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Comment by NG14916
  • Comment by aramisa
  • Comment by fiftysix
  • Comment by {{Tropers/NewSeniorGenius}}
What happens when you try to mimic E. T. and get everything wrong and then some
Glimpses of genius marred by inconsistent writing and poor characterization
Machete Disappoints.
Phantom Shadow
Maybe it is time we re-evaluate Macklemore.
  • Dethroning Moment of Suck for the Macross Franchise
  • Good music, good message, weak narrative
''Macross: A New Translation'', but overall serviceable
  • Boo hoo hoo!
  • Like a madman aiming, a hit-and-miss.
  • Mostly Harmless
  • Not as good as it used to be
  • You Mad?
Three decent but rather problematic movies
The anime and manga adaptations don't do this series justice
distance between us review
There was greatness buried in here somewhere
  • An Outstanding Day
  • As Good as the Hype?
  • Don't listen to all that feminist shit, the film is awesome.
  • Furious action for a great, epic movie.
  • The Best ''Max'' Yet
  • Visual Storytelling At It's Finest
Strongly Recommended
The [=PlayStation=] remake could have been something...
A Quick Family Reunion, Before Mafia III
[[ComeForTheXStayForTheY Come for the cute girls, stay for the plot]], and keep enjoying the cute girls
  • By Psyga315
  • By Tropers/AceOfScarabs
It's Actually Good!
@/{{Nanya}}'s review
  • antvasima's review
  • Slain's review
A Little Lionlike Slytherin and His Family
The import is not as bad as it sounds!
Waxing Lyrical
Ace In The Deck - Season 2 review
Season 3
  • Eh. Just... eh. (Note: This is a review of the anime.)
  • MGRP Light Novel
  • Very good, if you like this sort of thing
  • Not a fan
  • Short but fun
  • Almost Insulting
  • Uwe Boll Does Nanoha (Badly)
Completely Inane
  • Game Breaking Technical and Balance Issues, Not Just Me
  • I love this game
Singleplayer = Bad Multiplayer = Good
It Makes Sense in Context.. in Webcomic Form
Pros far outweigh the Cons
  • "You were the chosen one!"
  • Over Too Soon
  • There's Still Hope Left
Comment by Also Sprach Odin
Great Relationships and Vulcan Worldbuilding
There is no thick enough NostalgiaFilter
  • One of the Best Light Novels Ever
  • Squandered potential.
  • A HELL of a fun ride, and keeps getting better.
  • A Most Wonderful Manga
  • Different != Bad.
  • Even the Best Trip is Worthless if It Ends in a Crash
  • Magical Mr. Springfield
  • One of the better series out there. (Manga only)
  • Why I DON'T like Negima *gasp of shock*
Prime32's review
Started out strong...then...
  • A forced series with a bad ending
  • Enjoyable, but feels a bit forced
  • Who's been drinking the Kool-aid?
  • WWSDD?
A vast improvement over My-Hime
  • Aoede's review
  • CherriesJubilee's review
  • Potman's review
An excellent game, but could be better
A fun kids' thriller-adventure that mostly eschews silliness
  • Recommendations
  • Review
Harem with a Conspiracy Plot
Comment by Looney Toons
Comment by {{@/Troppers}}
Moved comments
TheLobster's review
  • A great movie, not the best adaptation
  • Angelina Jolie Has No Great Peers To Play Against
  • Declawing Maleificent.
  • Good Movie, but a Poor "Retelling"
  • Great if You're Watching for Maleficent
  • Misbegotten
  • My Least Favourite Film About a Vengeful Killer Dominatrix
  • Not everybody's cup of tea, but darkly beautiful
  • Save Your Money
  • They wasted a perfectly good plot.
  • Worst $7.50 I Ever Spent
  • Ye Olde Ode to the Glorious Mary Sue
It's crack, oh yes...but it works.
Major Tom's review
Just, like, the goofiest thing ever.
  • Comment by Comartemis
  • Comment by Lurkerson
  • Comment by Marlee Cross
Wonderful Deconstruction and KafkaKomedy
it's great
Sonic GTR's review
She won't kill you, she'll do ''anything'' to help you...
This Was Controversial?
The opposite of its genre, the only AdventureGame I really liked
If You Actually Give "Manimal" a Chance...
  • I loved it; others hate it.
  • Nearly 30 years and still full of charm
  • Anoymous review from the comments section
  • Not one to miss
  • Props to the animators and voice actors.
  • A great start
  • A Moderate Start
  • A purposely laconic review.
  • A Truly Dreadful Experience
  • A very polaziring movie
  • About Lois
  • DC Cinematic Universe: Take 2. SPOILERS
  • Didn't Think This Through: The Movie
  • Enjoyable, with moments of What The Hell? (spoilers)
  • Excellent Film
  • Flies well but expect turbulance. (Spoilers).
  • Half a very good movie. Spoilers!
  • Has the best action in a movie I've ever seen.
