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This Movie is...Weird
  • Actually an interesting mystery plot, but led by a Mary Sue
  • It's like a group of people sat down to try to write a clever film
Haunting, but Beautiful.
  • An excellent Action RPG that would make a good series
  • Bioware's Weakest Game
  • Great, but not perfect
  • My favorite Bioware game of all time.
  • An improvement in many ways, but not all
  • Satisfying End to a Trilogy
  • Daxter: not a great instalment of the franchise, but a decent enough platformer and an alright handheld game
  • Great series that juggles genre's brilliantly, plus a great story
  • In short: Good, Great, Terrible, Abysmal
  • It Got Progressively Worse as Time Went On
  • Enjoyable, if Familiar, and Still Holds Up
  • Not hugely challenging or original, but enjoyable
  • A well done (if frustrating) mood shift
  • Nintendo Hard, but Enjoyable
Moving comments to reviews
Jane Austen is Not Everybody's Cup of Tea -
Simple without Shallowness, Complex without Complication
Comment by {{Tropers/FishCalledWaldo}}
Comment by Lightice
Jazz Jack Rabbit : My Experience
By Rogue 7
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
  • Things wrong with the Jeff The Killer story.
  • Wow
From comments
  • Back to Roleplaying!
  • Thank You, Moogi, For Working a Miracle
Funny if you're into the genre
Comedic yet suspenseful
Jericho Review
Very moving series
  • Episode 10: This Show in a Microcosm
  • S01: When the IdiotBall, TheScrappy, and PoorCommunicationKills ruin a show
  • Sad to say it, but... DarknessInducedAudienceApathy (Spoilers)
  • Season 1 review: Great central conflict, lots of plot twists drive the show
  • Two Good Ideas Stretched Too Far
  • Looking Back
  • No, Thanks.
  • Unfortunate prey to gushers and haters
Scary stuff
An Amazing Quality of Cheese
  • (first game review) Very creative and unique, but very flawed
  • Good Memories
  • I wanna move to Tokyo-to!
One of the best in Canadian cartoons
  • Got Me To Care
  • Jim Sterling
  • Oh Jim.
  • They may take our freedom, but they'll never take our CHUNGUS!
Highly Recommended
  • A good movie that failed through no fault of its own.
  • Should never have left the drawing board
  • A Heel Turn is Better For Business in the Long Run
  • And you thought watching grass dry and paint grow was boring? Oh, my sweet summer child...
  • Greatest Heel Ever
  • One of my favorites
  • A review of the film and not the book
  • Funny, Horrific, Slightly Confused
  • Classic
  • Funny
  • The retooled version was better
  • Johnny Maxwell. King of the Unchosen.
  • Only You Can Save Mankind - Sadly Lost
  • Cyberpunk the Movie
  • Johnny Moronic, More Like It
  • Ummm...
  • Actually not that bad
  • ADHD: The TV Show
  • Began on a High, ended a Low
  • Hahaha
  • I Don't Hate It
  • I don't like it
  • Is Johnny Test bad?
  • Not good.
  • Obnoxious and "Radical"
  • Passable at best, eye-rolling at worst, but not horrendously awful as Legend
  • Rips off both Johnny Bravo & Dexter--what a terrific combo!
  • Sesame Street > Johny Test
  • A new standard for action movies
  • A non-stop awesome-fest of cinematic kinesis
  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  • Daisy, daisy
  • Impeccable, but lacking something
  • A Unique Type of Sequel
  • An awesome continuation of the first film. (No spoilers)
  • Stunning, but missing something
  • A Bizarre, But Fantastic, Adventure
  • A review of the series as a whole: Part I
  • Diamond is Unbreakable (I no longer stand by this review)
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 1
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2
  • One manga you SHOULD'NT miss!
  • Part Dos
  • Stone Ocean
  • This is what is was waiting for.
The Bizarre Adventure Begins
  • A Positive Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Review
  • Brilliant but doesn't try to be Accessable
  • I could not finish this book and do not understand why anyone would like it.
