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  • Overstayed The Concept
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  • If Dark Fics are your thing, you'll love this
  • Well done, certainly, but...
Patcheresu's review
By @/SirRandomUser
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I'm speechless
  • How to Drive Yourself Mad in One Easy Step
  • Pure, concentrated frustration
Serviceable, but underwhelming and overpriced.
A fine book up until the last chapter.
Wholeheartedly Recommended.
  • A charming, wonderful game. But...
  • An interesting tale
  • Damn, Version 1.04... you're awesome
  • I love this game.
Pink Sweets for the X-box 360
Bound in Holy Geek-tromony: Danna ga Nani Episode 1
  • A live action cartoon.
  • iCarly
  • iCarly review
  • It is pretty bad.
  • No.
  • Not Too Great, Not Too Bad
  • Since No One Else Has Anything Good To Say...
  • Well That Sucked
  • What really got me into live-action TV shows as a kid
Bleeds sexual tension and psychological stuff
An overlooked classic of the early 2000s
  • Continental Drift -don't even bother
  • Ice Age 4? Ice Age bore!
it's been like 10 years and i still love it. wow.
Comment by Springminera
Incomplete Awesomeness
Holy. Shit.
so sweet
  • A legendary masterpiece; An unknown treasure.
  • An average adventure game that recieves just a bit more attention than it deserves.
  • It's not about the visuals or the gameplay
Absolutely awful
op's review
Comment by Nani
A sweet series that NeedsMoreLove!
An interesting take on the characters
Kalle's review
Comment by Anonymous
  • Insulting in so many ways
  • Is this a joke?! Because if it is, I ain't laughing!
  • Absolute. Brilliance.
  • Really All That Needs To Be Said
  • This be a good thing
  • A great character study of Nick
  • Much Better Than it Sounds
Great at first, but rapidly getting old.
  • A game well worth a look
  • An under-loved indie gem
  • Easy-to-understand mechanics, tons of depth, and gameplay that affects the story
  • Still the best freeware game I have played
Pretty damn good, all things considered
A good concept, until you try to play for score.
One of my favorite movies ever
  • Enjoyable if you have a Good Sense of Humor
  • Transcendently Idiotic
It feels redundant
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  • Indigo's review
  • LooneyToons review
  • Sackett's review
Comment by Battypichugirl2
Staggeringly crafted adventure
Likeability eclipsed by ineptitude
  • A Big Waste Of Time
  • A Waste of a Good Idea
  • Killer premise meets weak, uh... execution
peppermintflame's review
Best way to spend your dollar.
Beautifully twisted
So much wasted potential
  • "Clever girl...."
  • A good idea fatally undercut by its execution
  • Comment by DMint
  • Comment by guessmyname
  • Comment by Marlee Cross
  • Comment by zero_traveler
  • Dear Lord....
  • Excellent.
  • Meh
A G-rated FirstPersonShooter with a KidHero, hammy villain, bad animation sequences, and out-of-place "educational" aspects
Comment by @/{{Sekahyyh}}
Immortality Relapse
Excellent mashup, and a good prequel
  • Awful in almost all ways.
  • Scenery Porn, Plot took at left at Thebes
Review from the Reccer
Far better than I expected.
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From comments
  • Not enough meat to make it worth a read
  • Zagreus' review
A Laugh at Life
Terrific animation
In favor of Davis
  • By Kazeto
  • By Usandru
  • By Zoner16
  • captchacritter
  • Hill of Sword's Spiritual Successor?
  • Read if you like Sekirei; avoid if you like Rin and/or Saber
Shay Guy's review
Fantastic fanfiction
  • Good untill angels...
  • K9Thefirst1's review
  • MAI's review
  • ShayGuy's review
  • Sneebs' review
  • Dang.
  • From comments
OperationShoestring's review
VERY Dark and Edgy
Comment by Andi Nightshade
  • Comment by Mez
  • Comment by {{Tropers/PippingFool}}
  • Enjoyable But Dated
  • The Upside of Values Dissonance
Comment by Zashiki-Warashi
Aliea Academy Arc - Screw Logic
  • Best "Severitus" fic
  • Good, but brutal
... It's in Belgium
  • A Mind Screw at First, But, it Gets Better
  • By the end, I was watching it alone
  • Easily Enjoyable
  • Great Action Caper; Disappointingly Straightforward
  • Interesting Ideas, Brilliant Actors, Inconceivably Stupendous Plot
  • Interplay of Concept and Execution
  • Maze movie
  • Missed Opportunities
  • My favorite movie of the year
  • Not A Fan
  • Taking a concept to the point it becomes a tedious, charmless, exhibit.