  • I've seen worse adaptations of Superman
  • Idiotic
  • It turns out that being Superman is much harder than it looks...
  • It's just okay
  • It's not a bird, it's not a plane, but it's also not Superman
  • Man of Steel: Not perfect, but an excellent take on the origin
  • Not A Bad Film, But Certainly Not A "[[{{Pun}} Super Film]]".
  • Not as dour as I thought it would be
  • Realistic
  • Slow, noisy, disturbingly inhuman
  • The Death of Mandatory Heroism
  • The Degeneracy of Commercial Culture in 2013
  • The Most Depressing Superhero Film Ever!
  • Though it rains, it soars
  • To take a word from Inception... Disappointment
  • Too much super, not enough hero (Spoilers)
  • Underrated in many aspects
  • Well I liked it
  • Well, That Didn't Quite Pan Out
  • Worth it
  • You'll believe a man can mope.
We Have A Contender!
This review stinks. Please save yourself some time, and ignore it.
It's A Bad Movie from the 60s. What Else Is New?
"Least popular Jane Austen book" doesn't mean it's not a great Jane Austen book
horribly compulsive viewing
  • It ain't perfect but it is not bad
  • Original manga isn't so bad.
Anime Only: Good story but evidently rushed
  • Grr....
  • Love it.
  • Reading this was akin to having my scrotum flayed by a bear infected with scabies
  • So Bad It's Good, yes... but also sad.
  • Marathon
  • Marathon
  • Marathon Trilogy by Bungie
  • A LOT better then it sounds...
  • If you hate Mass Effect 3 canon...
  • Incredible series, whether you likes ME3's endings or not
  • Powerful and incredibly written - a new perspective
  • Why I don't read this comic anymore
  • An evening with Slendy: Watching the S1 DVD with friends
  • Dramatic, Realistic, And Wonderfully Horrorfying
  • Marble Hornets
  • Moody, Minimalistic, Mind-bending, and Extremely Scary
  • Really shows what can be done with limited resources and the right amount of imagination.
  • Very good, but perhaps has gone on longer than needed
Promstuck is amazing.
Definitely Worth a Look
Comment by [=ArchangelUnmei=]
  • Disappointing
  • Hilarious and Refreshing
  • Refreshing take on a tired harem genre.
  • Insight into Mary Sues
  • Mary Sue fic done right
  • Now, for something completely different
  • Review originally posted by @/TheOtakuNinja
  • Hilarious all the way through.
  • The world is a........
A Clever Hack - And Still A Mario Game
The best game ever?
A Good Game, But Could’ve Been Better
This game is amazing and the final battle is astonishing! (SPOILERS)
Messages and creator
  • (Mario Kart 7 review) A fantastic evolution for the series
  • Virtual racing personified!
My thoughts on 200cc:
  • Leave your greed at home, folks.
  • Mario Party is a good series, great with friends
A worthwhile game from any angle
Levin TV
A Fascinating Examination of the Human Condition
A truly lousy fic that dodges being awful, but is by no means 'good'.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by {{@/Zaiaku666}}
The dates will be fun. Though the marriage might not be deep.
  • Great Sci-Fi Lite, to my Surprise
  • This is one movie NOT to add to my DVD collection
Marsupilami is my favorite Disney character
Nadesico: Prince of Darkness; Or The Tragedy of Metrics
Ravage 2099: Sadly unrealized potential
  • just saw the raw which show the guardians of the galaxy
  • Surprisingly Good
Indestructible Hulk, Vol.1. Damn good stuff.
Extremely Fun Game, Balance be ****ed
Could have been great.
Jesus christ this is awful
Sympathetic host, forgettable show.
From comments
Flawed but well written and enjoyable
The Weatherlight Saga's awkward middle section
  • A Brilliant Experience With a Few Flaws
  • An excellent Action RPG
  • Cliche Storm at its Finest
  • Decent, but at times overwhelming
  • Great game, but tedious.
  • Lots of potential, but unrefined.
  • Mass Effect, Replayed
  • now this is a story all about how my Mako got flipped-turned upside down
  • That Rarest of All Creatures...
  • Would've been fine, had it not been for a few things
  • A great game, a good sequel.
  • A Masterpiece
  • All you need to know about Mass Eff-DIRECT INTERVENTION IS NECESSARY
  • As a stand alone title: Bad game that you really MUST play and love
  • Fixes nearly all the problems with the first game.
  • Flaws Are To Be Found, But A Good Game All Around
  • Game wise, Awesome. Story wise, sucks.
  • Mass Effect 1, turned generic
  • Mass Effect 2- Trimming the Fat, But Also the Meat
  • Quite possibly the best game ever made
  • The good, the bad, and the rest of it.
  • A big meaty quarter-pounder of a game (spoilers)
  • A Very Divisive Question
  • Amazing and Satisfying
  • Amazing But Flawed
  • An Unexpected Existentialist Triumph!
