good Way. Spoilers)
Flawed But Alright
  • A beautiful, amazing game with a slightly awkward story. [Spoilers ahead, don't read if you don't want any]
  • A bit of mess, but still quite excellent
  • Generation VI review
  • Good games... but can't be called "new".
  • Good, but not Great
  • Good, but rough around the edges
  • Great As A Sandbox Game
  • Not a definite, but still a poor pandering
  • Pretty much the definitive Pokemon game as of now
  • Show & Tell on a worldwide scale.
  • Such Lost Potential!
Pretty cool, but not necessarily great
  • For the Emperor... and the WIN.
  • op's review
Comment by Iamoyashirosama
Moved comments
From comments
  • No Japanese translated subtitles.
  • Not for everyone, but affected me personally
  • Decent idea
  • Needs work, but not bad
  • Would Avoid Skipping
Surprisingly awesome
ERROR: FourthWall.exe is not responding!
  • Charming!
  • Doesn't stand out, but still worth seeing.
  • Doesnt Mesure Up
  • Great film, regardless of how old you are.
  • Miyazaki's weakest film
  • The film that made me love Miyazaki films
Funniest thing ever
  • Best My Little Pony Fic EVA! (though not without problems)
  • One of the best fanfics I've read in general
  • IGN style rating: 10/10
  • Lost and found...then lost again.
  • one of the best non-cannon Disney films
Popeye the Sailor Vol. 1: 1933-1938 (DVD) Review
"Pilot" Review
Warm, nostalgic fun, though also unfulfilled potential
  • I guess there are worse ways to spend 3 hours.
  • Portal is great and you should play it.
  • An original and refreshing experience, but that's it.
  • For better or worse: a game for the fans.
  • Let's be critical
  • Perfectly Perfect
  • Portal 2 is Still Alive!
  • Portal 2's single player story hits the funny out of the ballpark
Surprisingly Good
Comment by Gatekeeper827
Gamerofthegame's review
  • Postal (1997) review
  • Who says postal doesn't have a story
The Postman Pat movie.
Best. Fanfic. Ever.
op's review
Underappreciated and Underloved (or, In Defense of Lucky)
"Lucky Moves Away"... oh, wait, no, he doesn't.
  • Meh
  • Meh
The original 1980s series - unique and TooGoodToLast
  • I Quite Like It (up until 12-23-2009)
  • Only One Thing that's Definitely Likable
  • Was fun at first but then loses it's luster
Simply Power Rangers
  • A great throwback to the old TV series while still being original
  • Great focus on characterization, only let down a bit by the combat-based finale
This is Good
Dino Thunder: Drama, Dinosaurs and return of a hero
  • Jungle Fury: First Power Rangers season I saw.
  • Needs More Love
This is Hated...Why, Again?
  • five episode
  • Harmony and Dizchord Burning Way Past Cool!
  • Mega-Meh
  • Megaforce review
  • So far, not too bad
  • the Dizchord ep
  • Third episode
  • Get In Gear!
  • THIS is Power Rangers??
  • What Power Rangers Turbo should have been
Drive Four On the Floor
It has its ups and down...
Stronger Than Before
Annoymous reviews from the comments section
Best Series ever
  • Season 1: A Differing, but Faithful Adaptation
  • The Television Series, Pard`ner
  • Treading Water
By @/{{Comartemis}}
A mixed bag.
Just go read it already!
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Rita689
A fandom classic
  • Camp, lame, and cheesy...and better for it.
  • Surprisingly funny, and did a great job spoofing many genres
Aerodactylus' review
what is this
A Very Wonderful Fan Series
  • Adorable and happy, and that's how we like it
  • Guess pride really does come before a fall
Okay, But Could Be Improved Upon
If you thought you knew Sailor Moon...
Sad but beautiful.
An affectionate parody with more than meets the eye.
from comments
Renewal of Traditions
  • Better with zombies?
  • Sadly Overlooked
One of the best fics I've ever read
So you want a complicated time travel movie?
  • Episode 1 review
  • Hugely enjoyable science fiction series
Colonel's Review
A Noble Failure
  • A Really Wonderful Film
  • A Truly Awful Movie
  • Ancient Persia: The Theme Park Version
  • I'm No Professional Critic, But...
  • Lacking the most important thing
  • Not enough time...
  • Solid and Above Average
  • A strange new world
  • It was ok but...
  • Long reimagining of the canon books
  • Moved from Comments
  • The most overrated Harry Potter fic
  • Try it, but be warned that it is very, very long
  • Worth a Read, But Not Without Flaws
The Mountain in Labour...
