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Comment by NG14916
  • Comment by aramisa
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  • Comment by {{Tropers/NewSeniorGenius}}
What happens when you try to mimic E. T. and get everything wrong and then some
Glimpses of genius marred by inconsistent writing and poor characterization
Machete Disappoints.
Phantom Shadow
  • Dethroning Moment of Suck for the Macross Franchise
  • Good music, good message, weak narrative
''Macross: A New Translation'', but overall serviceable
  • Boo hoo hoo!
  • Like a madman aiming, a hit-and-miss.
  • Mostly Harmless
  • Not as good as it used to be
  • Painfully unfunny
  • You Mad?
Three decent but rather problematic movies
The anime and manga adaptations don't do this series justice
distance between us review
There was greatness buried in here somewhere
  • An Outstanding Day
  • As Good as the Hype?
  • Don't listen to all that feminist shit, the film is awesome.
  • Furious action for a great, epic movie.
  • The Best ''Max'' Yet
  • Visual Storytelling At It's Finest
Strongly Recommended
The [=PlayStation=] remake could have been something...
A Quick Family Reunion, Before Mafia III
[[ComeForTheXStayForTheY Come for the cute girls, stay for the plot]], and keep enjoying the cute girls
  • By Psyga315
  • By Tropers/AceOfScarabs
It's Actually Good!
@/{{Nanya}}'s review
  • antvasima's review
  • Slain's review
A Little Lionlike Slytherin and His Family
The import is not as bad as it sounds!
Waxing Lyrical
Ace In The Deck - Season 2 review
Season 3
  • Eh. Just... eh. (Note: This is a review of the anime.)
  • MGRP Light Novel
  • Very good, if you like this sort of thing
  • Not a fan
  • Short but fun
  • Almost Insulting
  • Uwe Boll Does Nanoha (Badly)
  • Game Breaking Technical and Balance Issues, Not Just Me
  • I love this game
Singleplayer = Bad Multiplayer = Good
It Makes Sense in Context.. in Webcomic Form
Pros far outweigh the Cons
  • "You were the chosen one!"
  • There's Still Hope Left
Comment by Also Sprach Odin
Great Relationships and Vulcan Worldbuilding
There is no thick enough NostalgiaFilter
  • One of the Best Light Novels Ever
  • Squandered potential.
  • A HELL of a fun ride, and keeps getting better.
  • A Most Wonderful Manga
  • Different != Bad.
  • Even the Best Trip is Worthless if It Ends in a Crash
  • Magical Mr. Springfield
  • One of the better series out there. (Manga only)
  • Why I DON'T like Negima *gasp of shock*
Prime32's review
Started out strong...then...
  • A forced series with a bad ending
  • Enjoyable, but feels a bit forced
  • Who's been drinking the Kool-aid?
  • WWSDD?
A vast improvement over My-Hime
  • Aoede's review
  • CherriesJubilee's review
  • Potman's review
An excellent game, but could be better
A fun kids' thriller-adventure that mostly eschews silliness
  • Recommendations
  • Review
Harem with a Conspiracy Plot
Comment by Looney Toons
Comment by {{@/Troppers}}
Moved comments
TheLobster's review
  • A great movie, not the best adaptation
  • Angelina Jolie Has No Great Peers To Play Against
  • Declawing Maleificent.
  • Good Movie, but a Poor "Retelling"
  • Great if You're Watching for Maleficent
  • My Least Favourite Film About a Vengeful Killer Dominatrix
  • Not everybody's cup of tea, but darkly beautiful
  • Save Your Money
  • They wasted a perfectly good plot.
  • Worst $7.50 I Ever Spent
  • Ye Olde Ode to the Glorious Mary Sue
It's crack, oh yes...but it works.
Major Tom's review
Just, like, the goofiest thing ever.
  • Comment by Comartemis
  • Comment by Lurkerson
  • Comment by Marlee Cross
Wonderful Deconstruction and KafkaKomedy
Sonic GTR's review
She won't kill you, she'll do ''anything'' to help you...
The opposite of its genre, the only AdventureGame I really liked
If You Actually Give "Manimal" a Chance...
  • I loved it; others hate it.
  • Nearly 30 years and still full of charm
  • Anoymous review from the comments section
  • Props to the animators and voice actors.
  • A great start
  • A Moderate Start
  • A purposely laconic review.
  • A Truly Dreadful Experience
  • A very polaziring movie
  • About Lois
  • DC Cinematic Universe: Take 2. SPOILERS
  • Didn't Think This Through: The Movie
  • Enjoyable, with moments of What The Hell? (spoilers)
  • Excellent Film
  • Flies well but expect turbulance. (Spoilers).
  • Half a very good movie. Spoilers!
  • Has the best action in a movie I've ever seen.
  • I've seen worse adaptations of Superman
  • Idiotic
  • It turns out that being Superman is much harder than it looks...