  • Bollocks To This
  • Cosmicism rears its ugly head in the 12th hour
  • Don't finish it! (Extended Cut update)
  • Excellent Game with a Disappointing Ending (Updated for Extended Cut)
  • Extended Cut Review
  • I'm Lily and this is my favourite game in the series!
  • Ignorance of the Previous Three Thousand Minutes - A look at the ending and how it is not what others will have you believe
  • Ignore the ending controversy, this is a good game
  • Imperfect, But Phenomenal for What It Is
  • It gets almost everything right
  • It's 99.5% Good
  • Leviathan DLC
  • Mass Effect 3 DLC- So Far
  • Mass Effect 3 is...
  • Mass Effect 3 review with spoilers
  • Omega DLC
  • Review: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer
  • Still A Good Game
  • Take the game for what it is, and ignore the endings
  • The Beginning is Awful
  • The ending changes everything.
  • The endings aren't the problem.
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Good again.
  • The passing of ages
  • Why People Hate the Last Ten Minutes
  • Worst Game of 2012
  • 5 Years, Everybody
  • A disappointing sequel rife with Unfortunate Implications
  • A Poly-romantic Look At ME: Andromeda
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition without the Effort
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda (The Leftism is strong with this one)
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda, a good game despite itself.
  • The Andromeda Initiative went the wrong direction.
  • The Force Awakens of Mass Effect
I Lost Sleep Over This Fic
At least it's not a Mary Sue...
  • Mediocre, Not Horrible
  • So... What was the point of that?
Material Days
By Andyzero
Short and Intriguing
From comments
An delicious blend of worlds
op's review
  • CaellachTigerEye's review
  • CrypticMirror's review
  • Darkhom's review
  • UltraSonic007's review
Scullery's review
An Awesome Web Series That's One of a Kind
To put it simply...
A Poignant Masterpiece
Comment by Looney Toons
welcome to rock and roll fight: a review of mawaru penguindrum
A book that's far more about its characters than its plot, and it works!
  • ''Max Payne 3'': Halfway Decent, but Disappointing
  • 3 = So Bad, It's Horrible
  • First 2 Games Are Awesome
  • Max Payne 3 Is Terrible
  • One thing Yahtzee didn't exaggerate...
Max Steel or acquired taste
My favorite fanfic
Maybe I'm a Lion
I Weep For What Could Have Been
The Forefather of HumongousMecha shows
Butterfly, Butterfly...
  • Entertaining As Hell
  • Very unpleasant, yet I can't get enough
  • M.D. Geist: The blockbuster
  • Most Dangerous
  • Sorely lacking yet enjoyable
Not really worth recommending
  • Decent game ruined by glitches and lag
  • Super Meat Boy is fun and you should play it
Anonymous review from the Comments section
The epitome of Western Humongous Mecha
  • Difficult to Place (Possible Spoilers)
  • Final Review
  • Its a fun series but still not for everyone
  • Medaka Box: Flawed and Fun
Comment by Catelyn
Anoymous review from the comments section
  • op's review
  • Very Clever
  • Annoymous review from the comments section
  • Review by {{Tropers/Quanyails}}
  • If you don't like Cringe Comedy, don't watch this. ANY of this.
  • Third Time Isn't Always the Charm
  • Review by Tropers/SoWeAteThem
  • Surprisingly good
  • Gloriously, unashamedly silly
  • Middle Disney
  • A bit overrated, but honestly, not that terrible
  • Its difficult.
  • This needs one good review on TVTropes
Just another old cartoon
First Impressions
  • Everything about it is either amazing or terrible
  • Great game gameplay wise, but try not to pay attention to the story.
  • Anime Review. Possible Spoilers
  • Starforce
Brutally hard, sometimes unfair, but strangely rewarding.
(first game review) An amazing update to a classic series
Mega Man X5
  • A Hardcore, Satisfying Adventure
  • Dreamworks goes through the motions yet again
  • Excellent Film
  • Good, Falling Short of Great
  • Megamind - Megamazing!
  • Megamind -More realistic than I expected
  • Surprisingly great
Disappointing but Enjoyable
  • Fun and Servicable
  • Has a lot of promise, but could use some polishing
  • A must-watch... if you can MST
  • Fun With Friends - and only then
  • Action Girls
  • Mecha done different, done right.
A Good Gateway Series
Two Gun Angel's review
Comment by ScottishLoverKid12
Enjoyable Fic
the kind of tape to send your kid to bed with
Your milage may vary. A LOT.
  • Nolan's First Masterpiece
  • Quite the thought experiment
  • Surprisingly brilliant
  • Thriller with a Brain
Comment by Accidentally Tsundere
Rogue 7's review
Lua's review
Dramatic epic fantasy, well worthy of a read.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
Pretty Great
Men in Black 3: Entertaining But Flawed
Men In Black 2: Ever After
This isn't very retro at all
  • Comment by Looney Toons
  • Comment by Shay Guy
Ok, this is amazing
  • Great Story
  • Terrible story
  • Interesting premise, appalling execution
  • Never lived up to its potencial
  • No matter how angry I get, Merlin is great
  • The average episode
Weak Story; Intriguing Characters
In Need of a Decent Villain...