  • I feel the need to defend this masterpiece.
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
  • Jonathan Strange and the BBC Series
  • Not for Everyone
  • Skip it.
  • Stark Raving Brilliant, But Not For Everyone
Comment by [=ThatStalkerChick=]
  • Jon Tron. He "Gets" It.
  • Not my cup of tea
  • One swood guy.
a decent follow up
  • @/{{antvasima}}'s review
  • @/{{lanky}}'s review
  • A long forgotten but entirely new sense of awe
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  • Three very different experiences
Tragic and Beautiful
Early 80s gamer culture is neat to see, but takes a backseat to offensive meanspirited characters and rude, dumb comedy
  • Great book, crap show
  • J Pod - The Novel
One Way = Many Many Ways
Better But Not Great
The Chinese Lake Murders
  • America
  • Complete Case Files 01 [progs 2 - 60]
  • Complete Case Files 02 [progs 61 - 115]
  • Complete Case Files 03 [progs116 - 154]
  • Complete Case Files 04 [Progs 156 - 207]
  • Complete Case Files 05 [progs 208 - 270]
  • Complete Case Files 06 [progs 271 - 321]
  • Complete Case Files 07 [progs 322 - 375]]
The Judge Dredd film fans deserve
  • Flawed gem
  • The Next Zistopia (maybe).
  • A Sentai Where the Villains Shine
  • German's love Hasslehoff indeed.
  • Good sentai, but lacks things.
Lampshade: The Movie of the Video Game of the Board Game
  • Average with not-too-great characters
  • Retarded and Fun to Mock
A Nostalgic Time Capsule of Stupid
From comments
Enjoyable, but flawed
  • A Glorious Trainwreck
  • A terrible, but still enjoyable romp
  • Cliche storm but still enjoyable
  • I'll never say "Channing Tatum was hot" again.
  • Jurassic Park (The book)
  • Jurassic Park. One of the BEST FILMS i have ever seen
  • Most overated piece of trash I've ever seen
  • Preachy, but awesomeness makes it worth it
  • A Game For Fans
  • Here Be Spoilers
  • Jurassic Park: The Game should have been a movie
  • > JP 2 & 3 but < JP 1
  • Actually Really Good
  • Awesome, but where was Part 1?
  • Depending on preferance, it just might surpass the first
  • I HATED this movie.
  • I Really Liked It
  • I seem to be the only one here who didn't like it.
  • Jurassic Awful
  • Looking back... a rather mediocre, overhyped movie
  • No Masterpiece, but enjoyable
  • Not a masterpiece like Jurassic Park, but a very good film in it's own right
  • Passable Monster Flick with Jurassic Park References
  • THIS Is Jurassic Park
  • Top of the food chain?
  • An epic battle between StrictlyFormula and new blood
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom review
Eriyu's review
Comment by @/{{Amethystasheryn}}
  • Comment by @/ThinksTooMuch
  • Comment by {{@/Dellanotte}}
  • Comment by {{@/Jomlos}}
If you liked Fate/Zero, steer clear.
Amazingly Funny
  • Action Movie: The Video Game
  • Just Cause 1 -- Lovely wrapping paper, little present.
  • Just Cause 2 - Think of a MichaelBay movie, but actually fun to watch (and play).
  • Just Cause 2: Something for nearly every man
  • Over The Top, and Proud of It
Comment by Tropers/LadyNorbert
  • An amazing band.
  • Darksidevoid's review
Theweirdwarrior's review
Comment by Sackett
  • A very solid yet characteristically panned film
  • Average
  • Fuck You, Warner Bros.
  • Great Characters, Bad Plot
  • Grr..Arrg
  • Locked in Mediocracy
  • Meh
  • Multi-track Drifting: The Film Series
  • You Can't Save the DCEU In One Movie
Some hits, some misses
  • Not my favorite DC animated movie
  • To think that this came after the Flashpoint Paradox movie....
An Instant Classic.
A new world
Just Like House Without the Limp
Had a lot of issues
A Very Underrated Anime