  • It's just okay
  • It's not a bird, it's not a plane, but it's also not Superman
  • Man of Steel: Not perfect, but an excellent take on the origin
  • Not A Bad Film, But Certainly Not A "[[{{Pun}} Super Film]]".
  • Not as dour as I thought it would be
  • Realistic
  • Slow, noisy, disturbingly inhuman
  • The Death of Mandatory Heroism
  • The Degeneracy of Commercial Culture in 2013
  • The Most Depressing Superhero Film Ever!
  • Though it rains, it soars
  • To take a word from Inception... Disappointment
  • Too much super, not enough hero (Spoilers)
  • Well I liked it
  • Well, That Didn't Quite Pan Out
  • Worth it
  • You'll believe a man can mope.
We Have A Contender!
This review stinks. Please save yourself some time, and ignore it.
It's A Bad Movie from the 60s. What Else Is New?
"Least popular Jane Austen book" doesn't mean it's not a great Jane Austen book
horribly compulsive viewing
  • It ain't perfect but it is not bad
  • Original manga isn't so bad.
  • The Worst ever
Anime Only: Good story but evidently rushed
  • Grr....
  • Love it.
  • Reading this was akin to having my scrotum flayed by a bear infected with scabies
  • So Bad It's Good, yes... but also sad.
  • Marathon
  • Marathon
  • Marathon Trilogy by Bungie
  • A LOT better then it sounds...
  • If you hate Mass Effect 3 canon...
  • Incredible series, whether you likes ME3's endings or not
  • Powerful and incredibly written - a new perspective
  • Why I don't read this comic anymore
  • An evening with Slendy: Watching the S1 DVD with friends
  • Dramatic, Realistic, And Wonderfully Horrorfying
  • Marble Hornets
  • Moody, Minimalistic, Mind-bending, and Extremely Scary
  • Really shows what can be done with limited resources and the right amount of imagination.
  • Very good, but perhaps has gone on longer than needed
Promstuck is amazing.
Definitely Worth a Look
Comment by [=ArchangelUnmei=]
  • Disappointing
  • Hilarious and Refreshing
  • Refreshing take on a tired harem genre.
  • Insight into Mary Sues
  • Mary Sue fic done right
  • Now, for something completely different
  • Review originally posted by @/TheOtakuNinja
  • Hilarious all the way through.
  • The world is a........
A Clever Hack - And Still A Mario Game
The best game ever?
A Good Game, But Could’ve Been Better
This game is amazing and the final battle is astonishing! (SPOILERS)
Messages and creator
  • (Mario Kart 7 review) A fantastic evolution for the series
  • Virtual racing personified!
My thoughts on 200cc:
  • Leave your greed at home, folks.
  • Mario Party is a good series, great with friends
Levin TV
A Fascinating Examination of the Human Condition
A truly lousy fic that dodges being awful, but is by no means 'good'.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by {{@/Zaiaku666}}
The dates will be fun. Though the marriage might not be deep.
  • Great Sci-Fi Lite, to my Surprise
  • This is one movie NOT to add to my DVD collection
Marsupilami is my favorite Disney character
Nadesico: Prince of Darkness; Or The Tragedy of Metrics
Ravage 2099: Sadly unrealized potential
  • just saw the raw which show the guardians of the galaxy
  • Surprisingly Good
Indestructible Hulk, Vol.1. Damn good stuff.
Extremely Fun Game, Balance be ****ed
Could have been great.
Jesus christ this is awful
Sympathetic host, forgettable show.
From comments
The Weatherlight Saga's awkward middle section
  • A Brilliant Experience With a Few Flaws
  • An excellent Action RPG
  • Cliche Storm at its Finest
  • Decent, but at times overwhelming
  • Great game, but tedious.
  • Lots of potential, but unrefined.
  • Mass Effect, Replayed
  • now this is a story all about how my Mako got flipped-turned upside down
  • That Rarest of All Creatures...
  • Would've been fine, had it not been for a few things
  • A great game, a good sequel.
  • A Masterpiece
  • All you need to know about Mass Eff-DIRECT INTERVENTION IS NECESSARY
  • As a stand alone title: Bad game that you really MUST play and love
  • Fixes nearly all the problems with the first game.
  • Flaws Are To Be Found, But A Good Game All Around
  • Game wise, Awesome. Story wise, sucks.
  • Mass Effect 1, turned generic
  • Mass Effect 2- Trimming the Fat, But Also the Meat
  • Quite possibly the best game ever made
  • The good, the bad, and the rest of it.
  • A big meaty quarter-pounder of a game (spoilers)
  • A Very Divisive Question
  • Amazing and Satisfying
  • Amazing But Flawed
  • An Unexpected Existentialist Triumph!