Great Introduction to a Reoccurring Character
It's funny because it fails at almost every level
Metal Gear, a compilation of why Japan rocks.
And I don't even ''like'' slash that much
  • An Amusing, if Formulaic, Shonen Anime
  • Better Than It Sounds, By a Longshot
  • Mixed feelings
  • The devil is in the details.
  • Fantastic, But Broken Tutorial And Mechanics Ruins Everything
  • Is the world better without snakes?
  • Metal Gear Rising: Stupid Subtitle
  • This game is good.
Style vs. Substance
  • A good conclusion
  • A great stealth game worth playing
  • Good game I couldn't enjoy
  • I'm never doing a Big Boss run
  • It's up to you
  • Quintessential MGS - for better or worse
  • Story aside, this is a fun game to play
  • The greatest trick Kojima ever pulled was... well, not this.
  • Too clever by half
  • Kojimasterpiece!
  • The definitive video game
Never go full Kojima!
Metal Gear Solid 4.5 (PS3)
Why Portable Ops is a good game in its own right
  • Ground Zeroes - A Taste for What's to Come
  • Ground Zeroes: A lesson in tolerance
  • Ground Zeroes: The greatest "demo" ever made
  • The Phantom Pain: A flawed diamond
  • The Phantom Pain: Flawed, but great
Brutal with a Point
  • Metal Slug 1
  • Metal Slug 2: Worth sinking your tokens into it?
  • Metal Slug Anthology: Worth Buying?
  • Damn yes.
  • Just ... yes.
  • Recommended 1000%. Yes, it is THAT good.
A very underrated game worth playing
Fusion: A Triumph of Poor Design
Metroid: Equis - Metroid Done Right
  • An story directed, emotional approach
  • Even if it's not the best way to follow up Super Metroid, it provides a fresh experience
  • Metroid: Fusion
  • Not just a Metroid, but also a Silent Hill
Well, It's Not Other M...
  • "Awesome" for a game! "Meh," for a Metroid game
  • 'Disappointing', yes; 'Disastrous', no
  • A flawed gem of a game.
  • A great game wrecked by incredibly foolish design choices
  • Consider the following....
  • Cool mix of old-school and modern ideas, but a bit flawed
  • I Hate This Game
  • It's Just A Bad Game
  • Other M: weakest of the metroid series by far.
  • Samus' Personality Killer
  • So awful, it broke my console.
  • So Bad, it's Horrible.
  • The Weakest Metroid Game, but Still Good
  • Why does this exist?
  • A Maze With a Dark, Lonely Atmosphere...
  • There Is No Polygon Ceiling
It's a good game, but who is it for?
Not the ''Metroid 1'' remake I would have wanted
Hokuto's review
  • A beautiful film loosely based on a legendary manga
  • Tezuka was Probably Right
Not quite what I was expecting, but still fun
  • Congo (novel): Short on Technology, High on Adventure
  • Rising Sun: Works as a mystery novel
Looks pretty, plays like garbage
Great Shorts
  • Beautiful series.
  • Sometimes, dreams you never even knew you should have wished for come true.
  • A real disappointment.
  • Bad as a game, worse as an art piece.
  • Great Game, Mediocre Middle Earth Game
  • Makes me feel guilty
  • Very Good
  • Ignore the controversy and just play this great game.
  • Very, very flawed, but ultimately entertaining [spoilers]
A character driven story filled with uninteresting, unrealistic, unlikeable characters.
Comment by Saltyavacado
Comment by @/RmfD
Adventure distilled
The Ultimate Mecha Crossover
The Power Lies on Their Side
Awesome book with an awesome cast.
  • A flawed but solid gem undeserving of its toxic hatedom
  • Don't expect ''Mega Man'', but instead, expect a SpiritualSuccessor with some changes of its own
  • Meh
It's Underrated.
feral's review
moberemk's review
Oh god what.
  • (Episodes 1 and 2 review) Has an interesting premise, but how long will it last?
  • First thoughts of First Episode (from a Phineas and Ferb fan)
A crossover done right
  • Awesome Series
  • My thoughts on Minamoto-kun Monogatari
  • The main character makes this painful to read
Can't Be Compared To Anything Else.
This Fanfic is my personal Truth
This could actually be something.
  • A game for everyone
  • An Awesome Video Game Made by Mojang
  • As one put it, "An infinite world of Legos that occasionally explodes."
  • Fantastic before the 1.9 Update
  • Freakin' Addicting
  • Good and bad.
  • It Is What You Make It
  • Legos, Firecrackers and Creepers
  • Minecraft: A Simple Premise With Infinite Possibilities
  • Quite Possibly The Best Game I'll Ever Play
Not Exactly OUR Story, But... (Spoiler-Free)
A story of three noobs on their way to greatness
The Stupidity, The Stupidity.