  • The execution is interesting, but the concept holds a lot more promise
  • Turns out it was all a dream...
  • Your Mind is the Scene of the Crime
Incesticide - Nirvana Does Punk
Feel like a n00b again.
Review for
Avoid at ALL cost
Good content, bad mechanics
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Tropers/CitizenGrimm
Awesome, Dear Boy
  • Has its moments, but is overall forgettable.
  • Reel Geek Girl Independence Day Resurgence
Forever the real Franchise/IndianaJones 4.
  • Crystal Skull is Awful.
  • Crystal Skull: A Mostly Successful Revival of an Old Franchise
  • Has serious committment issues
  • In the words of Jordan Sullivan I nothing this movie
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  • Keys to the Kingdom
  • Not as bad as it's made out to be.
  • Time has not been kind
  • Would Be As Good As Raiders, Except For 2 Things
A Waste of $60
  • Gory
Comment by msq
Touching one shot, but it has not aged well
  • I Really Liked This Game
  • Not my cup of tea.
  • So Good It's Great
Festival of Blood - Ethically Compelling
SaraJaye's review
Infection - a good read
Okay overall. (this review contains spoilers)
Nitramy's review
An Infinitely unneeded Crisis
IS Anime
7.5 out of 10; or, a good way to kill a few afternoons
Comment by Anonymous
(pilot episode review) A refreshing cartoon that shows promise
This guy can worldbuild, but not summarize.
Comment by B2WM
  • Must-avoid Tarantino film
  • Not glorious at all
  • "It Gets Better Later" And How.
  • A Cycle of Awesome
  • A good series that is often unfairly criticized.
  • An Honest Work Of A Growing Author
  • Doesn't deserve the Hype
  • Eragon - Hero or Anti Hero?
  • Eragon: Follows Star Wars, NOT The Hero's Journey.
  • Eragon: not as bad as they make it sound, but still sucks.
  • Even though clichee, I've still written Inheritance fics
  • In Which Fantasy Tropes Are Reclaimed From Star Wars
  • Inheritance Cycle is Brain Candy
  • Inheritance? Or Inherited?
  • Its Functionable, and perhaps can be Loved as a Trope-Vehice
  • Leading With the Best Foot Forward
  • My Brain Deserves Better Literature Than This
  • Not a Bad Story
  • Not as Messed Up Morality as Claimed
  • Not bad, but complicated on so many levels.
  • Not so bad as it seems
  • Okay, then terrible, then bad.
  • Overhyped, but definitely a good read.
  • Predictable, boring, and unoriginal, but not truly awful.
  • Series is good, fans and anti-fans alike are idiots
  • So Okay It's Average, but Nonetheless Enjoyable
  • Terribly crafted, but surprisingly useful.
  • That series you loved as a kid that actually isn't very good.
  • The Cycle is an excellent deconstruction
  • The most disgustingly idiotic series I've ever read
  • Veterans of Fantasy Will NOT be Pleased
  • Wasted Potential
  • Has some good points, but not for everyone
  • Inheritance Of Cards And Demons
  • Please Delete This Review
Very good
  • Acacia's review
  • Aryashi's review
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  • Joysweeper
  • ShayGuy's review
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  • Vifetoile's review
Inhuman: Sci-Fi Goes Furry
@/{{whatshisface}}'s review
A gem disguised as another toy line
Fuck Batman
  • Not Bad At All
  • The I-Pad Version: Subpar
Excellent, minor quibbles
Hanky Warning.
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by msq
Three out of Four stars
Comment by damus2300
The Best Sirius Raises Harry Story
TheEvilOboist's review
  • ICP is good.
  • Is the Dark Carnival for you?
  • Much clown love!
  • They're...they're just not very good
Comment by Shadic The Hedgehog
from comments
Definitely interesting
Creative, well written, but poorly implemented.
  • *sobbing*
  • A beautiful film, and my new favorite
  • A Film That Anyone Can Relate To
  • A Good Concept with a Great Execution
  • Among Pixar's Finest
  • An Emotional Masterpiece That Pulls No Punches
  • Easily One of Pixar's Best
  • Go watch this. Please.
  • Great Concept, Didn't Go All Out
  • I LOVE IT! One of Pixar's best, if not THE best.
  • Is it Fair to Call Something Emotionally Manipulative When That is the Premise?
  • Pixar does it again!