  • Bollocks To This
  • Cosmicism rears its ugly head in the 12th hour
  • Don't finish it! (Extended Cut update)
  • Excellent Game with a Disappointing Ending (Updated for Extended Cut)
  • Extended Cut Review
  • I'm Lily and this is my favourite game in the series!
  • Ignorance of the Previous Three Thousand Minutes - A look at the ending and how it is not what others will have you believe
  • Ignore the ending controversy, this is a good game
  • Imperfect, But Phenomenal for What It Is
  • It gets almost everything right
  • It's 99.5% Good
  • Leviathan DLC
  • Mass Effect 3 DLC- So Far
  • Mass Effect 3 is...
  • Mass Effect 3 review with spoilers
  • Omega DLC
  • Review: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer
  • Still A Good Game
  • Take the game for what it is, and ignore the endings
  • The Beginning is Awful
  • The ending changes everything.
  • The endings aren't the problem.
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Good again.
  • The passing of ages
  • Why People Hate the Last Ten Minutes
  • Worst Game of 2012
  • A Poly-romantic Look At ME: Andromeda
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition without the Effort
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda, a good game despite itself.
  • ME Andromeda; The reject that tried to be a revamp
  • The Andromeda Initiative went the wrong direction.
  • The Force Awakens of Mass Effect
I Lost Sleep Over This Fic
At least it's not a Mary Sue...
  • Mediocre, Not Horrible
  • So... What was the point of that?
Material Days
By Andyzero
Short and Intriguing
From comments
An delicious blend of worlds
op's review
  • CaellachTigerEye's review
  • CrypticMirror's review
  • Darkhom's review
  • UltraSonic007's review
Scullery's review
An Awesome Web Series That's One of a Kind
To put it simply...
A Poignant Masterpiece
Comment by Looney Toons
welcome to rock and roll fight: a review of mawaru penguindrum
A book that's far more about its characters than its plot, and it works!
  • ''Max Payne 3'': Halfway Decent, but Disappointing
  • 3 = So Bad, It's Horrible
  • First 2 Games Are Awesome
  • Max Payne 3 Is Terrible
  • One thing Yahtzee didn't exaggerate...
Max Steel or acquired taste
My favorite fanfic
Maybe I'm a Lion
I Weep For What Could Have Been
The Forefather of HumongousMecha shows
Butterfly, Butterfly...
  • Entertaining As Hell
  • Very unpleasant, yet I can't get enough
  • M.D. Geist: The blockbuster
  • Most Dangerous
  • Sorely lacking yet enjoyable
Not really worth recommending
  • Decent game ruined by glitches and lag
  • Super Meat Boy is fun and you should play it
Anonymous review from the Comments section
The epitome of Western Humongous Mecha
  • Difficult to Place (Possible Spoilers)
  • Final Review
  • Its a fun series but still not for everyone
  • Medaka Box: Flawed and Fun
Comment by Catelyn
Anoymous review from the comments section
  • op's review
  • Very Clever
  • Annoymous review from the comments section
  • Review by {{Tropers/Quanyails}}
Third Time Isn't Always the Charm
Review by Tropers/SoWeAteThem
  • Gloriously, unashamedly silly
  • Middle Disney
  • A bit overrated, but honestly, not that terrible
  • Its difficult.
  • This needs one good review on TVTropes
Just another old cartoon
First Impressions
  • Everything about it is either amazing or terrible
  • Great game gameplay wise, but try not to pay attention to the story.
  • Anime Review. Possible Spoilers
  • Starforce
Brutally hard, sometimes unfair, but strangely rewarding.
(first game review) An amazing update to a classic series
Mega Man X5
  • A Hardcore, Satisfying Adventure
  • Dreamworks goes through the motions yet again
  • Excellent Film
  • Good, Falling Short of Great
  • Megamind - Megamazing!
  • Megamind -More realistic than I expected
  • Surprisingly great
Disappointing but Enjoyable
  • Fun and Servicable
  • Has a lot of promise, but could use some polishing
  • A must-watch... if you can MST
  • Fun With Friends - and only then
  • Action Girls
  • Mecha done different, done right.
A Good Gateway Series
Two Gun Angel's review
Comment by ScottishLoverKid12
Enjoyable Fic
the kind of tape to send your kid to bed with
Your milage may vary. A LOT.
  • Nolan's First Masterpiece
  • Quite the thought experiment
  • Surprisingly brilliant
  • Thriller with a Brain
Comment by Accidentally Tsundere
Rogue 7's review
Lua's review
Dramatic epic fantasy, well worthy of a read.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
Pretty Great
Men in Black 3: Entertaining But Flawed
Men In Black 2: Ever After
This isn't very retro at all
  • Comment by Looney Toons
  • Comment by Shay Guy
Ok, this is amazing
  • Great Story
  • Terrible story
  • Interesting premise, appalling execution
  • Never lived up to its potencial
  • No matter how angry I get, Merlin is great
  • The average episode
Weak Story; Intriguing Characters
In Need of a Decent Villain...