Just Read It
By @/SirRandomUser
  • Dattix's Review
  • Gearframe's review
Read it for the worldbuilding (and the shipping)
Dream of Flying...
  • A Show With Good Potential Bogged Down By Serious Flaws
  • Cliches Aren't A Bad Thing
  • Improving considerably with Season 2, Miraculous Ladybug is coming into its own.
  • Wonderful series that grasp the whole aspect of a creative and badass heroine
Pretty Good
Mirror, Mirror (Gilgamesh in Stereo)
slow but rewarding
A little overrated
  • Possible Cult Classic in the Making? (Spoilers)
  • Worth Reading
On the Edge In More Ways Than One
feral's review
Good For What It Is
Liked it
  • Comment by da fox22
  • Comment by Dune
  • Comment by Kady the Red Panda
  • Comment by Marlee Cross
  • Comment by Ms. Byrd
Moved comments
Misfits Series 4 ''or'' Why strong character-driven narrative is a double-edged sword
A Stunning Collage
Normally, I avoid lesbian fiction
A Gem
A great film, should you choose to accept it
ITV's Marple
A Different Film That Works.
  • Immature
  • Meh
  • Mistborn: Upending Fantasy One Trope at a Time
  • Not bad, could have been better.
  • The Final Empire: By The Numbers
The Best Show You Will Ever Watch
A Look Back...
  • CaellachTigerEye's Review
  • ParchmentWithScrawlings review
Thank Goodness for MST3K
The Dragonstone: staggeringly unoriginal and bland
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • A Thousand Dead Voices Scream "Awwww, Kitty!"
  • Can I hold him? Pleeease?
  • Oh dear
Mixing Relationships
  • Decent Idea, bad Execution
  • From comments
MLAnderson0 - Difficult...
  • Funny and inspiring
  • Something Good, Something Bad...
At Best, Indecent. At Worst, "What The Hell"
  • Beautiful, if slightly flawed
  • Competent, but...
  • Good but lacking
  • Good but still a letdown
  • Sometimes, Formula Works
  • Comartemis' review
  • K9Thefirst1's review
Much better than I expected
[=GrantMK2's=] review
Link to original reviews
  • A classic.
  • Much better than I expected
  • A pretentious failure of a show
  • A series defeated by its own ambition
  • A series of disapointments.
  • Change, Rebirth and Awakening
  • Circumstantially Exemplary
  • Love it, if a bit rushed towards the end.
  • Outdated
  • The ''CodeGeass'' of Gundam (and that's not a good thing...)
  • why did so much people dislike the 00 series?
  • Why does everyone hate 00?
Burning died for this ending?!
  • A New Low For The Franchise.
  • A Nice Return to Form for the Gundam Franchise (1st and 2nd Generation)
  • A promising series tragically smothered by bad planning
  • Age by Age
  • Eh.
  • Far from the worst thing to come out of Gundam (a look at episodes 1-6)
  • Generation 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
  • Good ideas, just implemented badly.
  • Just when you think it couldn't get any worse than ''Destiny'' (Contains Spoilers)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SIGH (updated review)
  • Steadily becoming one of the better things to come out of Gundam (a look at episodes 7-15)
  • 'Mixed Feelings'
  • Where is the rest of the movie?
  • A good series, but a good gateway? But the Great Naze
  • Good Series, Bitter Ending
  • One of the Best ''Gundam''
A Well Paced, Action Packed, Emotional Thrill Ride
  • A good show underneath all the stock footage and flashbacks.
  • Overhated and Underrated
  • Wasted Potential
  • Most Realistic Gundam Yet.
  • THE Real Robot Series
  • What do you do when your Mobile Suit breaks
  • It doesn't get any better than this.
  • The Beast of Possibilities: Can Gundam Unicorn live up to its massive hype?
  • A classic that still holds up years later
  • A Gray Stain on the Franchise
  • A masterwork put together by an idiot.
  • Actually one of the best Gundam series.
  • An amazing show that should be seen by all
  • One of my all-time favorites
  • Silly, Stupid, Confusing and Dull...yet somewhat Charming
There's a gem there; you just need to dig it out.
OK Gundam series, coulda been better
  • A must-watch fantastic series, despite a few faults.
  • Butchering the Sacred Cow: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate Zeta Gundam
  • Good Show: Awful Protagonist.
So bad it's good, horrible, and sad.
  • Great fun, once it gets going.
  • how did I not know about this before?
  • Amazing
  • LOVE IT!!!
In Defense of Cowodoody
  • Does Yahtzee's "First" Novel Float?
  • It's a first novel from a game reviewer.
  • Not really worth it
  • Worth a read.
Definite deja-vu
Comment by I Got Lost On TV Tropes
  • Feels like you're robbing the developers
  • Mmm, bacon
Monica's Teen Gang: A good spin-off plagued by RomanticPlotTumor and ProtagonistCenteredMorality
  • Brilliant
  • Tasteless
  • Comment by Kchasm
  • Comment by Tropers/{{Guessmyname}}
One heck of a mind screw
  • A truly classic pain in the ass
  • One good trade* and the game is won.
