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Ah, N.
Very Refreshing Take the HaremGenre[[hottip:*:Manga only I never watched the anime.]]
op's review
Najica Blitz Panties
Person With Many Aliases's review
  • A Disappointment All Around
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 8
Fun and Short
Mixed feelings
A decent first attempt of the horror genre
It's great.
Comment by Desert Echo
Comment by Akatsuki Daybreak
  • An Okay Series, But...
  • Don't watch the anime, tis bull-crap
  • A captivating shonen action series
  • A Decent Show with Good Pt1 and Disappoining Pt2
  • A series for beginners to Manga, but unfulfilling to those who continue.
  • An Experience You Could Really Get Into
  • Another long runner that falls apart before the end
  • Awful, but I liked some of the characters
  • Behold the King of the Inaction Sequence!
  • Come for the Fights, Stay for the Villains
  • Fanbase and Expanded thoughts on naruto with latest revalations...
  • Far from the best, but not the worst.
  • Frustrating
  • How can you manage to BadassDecay ''an entire series?!'' ('Kickass Decay' anyone?)
  • How I watch Naruto
  • Incredible plot
  • Mature setting, kid story.
  • Naruto, avoid the hype
  • Not for everyone
  • Not perfect but my all-time favorite!
  • On hiatus
  • Part 1 > Part 2
  • Really Up For You To Decide
  • Review naruto here, I guess
  • Review of Naruto.....
  • Review/Rant
  • So much to cover in so little words
  • That was a big fall
  • The best example of the problem with Shonen
  • The Rise and Fall of Naruto.
  • The Show That Made a Shipper Out of Me.
  • This series made me who I am today
  • Too many characters, not enough development
  • Well worth looking past flaws.
from comments
From comments
  • Fillerific!
  • From comments
from comments
Excellent use of OC, Pacing, and Plot Changes
Serious flaws
Pacing Killed it For me...
  • From comments
  • Nothing Special
Needs some editing.
  • Do Not Want
  • from comments
  • from comments/nombretomado
  • Read this.
Very Good
From comments
Rocky start, amazing ending.
Just... inexplicably disappointing.
Comment by Nani
  • Hip, hip, hurray for Christmas Vacation!
  • It Means Something Different to Everybody
One of THE worst films I have ever seen in my life!
  • Martin Lawerence getting his face punched in was the best part
  • Stellar.
Dark but Brilliant
Fun treasure hunt thrillers, especially if you turn off your brain
  • Emotional Ambience
  • Natsume Yuujinchou: A Beautiful Series
  • Comment by sardns
  • Comment by Tropers/KonaKonaFan
  • Recommended.
Incredibly innovative for its time; creative and original even today, but not quite balanced
Sonic the Hedgehog: Just add Sayains!
  • A Crime Show with Ups and Downs
  • I Loved It
  • Informed Likeability
  • More ships than the US Navy
Necessary Monsters
Classic, if not Instantly
A genre shift, and what a shift it is
  • Most Wanted 2012 - [[EitherOrTitle Or, Burnout Paradise 2 Lite.]]
  • One major flaw brings down the game (2012 version)
Damn near perfect
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
Mr Punch: Great story, not rewarding
  • A thoughtfully intriguing series, better than anything on television.
  • Hilarious!
  • Most awesome troll work evevr
  • This series is pain.
  • Why does everyone say "Come the third episode, it becomes clear this is a parody."?
Villain-Sue: The Comic
Great Tatsunoko classic series
  • Comartemis' review
  • Crazael's review
  • It's Not "Evangelion Done Right".
  • Kchasm's review
  • ShayGuy's review
  • Tacitus' review
  • unsigned review
Great fic
Marvel Madness Entwined with Evangelion
  • Fusionmix's review
  • Willbyr's review
  • AxelWhite's review
  • Initial review (recommended by Anthiens and Koveras)
  • Willbyr's review
Sithking Zero's review
  • "Life-changing" is rarely a phrase awarded to an anime, but Eva is deserving
  • A firm disbeliever
  • A flawed yet entertaining series
  • A masterpiece that one should never forgetten.
  • A Memetic N2 Mine
  • Absolutely hilarious, wildly entertaining
  • An interesting perspective on humongous mecha
  • Changes every time I watch it.
  • End of Eva: Let's hope it really is the end, for once and for all.
  • Food For Thought
  • Good show that's more respectable for its influence
  • Good stuff, but not perfect.
  • Great show. Left a big impression
  • I don't like it
  • I literally don't know what the hell to say
  • I loathe to watch, yet I cannot turn away...