Great Introduction to a Reoccurring Character
Metal Gear, a compilation of why Japan rocks.
And I don't even ''like'' slash that much
  • An Amusing, if Formulaic, Shonen Anime
  • Better Than It Sounds, By a Longshot
  • Mixed feelings
  • The devil is in the details.
  • Fantastic, But Broken Tutorial And Mechanics Ruins Everything
  • Is the world better without snakes?
  • Metal Gear Rising: Stupid Subtitle
  • This game is good.
Style vs. Substance
  • A good conclusion
  • A great stealth game worth playing
  • Good game I couldn't enjoy
  • I'm never doing a Big Boss run
  • It's up to you
  • Quintessential MGS - for better or worse
  • Story aside, this is a fun game to play
  • The greatest trick Kojima ever pulled was... well, not this.
  • Too clever by half
  • Kojimasterpiece!
  • The definitive video game
Never go full Kojima!
Metal Gear Solid 4.5 (PS3)
Why Portable Ops is a good game in its own right
  • Ground Zeroes - A Taste for What's to Come
  • Ground Zeroes: A lesson in tolerance
  • Ground Zeroes: The greatest "demo" ever made
  • The Phantom Pain: A flawed diamond
  • The Phantom Pain: Flawed, but great
Brutal with a Point
  • Metal Slug 1
  • Metal Slug 2: Worth sinking your tokens into it?
  • Metal Slug Anthology: Worth Buying?
  • Damn yes.
  • Just ... yes.
  • Recommended 1000%. Yes, it is THAT good.
A very underrated game worth playing
Fusion: A Triumph of Poor Design
Metroid: Equis - Metroid Done Right
  • An story directed, emotional approach
  • Even if it's not the best way to follow up Super Metroid, it provides a fresh experience
  • Metroid: Fusion
  • Not just a Metroid, but also a Silent Hill
Well, It's Not Other M...
  • "Awesome" for a game! "Meh," for a Metroid game
  • 'Disappointing', yes; 'Disastrous', no
  • A flawed gem of a game.
  • A great game wrecked by incredibly foolish design choices
  • Consider the following....
  • Cool mix of old-school and modern ideas, but a bit flawed
  • I Hate This Game
  • It's Just A Bad Game
  • Other M: weakest of the metroid series by far.
  • Samus' Personality Killer
  • So awful, it broke my console.
  • So Bad, it's Horrible.
  • The Weakest Metroid Game, but Still Good
  • Why does this exist?
There Is No Polygon Ceiling
It's a good game, but who is it for?
Not the ''Metroid 1'' remake I would have wanted
Hokuto's review
  • A beautiful film loosely based on a legendary manga
  • Tezuka was Probably Right
Not quite what I was expecting, but still fun
  • Congo (novel): Short on Technology, High on Adventure
  • Rising Sun: Works as a mystery novel
Looks pretty, plays like garbage
Great Shorts
  • Beautiful series.
  • Sometimes, dreams you never even knew you should have wished for come true.
A charming and delightful adaptation
  • A real disappointment.
  • Bad as a game, worse as an art piece.
  • Great Game, Mediocre Middle Earth Game
  • Makes me feel guilty
  • Very Good
A character driven story filled with uninteresting, unrealistic, unlikeable characters.
Comment by Saltyavacado
Comment by @/RmfD
Adventure distilled
The Ultimate Mecha Crossover
The Power Lies on Their Side
Awesome book with an awesome cast.
  • A flawed but solid gem undeserving of its toxic hatedom
  • Don't expect ''Mega Man'', but instead, expect a SpiritualSuccessor with some changes of its own
  • Meh
It's Underrated.
feral's review
moberemk's review
Oh god what.
  • (Episodes 1 and 2 review) Has an interesting premise, but how long will it last?
  • First thoughts of First Episode (from a Phineas and Ferb fan)
A crossover done right
  • Awesome Series
  • My thoughts on Minamoto-kun Monogatari
  • The main character makes this painful to read
Can't Be Compared To Anything Else.
This Fanfic is my personal Truth
This could actually be something.
  • A game for everyone
  • An Awesome Video Game Made by Mojang
  • As one put it, "An infinite world of Legos that occasionally explodes."
  • Fantastic before the 1.9 Update
  • Freakin' Addicting
  • Good and bad.
  • It Is What You Make It
  • Legos, Firecrackers and Creepers
  • Minecraft: A Simple Premise With Infinite Possibilities
  • Quite Possibly The Best Game I'll Ever Play
Not Exactly OUR Story, But... (Spoiler-Free)
A story of three noobs on their way to greatness
The Stupidity, The Stupidity.
Just Read It
By @/SirRandomUser
Gearframe's review
Read it for the worldbuilding (and the shipping)
Dream of Flying...