  • A Flawed Diamond
  • A meandering letdown
  • A Monster Swathed in Humanity
  • Bloody Good, but...
  • Pure Perfection
  • Really good, but not perfection.
  • Well, it started out good...
  • Beaten over the head by boredom.
  • Not Even Entertainingly Bad
  • A Little Problematic, but Charming
  • Impressive
  • Surprisingly high-quality, and a standout in girl-targeted media and toys.
Scary Excellence
  • Ignore
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: This Game is Awesome!
Excellent Start, but Suffers from Poor Pacing
Monster Rancher DS
  • Redazrael's Review
  • Tropers/NanoMoose's Review
  • Absolutely Dreadful
  • This is probably a bad idea
  • I expected mediocrity, but I was really surprised.
  • Mike and Sully are Schooled in Pixar's New Film
  • The Sonic Colors of Pixar
  • You want to hate the moral... but you can't
  • Derivative and Bland
  • Did I miss something? part one
  • Great show!
  • this?!?
  • Nearly Note Perfect
  • What a disappointment
How has this not gotten more attention?
  • A one-trick pony
  • A romance about friendship
  • Absolutely hilarious
Great premise, great art...but not funny.
Comment by Tropers/DontKillBugs
  • A trollish deconstruction of the Slice of Life Webcomic
  • Don't.
  • no
  • Suprisingly Touching
From comments
Best Rainbow Dash story I've seen.
  • Engaging read
  • LavanyaSix's review
  • SalFishFin's review
  • Dark, Funny, And Ridiculously Deep!
  • This Show Is Fucking Amazing. Here's Why.
From comments
scribblechan's review
It had to happen eventually.
If only Cherryh had remained a fantasist, what might have been.
Moved comments
  • It's Got it all... Except an Audience
  • Maybe the Best
  • Really, really good
Double Trouble's review
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Mortal Engines Quartet/Hungry City Chronicles
Comment by Soojinyeh
Nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.
A step in the right direction.
Armageddon Does Not Suck
  • ... Awesome
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One of my first JohnKat fics, and extremely memorable
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  • Definitely the best game I have ever played. (Of course, that is just my opinion.)
  • Laughing through Tears
  • Quite Simply A Masterpiece
  • Ready the Kleenex.
  • Video games are art. Plain and simple.
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The Little Things Make this story
Mothership Zeta Crew mod: The best mod ever?
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Messy and Tacky
Adorable, and head-canon producing
You want to know what I think about this movie? Fuck this movie!
  • "The Big Picture: Combat Evolved?" - Too Deep, Too Shallow
  • A cautionary tale
  • He Who Fights Mosters is Doomed to Become One
  • Hero to zero
  • Just another critic
  • Moviebob: "Professional" Movie Critic
  • Moviebob: Unprofessional Critic (and thank goodness!)
  • Nostalgia in Human Form
  • The Best Gaming Culture Commentator
  • The Game Anti-Thinker
Is good.
Definitely worth a look for any Escaflowne fan
My favourite play.
Good, But With Its Flaws
Theweirdwarrior's review
A timeless comedy gem
  • CreatorsPet?
  • Impressions as of the beginning
  • Ms. Marvel's Origin Arc=Marvelous
  • Review: Ms. Marvel #1
Muchi Muchi Pork for the X-Box 360
  • Could be more with professionals behind it.
  • The experience is what you make of it.
A worthy warrior, but failing none the less
The Muppets (and Tim Curry) at their finest.
Muramasa Rebirth: A perfectly adequate remake that makes you shell out extra for the best parts.
Fanfic At It's Prime
Turns from SoBadItsGood to [[GrowingTheBeard genuniely good]].
One of the Best Murder Mysteries of All Time
Excellent for a first-timer
  • Its ok
  • Not as good as it seemed it would be.
  • Not Very Good
  • Bug Princess 2 for iOS
  • Bug Princess for iOS
  • Mushihime-sama BUG PANIC! for iOS
  • Mushihime-sama Futari for the X-Box 360
A short review
Sweet and Charming
op's review
  • A good fic but loosing sight of itself
  • Really worth to read
  • Wall of Text, ho.
oh comrade in arms, you no longer fear death: a review of the muv luv series
  • Excellent Series, Ended Before It's Time
  • Great series regretable end
feral's review
Pretty Good
  • I love and am obsessed with this fic.
  • jarta's review
  • Kinda Refreshing
  • Not Really Worthy Of A Place Here
He's a Asshole but His Music Is Amazing
  • One of my favorites (anime)
  • The Most Bizzare Series of Events Ever Recorded.
  • The Only Context You Could Use.
OP's Review
My favorite PinkieDash story ever!
Simple, but has a point
  • First Episode, First Impressions: "Inoculation Day/Animal Testing"
  • If you like monkey butts and animal cliches, this show is for you, if not, seek entertainment elsewhere.