  • Wonderful Film, recommended
  • Good Movie and Creepy Too
  • One of the stupidest films I have seen in my life
  • Pleasantly (or Perhaps Unpleasantly) Suprised
The greatest problem is that the film suceeds
A strange mixture of two opposing genres
Destroying the classic formula and replacing it with 2010s generica
Hasone's review
SaraJaye's review
  • Agree
  • Awesome
  • Recommended
  • Seconded
Mod adds an extra 1.5 to Skyrim's game score, needs much more publicity then it now gets
Quite an Interesting Book!
An interesting curiosity
  • A Trippy Mismash
  • Free Thinking
  • Long, contrived, melodramatic, and full of flat characters
op's review
  • An incredible and lengthy read
  • Comments
By Frodo Lives
  • Comment by Ansela
  • Comment by blankdude
  • Comment by flames04
  • Comment by Tropers/{{Guessmyname}}
Started amazing and soon fell victim to SeasonalRot.
Op review
From comments
  • Boring, boring film. Good basic idea, however.
  • Good Premise, Bad Story
By @/{{silvercover}}
op's review
Worth It For The Fans, and Make Some New Ones
Starts out Strong and Keeps going
  • A Rumiko Takahashi classic
  • It Neither Disappointed nor Exceeded.
  • Similar to it's Namesake
  • Not for Everyone
  • The Most Horrible X-Mas ever
  • The Nightmare begins
  • The Review of DOOM!
  • Too weird for its own good
Comment by Msq
A not quite satisfying conclusion to the Weatherlight Saga
A staple of horror and sci-fi (at least half are)
  • Comment by Comartemis
  • Overall, would recommend.
Comment by Tropers/DoxieVee
Comment by @/SirPsychoSexy
  • Comment by Shay Guy
  • Comment by Dune
  • Comment by J
  • Comment by Looney Toons
  • Comment by Looney Toons
  • Comment by Roo
  • Comment by Sikon
  • Comment by Sun Tzu
  • Comment by tennessean
Comment by Roach Patrol
Heartbreak, thy name is ''Iphigenia''.
  • Iris Zero Review
  • Unexpectingly good
  • A thoroughly enjoyable science fiction action/mystery film.
  • My favourite Will Smith movie
  • Do not buy the hype
  • Imperfect, but Well Worth Reading
  • LostInImitation
  • Glass Jaw
  • You are a living weapon, drive all other out of your mind except this.
A patchwork gem
There won't be another band like them, ever...
A decent superhero movie
  • Film/IronMan 2 Lacks Original's Charm
  • Iron Man 2
  • A film that is hollow, full of lies and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
  • Another Iron Man Film
  • Exactly everything you asked for (NO SPOILERS)
  • I Was Expecting Worse
  • Iron Man's Odd Film Out (MILD SPOILERS)
  • You Must Watch It
  • Invincible First Season
  • Surpringly Good
Wolfenstein, if it was directed by Seltzer and Friedberg
Comment by Hokuto
Brilliant Deconstructive Comedy
I Saw The Devil and he terrified me. Possible spoilers.
A true treat for Tenchi Muyo fans
I Shall Wear Midnight
ISHBAL! The Musical!
  • A Ridiculous Book
  • Interesting, but Needs a Counterpoint
  • Well, it's a pretty good book...
The Theatrical Cut: Believe the Hype
Very Good Microwave Series
Chad's review
Skip this story. Really.
It Burns
  • CrypticMirror's review
  • LooneyToons' review
CrypticMirror's review
  • aimsme's review
  • orpheus-izanagi's review
  • sauronlulz' review
  • Amblin but with an R rating
  • Everything floats
  • Horror with a heart.
  • It's just like Monopoly, only it does EVERYTHING better.
  • It's just like Monopoly, sans the charm or the engaging simplicity
  • amazing
  • Amazing Story
  • It wasn't bad
  • Review by Tropers/FreyaCrescent
  • Review by Tropers/MegTheMaggot
  • Averts the "standard horror movie" tropes to create something original and better
  • Mostly good execution of a flawed premise.
  • Sent My Wife Through the Ceiling
From comments
  • One Man's Pony Ramblings
  • Worldbuilding + Character Development = Wild Ride
It's A Jungle Out There
Comment by Anonymous
Very good film hurt by the Christian message (but not the way you’d think).
Comment by Marlee Cross
Still good
8/10 My new headcannon
One of the greatest animated films ever
A gift from the Great Pumpkin to a less-than-sincere race.
Great, But the Ending Sucks
Comment by Anikiani
Absolutely Moving
Timeless Story; Shame About the Writing
op's review
Where is my hat?
  • Better Than It Sounds
  • feral's review
  • First impressions
  • Some Good Ideas Lost in a Lackluster Story
Season 1 iZombie review
  • Comment by guessmyname
  • Comment by guessmyname