  • A Show With Good Potential Bogged Down By Serious Flaws
  • Cliches Aren't A Bad Thing
  • Wonderful series that grasp the whole aspect of a creative and badass heroine
Pretty Good
Mirror, Mirror (Gilgamesh in Stereo)
slow but rewarding
A little overrated
  • Possible Cult Classic in the Making? (Spoilers)
  • Worth Reading
On the Edge In More Ways Than One
feral's review
Good For What It Is
Liked it
  • Comment by da fox22
  • Comment by Dune
  • Comment by Kady the Red Panda
  • Comment by Marlee Cross
  • Comment by Ms. Byrd
Moved comments
Misfits Series 4 ''or'' Why strong character-driven narrative is a double-edged sword
A Stunning Collage
Normally, I avoid lesbian fiction
A Gem
A great film, should you choose to accept it
ITV's Marple
  • Immature
  • Meh
  • Mistborn: Upending Fantasy One Trope at a Time
  • Not bad, could have been better.
  • The Final Empire: By The Numbers
The Best Show You Will Ever Watch
A Look Back...
  • CaellachTigerEye's Review
  • ParchmentWithScrawlings review
Thank Goodness for MST3K
The Dragonstone: staggeringly unoriginal and bland
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • A Thousand Dead Voices Scream "Awwww, Kitty!"
  • Can I hold him? Pleeease?
  • Oh dear
Mixing Relationships
  • Decent Idea, bad Execution
  • From comments
MLAnderson0 - Difficult...
  • Funny and inspiring
  • Something Good, Something Bad...
At Best, Indecent. At Worst, "What The Hell"
  • Beautiful, if slightly flawed
  • Competent, but...
  • Good but lacking
  • Good but still a letdown
  • Sometimes, Formula Works
  • Comartemis' review
  • K9Thefirst1's review
Much better than I expected
[=GrantMK2's=] review
Link to original reviews
  • A classic.
  • Much better than I expected
  • A pretentious failure of a show
  • A series defeated by its own ambition
  • A series of disapointments.
  • Change, Rebirth and Awakening
  • Circumstantially Exemplary
  • Love it, if a bit rushed towards the end.
  • Outdated
  • The ''CodeGeass'' of Gundam (and that's not a good thing...)
  • why did so much people dislike the 00 series?
  • Why does everyone hate 00?
Burning died for this ending?!
  • A New Low For The Franchise.
  • A Nice Return to Form for the Gundam Franchise (1st and 2nd Generation)
  • A promising series tragically smothered by bad planning
  • Age by Age
  • Eh.
  • Far from the worst thing to come out of Gundam (a look at episodes 1-6)
  • Generation 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
  • Good ideas, just implemented badly.
  • Just when you think it couldn't get any worse than ''Destiny'' (Contains Spoilers)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SIGH (updated review)
  • Steadily becoming one of the better things to come out of Gundam (a look at episodes 7-15)
  • 'Mixed Feelings'
  • Where is the rest of the movie?
  • A good series, but a good gateway? But the Great Naze
  • Good Series, Bitter Ending
  • One of the Best ''Gundam''
A Well Paced, Action Packed, Emotional Thrill Ride
  • A good show underneath all the stock footage and flashbacks.
  • Overhated and Underrated
  • Wasted Potential
  • Most Realistic Gundam Yet.
  • THE Real Robot Series
  • What do you do when your Mobile Suit breaks
  • It doesn't get any better than this.
  • The Beast of Possibilities: Can Gundam Unicorn live up to its massive hype?
  • A classic that still holds up years later
  • A Gray Stain on the Franchise
  • A masterwork put together by an idiot.
  • Actually one of the best Gundam series.
  • An amazing show that should be seen by all
  • One of my all-time favorites
  • Silly, Stupid, Confusing and Dull...yet somewhat Charming
There's a gem there; you just need to dig it out.
OK Gundam series, coulda been better
  • A must-watch fantastic series, despite a few faults.
  • Butchering the Sacred Cow: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate Zeta Gundam
  • Good Show: Awful Protagonist.
So bad it's good, horrible, and sad.
  • Great fun, once it gets going.
  • how did I not know about this before?
  • Amazing
  • LOVE IT!!!
In Defense of Cowodoody
  • Does Yahtzee's "First" Novel Float?
  • It's a first novel from a game reviewer.
  • Not really worth it
  • Worth a read.
Definite deja-vu
Comment by I Got Lost On TV Tropes
  • Feels like you're robbing the developers
  • Mmm, bacon
Monica's Teen Gang: A good spin-off plagued by RomanticPlotTumor and ProtagonistCenteredMorality
  • Brilliant
  • Tasteless
  • Comment by Kchasm
  • Comment by Tropers/{{Guessmyname}}
One heck of a mind screw
  • A truly classic pain in the ass
  • One good trade* and the game is won.