  • Overall, a Great Show
Comment by [=MetanteiTriforce=]
  • Not bad so far, could be better
  • One of My favorites
  • Ryochi's My Hero Academia Review (Or: Generic: The Manga)
  • A work of art and coherence.
  • Bite me, I like it.
  • My Immortal
  • My Immortal
  • Oh, Mercy! Mercy Upon My Poor Brain Cells!
  • Original Comments
  • sinking or diving?
  • So Bad, it's Good
  • Stupid at face value, accidentally ingenious in retrospect.
  • The Epitome of Fail.
  • The Mystique of My Immortal
  • There is absolutely no way that this isn't brilliant, brilliant trolling.
  • True Classic
  • Wonderful
  • WTF did I just read
  • WTH..... and I don't mean this as a curse.
Comment by Marlee Cross
An enjoyable, but not truly standout, series
  • Um...
  • Worst. Cartoon. Ever. Which is a shame too.
Needs more love, NOW!
Good to dull
A promising start
  • A diamond in the rough.
  • Didn't shed one tear.
  • Don't get the hype
  • Great Fanfic
  • Indifferent...
  • It's beautiful and emotional, sad yet wonderful.
  • More Reviews
  • Most Beautiful Story ever
  • Overrated
  • Tear Jerker dosen't begin to describe it.
  • Tears to my eyes, over and over again
  • The Good Human meets Pony Fic
  • You don't have to be a brony to enjoy this.
It shouldn't be this good.
  • Better than one might expect
  • No. (REDUX)
Probably my favorite MLP Abridged Series
  • A Complete Waste.
  • An unfortunate throwback to My Little Pony's Roots
  • And its.... alright I guess
  • Good enough not to be a guilty pleasure
  • Human ponies in high school...and it works?
  • It's actually kind of good
  • It's kinda horrible.
  • Looks Good
  • Not a Masterpiece, but not a Train Wreck either
  • Not Complete Crap
  • Not Great, But Worth a Watch
  • OMG! Ponies Ruined FOREVER!!!!11!onehundredeleven
  • Pretty Good Overall
  • Saw it.
  • Still better than games ponies plays.
  • Walk, Don't Run
  • An Emotional Way to Cap Off the Trilogy
  • Easily my favorite EG movie so far...
  • Good movie, but there were more plots than there was time for
  • Threes a Charm. Now we're getting somewhere.
Extraordinarily cheesy movie that borders on the absurd.
  • A Marked Improvement
  • Average. Just like the first one.
  • Better than the first, by a very large margin
Sombra: The King of Monsters
Friends Forever #2: The Greatest Discord Story Ever Told...?
  • 28 Disappointments Later
  • A Canterlot Wedding or Fanfiction:The Canon
  • A cartoon growing closer to my heart
  • A Complicated Simple Show
  • A good show with a slightly over enthusiastic fanbase
  • A heartwarming series for all ages AND genders.
  • A Welcome Dose of Positivity
  • All in all, a pretty good show.
  • An All Right Show
  • Another pony review: I get the appeal but...
  • Crusaders of Our Hearts (SPOILERS!!)
  • Crystal Empire
  • Decent, but nothing to write home about.
  • Definitely A Fun Show
  • Definitely changed my original view of the show
  • Do You Believe In Magic?
  • Don't judge it just because "it's My Little Pony".
  • Easily my second favorite cartoon
  • Friendship Is A Thing Of Beauty
  • Friendship is Awesome
  • Friendship is most certainly magic
  • Friendship The Magic This World Needs
  • Friendship? Yes. Magic? No
  • Good show, terrible fandom and hatedom
  • Great Show If You Give It A Chance
  • Great Show, but Overrated
  • I enjoy it
  • I Honestly Love This Show.
  • I know why this show has the fanbase it has: it's a refreshing escape from the TV of today.
  • I love this show...I thought good cartoons were never going to come back.
  • I'm not all that impressed
  • If you're looking for a clever, fresh cartoon that treats both kids and adults with respect...
  • It's good, but I can't take it seriously
  • It's just a cliche children's show..
  • It's okay to be girly!
  • It's surprisingly awesome (season 1)
  • Lesson Zero is best episode
  • Liked it for a while...
  • Long time Brony, surprised at how long I've enjoyed it
  • Meh.
  • Mein Thoughts (Season 4 finale review, minor plot points)
  • My Litttle Pony - Genetation 4: A New Hope
  • Not exactly my style, but I understand the appeal
  • Not for the faint of heart.
  • Not terrible. Bit cliched at points. Cheesy morals.
  • Not the best, but quite interesting.
  • Now ''this'' is how you revive a series!
  • Oh boy
  • Overrated.
  • Perfectly Tolerable
  • Pretty decent
  • Quite the Dark Horse
  • Season 5-getting better.