  • I watched it.
  • If you like Dali this might be just for you.
  • If you like NGE, Hideaki Anno hates you and everything you stand for
  • It was not very good
  • It's About Growing Up
  • It's Not Good, But it Has to be Seen.
  • It's the philosophy that gets me.
  • Just what the heck was that?
  • Much Less Interesting than it is Made Out to Be
  • Nen Gansus Evanjellyneon
  • NGE gets weird in order to make its point more clearly. But the weirdness can end up making people more confused
  • Over-hyped and underwhelming
  • Perfect the way it is
  • Really really liked it.
  • Shortest Review Ever
  • Sick...I feel so sick
  • The best anime that I've seen
  • The Manga: Evangelion as it should have been
  • The TV Series: Abandon pre-conceptions and appreciate it for what it is
  • What you see is what you get
  • Worth it even if you know it through osmosis already.
  • Wow. Just wow.
  • young boy become a legend: a review of neon genesis evangelion
The Perfect Antidote for your Evangelion Blues
Lifestyles of the vapid and boring
A good concept, but still missing something.
USADSB, Interkom Kom Ind, and Danmark Denmark
  • Nerf Deploy CS-6: All in one
  • Nerf Jolt EX-1: Not-so Noisy Cricket Blaster
  • Rebelle Sweet Revenge
  • Spectre REV-5: building a better Revolver
  • Vortex Proton: different yet effective
Yes, it's absurd. Just turn your brain off and enjoy the fun.
  • captchacritter
  • JudgmentisBlack
Well-written and fantastically illustrated story
  • Fun design if you're into the NES games
  • So much potential, but really needs to be realized
Shouldn't work, but does.
An epic history lesson that bolsters autistic activism
So so so so so so so so so so so so BAD!
A lot better than you think
Moved comments
The best Despicable Me fanfic I have ever seen.
Rebecca Hb's review
  • Hands Down The Best
  • sammywhatammy's review
  • Zashiki-Warashi's review
Good game, awkward pacing
  • from comments
  • from comments (cont.)
  • LooneyToons' review
  • ShayGuy's review
  • A must-read
  • Go read this, right now.
this troper is somewhat less enthusiastic
  • A (Mostly)Positive and Spoiler-Free Review
  • And you thought Mass Effect 3 had a bad ending...
  • Buyer Beware
  • Makes Nintendo look lazy
  • Now ''this'' is a hack.
THIS is how you write a badass, people!
  • Hilarious for target audience
  • Pilot episode: Where jokes go to die
  • Newsflesh 1: FEED
  • Newsflesh 2: DEADLINE
Fun, but short. But fun!
  • A decent series that has unfortunately overstayed its welcome
  • New? Where is the new? I don't see any new, Do you?
Rather lackluster in hindsight
Mario's not the only one after money. Save yours.
A minor evolution of 2D Mario, but still a great game
Multiplayer not only affects, but makes, the game
op's review
feral's review
Great Show, bad Lead
Vellaen's review
  • Caellach Tiger Eye's review
  • Good Stuff I daresay, wot.
  • Great!
  • Comartemis' review
  • The Rule of Funny Reigns Supreme
  • CrazyAwesome Incarnate
  • Kind of boring, actually.
  • KyoAni Does It Again
  • Slice of Life up to eleven!
  • NicoB
  • NicoB
  • NicoB
Maxi1234's review
Flawed, but Amazing
So let's talk about NieR Automata
Extraintrover's review
  • Meh
  • Pretty Good
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by chibiaries
  • op's review
a lovely experience
Blood Reaver: Good Book Even on its Own
  • Holy crap
  • Nightmare house is bloody scarry
Looking good
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Moving comments to reviews pt 2
  • Moving comments to reviews pt 3
  • The Granddaddy Of All Harry Potter Peggy Sue Fics
An Anime That Makes You Think
Interesting Premise
Fun, but has its flaws
Good for its time... I guess? (XBLA Version review)
  • Book 1
  • Night watch film review.
  • Pratchett's Greatest Work
Couldn't finish watching S2
Moved comments
early fanfic that's still really good
CAVE takes on a new genre
This film is not for the shallow.
  • Ladders, and Funyarinpas, and Boats, oh my!
  • The importance of the number 9
Comment by Haustere
Moved comments
  • Epic story, BUT...
  • My Blood! I'm Bleedin'!
Useless style: Not going to do shit attack!