  • A Flawed Diamond
  • A meandering letdown
  • A Monster Swathed in Humanity
  • Bloody Good, but...
  • Pure Perfection
  • Really good, but not perfection.
  • Well, it started out good...
  • Beaten over the head by boredom.
  • Not Even Entertainingly Bad
  • A Little Problematic, but Charming
  • Impressive
  • Surprisingly high-quality, and a standout in girl-targeted media and toys.
  • Ignore
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: This Game is Awesome!
Excellent Start, but Suffers from Poor Pacing
Monster Rancher DS
  • Redazrael's Review
  • Tropers/NanoMoose's Review
  • Absolutely Dreadful
  • This is probably a bad idea
  • I expected mediocrity, but I was really surprised.
  • Mike and Sully are Schooled in Pixar's New Film
  • The Sonic Colors of Pixar
  • You want to hate the moral... but you can't
  • Derivative and Bland
  • Did I miss something? part one
  • Great show!
  • this?!?
  • Nearly Note Perfect
  • What a disappointment
  • A one-trick pony
  • A romance about friendship
  • Absolutely hilarious
Great premise, great art...but not funny.
Comment by Tropers/DontKillBugs
  • A trollish deconstruction of the Slice of Life Webcomic
  • Don't.
  • no
  • Suprisingly Touching
From comments
Best Rainbow Dash story I've seen.
  • Engaging read
  • LavanyaSix's review
  • SalFishFin's review
  • Dark, Funny, And Ridiculously Deep!
  • This Show Is Fucking Amazing. Here's Why.
From comments
scribblechan's review
It had to happen eventually.
If only Cherryh had remained a fantasist, what might have been.
Moved comments
  • It's Got it all... Except an Audience
  • Maybe the Best
  • Really, really good
Double Trouble's review
Moved comments
Mortal Engines Quartet/Hungry City Chronicles
Comment by Soojinyeh
Nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.
A step in the right direction.
Armageddon Does Not Suck
  • ... Awesome
Moved comments
One of my first JohnKat fics, and extremely memorable
from comments
  • Definitely the best game I have ever played. (Of course, that is just my opinion.)
  • Laughing through Tears
  • Quite Simply A Masterpiece
  • Ready the Kleenex.
  • Video games are art. Plain and simple.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by msq
The Little Things Make this story
Mothership Zeta Crew mod: The best mod ever?
From comments
Messy and Tacky
Adorable, and head-canon producing
You want to know what I think about this movie? Fuck this movie!
  • "The Big Picture: Combat Evolved?" - Too Deep, Too Shallow
  • A cautionary tale
  • He Who Fights Mosters is Doomed to Become One
  • Hero to zero
  • Just another critic
  • Moviebob: "Professional" Movie Critic
  • Moviebob: Unprofessional Critic (and thank goodness!)
  • Nostalgia in Human Form
  • The Best Gaming Culture Commentator
  • The Game Anti-Thinker
Is good.
Definitely worth a look for any Escaflowne fan
My favourite play.
Good, But With Its Flaws
Theweirdwarrior's review
A timeless comedy gem
  • CreatorsPet?
  • Impressions as of the beginning
  • Ms. Marvel's Origin Arc=Marvelous
  • Review: Ms. Marvel #1
Muchi Muchi Pork for the X-Box 360
  • Could be more with professionals behind it.
  • The experience is what you make of it.
A worthy warrior, but failing none the less
The Muppets (and Tim Curry) at their finest.
Muramasa Rebirth: A perfectly adequate remake that makes you shell out extra for the best parts.
Fanfic At It's Prime
Turns from SoBadItsGood to [[GrowingTheBeard genuniely good]].
One of the Best Murder Mysteries of All Time
  • Its ok
  • Not as good as it seemed it would be.
  • Not Very Good
  • Bug Princess 2 for iOS
  • Bug Princess for iOS
  • Mushihime-sama BUG PANIC! for iOS
  • Mushihime-sama Futari for the X-Box 360
A short review
Sweet and Charming
op's review
  • A good fic but loosing sight of itself
  • Really worth to read
  • Wall of Text, ho.
oh comrade in arms, you no longer fear death: a review of the muv luv series
  • Excellent Series, Ended Before It's Time
  • Great series regretable end
feral's review
Pretty Good
  • I love and am obsessed with this fic.
  • jarta's review
  • Kinda Refreshing
  • Not Really Worthy Of A Place Here
He's a Asshole but His Music Is Amazing
  • One of my favorites (anime)
  • The Most Bizzare Series of Events Ever Recorded.
  • The Only Context You Could Use.
OP's Review
My favorite PinkieDash story ever!
  • First Episode, First Impressions: "Inoculation Day/Animal Testing"
  • If you like monkey butts and animal cliches, this show is for you, if not, seek entertainment elsewhere.