  • SisterHooves Social
  • Sithking Zero's Review of My Little Pony
  • Start Viewing from a Neutral Point for Best Results
  • Surprisingly amusing
  • Surprisingly Enjoyable
  • Surprisingly Enjoyable If You Ignore Its Age Bracket
  • Surprisingly Solid
  • Swarm of the Century AKA Predacon bait!
  • The aesops are becoming increasingly problematic.
  • The Best Part Of This Show...
  • What Draws Me In
  • What the hay?!
  • What you see is what you get.
  • Where I Watch My Little Pony
  • Wonderbolt Academy: Season 3's best!
  • "Return of Queen Chrysalis": A slightly different beast....
  • Issues #11 and #12
  • My Little Parallax
  • My favorite Spike episode!
  • The difference of just one scene...
  • ...and that's how Granny Smith got her cutie mark!
  • An awesome episode
A babysitting episode, with Pinkie Pie
  • An All-Aroung Good Episode
  • Something completely different
  • The episode that restored my faith in Friendship is Magic
  • A solid episode, with or without Derpy.
  • Applejack comes in second place in her own episode.
  • Good episode, but somewhat "jerky"
  • They're back
  • Tries a little bit of everything, and mostly succeeds
  • An episode with quality over quantity
  • I'm super
  • Relatively simple, but still fun to watch
  • A chance for Team Faust to flex its muscles
  • A Daring Do Disappointment
  • A heart-wrenching epic tale soaked with symbolism and poignant poetry
  • An Underwritten and Uninteresting Episode
  • Another (relatively) simple episode
  • Does Not Fly Twice as High, Unfortunately
  • Not bad, but has a problem or two,
  • Overall Entertaining
  • The reader
  • CMC Get Another Episode; HilarityEnsues
  • CMC surprisingly competent
  • Mane cast? What mane cast?
  • Too many bad points to bring up
  • What can I say? It's good!
  • Worth the wait? Yes!
  • A Perfect Example of Why I Dislike Pinkie Pie
  • Best FiM episode? nah.
  • I'm smiling, but something's not right here.
  • Made Me Smile
  • The Power Of Love is a curious thing...
  • Very nice, except for one thing.
  • A Great Episode from Middle to End
  • Disturbing
  • Fluttershy shows us that she rocks
  • Marmite
  • okay
  • Simply great.
  • Solid but not Spectacular
  • Yo! Da Flutterrage returns
Getting the season off to a good start.
  • Meh.
  • Practically perfect in every way!
  • A very strong, complex episode
  • Excellent Episode
  • Fluttershy Flies High Once Again!
  • An all round solid episode, with a very impressive Aseop
  • Honest defense of the Cutie Mark Crusaders
  • One glaring fault - but once overlooked, otherwise enjoyable
  • Pretty good
  • Slow News Day
  • Worst possible thing
The Game Is A-Hoof!
  • A Disappointed Ending.
  • A Great Sendoff to Season 2
  • A great wedding, but not a love story
  • Generally a good episode, falling over some pacing problems
Love The Episodes, But Have Trouble Watching It...
  • A simple fix to strengthen this episode
  • Bit of a step down.
  • I think I've figured it out
  • On pulling off the illusion
  • The Superhero episode, a minor issue in continuity recognition and semantics
  • This one rubbed me the wrong way
  • Why Mare Do Well?
  • An unsatisfying episode.
  • Decent addition to the Rarity episodes
Not very impressed
Season 3's best!
Not something I would recommend to a friend
Rushed plot spoils an otherwise enjoyable movie.
  • A Quick Look from the Outsider
  • All you have to do is take an insane writer...
  • DarthWiki/SoBadItsHorrible Indeed
  • My Little Mykan: Audience Apathy is Magic
  • Not very good, or even SoBadItsGood
  • All you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people.
  • What a wild ride this was
So much more than just a romantic comedy (manga)
From comments
  • An Idyllic, Golden World
  • Mixed feelings, lifted from the forums
  • Certainly an interesting read
  • Heavy, but interesting all the same
Intriguingly Above Average
  • Give it a chance
  • To short
Absolutely Vile
A wonderful Parody of the teen slasher genre
  • A dying breed of adventure
  • It's a love it or hate it kind of game.
  • Lol, wut?! A mysteriously amazing series
  • Mysterious Thumbs Up
Comment by Tropers/JoieDeCombat
@/{{Thrythlind}}'s review
Mystery Babylon and Gender Flips
  • duplicated entry, author is seeking to delete it completely but can't!
  • Not so much real life as reconstruction?
  • The Best Worst Show I've Ever Seen
  • I'm Ambivalent About the Reboot
  • Recommendations for [=MSTies=]-to-be
  • We've got movie signs!
  • Great MST3K Episode!
  • MST3K: They're usually funny.
Saccharine, contrived, and overly long.
Talk about GenreShift
Beautiful story telling and characters
A Great Refreshing Take
Timeless, moving, and epic
  • From comments
  • from comments
  • Great Premise Marred by Bad Decisions
  • I liked it
  • Poorly done ripoff
  • Started okay, but went down