  • A Masterful Work of Societal Horror
  • A pathetic, ultra-nihilistic work slightly more subtle than a Saturday Morning Cartoon
  • Dystopia and Utopia: An Odd Fixation
  • Hold on now. Its not what you think.
  • I liked it, but something was missing.
  • If Ayn Rand were a democratic socialist...
  • Not really sure if it works.
  • Silly.
  • The Warning and the Place in History
Seriously not well known enough.
All (gruesome) form and little substance.
A love letter to platformers of old.
They Grow On You
A great old-school RPG with amazing presentation
  • From comments
  • Reasonable Explanation
  • Friendly, Funny, and an Amazing Gamer
  • Surprisingly Good
  • [review redacted]
  • Don't call it a "mini-game" collection, call it a retro game collection
  • The only tech demo game I've seen to use the console's real potential
To Be Rewritten
  • Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
  • Days of Ruin: Better blance, YMMV on the tone shift
Falls very short of Dark Souls, no reason to celebrate it being on PC
  • Author Here!
  • The author is a madman.
  • A basic formula series that continues to drag along
  • A perpetually wasted potential
By @/SirRandomUser
A Very fun Let's Player and Great Streamer.
Not expected
Feels: Activated
A Different Touhou Fic
  • Good, but not without its problems
  • Honest
  • Is Mankind worth saving?
By skadydkssk
  • Comartemis's review
  • Darman's review
  • Hopeful
  • K9Thefirst1's review
  • LavanyaSix's review
  • LooneyToons' review
  • Night's review
  • One of the best up to a point
  • One of the best you're likely to come across
  • Sneebs' review
  • TheTygre's review
  • UltraSonic007's review
  • Well worth your time, but only if it's what you want to read
Waiting for the Rebuild of Nobody Dies
  • It sucks, but I'm going to recommend it anyway
  • Thoroughly mediocre, but not as offensive as it could be
Strong Beginning, Lackluster Ending
  • An ambiguous film that leaves much to be desired
  • An especially devious film
If you haven't seen it...
  • Absolutely revels in CrazyAwesome (anime S1)
  • Not For Everyone
  • Wish fulfillment at its worst.
A great, satisfying epilogue
  • Its director's magnum opus; fulfils most of its high ambitions
  • Noir - A Murky path
Not Worth Your Time, Not Worth Your Money
from comments
Needs work
  • Rakuen
  • Sparky
Might as well be called Goku, the Deconstruction
  • Best abridged series ever
  • Disclaimer
  • NonePiece did to my spleen what 4Kids did to the original!
  • What happens when you cross Nappa from DBZ Abridged with GanXingba and LittleKuriboh?
  • Where's my left shoe?
It's a decent manga if you're into skiing.
  • For Crackshippers.
  • monster_lover13's review
  • started out average but it got better with time.
  • Too comic book-like?
  • Bad Crossover.
  • I Enjoyed This
Comment by {{Tropers/chelonianmobile}}
Very, very strange...don't read this if you're sleepy
op's review
A tall tale that probably worked better as a book, but is stupid just the same
Masterpiece of Quirkiness
  • Fuck Yeah.
  • Great either for "historical value" or just because it's awesome.
Not the good kind of nostalgia.
My favorite Sufin fic ever
Great sibling fun!
Not for everyone. But worth a look.
If you don't laugh, just give it a minute
  • Hindugoddess' review
  • Subtle, Perfect Characterization
The Best of the Modern AU Downton Abbey Fics
  • By Frodo Lives
  • Not to be taken seriously or internally
An excellent story that's just as good now as when I first read it
Must Read!
Very fun premise, made better by a light-hearted presentation
Comment by @/CoppeliaMartyrdom
Everything I learned from ''Notting Hill''
Comment by Marlee Cross
Autum Berry Bliss's review
  • Good Show (Spoilers Contained)
  • Now or never...
A Most Delightful Piece of Alternate History
  • A simple, twisty heist film
  • Pretty alright
  • Like a bad magic trick
  • Like a bad magic trick
Amitakatork's review
So stupid it's good
Very interesting, but overly short.
  • Comment by Inkki Bookman
  • The evidence that there's an exception to every rule.
Hilarious. But scary.
Comment by symmetricalUndo
My thoughts after finishing season one
  • Amazing potential, but only a few fulfill it.
  • Damn is all I can say... But then again...
  • Funny, sad, and far better than it has any right to be
  • I don't know what to say... too good!
  • UnbuiltTrope that attracted a MisaimedFandom
Comment by Pichu
Boo to twists for their own sake, I say!