Comment by [=MetanteiTriforce=]
  • Not bad so far, could be better
  • One of My favorites
  • Ryochi's My Hero Academia Review (Or: Generic: The Manga)
  • A work of art and coherence.
  • Bite me, I like it.
  • My Immortal
  • My Immortal
  • Oh, Mercy! Mercy Upon My Poor Brain Cells!
  • Original Comments
  • sinking or diving?
  • So Bad, it's Good
  • Stupid at face value, accidentally ingenious in retrospect.
  • The Epitome of Fail.
  • There is absolutely no way that this isn't brilliant, brilliant trolling.
  • True Classic
  • Wonderful
  • WTF did I just read
  • WTH..... and I don't mean this as a curse.
Comment by Marlee Cross
An enjoyable, but not truly standout, series
  • Um...
  • Worst. Cartoon. Ever. Which is a shame too.
Needs more love, NOW!
Good to dull
A promising start
  • A diamond in the rough.
  • Didn't shed one tear.
  • Don't get the hype
  • Great Fanfic
  • Indifferent...
  • It's beautiful and emotional, sad yet wonderful.
  • More Reviews
  • Most Beautiful Story ever
  • Overrated
  • Tear Jerker dosen't begin to describe it.
  • Tears to my eyes, over and over again
  • The Good Human meets Pony Fic
  • You don't have to be a brony to enjoy this.
It shouldn't be this good.
  • Better than one might expect
  • No. (REDUX)
Probably my favorite MLP Abridged Series
  • A Complete Waste.
  • An unfortunate throwback to My Little Pony's Roots
  • And its.... alright I guess
  • Good enough not to be a guilty pleasure
  • Human ponies in high school...and it works?
  • It's actually kind of good
  • It's kinda horrible.
  • Looks Good
  • Not a Masterpiece, but not a Train Wreck either
  • Not Complete Crap
  • Not Great, But Worth a Watch
  • OMG! Ponies Ruined FOREVER!!!!11!onehundredeleven
  • Pretty Good Overall
  • Saw it.
  • Still better than games ponies plays.
  • Walk, Don't Run
  • An Emotional Way to Cap Off the Trilogy
  • Easily my favorite EG movie so far...
  • Good movie, but there were more plots than there was time for
  • Threes a Charm. Now we're getting somewhere.
Extraordinarily cheesy movie that borders on the absurd.
  • A Marked Improvement
  • Average. Just like the first one.
  • Better than the first, by a very large margin
Sombra: The King of Monsters
Friends Forever #2: The Greatest Discord Story Ever Told...?
  • A Canterlot Wedding or Fanfiction:The Canon
  • A cartoon growing closer to my heart
  • A Complicated Simple Show
  • A good show with a slightly over enthusiastic fanbase
  • A heartwarming series for all ages AND genders.
  • A Welcome Dose of Positivity
  • All in all, a pretty good show.
  • An All Right Show
  • Another pony review: I get the appeal but...
  • Crusaders of Our Hearts (SPOILERS!!)
  • Crystal Empire
  • Decent, but nothing to write home about.
  • Definitely A Fun Show
  • Definitely changed my original view of the show
  • Do You Believe In Magic?
  • Don't judge it just because "it's My Little Pony".
  • Easily my second favorite cartoon
  • Friendship Is A Thing Of Beauty
  • Friendship is Awesome
  • Friendship is most certainly magic
  • Friendship The Magic This World Needs
  • Friendship? Yes. Magic? No
  • Good show, terrible fandom and hatedom
  • Great Show If You Give It A Chance
  • Great Show, but Overrated
  • I enjoy it
  • I Honestly Love This Show.
  • I know why this show has the fanbase it has: it's a refreshing escape from the TV of today.
  • I love this show...I thought good cartoons were never going to come back.
  • I'm not all that impressed
  • If you're looking for a clever, fresh cartoon that treats both kids and adults with respect...
  • It's good, but I can't take it seriously
  • It's just a cliche children's show..
  • It's okay to be girly!
  • It's surprisingly awesome (season 1)
  • Lesson Zero is best episode
  • Liked it for a while...
  • Long time Brony, surprised at how long I've enjoyed it
  • Meh.
  • Mein Thoughts (Season 4 finale review, minor plot points)
  • My Litttle Pony - Genetation 4: A New Hope
  • Not exactly my style, but I understand the appeal
  • Not for the faint of heart.
  • Not terrible. Bit cliched at points. Cheesy morals.
  • Not the best, but quite interesting.
  • Now ''this'' is how you revive a series!
  • Oh boy
  • Overrated.
  • Perfectly Tolerable
  • Pretty decent
  • Quite the Dark Horse
  • Season 5-getting better.
  • SisterHooves Social
  • Sithking Zero's Review of My Little Pony
  • Start Viewing from a Neutral Point for Best Results
  • Surprisingly amusing
  • Surprisingly Enjoyable
  • Surprisingly Enjoyable If You Ignore Its Age Bracket
  • Surprisingly Solid
  • Swarm of the Century AKA Predacon bait!
  • The aesops are becoming increasingly problematic.
  • The Best Part Of This Show...
  • What Draws Me In
  • What the hay?!
  • What you see is what you get.
  • Where I Watch My Little Pony
  • Wonderbolt Academy: Season 3's best!
  • "Return of Queen Chrysalis": A slightly different beast....
  • Issues #11 and #12
  • My Little Parallax
  • My favorite Spike episode!
  • The difference of just one scene...
  • ...and that's how Granny Smith got her cutie mark!
  • An awesome episode
A babysitting episode, with Pinkie Pie
  • An All-Aroung Good Episode
  • Something completely different
  • The episode that restored my faith in Friendship is Magic
  • A solid episode, with or without Derpy.
  • Applejack comes in second place in her own episode.
  • Good episode, but somewhat "jerky"
  • They're back
  • Tries a little bit of everything, and mostly succeeds
  • An episode with quality over quantity
  • I'm super
  • Relatively simple, but still fun to watch
  • A chance for Team Faust to flex its muscles
  • A Daring Do Disappointment
  • A heart-wrenching epic tale soaked with symbolism and poignant poetry
  • An Underwritten and Uninteresting Episode
  • Another (relatively) simple episode
  • Does Not Fly Twice as High, Unfortunately
  • Not bad, but has a problem or two,
  • Overall Entertaining
  • The reader
  • CMC Get Another Episode; HilarityEnsues
  • CMC surprisingly competent
  • Mane cast? What mane cast?
  • Too many bad points to bring up
  • What can I say? It's good!
  • Worth the wait? Yes!
  • A Perfect Example of Why I Dislike Pinkie Pie
  • Best FiM episode? nah.
  • I'm smiling, but something's not right here.
  • Made Me Smile
  • The Power Of Love is a curious thing...
  • Very nice, except for one thing.
  • A Great Episode from Middle to End
  • Disturbing
  • Fluttershy shows us that she rocks
  • Marmite
  • okay
  • Simply great.
  • Solid but not Spectacular
  • Yo! Da Flutterrage returns
Getting the season off to a good start.
  • Meh.
  • Practically perfect in every way!
  • A very strong, complex episode
  • Excellent Episode
  • Fluttershy Flies High Once Again!
  • An all round solid episode, with a very impressive Aseop
  • Honest defense of the Cutie Mark Crusaders
  • One glaring fault - but once overlooked, otherwise enjoyable
  • Pretty good
  • Slow News Day
  • Worst possible thing
The Game Is A-Hoof!
  • A Disappointed Ending.
  • A Great Sendoff to Season 2
  • A great wedding, but not a love story
  • Generally a good episode, falling over some pacing problems
Love The Episodes, But Have Trouble Watching It...
  • A simple fix to strengthen this episode
  • Bit of a step down.
  • I think I've figured it out
  • On pulling off the illusion
  • The Superhero episode, a minor issue in continuity recognition and semantics
  • This one rubbed me the wrong way
  • Why Mare Do Well?
  • An unsatisfying episode.
  • Decent addition to the Rarity episodes
Not very impressed
Season 3's best!
Not something I would recommend to a friend
  • A Quick Look from the Outsider
  • All you have to do is take an insane writer...
  • DarthWiki/SoBadItsHorrible Indeed
  • My Little Mykan: Audience Apathy is Magic
  • Not very good, or even SoBadItsGood
  • All you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people.
  • What a wild ride this was
From comments
  • An Idyllic, Golden World
  • Mixed feelings, lifted from the forums
  • Certainly an interesting read
  • Heavy, but interesting all the same
Intriguingly Above Average
  • Give it a chance
  • To short
Absolutely Vile
A wonderful Parody of the teen slasher genre
  • A dying breed of adventure
  • It's a love it or hate it kind of game.
  • Lol, wut?! A mysteriously amazing series
  • Mysterious Thumbs Up
Comment by Tropers/JoieDeCombat
@/{{Thrythlind}}'s review
Mystery Babylon and Gender Flips
  • duplicated entry, author is seeking to delete it completely but can't!
  • Not so much real life as reconstruction?
  • The Best Worst Show I've Ever Seen
  • Recommendations for [=MSTies=]-to-be
  • We've got movie signs!
  • Great MST3K Episode!
  • MST3K: They're usually funny.
Saccharine, contrived, and overly long.
Talk about GenreShift
Beautiful story telling and characters
A Great Refreshing Take
Timeless, moving, and epic
  • From comments
  • from comments
  • Great Premise Marred by Bad Decisions
  • I liked it
  • Poorly done ripoff
  • Started okay, but went down