Hilarious beyond belief
Very funny, quirky characters make a very funny, quirky anime
Kenny-chan Kawaii Purinsesu
Good, but surprisingly tough. (for [=PM2=])
Not Miyazaki's finest, but still a very watchable movie
A League Of It's Own Wasted Potential
  • Frankly awful
  • Perfection
  • Comment by GoldenDragon326
  • Ten out of Five stars
Humor high?
I absolutely love this game
  • Curiouser and Curiouser (Episodes 1+2)
  • Season one
  • Season two
A few flaws, but worth reading.
A Really Good Game, Dood
I'm Torn Apart
  • Dangerous, but strangely heartwarming
  • Heroes to Villains
  • It Sure Is Interesting.
Requires an eclectic taste
  • Despite appearances
  • What an absolutely bizarre love
  • Hussy's actual masterpiece
  • Weird Puzzle Shit has never been so much fun
Many opportunities, wasted potential
Anonymous review from the Comments section
  • I love it!
  • Layton in 3D - spoilers!
The Best of all the Games
The world's greatest finger-pointer simulator.
  • Remarkably Good and sets the tone for many a crossover
  • Review
  • So badly written it hurts
feral's review
Lives up to his name
  • Funny, but lacking.
  • Not very original, but very well done
  • Project Almanac
An improvement on Brawl, and worth downloading
out of character
One of the Best
Project Tatterdemalion
Low-brow, morally repugnant tripe
  • A Great Beginning
  • A stain upon the Alien franchise.
  • Another Pointless Prequel
  • Decent, but the end was disappointing
  • Disappointing
  • Final Answers
  • I hate this crew.
  • Prometheus
  • Prometheus: A disappointment or Just intruiging?
  • This is a Film with Problems
  • Ultimately, good and bad.
  • What can go wrong?
A fantastic story
Comment by Moaku
Fun and Fluff
  • His is a tale told by a silly man full of sound and fury signifying... something.
  • Not bad
  • One Of The Funniest People On YouTube
  • Disappointing
  • Extremely fun
  • Whoops! ''Stabby!''
  • A Mixed Bag
  • A vast improvement over the original.
  • Gameplay's and Improvement, Story is a Dissappointement
  • This sequel just ruined the franchise as a whole.
  • What. Just... what.
Liangnui's Review
ummm HELP!
Comment by Firestorm
From comments
Mind games
  • Just...OK
  • The Game Jesus Would Design If He Was Alive And Not A Pussy
  • A clever story hampered by a premise that beggars belief
  • A complete mixed bag.
  • Futuristic psychological thriller that hits some high notes!
  • Mindlessly Pretentious
  • You want an image of the future. Imagine this dvd sitting in your living room. Forever...
  • Easily one of the best WSJ series at the moment.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse of Jump, Too Good to Last
  • 'Kindess has no reward...'
  • <3 <3 <3
  • A Deconstruction Devoid of Substance
  • A miraculous work.
  • A series that leaves me divided
  • After Consideration
  • An entertaining new take on magical girls
  • An Excellent Tragedy
  • An unusual and brilliant juggernaut of a love story
  • Aw...what a cute slice of OH GOD HOLD ME
  • Brilliant
  • Down is up, thats how deep
  • Enthralling Magical Girl/Horror series
  • Good, but a touch overhyped
  • Good, but nothing special
  • Greatest anime I have ever seen.
  • IT'S GOOD.
  • Love it and hate it
  • Madoka Magica is a touching story about the true meaning of friendship
  • Madoka: The Movies
  • Madoka: The TV Series
  • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Review
  • Not ground breaking but still a great show
  • Not groundbreaking, but still pretty good.
  • Well-Realized Concept? Yes. Deep? Ehhhhhh...
  • What is it about?
An enjoyable continuation to Madoka's story
Come for the weirdness, stay for the game
End!verse feels and humor
A clever anime parading as a dumb one
  • Pretty good for a genre parody
  • puni puni poemi
A good concept gone to waste (Spoilers included)
From comments
Crazy Insane
A quick, fun little read
Pure brilliance.
  • Dizzying amusement abounds here.
  • Once Upon A Time
Puss In Boots- Surprisingly fun!
Put Me on the "Hate It" side of [[LoveItOrHateIt LIOHI]]
Surprisingly good
Marlee Cross' review
A masterpiece, A dud, and And one that goes Column A/Column B
An excellent modernization and partial Reconstruction of kid adventure
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous